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The Flower by Elizabeth Lucia
Chapter 2 : Chapter 2
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Just as Lily had suspected, neither Al nor the girl from Ravenclaw were present at the feast.  She shook her head in disapproval.  What immature brothers she had.  She was absolutely certain that her brother was going to do something terrible at some point in the school year.  That is, something terrible that wasn’t in his usual agenda. 

                Lily smelled the lily that Collin had created from a fork, saying

“A lily for miss Lily.”  How happy had made her that his words hadn’t been

“A rose for miss Rose.”  In fact, no one had said a word to Rose, or heard a word from her since they sat down at the Griffindore table.  She was staring blissfully at the happy, laughing figure of Scorpius Malfoy. 

                “And now” said Headmistress McGonnigal “I would like you all to extend a warm welcome to a new student that we have with us this year.  She transferred from the New York Underground Academy for Witches.  Miss Romanov, if you would kindly step forward, you must be sorted now.”  A small girl with dark skin and dark hair stepped out from behind the teachers table and sat down on the stool.  She looked about sixteen or seventeen.  No sooner had McGonnigal placed the sorting hat on her head than it shouted out

“Griffindoor”  and Lily knew that that extra bed in her dorm room would soon be filled.  Wait…did she say Romanov?  As in the muggle royalty of Russia?  The new girl came and sat down next to Lily and introduced herself as sixteen year old Adine Romanov, half-blood.  When lily asked about her last name, she explaned that she was half inuit, half Russian.  Her Russian bloodline was Romanov, and her inuit blood line was tribe royalty.  She had been going to the New York Unerground Acadamy for Witches for the past five years, until her father got re-located to England.

                As Lily was leaving the Great Hall with Adine by her side, Hugo, her cousin, came up to her and said very quietly so that only she could hear

“induction.  Midnight in the common room.” 

“What is it this year?” asked Lily anciously. 

“Dunno” said Hugo “But according to Dan it’s brilliant” and he walked off to speak to his roomates. 

“What was that about?” asked Adine.  She was very puzzled by the perplexing conversation. 

“Every year, the fifth, sixth, and seventh years in every house throw a huge party for the other houses to come to.  No body under fifth year of course, but the other houses don’t know the date, time, or place of the party until that morning.  But the fifth year’s aren’t allowed to take part until they’re inducted into the group.  It usually happens within the first week of school, so they know it’s coming, they just don’t know when it is…or what it is” Lily explained with a mischievous grin on her face.  “now that I think about it Adi, you’re a new student here.  You’ll probably have to be inducted too.”

                “Here we are” said Rose as she hoisted her trunk onto her bed and began to unpack.  Adi looked around the dorm room and picked out the empty bed instantly.  It was the only one that looked as if it hadn’t been slept in for several years.  It was right next to the window, and Adi could lie on her bed in her favorite position and look out the window at the moon without any trouble.  She wondered why it had been empty for so long.  Probably just because everyone was so used to their own beds.  One by one, the girls put out the lamps on their night stand and closed the curtains around their beds.  Adine was the last to do so.  And after she heard snoring coming from a few of the beds, she still couldn’t fall asleep.  She missed New York.  Her dorm room there had been a cave under Time’s Square.  She could always hear the muggles driving around above her, and the silence was somewhat unnerving.  When the clock on the wall above her roommate’s bed struck midnight, she could hear Lily and Rose waking everyone up and creeping downstairs.  Nobody came to Adi’s bed to wake her.  Perhaps Lily had been right, and Adi did have to be inducted.  She was a new student after all.  But whatever the reason for her being left behind, she knew one thing for sure.  The induction was about to begin.


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The Flower: Chapter 2


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