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The Name of the Game by churro12
Chapter 2 : Of Secrets and Uvula Attacking Dust Mites
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"147, 148, 149, 150! And done!"

We all gaped at Cassie, that girl would do anything if you dared her to, which was exactly what we did. We were playing truth or dare, which I guess is a regular thing for us now, and Ella just dared Cassie to do one hundred and fifty squat thrusts, which she did easily. But, then again, she is the star beater on the quidditch team.

The rest of us weren’t really into playing sports. Ella was too girly, Melanie got banned from the team in first year for shouting swears at the ref for a bad call, and I was too… well, small and weak.

We were currently sitting on a circle on Melanie’s bed, we liked it best because it was the softest, close to the bathroom (but not to the point where you can get grossed out from the beautiful sounds of the lavatory), and it was right next to the window with the best view, straight across from a window in the boy’s dormitory. Because we were the only girls in that particular dormitory except for Alice Fortescue (who was always with her boyfriend Frank) we would often smuggle the Marauders across the window into our room to hang out.

Well, the other girls would while I reluctantly watched.

But anyways, we were sitting in a circle on her bed like we always did the night before a dance, just talking the whole time. Honestly, I was excited for the dance. If only I could just ditch James, but then I would have to break my own pinkie finger because I didn’t follow the dare. Yeah, we’re pretty serious when it comes to dares.

"Ella, truth or dare." Cassie asked our dramatic friend.


"Hmm… what’ll you do if Remus tries to ‘make his move’ on you tomorrow night?"
Melanie went into a sudden coughing fit, and I conjured her a glass of water while Ella thought about the question.

"I guess I’ll let him, Remus Lupin is a pretty nice catch when it comes down to it," more random choking from Mel, "who knows, maybe it could lead to something more than just a date to the dance."

Melanie now spit her water all over everyone while trying to wash her coughs down.
"What the hell, Melanie? Are you okay?" Ella hadn’t even noticed her best friend dying on the opposite side of the bed.

Mel finally caught her breath, "Yeah, yeah, I’m fine, just choked on some air or something."

"Mel, you choked on air? Multiple times? For no reason?" I asked skeptically.

Cassie spoke up, "Maybe dust mites started attacking her uvula."

Melanie nodded, holding back a grin, "Yeah, I’m absolutely SURE that’s what happened."
We all laughed except for Cassie, who looked confused. Often times Cassie would say something completely seriously, and get confused when we all couldn’t help but laugh at her for it.

"Okay, okay, stop laughing at me for no reason, guys. My heart is hurting, seriously. Ella, it’s your turn." Cassie pretended to look offended like she always did when we giggled at her.

"Lily, truth or dare?"


Crap, why do I always say that?

"I dare you to steal a pair of James Potter’s boxers tonight and keep them in your purse during the entire dance tomorrow."


"Do you want a broken pinkie?"

"No… But will you guys help me steal the goods?"

"Heh, you called them ‘goods’."

"Shut up, Cassie, we all know how much Lily wants in those boxers anyways."


"Lily, you know she’s right."

"Be quiet, Ella! And what if he wears briefs?"

"Still applies to the dare, but I see him more as a boxer guy."

"Lily’s used to picturing him in briefs, so this is kind of new to her."

"Mel, I swear to Merlin, I will kill you in your sleep."

"Temper, temper, Lily-flower."

"Melanie, Lily, hush yourselves. Let’s go."

"I want bacon."

We all looked at Cassie, then rolled our eyes and got up to creep down the stairs to the common room. We then slowly sneaked up the stairs to the boys dormitory, and put our ears to the door to see if the boys were still awake.

We heard nothing.

Ella opened the door and…

There the Marauders sat, in the middle of the floor, just sitting silently in a circle. They all turned to stare at us, and they got big grins on their faces when they realized four girls were sneaking into their room.

"Hey, girls, couldn’t wait until after the dance to jump us?" Sirius asked obnoxiously, and we all rolled our eyes at him.

"No, we just, um, wanted to know if you guys wanted to play truth or dare with us." Ella improvised.

"Sure!" They all said at the same time, it was kind of creepy.

"Okay, that was freaky." Melanie spoke my thoughts.

Sirius laughed and said, "Oh, we’re probably kind of in sync right now since we were just meditating together." That wasn’t weird.

"I thought we were playing the silent game!"

Cassie lit up when Peter said that, "I love the silent game! My parents always want to play it with me whenever I’m around them."

James looked at her, concerned, "Callor, I think your parents were just trying to-"

"Help you have a good time!" I interrupted, and James got the hint.

So we all sat down in a circle, Melanie of course trying her best to make it so that I had no choice but to sit next to James, and succeeding. Unfortunately, I also had Sirius on my other side. This would be fun.

"James, truth or dare?" Ella spoke up.

"Dare, I guess."

"I dare you to give Lily a pair of your boxers, and not let her do anything with them except keep them forever."

I turned bright red, but I have to admit, Ella was an evil genius.

James smirked at my embarrassment and hopped up, opened his trunk, pulled out some boxers and threw them at my face.

"EW! GET THEM OFF!" I shrieked, and pulled the underwear off my face to see everyone laughing at me. I made a face at them and looked down at the boxers that I was holding. I held them carefully between my thumb and index finger so I could touch them as little as possible.

Melanie suddenly snorted, "You wear SPIDERMAN UNDERWEAR?"

"Yes, and there’s nothing wrong with it. And Lily, those are clean, you don’t have to act like they're soaked in toxic waste."

I set them down on the floor next to me, still not wanting to touch them.

Okay, it was my turn.

"Melanie. Truth or dare?"

"Um, truth?"

"Okay. Time for some revenge. What’s the REAL reason you were coughing like that back in the dorm? And don’t say dust mites were attacking your uvula."

Her eyes went big, and then narrowed at me in playful hatred.

"Well, um, uh, okay, I’ll come straight out and say it. Maybe I’m not okay with the idea of Ella going out with Remus, because, well, maybe I like him myself."

Everyone gasped except for Remus, who went into a coughing fit not unlike Melanie’s earlier.

Sirius looked mock-offended, "Psh, whatever! Just ignore your date to the dance over here! I can’t change plans now, I already got an outfit that goes with both of our skin tones!"

Melanie rolled her eyes, "Sirius, please stop acting like a girl. And I don’t need to change plans, I don’t like him enough to actually care."

"I’m right here, y’know!" Remus finally spoke.

"Good to know." Mel snapped back.

"Melly!" Ella exclaimed, "If you had just told me I would have easily turned him down in a heartbeat!"

"I’m still right here."

"No one cares about you, Remus!" I say, "Except, well, apparently Melanie."

"I don’t ‘care’ about him. And Ella, this is exactly why I didn’t tell you!"

"Oh wait, I think I was wrong before. You said ESP, like mindreading, but I thought you meant ESPN, like the sports channel! Hah, funny." Cassie randomly interrupted our little group meltdown.

"Shut up, Cassie!" We all instinctively shout at her at the same time, except Peter.
We all stopped and silently looked at each other, while Cassie sat there, her eyes getting watery.

She then ran out of the room crying, Peter following her and trying to get her to stop.
We continued to look at each other, ashamed of what had just happened.

"I think we should lay off the meditating a bit," James said right as the silence was starting to give me a headache. "That was a little too in sync for my taste."

"I can’t believe we just did that to Cassie," Ella choked out, her eyes were now watering too. Always with the dramatics. "That can NOT happen again guys, you all know how sensitive she can be."

"Should we go look for her?" I asked, figuring it was the most we could do after what we’d just done. We’d yelled at Cassie, the last thing she needs is to be yelled at. We all know how tough her home life can be, her family’s been treating her like she was invisible since her brother died when she was seven.

"No, no we should just let Peter talk to her. He probably knows best what she wants to hear right now," Melanie answered my question, and she was right, as usual.
Ella frowned, "But we should still know how she’s doing. Would it be bad to send a spy down to see what’s happening?"

"No, I think we should," said Remus.

Everyone agreed, then suddenly all their eyes turned to me.

"What? Why should I be the spy? C’mon guys, really?"

Sirius raised one eyebrow and said, "You’re the smallest one here, Lily. We would send Ella, but she can’t walk two feet without tripping."

"Hey! I’m not that bad! But yeah, I kind of am, Lils. It has to be you."

"Ugh, fine. I’ll go."

I got up to walk out the door. But before I left, I remembered to snatch James’s underwear off the floor and stuff them in my over-sized pajama pants pocket, which made him smirk at me. I rolled my eyes and stomped out of the room.

I stole down the stairs quietly, looking around the common room to see if Cassie and Pettigrew were there. It was empty.

I crept through the portal hole, and looked around the hall. No sight of them. I looked out the window and was happy to see Cassie running across the courtyard, Peter not far behind her. I ran down to the courtyard and hid behind a bush, watching them from afar.
"Disputatio," I whispered, pointing my wand at my two friends so I could hear what they said.

I then pointed the wand at the window I knew her other friends were looking out of, and uttered a spell I'd created so that they could also hear the conversation, "Porro nuntius."
I then turned and watched Peter, who was just catching up with Cassie.

"Cassie, wait. Talk to me!"

"Peter! I didn’t realize you were following me," She said between sniffles, the tears still coming non-stop.

Pettigrew let out a small laugh between heavy breaths, he had run the whole way, "I was shouting your name the entire time."

She tried to smile a little bit, but then fell to the floor and started crying again.
He dropped to his knees and cradled her in his arms, and just then I knew that he was her soulmate. I realized he could never do anything to hurt her. But then again, it's not like he was ever going to hurt a fly anyways, let alone a human being.

"Peter," Cassie sniffled, "Do you even know why I'm crying?"

He looked her in the eyes, and honestly shook his head no.

"Well I- I can't have people tell me shut up. It- it's what my mom told me when I was crying too loud at my brother's funeral. I couldn't stop crying, and she kept telling me to shut up, and then when I wouldn't stop, she took me outside the church and hit me. But she wouldn't stop. She just kept hitting me, and she wouldn't stop... the entire time, she was saying, 'Shut up! Shut up! It should have been you and you know it! Shut up!' I- I can't have people tell me shut up."

Suddenly, I felt an immense ammount of guilt. Not only that Cassie had to go through something like that all by herself, but that because of me and my invasion of her privacy all of our friends now knew about it.

"Amplius," I hoarsely whispered, canceling my other spells. I then quietly tip-toed back to the boy's dorm, leaving Peter and Cassie together outside in peace. As I opened the door and poked my head in, I could tell that the others felt just as ashamed for what we'd done as I did.

"Maybe we should do something special for her," Ella remarked.

"What?" James asked just before I could.

Ella starts to explain, "I think we should do something special for Cassie in apology."

Sirius nods, "And I think I know just what we should do. Do you guys think you can get your hands on some pictures of Cassie's brother?"

So kind of a more angsty-ish chapter, did you enjoy? please review! please!


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