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Thorns and Roses by Ravie_girl29
Chapter 2 : Best Friends
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“What class do you have this hour?” Rose asked as she and Scorpius sat on the shore of the lake, letting warm September sunlight soak into their skin.

“Double History,” He said, “Binns won’t notice I’m gone, much less care, I’ll sneak back in a little while.” Rose shrugged, she couldn’t chastise him to bad for skipping history, sometimes she felt like Professor Binns still thought he was teaching the same class he was the day he died. If the teacher doesn’t care who shows up to his class, why should the students?

“So, what happened with your dad?” Rose asked, lying down in the grass.

“Well, you know how he can get a tad bit racist?” Scorp said. Rose snorted, that she knew well enough, apparently he had gotten a lot better since he was in school with her parents, but he still had a very low tolerance for muggles. “He might have caught me making out with a muggle girl.”

“Oh, Scorp.” She laughed, trying to hide the fact that piece of information tore at her heart. It shouldn’t have, but it did. She had known Scorpius forever, they were best friends, but part of her wanted to be more than that. It was stupid, she knew, she shouldn’t fall for him. They were friends, that’s all. He didn’t go wrecking what they had with talk of dating, so she shouldn’t. But still, every time she finds out he’s had a new girlfriend it hurts her a little.

“It wasn’t a big deal,” He continued, “she’s just a girl that works behind the counter at the supermarket. We’ve hung out during the summers before and Dad never had a problem with it. She was crying because her boyfriend had just broken up with her. And, well, I had just broken up with Macy, so I figured I’d cheer her up. Dad just happened to walk by.”

“Oh, jeez.” Rose said.

“Yeah, he flipped. Started laying into me about pureness of blood, and how muggles wouldn’t make a suitable wife for a wizard. I told him I wasn’t gonna marry her; I just wanted a good snog. He went off on a tangent about how it just started with snogging next thing I know I’ll have a bunch of bastard half-blood babies running around. Told me if I needed a girl he could find plenty of girls with pure blood for me. I told him I could find my own dates, well by that point he wasn’t even listening, worked himself into a frenzy. So I just left. I was only planning to be gone for a few hours, but he thought I was running away or something. Didn’t like that I walked out when he was talking, so I got back and all my stuff was in the yard. I packed it up without a word to him and went to Glasgow to stay with my Uncle, haven’t spoke to him since.”

“So what you gonna do next summer?” Rose asked.

“Dunno, he should cool off by then, if not, I’m seventeen, I can get my own place.”

“You could stay with us.” Rose suggested, “My parents like you, and we have plenty of room.”

“Thanks, but I don’t think you’re mum would much like having three teenagers to cook for,” Scorp joked, “if worst comes to worst, I can go back to my uncles, or I can stay with my grandmother Greengrass, she gets lonely since Gramps died.”

“I s’pose.” Agreed Rose. They sat quietly for a while. Rose closed her eyes enjoying the sun toasting her skin and the smell of grass around her. Scorp ran his fingers threw her hair, the gentle pulling felt nice against her head.

“You have such pretty hair.” Scorpius said, absentmindedly. “Like fire.”

“Not really. It’s the same as the rest of my families.” She told him.

“No, yours is different, better.”

Rose smiled, “So are you entering the contest?” She asked, changing the subject.

“Hell yeah,” Scorp said, “Do I even have to ask you?”

“Seventeen on the 30th, just in time to enter.” She said.

“Just barely budge in there.” He teased.

“Oi, so do you,” she reminded him, “You’re only ten days older than me.”

“Ten days or ten years, I’m still older.” He said.

“I’ll remind you of that when we’re ninety,” Rose smiled, “No matter how old I am, you’ll still be older.”

“Good point.” Scorpius laughed, Rose opened her eyes to see the sun light up his face, dazzling her with his smile.

“Mind we’re still friends when we’re ninety.” Rose murmured.

“Oh, we will be,” Scorp said, “We’ll always be mates, you and me. Forever.”

“That’s a long time,” Rose told him smiling, her stomach in butterflies. He wanted to be mates forever, just mates? Or maybe something more than that?

“Yeah, but we’ll make it,” He said nonchalantly, he was stating a fact, not confessing his feelings, “You’re my best friend, what would I do without you?”

Rose smiled and joked back, “It’d be pretty pathetic.” She said. “Good thing we can both go on the trip, you’d make a muck of it yourself.”

Scorpius laughed, “Oi,” he said, “that’s not very nice.”

“Never claimed to be nice,” sassed Rose playfully. Scorpius rolled his eyes.

“You’re so cheeky.”

“It adds to my charm.”

“You think you’re so clever don’t you?” teased Scorp.

“I am so clever.” Said Rose, rolling over to her belly and propping herself up on her elbows to look up at him, “I’m bloody brilliant and you know it.”

Scorpius laughed, “You know what they say about the girl who was too full of herself.”

“I don’t know,” Rose said, “What do they say about her?”

“She got tossed in the lake!” He said, jumping up and grabbing Rose and lifted her into his arms.

“NO!” She screamed, “Scorpiushyperionmalfoy don’t you dare!” but he ran to the lake and jumped in, drenching them both. “I’m going to kill you!” she screeched. But Scorp was too busy laughing, his blonde hair plastered to his boyish face. She tackled him, they both fell into the water again. “You’re an ass,” She said.

“Adds to my charm.” He mimicked, helping her out of the water. Rose gave him the death glare but couldn’t hold it; instead she broke into a laugh. “See,” he smiled, “I’m so charming your just melting.”

“Sod off.” She said. She found her wand and dried her clothes. Scorp did the same, but he shook out his hair, spraying Rose with little specks of water. His blonde hair stood out at weird angles. Rose rung her hair out and braided it down her back. “Do you have the time?” She asked.

Scorp looked down at his watch, “Well as of when we fell in the water…”


“…it was 1:35, but I think I’m going to get a new watch.”

“You’re a dork.” Rose told him, picking her cloak of the ground. “Come on, we need to get back to the castle, I have Defense in ten minutes.”

“Yuck, that means I have to go back to History doesn’t it?” Complained Scorp, “I’d rather chew off my own arm, thank Merlin I get to go a year without Binns.”

“We still have class you know.” Rose said, “It’ll just be with Beaubaton teachers, at least Binns speaks your native language.”

“True, but I think I’d rather translate.”

Rose laughed, “Come on you dork.” They walked back to the school. Where they hugged and separated.

Author's Note - Iknow I've used the jumping in the lake theme before, but I liked it. I hope you liked it, the first few chapters are slightly slow, but it should speed up as soon as they get to france

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