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A very Sirius situation. by ClashcityrockerHeartsSirius
Chapter 3 : Appearances can be deceiving.
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 Three years had passed since Audrey Roberts Started her first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and so far it had not been everything she had hoped for.

Actually, the classes were exactly what she had hoped for. They were challenging, but interesting. It was everything else that ruined it for her.

She had not made many friends. The other houses did not like Slytherins, and the Slytherins did not like her.

She probably would have had a lot more friends if it had not been for Lucius Malfoy and Severus Snape. Malfoy had made her life miserable ever since their run-in on the train, and a lot of people looked up to him. And even now after he had graduated these people avoided her like the plague.

Snape did not have the same amount of followers, but he made her life miserable none-the-less. She had gotten on his bad side thanks to a certain Sirius Black and James Potter. At least indirectly. See the reason Snape did not like her was because she had in all honesty believed his name to be Snivellus, after she had overheard Sirius calling him that on her first day. And thus, when she had first met Snape, she had addressed him as Snivellus. And now, every time Potter and Black did something to piss Snape off, he took it out on Audrey.

The only two people that made life worth enduring were Regulus Black and Lily Evans. Regulus had become her friend, and Lily stopped Snape from hexing Audrey the times she was around, and apologised for his behaviour the times when she weren’t around. Not exactly a friendship, but at least she was nice to Audrey.

Regulus and Audrey had become friends almost immediately. They were in the same year, and sat together in all the classes. Regulus even protected her against Malfoy's fan club and Snape, because for some reason they had a lot of respect for Regulus. It might have been because he was a Black, but most likely it was because he had this quality that made people listen to what he had to say and respect him. He would make a great leader someday.

Regulus fascinated Audrey. Appearance-wise he looked a lot like his older brother, except he was a bit smaller and slighter. And although Audrey did not want to admit it, he was less handsome than Sirius. Still, he was an extremely good-looking boy, there was no denying that.

However, it was his personality that Audrey found so fascinating. If you did not know him very well, you would think that he was proud, arrogant and definitely a pureblood fanatic. The truth was that it was his parents who believed in the cause, not Regulus. If you knew him as well as Audrey did, you would know that he was kind, intelligent and had an excellent sense of humour.

The problem was that he cared a lot about his family, and would never do anything to hurt them the way Sirius constantly was. And of course, he was jealous of Sirius, the older brother, the popular kid, the womanizer. Sirius was a rebel, he stood up for what he believed in, even if it meant defying his parents. Regulus was not as strong as Sirius.

Where Sirius strived to be different from the rest of the Blacks, Regulus just wanted to fit in, to make his parents proud, to be accepted. Even if it did mean that he had to pretend to be a pureblood fanatic, and cover his room with newspaper clippings of Voldemort and his followers.
A pureblood fanatic or not, Regulus was the only real friend Audrey had.

And now Christmas was coming up. Audrey’s mom had decided to go on a single’s cruise for Christmas, and her dad had forgotten to invite her. He was probably too busy with his new family. His wife was expecting a baby, and Audrey was feeling more than a little threatened by it.

At any rate, Audrey was staying at Hogwarts for Christmas for the first time and Regulus was going home. Audrey wasn’t really sure how she felt about being without Regulus for several weeks. On the one hand he was her friend and she relied on him, but on the other hand things had become a bit… weird lately. Audrey was pretty sure he tried to kiss her the other day, and she wasn’t too sure how she felt about it.

And to make things worse, Audrey had recently found out that the only people staying for Christmas this year was four of the seventh year Slytherins and one of the Marauders; ... Black.
Great” thought Audrey, “Merry Christmas to me.”

That's chapter three folks! I know it's not amazing, but I'm just getting back to writing, and I have sooo many ideas for chapter four that I just wanted to get this one out of the way! Oh, and the reason for the jump in time is that I want to introduce some romance, and I think first year is a bit early for that.
Let me know what you think though! -M

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