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Dangerous Liaisons by frenchliam
Chapter 2 : Lunchtime Squabbles and Lakeside Interventions
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A/N: This is a kind of filler chapter to, well, fill you in on several important points in the story. Keep in mind that this is a very different plotline then a "James and Amelie will fight and bicker until they realize they still love eachother." Anyway, enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or anything recognizable.

  I had been waiting in the Astronomy tower for thirty minutes exactly until I grew impatient. The abnormal mass amounts of stars were winking, as if teasing me of my impatience. James hadn’t showed up yet, and I had already checked the Gryff’s common room. The party had barely started and Orpheus snuck a drink (or two) just for me. Although the common room hadn’t been to its full capacity, the heat in there had already been unbearable. Maybe it was because I was so used to the cool green and silver in my common room, but something about all that red and gold just radiated warmth. It wasn’t uncommon for me to feel on fire whenever me and James so much as snogged down there, let alone when it was filled with copious amounts of body heat from drunken teenagers.

 I finished the rest of my pumpkin juice before hopping off the window seat. I smiled happily, excited for the night to come. I had figured James had been held up the party, the boy was in great demand after all.

I sighed, doing a once over on the beautifully decorated room before me. The stars were visible more than usual tonight, it was why we had planned this little rendezvous.  I twirled giddily once, my pale blue dress swirling around my legs.

I decided to wait ten more minutes until I finally gave up. I was gonna march right into that common room and steal my boyfriend.

I had a slight skip in my step as I descended the stairs. The moonlight showing through the windows gave my skin a delicate glow. I marveled at the ethereal lighting, the romanticism of it all was just perfect. It was just what we needed.

James and I had a particularly horrible week,

“You care about you’re bloody broomstick more than me!” I screamed, barely containing my anger. As James informed me, yet again, that he had cancelled our plans in order to practice. This was completely unfair, he was the bloody Quidditch Captain, so it’s not like he had to go, he had set the practice himself!

I missed him, didn’t he see that? Was I just becoming some sort of second to his monumental – not the sarcasm - Quidditch responsibilities?

“You know that’s not true Elie!” He yelled, running one of his hands through his messy black locks. He held his broomstick with the other.

He caught my gaze, his golden brown eyes melting into my ocean blue.

“It's just that we're playing Slytherin this Saturday, and it's my first match as captain, and if I don't beat their slimy arses, sorry love, I'll look like a fool!" He ranted, pleading me with his eyes to see reason.

I calmed down a bit, seeing him stare at me with those hazel eyes always did me in. It's not like I didn't understand, I did. But sometimes, my extreme selfishness won over my sensibility.

I’ll be back in a couple of hours, I promise.”  He whispered, the fire quenching once he took in my defeated stance. He inched closer and kissed me softly on the lips, I felt the hand that had once been running through his hair cup my cheek. I leaned in closer.

He’s going to go see Rachel instead of you, he’s going to go see Rachel instead of you, he’s going to go see Rachel instead of you. I tried to shut out that stupid voice, but it wasn’t going away. I was so scared that I decided to let the argument go, I didn’t want him going to see her just after we fought. And besides, I absolutely hated fighting with him, I was so sick of our shouting matches. When had things turned so hard? It was as if this very castle was threatening to break us apart. The girls flanking him and the stupid rumours that followed weren’t helping matters. I was turning into a downright mess, scared shitless that this girl was going to take him away from me.

I resignedly nodded, “ok,”  I whispered against his lips. Feeling more hopeless than ever, I had never been one of these girls. I hated it.

He closed the space between our bodies, wrapping his arms around my waist, our foreheads touching.

“Don’t wait up for me, I’ll be in your bed before you wake up.” He whispered in my ear, his lips making me shutter.

“Promise?” I breathed into his ear.

He responded by planting lazy kisses on my neck. I sighed in pleasure. His expert fingers went underneath my shirt, tracing small patterns on the skin of my lower back.

 “Don’t go?” I tried weakly, smiling softly as his hazel eyes met mine.

“Why do you always do this to me?” He groaned, kissing me so fiercely my feet momentarily left the ground.

I giggled, forgetting my fears for a second and reveling in his closeness.

“Sorry,” I mumbled against his lips, although I’m sure he didn’t believe a word of it.

we were still adjusting to the whole “coming back to Hogwarts romance” thing. If that even made any sense at all, which I’m sure it didn’t. 

We were two months into our sixth year and our relationship took a major shock the moment we stepped into the castle. Summer had been so easy it was unreal. No jealousy, no worries, no time. Nothing but just me and him, and my bed and his bed and laughing and kissing and touching and pure, utter bliss.

We should’ve known that things weren’t going to be easy when we got back to school, but we were so wrapped up in each other and that post-summer glow that we didn’t have time to prepare ourselves for the onslaught of reality.

But tonight things were different. It felt like another summer night. It felt surreal, perfect, even the weather seemed to agree. Lightly humming, I arrived at the Fat Lady.

“Dilligrout!” I cried happily, curtsying as she let the door open, she murmured something about good manners before I strutted through the common room.

I saw Dom and a shock of red hair before making my way over to the two girls (the latter being Rose.)

The party was definitely in full swing. Shoving through plastered teenager was no easy task.

“Eliepie!” Rose laughed, throwing her arms around me. Dom looked slightly amused as she moved out of Rose’s way. Rose was already a bit on, and it was barely midnight. Well, at least someone was having fun.

I laughed with her, swaying from side to side.

“Have you seen James?” I asked, steadying her.

“Last I saw he was climbing up the stairs with Ra..” Dom slapped her in the arm, effectively cutting of Rose’s sentence.

“What?” I asked in confusion, looking over at an irritated Dom. Her normally ice-blue eyes were set into a scowl.

“Nothing.” Rose squeaked, her skin turning the color of her hair. She was biting the inside of her cheek, her eyes like a deer caught in headlights.

Dom rolled her eyes and sighed. “He’s upstairs with Rachel, but don’t worry, he’s only letting her borrow some of his quidditch padding.”

My mind started reeling. I willed it to shut the hell up. There went my good mood.

I shook my head at the both of them, “why do you have to keep it a secret? I don’t mind.” I lied.

“Cut the crap Elie, we know you don’t like her anywhere near him.” Dom said bluntly.

I narrowed my eyes at her. Why would she even bring that up? It almost sounded like she was trying to… ugh, I don’t know… but I loathed it when she used that tone of voice.

I could only shrug, “So, I trust him.” I declared.

Before they could respond, I turned towards the staircase, taking the stairs two at a time. It was true what I had said, I trusted James with my life. He was my best friend. He would never hurt me, he loved me.

I was about the wrench the door open when I heard a moan, a girl moan. My heart dropped with a pang. My mind turned deadly silent.

I took a deep breath, creaking the door open slightly.

I saw her first. Naked. Naked. Well, she only had her bra off but what the fuck ever.

She was on top of him. She had her lips on him. And he, well, he wasn’t pushing her away.

I shut the door, feeling my heart beat in my ears. The word OVER, knocking around in my head.  I walked as fast as I could out of the common room, avoiding Dom and Rose. I would not make  a scene, I wouldn’t. I couldn’t hear anything anymore, only that my heart was beating unusually fast. My chest felt so constricted that my breaths were coming out in shallow gasps. I made it up to the astronomy tower before I let the tears fall. They weren’t huge gaping sobs, the way I felt inside. They were surprisingly calming, as if they were saving themselves for later. Perhaps they knew that he had followed me up here, perhaps they were just as determined as I was to show him I didn’t care.

I snapped out of my reverie before anyone noticed. We were all lounging by the lake. Rose had her head on Scorp’s lap (who had just finished his monumental Trans essay.), Dom was in between Fred and Lys, laughing, and Al was a little off the way, throwing pieces of French bread at the giant squid. I saw Dom glance at Lys out of the corner of her eye. Lys noticed, and gave her a little smile. I felt sick to my stomach.

I scooted over towards Al, anything to stop watching people potentially become a couple.

“Hey Allie,” I said, poking him on the side.

“Els,” he nodded distractedly, still throwing the left-over bread.

The wind was blowing relentlessly and the normally gentle caresses of the Black Lake were stirring something fierce.

I laid my head on his shoulder and accepted his silence. Most people would worry that something was troubling the boy, but I knew Al better. Sometimes he just liked to have a quiet moment, it was very healthy, in fact.  I watched as the squid brought his bulbous tentacle out of the murky lake, only to wrench it back in, effectively putting the pieces of bread in his mouth.

Al and the giant squid had a weird sort of friendship. You could almost always catch Al here on a lazy day, feeding the enormous thing. I swore I had passed more than once through this stretch of lake to see Al having a hushed conversation with the slimy animal. I looked at Al through my lashes, seeing his vacant expression.

Sneakily, I tore off a piece of bread and stuffed it quickly into my mouth.

“Hey!” Al shouted, shoving me lightly.  I gulped loudly, grinning cheekily.

“I swear if you weren’t so pretty, I’d be disgusted.” He commented, watching in amusement.

I shrugged, wondering if I should tell him about what was on my mind. On the one hand, the only person that I could come clean to with this was busy canoodling with Rose, on the other, Al was a great listener, even if said great listener was the source of my problem’s brother.

“Hey Allie,” I started, turning to look at his profile.

“Yeah Elie?” He turned to peer at me quickly, a curious expression forming on his features.

Al was a bit shorter than his brother, with the same soppy mop of hair, whose tint was a bit darker than James’ off black. His eyes were a sparkling green, like his father’s. He wore contacts instead of glasses though, claiming that they ruined his “game”.

I bit my lip, my eyes widening, fighting with myself as to how I was going to pose this question.


Wow, I was brilliant with words.

“Yes?” Al pushed, his curiosity growing with my lack of word verbage. (Was that even a real word?)

“So…” I continued to stammer, my heartbeat getting louder and louder.

I didn’t notice Al leaning closer to me, studying me carefully.

“You want to know why James went to sit next to Rachel this morning.” He whispered knowingly, I turned my head quickly, effectively bumping my head with his.

“Shit Els!” Al mumbled, rubbing the spot on his head I collided with.

“Sorry Al!” I muttered quickly helping him rub the spot with my hands.

“Merlin, Els” Al laughed, taking my hands in his, “calm down will you?”

“Sorry,” I said again for good measure, gnawing at my lip.

“So I was right?” Al smirked, taking in my anxious appearance.

I sighed forlornly. I could never hold any walls with Al. He was just too good a listener.

Al and Scorp always helped me through my petty teen problems, reasonably listening and offering me philosophical advice to ponder on.

I looked at him helplessly, letting my head fall in between my knees.

“I feel like an idiot.” I mumbled, not daring to look up at him again.

Al stayed silent for a minute, “why?” he finally said.

“Because,” was my brilliant, muffled, response.

“You miss him.” Al said simply.

I stiffened at his words, my mind returning to that horrible night. I suddenly felt my heart pick up speed, the blood in my veins turning hot. I picked up my head from my knees, glaring fiercely out at the lake.

“Not a damn chance.” I growled.

Al didn’t respond to my ferocity, but simply shrugged.

“Have it your way then, just know it won’t get you anywhere.” Al continued, “No matter what, you two were friends once, best friends, you can’t just erase that.”

I didn’t reply, resorting to childishly staring evilly out at the black lake.

Yes, believe it or not, James and I had been best friends at one point. In fact, we were inseparable, that is, until he kissed me while we were running through the woods behind the Potter Mansion, and then resorted to having almost sex with said girl he was sitting next to at breakfast five months later.

Fucking tosser.

“You can’t erase what he did to me either,” I retorted, tossing a particularly huge rock towards the giant squid. It missed, I had horrible aim.

“Did you just try to hit the giant squid? Al asked, staring at me incredulously.

“No.” I lied, turning towards him with wide eyes.

“You have horrible aim by the way,” he pointed out.

“Remind me why I’m not on our Quidditch team again?”

“Because you have no athletic ability and you don’t like taking balls to the face.” Al answered brazenly. I shoved him as hard as I could.

“Disgusting jerk.” I joked, sticking my tongue out as if to prove my towering maturity over his perverted jabs.

Well, at least he had gotten off the topic of James.

“So, as I was saying,” Al continued.


“Can we just drop it please,” I answered tiredly.

I didn’t really want to talk about James anymore, sure the question was gnawing at the back of my skull and making my heart go into overdrive but I really didn’t want to hear about how him and Rachel were shagging. Sure, it had been a year ago but it was still a very sore topic for me. It broke me and James apart and ended a six year friendship. The fact that after all that, he could go for the very same girl who I had caught him with, was extremely insulting, and made me question almost everything that I had been sure of. Had I even meant anything to him? Was I just another one of his conquests? What the bloody hell was wrong with the boy?

“How can we drop it if it’s all you’re thinking about now,” Al retorted knowingly.

“Listen, I really don’t want to hear about how the two are shagging, so I’d rather just not.” I retorted snippily. My body however, disagreed with my words and decided to let my head rest between my knees dejectedly. I must’ve looked pathetic.

Al shook his head worriedly, not meeting my eyes.

“That is all there doing right?” I asked meekly, my burning curiosity winning over my pride.

Al shrugged nervously, running a hand through his hair, mumbling something incoherently. His eyes weren’t meeting mine the way they usually did.

“What was that?” I asked, moving closer. Something told me that I would regret my saying that.

“Rose might’ve told me he was planning to ask her to Hogsmeade this weekend.” He said a little loudly, flinching as he did so.

I couldn’t do anything as my mouth dropped open in shock. Time stopped momentarily. I could still hear the normally gentle waves moving (they weren’t big enough to crash yet, it was a lake for Circe’s sake!) faster against the dirt. I widened my eyes dramatically.

 That good-for-nothing wanker, what the fuck?! How in the hell could he do that?! To me?! Sure we mutually hated each other now, but I thought he had more respect for me than to ever go near that home wrecker again. Out of all the things that could ever piss me off, he chooses this?! Out of every single girl in Hogwarts, he goes for her?! RACHEL FUCKING WOOD?!

“Elie?” Al questioned cautiously.

I took a deep breath, visibly shaking as I did so.

“I’m fine,” I spit through gritted teeth.

“Are you sure?” Al asked, knowing full well that I wasn’t.

I nodded rapidly, biting back the acid in my tongue, “he can ask out whomever he wants. Why should I care?”

I tried to convince myself of my words, and it worked for a while. That is, until Al decided to open his insightful little mouth.

“Because,” Al pointed out, “it’s Rachel Wood.”

“Yes, Al, I got that.” I snapped, standing up. All of this talking was doing wonders to my already blooming mood. Al followed my swift movements with his eyes.

 “I think I’m going to our common room, bit chilly outside isn’t it?” I said, rubbing my arms for good measure. The sun was burning my back but the winds were so fierce it seemed that Zephyr himself was personally blowing across the Hogwarts grounds.

“It’s sunny out!” Al shouted towards my retreating back. I didn’t turn back and continued walking towards the castle. I didn’t care to wave goodbye to everyone else, I was pretty sure they were too occupied to even notice I was gone.

I tried very hard not to fume. But it was proving impossible. I was speed-walking and I’m sure my face was twisted into a very charming scowl.

I even managed to scare a couple of first years, and despite me being a Slytherin, I hardly ever scared anyone. The only time I actually managed to scare people was during a sleepover in Second Year when we all started telling ghost stories and I started acting strangely in order to rile the girls up even more. I swore one of them that I was actually posessed, it was quite hilarious. 

The girls however, didn't seem to think so. The wimps.

To this day, people still don’t like being around me when ghost stories, or muggle movies, for that matter, are involved. Dom explained that it had something to do with that manic gleam in my eye I got whenever I decided to scare people.

“Hey wait up!” I heard a familiar voice shout, the sound of her obnoxious ankle boot heels clacking on the hallway stone.

Speak of the devil.

I spun around on my heels, plastering a smile on my face as Dom raced towards me.

“Why’d you leave?” She demanded as she caught up with me,

“Wanted to go back inside, I was getting cold.” I lied. Her clacking reached a steady rhythm with mine as she slowed her movements.

She pulled a weird face, staring at me accusingly. Even when Dom’s face was twisted it still managed to look pretty.

“It’s not cold outside though,” she answered.

“Really?” I continued, “seems that way to me,” I shrugged, as though it wasn’t a big deal. I shivered unconvincingly.

“Right.” Dom said, not buying it, but following me anyway.

“I didn’t want to bother you guys or anything, so that’s why I left without saying bye.” I explained, walking towards the dungeons.

Dom took in my words. I could hear the wheels on her brain turning as she worked something out. I sighed, knowing what was going to come out of her mouth before she said it.

“If something’s bothering you…” Dom began, but I cut her off before she continued with her trainwreck thoughts.

“Nothing’s bothering me.” I said curtly, ending any possible way of her beginning a deadly conversation.

“If you say so,” she ended it, but like Al, didn’t look convinced.

“Anyway, Ignotus might be getting lonely, I haven’t paid him any attention since the party, the poor baby.” I whined, remembering my cute little tabby cat. Dom thought that I was feeding him too much, considering the growing pudgy he had on his belly, I thought it was adorable, Dom described it as bulbous.

“That cat hates you.” Dom deadpanned.

“Does not!” I denied, crossing my arms against my chest.

Sure, he didn’t really like it when I showered him with attention, but he was a cat for Circe’s sake! They were very independent creatures. Ignotus loved me, I was sure of it.

“Elie, he hisses at you every time you pick him up, he doesn’t come near you unless he’s hungry, and last time, I swear you scared the living daylights out of him when you were Indian dancing in circles!”

“I was only playing around with him! He loves it!” I defended, sniffing in defiance.

“Elie, his eyes turned to the size of saucers and he latched on to your leg trying to chew it off.” She reasoned.

“Whatever, he does not hate me.” I muttered grumpily, upset that she would say such a thing. I loved my little Iggy, and he loved me too… right?

Dom only shook her head, biting back a smile as we reached the portrait.

Supernus.” We both said at the same time, as the image of a wealthy wizard in ancient clothing nodded to us. The portrait swung open and we crawled through to the common room. The green light from beneath the lake gave the space such a cool aura. It was perfect for hot days when all one wanted to do was stay out of the heat.

Me and Dom stayed in the common room until lunch time, laughing at Iggy’s  hyper running and gossiping about how, and I quote Dom, “hot” Lys was looking at last night’s party. There was definitely something going on there, judging by that look they gave eachother at the lake. Looks were very important, in fact, I was a master at deciphering looks. 

I had put James’ little date to the back of my mind and was actually enjoying myself until we reached the great hall for lunch.

I halted halfway through our walking, realizing that it was our turn to sit at the Gryffindor table.

“What’s wrong?” Dom asked worriedly as she once again followed my line of vision.

I narrowed my eyes as I saw Rachel Wood, cheating-accomplice-whore-extraordinaire, hanging on James’ arm. I shrugged my shoulders back, tilting my chin up slightly as I strutted towards our group. I casually sat down next to Fred and pecked him on the cheek.

“Well hello to you to love,” he waggled his eyebrows shamelessly as I giggled. Fred was such a one-track man.

Dom sat on the other side of me as she greeted her cousin with an eye roll.

“What’d I do?!” He questioned, I shrugged.

Lys sat next to James, and then after that, sat Rachel. Rose was in between Dom and Scorpius. Al was on the other side of Fred.

Rachel Wood, who had been busy prattling away to James, Lys and Fred about Quidditch, had shut up abruptly as I had taken my seat. She was now resorting to nervously fiddling with James fingers, the bitch.

I gulped down the disgust I was feeling towards watching her touch him as I pointedly ignored the two.

“So this Friday is going to be ace!” Al shouted, easing the tension.

“As long as certain minors stay away from the alcohol,” James looked suggestively towards Scorp, Al, and Rose.

“Or just successfully keep it hidden.” Scorp muttered to Rose, who giggled.

I laughed along with them, maybe it was my Slytherin tendencies, but I never cared much for the rules we set up during these Hogsmeade parties. Sure, we could get in serious trouble, but what was life without a little risk? Al, Scorp, and Rose knew I would help them get some of their own Firewhiskey.

“We all know little Elie here is gonna help the sixth years get pissed anyway,” Fred tattled, reaching for a sandwich.

“Thanks for ratting me out Fred.” I said sarcastically, mimicking his movements and snatching the sandwich he was aiming for.

“Why do you always insist on stealing our food, there’s a plateful right in front of you!” Fred complained, pouting childishly.

“Stealing is much more fun!” I laughed, taking a bite of the delectable item in question. I gulped loudly, humming at the deliciousness.

“Isn’t it Rachel?” I suddenly blabbed, much more calmly, turning to look at the girl in question.

If the situation hadn’t been so awkward, I would’ve laughed out loud. But sensing the intent of my words, I figured that such an action would’ve proved inappropriate. I instantly regretted what I said, I almost felt like slapping my hand over my mouth. Me and my stupid word vomit.

Her previous nervousness had turned into a steely glare, but being smart, she said nothing. James, I noticed, was looking at me with barely concealed irritation.

Rose shot me “the look,” you know, the one she gave to anyone who did anything disapproving. Currently, me being a bitch to Jame’s shag-buddy of the week. She could be such a mom sometimes. In any case, she should be shooting that look towards her cousin for toying with the poor girl’s feelings. I mean, it was obvious he was just finishing what he started a year ago.

Yes, I was very aware that I was in denial. But, it could be perfectly logical. Sure, the last date James ever had with Hogsmeade was with me, but that didn't mean that he was actually serious with the girl. Maybe he decided to stop being such a raging jerk and actually pretend to care about his conquests. Maturity did that to you, didn't it?

Fred looked confused, and Scorp was staring at me knowingly, I’m sure Al was doing the exact same. Sometimes, they were scarily similar. Perhaps they were actually brothers? Al was most likely adopted by the Potters because Mr. Malfoy couldn’t bear not having a platinum blonde son. It would certainly explain why he was in Slytherin.

“So what time are we all heading to the Three Broomsticks?” Dom asked, breaking the nervous glances between our friends.

“We do need to get it ready before everyone shows up,” I added helpfully, taking a smaller bite of my stolen sandwich.

“Speaking of which, Rachel’s helping us out this year,” James declared, staring pointedly at me. He took a sip of his pumpkin juice, never taking his hazel eyes off mine.

“How wonderful,” I smiled charmingly, sipping my drink exactly as he.

“Isn’t it?” James continued, his glare hardening.

“Just fantastic! Maybe she can help us with our Halloween party too, Merlin knows we need more people to clean up after, you could wear a french maid costume and everything, I think it would suit her smashingly, wouldn’t that be wonderful Rachel?” I squealed, looking towards her with fake enthusiasm.

Fun fact: Did you know that Merlin was sorted into Slytherin? Not lying about that one, it’s written in the history books and everything. So you see, were not all evil, in fact most of us aren’t evil at all. Yes we’re rather selfish and would rather save ourselves than other people, but we weren’t entirely horrible. Did you know, the Godric Gryffindor and Salazar Slytherin were best friends before they’re feud? Yes! It’s quite true. So I should be the first to say that Slytherins are particularly good people.

"You little.." Rachel started, her eyes narrowing into ugly-looking slits. She almost looked like Voldy, hah!

“That’s enough Amelie,” James growled, breaking me out of my incessant rambling.

“It’s alright James I can take care of myself,” Rachel spoke up at last, her doe eyes looking into mine. She had these huge hazel doe eyes that were always ringed with smoky colors. Even when she wasn’t wearing makeup, her eyes had that tint of darkness. A tell-tale sign of a harlot, of course, typical.

I shrugged, taking another sip as I directed my attention elsewhere. The entire vicinity of our table had stopped to stare at the little glare match I was having with the two dolts in front of me. I looked up towards the enchanted ceiling, noticing it betrayed nothing of the harsh winds blowing, but rather showed the sun shining.

“Oh, the sun’s out, that’s lovely!” I commented with mock enthusiasm.

“Well, it seems I’ve lost my appetite,” James muttered, his hands clenching and unclenching, the way they always did when he was angry.

“Good.” I blabbed again, full-on glaring towards his gorgeous face.

“Why don’t you go back to your own table Laurent? No one wants you here.” He growled, his hazel eyes turning darker with rage.

“If by everyone you mean Rachel and yourself, then no, I think I won’t go back.”

“For Fuck’s sake!” James all but shouted at me, Lys put a hand on his shoulder to stop him.

“Calm down mate, you’re giving her exactly what she wants,” Lys muttered, shooting an apologetic glance towards me.

I raised my eyebrows towards his enraged state, his nostrils were flaring and his once golden eyes had toned to a darker shade of brown. It was wildly attractive.

I shrugged delicately, “Calm down James, your causing a scene,” I sneered before giving Fred his half-eaten sandwich and stalking off the Gryffindor table.

I stormed down the great hall, feeling the stupid traitor tears threatening to inch their way out of the corners of my eyes.

I sniffed loudly, effectively keeping the almost wayward droplets on the brims of my eyelids. Stupid Rachel, stupid James, stupid Potter. What the fuck? I knew I hadn’t been the best person in the planet, but life must’ve really hated to me to put me through this load of crap. I know it was stupid, but the fact that he hadn’t gone straight to her after we were over gave me a small sense of security. Sure, I had absolutely no feelings towards the insolent prat anymore, but I still had my pride.

Him with Rachel basically publicized the fact that she had actually ruined us. It cemented everysingledoubt that had ran through my head since that night. That insensitive, pride-stomping wanker!

Everyone already knew the reason why we had broken up, how could it have stayed a secret after all? Of course ickle little nice-girl Rachel had tried to apologize to me right after she had heard of The Break Up. Of course, she just happened to do so during dinner in the great hall, in front of the whole school. Of course, everyone just so happened to overhear how she had practically shagged my ex-boyfriend. Everyone looked at her as this innocent, naïve, sweet little Gryffindor, but I never bought it. The girl knew what she had been doing.

That bitch.

I knew it, how could I not have? James had always had a stupid crush on that brat.

“Ugh!” I shrieked, kicking one of the innocent walls furtively before I realized that someone had been following me.

I caught a glimpse of platinum blond hair and half-hoped that it had been Scorp who had run to my rescue. What with him following Rose everywhere he went, he never had time for me, his best friend.

“Why must you always cause scenes?” Dom sighed, shaking her head as she did so.

My hopes flattened as I turned around to fully face her.

“You made me watch too much Skins last summer.” I pointed out; referring to that crazy dramatic muggle show she was obsessed with.

“Don’t blame this on them!” She said defensively, her face scrunching up indelicately as though I had insulted something much touchier than a show about a bunch of muggles cracked out on various forms of drugs.

“You look constipated when you pull that face, did you know that?” I informed her, crossing my arms against my chest.

She ignored my comment, “You know, I know that you’re still in love with my cousin and everything but…”

What?!” I cut her off incredulously, waving my arms around frantically as they finally landed on her mouth.

“Don’t you dare say that! I am not in love with him! Ew!” I added.

For emphasis, you know.

“mmphesmm mmu mare!” Dom muffled into my hands, I quickly took them off her lips.

She gasped for breath dramatically, putting her hand against her chest.

And she thought I caused scenes.

Her deep blue eyes landed on mine as she repeated herself, “As I was saying before a certain maniac attacked me with her hands, yes Elie. You are.”

I narrowed my eyes, “okay, one: I did not attack you, and two: I AM NOT IN LOVE WITH HIM.”

Dom just continued to stare in amusement, biting back a teasing smile.

“Okay,” I waved my hands again, “I plead, I don’t know, momentary insanity or something, because I have absolutely no idea why I ever went for a stupid, pigheaded, arrogant arse like him. It was a horrible lapse in judgment that will never, and I mean never be occurring again. I hate him Dom, I hate him!” I ended, my voice rising to a shrill.

This monumental confession did nothing to change her demeanor however, and she continued to stare at me like an idiot. She looked as though she was holding back some great secret I wasn’t aware of. I swore I heard her mutter “I’m going to fix this,” halfway into my speech.

“And will you please stop staring at me like a lunatic?!” I added, my voice still tinged with slight hysteria.

Dom reveled in my annoyance for a couple more seconds before finally speaking, “You know, that inhumanly high pitch your voice takes when you’re ranting really brings out your inner 1/8 of a veela.” She mused, her eyes shining with mirth.

I gaped at her as she walked past me, nodding her head slightly, hinting at me to follow. Well, if she thought that I was going to take orders from her after she verbally abused me with her sarcasm, she had another thing coming.

“Oh, very funny your wolfiness!” I retorted to her back with a satisfied smirk.

She momentarily stopped in her tracks. She whipped her head around, licking her teeth exaggeratedly and throwing me a wink.

“Hurry up Elie, we’re supposed to meet the boys at Hogsmeade in an hour.” She whipped her head back forward, her blonde hair swishing as she did so.

I huffed, having no choice but to follow her. We were both going to the common room anyway. I hated that I could never rile Dom up. She was just like James, always trying to act as though they were above all the petty insults and childish antics. At least with James, I could get a rise out of him faster than it took a snitch to fly out of its quidditch trunk. But no, Dom was never amused with my mocking statements. All of them just seemed to slide off her back, it was frustrating as hell.

Anyway, I shouldn’t even be thinking of how Dom is infuriatingly calm. What I should be doing is mentally preparing myself for the onslaught of Rachel Wood. Because of that stupid prick Potter, I was almost certain that the home wrecker would be spending a lot more time with us. I mean, did she even have any friends? Honestly! And to top things off, I had to spend two more hours with her planning a party that she had no inclusion in until James decided to force her upon us. She probably felt so special. The worse part about this situation was that I couldn’t do anything but smile and be nice to her. As much as she irritated me, I grudgingly had to admit that she had that nice girl act down to a T. There was absolutely nothing even slightly rude I could do without ending up looking like a big, bad bitch. Merlin, kill me.

END NOTE: Did anyone get that reference when reading about Amelie's cat? Might give you some insight into who gave it to her.

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