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Salt Rocks by javct
Chapter 12 : Wedding Mistakes
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Hermione stood outside the burrow, staring at the dead grass beneath her feet. In the distance, Hermione could hear Mrs. Weasley yelling at someone.


Probably George trying out his new invention Hermione thought smugly before trudging inside.

“Hermione my dear! It’s lovely to see you again,” Mr. Weasley exclaimed when he saw Hermione enter through the kitchen. She was surprised that the Weasley’s were still civil to her after she broke their son’s heart by kissing him and leaving him without even a letter. Mr. Weasley stumbled around their kitchen table and gave Hermione a hug.

“It’s a pleasure to see you too Mr. Weasley. I got a letter from Lavender saying that it was an emergency,” Hermione explained. Mr. Weasley nodded slowly and pointed up the stairs.


“She’s on the second level, third door to the right.” Hermione said thank you to Mr. Weasley and began the steep climb to the second level. She left very nostalgic walking up the familiar creaking wooden steps; she passed the first landing where Ginny’s room was and the window sill that Hermione used to sit down and read a book when she couldn’t sleep. Hermione smiled as the paintings on the wall waved and pointed at her, she waved back and smiled. 

She had missed magic.

Finally, she reached the second landing and walked over to the right. Through the third door she heard Lavender yelling.


God help me Hermione sent up a silent prayer and knocked on the door three times. It seemed like ages before Lavender flung the door open wearing nothing but a corset.


“Hermione!” Lavender practically screamed, pulling Hermione inside and locking the door behind her. Looking around the room, Hermione realized that she was in Ron’s old room. It looked nothing she used to remember it, quidditch posters used to hang on the walls now everything was a sickly pink and on the vanity, Ron used to have his collection of photos and miniature figurines, and now there was an array of make-up that ranged from foundations to blush and from bright yellows to black-soot.


“Lavender what’s going on? You said it was an emergency,” Hermione asked. Out of the corner of her eye she spotted a wedding dress. It wasn’t your average dress, instead of it being the traditional white, it looked as though it had been dunked in a bucket of sickly pastel pink dye. Hermione visibly cringed as she saw the ruffles and folds in the wedding dress. It was one of the most horrible things she had ever seen.


“My maid of honour couldn’t make it to the wedding and now I don’t have a maid of honour.” Lavender wailed, her long fingernails clutched into Hermione’s shirt. Hermione pried Lavender off her and sat her down on the bed.


She really didn’t want to do this but Lavender had called her here so she obviously trusted her.


Or she had no one left to turn to Hermione thought, but dismissed it immediately.


“How can I help?” Hermione asked. Lavender jerked her head up and stared at Hermione.

“Willyoubemymaidofhonour?” Lavender sniffed.


“Could you say that a bit slower?” Hermione asked. Lavender had spoken so fast that she didn’t catch a single word of what Lavender had said.

“Will you be my Maid of Honour?” Lavender asked, pronouncing every syllable. Hermione was taken back, she hadn’t expected this. Lavender stared at Hermione, batting her eyelids furiously.


I am so gonna regret this Hermione thought, “Okay.” She said. She had never been anyone’s Maid of Honour before. Lavender let out a scream worthy of a battle cry and flung her arms around Hermione’s neck saying, ‘thank you’ repeatedly.


“So when’s the wedding?” Hermione asked.


“This afternoon, as the sun sets.” Lavender replied, a romantic look in her eyes.





By the time Hermione had got herself a cup of tea, Lavender’s room was full of chatty girls; all wearing a pink cocktail dress. Closing the door quietly she spun around and hit something hard; spilling tea all over the front of her top.

“Damn.” She swore. This was her favourite top and she probably wouldn’t be able to get the stains out.


“Oh my gosh Hermione I am so sorry! I didn’t see you there!” Hermione looked up and saw Ron looking down on her, concern covering his face, “Come up to my room, I’m sure you could borrow one of mum’s or Ginny’s tops.” Ron said. Without waiting for an answer he grabbed Hermione’s hand and pulled her up two more flights of stairs.

Once they were inside a spare room, Ron began to rummage through the draws until he came across a decent looking top and handed it to Hermione.


“Here you go. The bathroom’s in there,” Ron said, pointing to a small door in the corner. Hermione smiled graciously at Ron and ran into the bathroom. She peeled her tea-covered top off and stared at herself in the mirror. She wasn’t anything special. She wasn’t particularly skinny, last time she weighed herself she just a tad over the normal weight. Shaking her head, Hermione pulled the top over her head. The top, Hermione guessed, was Ginny’s because it didn’t fit properly.

Stepping outside the bathroom she saw Ron fumbling around with his bow tie. Chuckling to herself, she walked over to Ron.

“Here let me do it.” Hermione mummered, brushing Ron’s fingers away. Ron stared down at Hermione as she began to untangle the mess that Ron had caused, “So you’re getting married today.” Hermione stated, not looking up from her job at hand. Ron nodded solemnly.

“Oh cheer up will you! This is your wedding day and you look like your heading to a funeral!” Hermione exclaimed, hitting Ron on the shoulder, trying to make him feel better.

“But I’m marrying the wrong girl Hermione.” Hermione’s hands froze and she looked up at Ron, who was looking down on her with such kindness and love in his eyes.




“Hermione. Lavender means nothing to me. It’s you that I want to be marrying today, not her.” Ron admitted, taking Hermione’s hands and placing it in his own. Hermione maintained a calm look on her face, while inside, she was screaming, “I love you. I always have and I know you feel the same way to.”

“Ron-,” She protested but he put a finger to her lips to silence her.

“Don’t talk. Hermione Granger, I love you and I want to marry you. Not Lavender or any other girl. Only you,” Ron leant down and kissed Hermione square on the lips. She tried to fight against Ron but he held her hands to tightly. He went into deepen the kiss when the door flung open.


“Won-won! Look at my dress!” The shrill voice of Lavender filled the room. Ron and Hermione sprung apart and Ron practically threw Hermione across the room. A soft thud eoched throughout the silent room as Hermione hit the floor.


“WON-WON! WHAT WERE YOU DOING WITH HER!” Lavender screamed, fake tears springing to her eyes.


Oh God! It’s bridezilla! Hermione thought. All of the colour from Ron’s face drained quickly, making him look like a ghost.


“Lav-Lav don’t cry,” Ron said trying to console his fiance. Lavender looked up, her eyes all swollen and red and smiled.

“It’s okay Won-Won she probably forced herself upon you. I will still marry you for sure. How couldn’t I marry you? I love you,” At this point Lavender turned to Hermione, “hermione, the dress that you’re wearing is in the room.” Rubbing a bruise that had appeared on her elbow, Hermione hurried out of the room; feeling Ron’s gaze burn into her back. Tears sprung to Hermione’s eyes as she descended the flight of stairs. She flung the door open and climbed into the awful pink dress that Lavender had told her to wear.


“God, what am I doing?” Hermione asked herself, looking in the mirror. Brushing her tears away she began to brush her hair.


“Knock knock?” Hermione heard Harry’s comforting voice fill her ears. Looking over her shoulder she saw Harry enter the room looking smart in his black tuxedo.

“Best man?” Hermione guessed and Harry nodded proudly.


“Hermione, what in Merlin’s beard are you wearing?” Harry asked, approaching Hermione and the mirror. Hermione laughed.

“I know it’s awful! It was Lavender’s maid of honour’s dress but she couldn’t make it so she asked me to be the maid of honour replacement.” Hermione explained. Turning around Hermione pulled Harry into a hug. Harry didn’t ask any questions he just hugged Hermione back.

“You ready? The weddings about to start,” Harry said, opening the door for Hermione.





“I, Lavender Marilyn Brown take you, Ronald Billius Weasley to be my lawfully wedded husband in sickness and in health,” Lavender said, her voice wavering slightly. All of Lavender’s bridesmaids ‘awwed’ very dramatically when Lavender swore to marry Ron, Hermione guessed none of them knew what had happened in the house only a short half hour ago. Ron, who was suppose to be looking at his almost-wife, was staring directly at Hermione; not paying any attention to the ceremony.


“Ron.” Lavender hissed through her smile. Ron shook his head.

“I’m sorry what?” Laughter rippled throughout the congregation, “Oh, right,” He said once he remembered what he had to say. Clearing his throat he began.

“I, Ronald Billius Weasley, take you, Hermione Jean Granger, to be my lawfully wedded wife for better or for worse,” He swore, staring over Lavender’s shoulder, at her maid of honour. Gasps erupted through the wedding. Lavender’s face, which was once placid and beautiful was now contort with rage.


“RON!” She screamed, throwing her bouquet on the ground and stomping her feet, “YOU ARE SUPPOSE TO LOVE ME! NOT THAT FITHLY MUDBLOOD!” Hermione took a step back. Everyone in the congregation turned their heads and looked at Hermione, who felt like she was collapse.

“Hermione are you okay?” Ron asked, pushing Lavender aside and ran to Hermione; ready to catch if she fell.

“I should go.” Hermione whispered through her pale lips. Slipping her pink high heels off she ran down the aisle, tears falling freely down her cheeks. Hermione thought she heard someone follow but she couldn’t be sure because she didn’t look back over her shoulder.


“Hermione stop!” Hermione heard Draco’s voice. Stopping quickly, Hermione spun around and collapsed in Draco’s arms. Unconscious.




A.N: Quicker update this time!!! Ta-da! I hoped you liked this chapter :D

I have actually finished writing Salt Rocks, so sorry if it takes a while for it to get validated because i'm working on 3 other stories: 'Just Imagine', 'What We Had' and 'Thoughts of dark and dusty loveless eyes'

Anyway, read & review

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