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Unforgiven by I_trusted_Snape13
Chapter 15 : Dress Shopping
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Hermione half-ran down the brick path, looking left and right for Ginny. Ginny hadn't told her what shop she'd was going to be waiting for her at, so she was just happy she made it to Diagon Alley. But, she was already late, so she needed to find her, before she thought that she'd decided not to show up at all. She pushed herself to keep going, nearly running over several small witches, most of whom were probably young Hogwarts students. She got several, "Hey's!" from some old women which she nearly knocked down and several, "Slow downs!" from some mothers whose children had almost been ran over, but she didn't care. She didn't want her friend to think that she didn't want the job or that she wasn't taking her Maid of Honor duties seriously. Besides, she hated being late.

Finally she saw a red haired young woman standing a few yards away, "Ginny!" Hermione yelled, so happy to have found her friend. Ginny glared at her, obviously annoyed with her lateness.

Before Ginny could get any annoyed words out of her mouth, Hermione was apologizing, "Gin! I'm so sorry! I got held up and," Ginny cut her off, by holding up one of her hands.

"Hermione, it's ok. Now, let's go pick out your Maid of Honor dress!" Hermione nodded, sighing in relief.

Thank goodness Ginny was so understanding.

They found the bridal shop and as soon as they were inside they decided this had to be a dream. A wonderful, beautiful, gorgeous dream. There were bridal dresses everywhere, on racks from floor level to the peak of highly vaulted ceiling that surely needed magic to get down. There were veils of every color, size, design and of every fabric floating on a shelf underneath the dresses. Ginny saw that they had everything she could possibly need for her wedding here: Bridal dresses, bridesmaid dresses, Maid of Honor dresses, flower girl dresses and tuxes ranging from infant size, for the little ring bearers, no doubt to full grown Hagrid sized ones (that is a big tux). There were bouquets of flowers on one of the long walls. Roses, daisies, daffodils, lilies, jasmine, every flower you would ever need. They were both completely awestruck by the size of the place and by the gorgeous decorations. Her and Harry had said that they didn't want a big, huge, fancy wedding, but this place could easily make her change her mind.

Before she could get too enthralled by the beauty of the store, which was honestly beyond gorgeous, a young salesperson appeared by their side.

"Hello, there!" she greeted cheerfully, smiling warmly at them.

The woman, who was probably mid-twenties, had golden blonde hair and green eyes that were slightly duller than Harry's emerald ones.

"Hello!" Ginny smiled, happy to have an assistant helping her, seeing as she had never planned a wedding and had certainly never been the bride of a wedding before. She'd been to tons of weddings and was in them for several of them but had never done a lot of the planning, and although she'd never admit it to anyone but herself, she was overwhelmed and really needed the help.

"Can I help you find anything?" the woman, whose nametag read Holly, asked cheerfully.

"Um...that'd be great. I'm looking for my maid of honor dress for my friend." she said, gesturing towards Hermione.

"Any particular colors or styles you're looking for?"

"Well, I think I want a pastel kind of thing, it's really neutral, so I'm thinking, like a light pink shade?" Ginny said, confidently.

The woman nodded, "Any style preferences?"

"I'm thinking I want it to be long, but I really like the idea of a cinched waist," Ginny said, sounding completely sure of herself, but Hermione could tell by the look on her face that this was acting and she was not nearly as confident as she was making herself out to be, although she highly doubted that Ginny would ever admit it or that Holly would be able to tell.

"Alright, follow me." Holly said and she lead them to the back of the store where there was machine in the middle of it.

She walked over to it and started pressing different buttons while Hermione and Ginny watched in pure confusion.

What in Merlin's name was she doing?

Was she completely bonkers?

"Alright," she said, clasping her hands together.

Moments later dozens of pastel pink dresses appeared in front of them, of all different shapes, style and sizes. Apparently the machine was something to bring what you wanted forward.

"These are the pastel pink dresses, most of which have the cinched waists, but since you seemed slightly unsure of that, I brought in a couple with out it." She stated.

Ginny looked at Hermione, in shock.

Merlin, was this woman a seer?

"I'll let you two look around, feel free to try anything on and let me know if you need anything." She grinned and walked away to help the latest person to enter the boutique.

They looked through dress after dress, finding several that were absolutely to die for.

"So, I never got to ask you," Ginny began, as she looked up and down a new dress that had one should and had a sequin design on the sleeve, "How did your little love connection happen?"

Hermione stomach dropped, they hadn't exactly figured out what they were going to tell every one yet, "Oh," she said, clearly taken off guard by the question.

Ginny put the dress back and looked at her friend expectantly, "I was at Borgin and Burkes." she began, knowing that a book shop would make her lie seem all the more real, "And we met up and started talking," she hated lying to Ginny, "and then we agreed to go out to dinner and then it's just evolved from there I guess." she said, trying to sound sure of herself and not give away the fact that she lying.

"Draco Malfoy was in a bookshop?" Ginny asked, laughing.

"Um...yeah, looking for something for work, I suppose," Hermione sighed, knowing how believable her lie didn't sound.

Ginny nodded, and Hermione could tell she didn't believe her, "Fine. Don't tell me. It's ok," Ginny laughed .

Hermione knew that at some point Ginny would probably push the matter further later, and even if she didn't, other people would no doubt want to know, but until then she could think up a better excuse for why all of a sudden she was in love with her childhood enemy.

"Oh, my," Ginny gasped, looking at a dress that Hermione could not see.


"This is perfect!" She squealed, looking up and down the dress.

"Well let me see it!" Hermione squealed rushing over to where her friend was standing with her 'perfect' maid of honor dress.

Hermione gasped, it was perfect.

She looked at the dress Ginny was holding, it was made of satin, was strapless and a pale, pastel pink shade, with a cinching waist and it had gently ripples from the waist down. Suddenly, it was the only dress she could see herself wearing as a Maid of Honor. The dress was gorgeous.

"Here," Ginny said, thrusting the dress at Hermione, "Want try this one on?"

"Of course," Hermione grinned.

She couldn't lie, the dress was beyond gorgeous.

Hermione went to the dressing room while Ginny looked around the boutique.

"Need any more help?" Ginny jumped at the sound of the voice, but smile when she saw it was Holly.

"I think I've found it. She's trying it on now." She smiled.

"That's nice. So, say, when is the big day?"

"November 10." she said smiling. It was so close to the big day she could almost taste it. Seven more weeks. Seven more weeks until she was Mrs. Ginny Potter. The name was so beautiful, she couldn't help but think about it every time she could.

"Who's the lucky man?" Holly pushed.

Ginny bit her lip, lots of people wanted to know every detail of Harry's life already, but they'd kept their relationship fairly quiet and normal. Holly obviously didn't know she was with the Boy-Who-Lived and she didn't know if she should give away Harry's name. Every one wanted pictures, stories, and autographs from Harry Potter, but she never understood that as so to, he was just Harry. not the boy who lived or the defeater or Voldemort, he was just Harry. Most people knew he was engaged, just not to whom he was engaged to, and he'd already received at least a hundred and fifty letters from assorted people asking for invites to the "I do's.' Some of them were just people who knew who he was, and were honest enough to admit it, but , most of them claimed they'd gone to school with or been close to his parents. But, like he said, it was not his parents wedding it was his and hers and he would not have people coming who just wanted a story or to be able to say that they were there. It would, after all, be one of the most famous weddings ever.

"His name's Harry," she said, deciding that it's be rude to say 'It's none of your business' and besides, it would get out soon enough. If it didn't then there would be headlines every time they were photographed together that she was an adulterer and he was cheating on his wife with his wife. Yeah...not good.

"That's a nice name." She said smiling.

Merlin, how in the world was this woman always so happy?

She glad, however that Holly did not press the matter further, but she did see a glimmer of something different flash through her eyes and Ginny did not doubt that she knew which Harry she was talking about.

"Tada!" Hermione said from behind them.

They both spun around to face her and gasped when they laid eyes on her in the dress. The dress was even more stunning that it had been on the rack, it was almost as if it had been made for her.

"This is the dress." Ginny said as Hermione twirled around in it feeling very much like a princess.

She paid for the dress and when they were out in Diagon Alley again Hermione couldn't help but question her friend, "Wait, we didn't get your dress!"

Typical Hermione.

"I kind of agreed to go dress shopping with Fleur. She thinks it would be special or something, so her and Victoire are coming along, we're letting, with our assistance of course, Victoire pick out her flower girl dress. Harry's supposed to bring Teddy to get his tux, since he is, after all, the ring bearer, some time this week too..." Ginny explained.

Hermione nodded, "Teddy and Victoire are going to look so cute together, wearing their little wedding outfits!" she squealed.

"I'm sure they're going to be thrilled," Ginny said mockingly, "when we were at dinner a few nights ago, her and Teddy were the only little kids there, but they were both doing the cooties thing. Victoire thinks Teddy is gross since he's a boy. He thinks she's disgusting because she's a girl, blah ,blah, blah." she laughed.

"I remember when I used to be that way," Hermione sighed, laughing to herself.

Ginny raised her eyebrows, "Ron's cooties never went away Hermione."

"Not Ron," Hermione laughed, "No, there was this little boy down my street named Christopher, our parents were old friends, so growing up we were always around each other. We never got along, until one day...that changed." Hermione laughed.

"And just how did that change?" Ginny pushed.

"Him and his family were over at our house for New Year's when we like eight or nine, and of course, we had to stay up too, so when the clock struck twilight, they all kissed each other and he kissed me. It was so sweet. I remember everyone that saw was so shocked. No one was more shocked than I was though." Hermione laughed, enjoying her little stroll down memory lane.

"Well, you obviously don't think boys have cooties any more since you apparently spend half your time with your tongue down Draco Malfoy's throat!" Ginny laughed as Hermione's faced flushed.

"I..." She was cut off by two familiar voices.

"Gin! 'Mione!" They said in unison.

They spun around to see Dean and Seamus standing there, grinning like goofs.

"Hey guys!" Ginny said, as she ran up and hugged them, Hermione right behind her.

"Haven' seen you in ages!" Seamus laughed, his accent noticeably thicker. She guessed that since Hogwarts he'd spent a lot of time in Ireland with his family.

Ginny hugged Seamus in an airtight hug, but her hug with Dean was more uptight and a lot quicker. It was always awkward hugging your ex.

"Who's getting married?" Dean asked, noticing the bag.

Ginny raised her arm, "That would be me," she laughed.

Both of their eyebrows raised in surprise.

"Finally marryin' Harry, are you?" Seamus asked, laughing.

Ginny nodded.

"Wha' bou' you Mione? Wha' have you been up to?" Seamus asked, grinning.

"Oh, you know, work, same old, same old." she said, hoping Ginny didn't bring up a certain blonde bloke.

Ginny scoffed, "Well, she's working when she's not bust playing tonsil hockey with her new boy toy." she laughed.

Hermione face flushed as Dean and Seamus howled with laughter.

"You're not with Ron anymore?"

Merlin, how many people were going to ask that?

She shook her head, "He's with Lavender."

Seamus laughed, "Goon 'un."

"She's serious," Ginny sighed.

"Really?" Dean asked, clearly shocked, but with how close they'd always been, it was bound to be a shock, everyone always assumed they were made for each other and would be together for ever.

Fate had other plans.

Hermione nodded, "Yeah," she said slowly, ready to change the subject.

"So, who's your new guy?" Dean asked, smiling, making his dimples stand out on his face.

She hesitated so Ginny spoke up, "We've got a lot of catching up to, why don't we go out to dinner, talk over some food, I'm starved."

They all agreed, Hermione begrudgingly, and found a nearby restaurant.

They sat down and, seeing as they had momentarily forgotten the pressing questions they were interrogating Hermione with ,they kept talking about the restaurant. Lovely.

They were waiting for the waitress when Hermione saw something that made her stomach drop.

She sunk down in her seat like a small child, praying she wouldn't be seen.

But it was too late.

He'd already seen her.

Ginny, Seamus, and Dean all looked up to see a tall man with platinum blonde hair making his way to their table.

A/N Sorry, this was pretty much just a filler but things will heat up in the next chapter, I promise!! Things just keep getting more and more awkward, don't they? How will Dean and Seamus react to the sudden Malfoy/Granger love connection?

Things will really start heating up soon.

Any Ron/Lavender fans, there will be more of them, soon, don't worry(:

Well, it's preview time again!


Draco choked on his drink, completely shocked at what Hermione had just said.

He had known she was not going to let him win, at least not for the first four rules, but he'd never expected those words, or anything like them, to come out of her mouth.

He thought for sure his remarks would have broken her, but apparently they only made her play the game better.

Seamus and Dean looked at each other as if questioning if those words had really come out of her mouth.

Even Ginny was staring, stunned, at her friend.

Hermione smiled ruefully to herself, quite happy, even shocked, at the reactions she'd gotten.

If he wanted to play that way, well two could play that game.

A/N so what is Hermione saying to get these rather shocked reactions from?

Hope you enjoyed and please Review(:


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