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Innocent by scarlettandgold
Chapter 3 : The Unexpected Engagement
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 A/N: Here's the next chapter! This is where the story really takes off, so I hope you do enjoy it! 


Here I was, two days later, sitting in the living room of the Malfoy Manor. I had spent hours just convincing myself that this was the correct course of action. I mean it was either telling them, which my mother would force me to do anyways, or running away to Australia with my baby. Actually, I had come this close to choosing the latter.


This morning, I had basically run in circles in my room for 2 hours trying to find something seemingly decent to wear. Something that didn’t scream, ‘Hello! My name is Astoria Greengrass, I’m a whore and am currently knocked up with your son’s child!’ This was actually much harder than you’d think. Everything in my closet was either faded, too short, too tight, or just plain ugly. In the end, Daphne had lent me a simple blue dress of hers, one without a low neckline or high hem. I hadn’t actually realized how inappropriate my clothes were until now, to be honest. 


In the past two days, I had come up with at least 18 different scenarios of how the confrontation would go down. 

A)Draco would come out and admit that he was indeed madly in love and had been for years but was too afraid to come out with it. We would get married and live happily ever after in a nice house by the seaside and my life would be just as I had always dreamed. Hah. Yeah, right, who was I kidding. That kind of stuff was too good even for movies. 

B)I would get kicked out upon mentioning the fact that I was pregnant with Draco’s baby and live a sad, pitiful life of social isolation. My baby would grow up never knowing true love because I would be working all the time and I would never again experience the touch of a grown man. 

C) Actually, the rest of my ideas were pretty much the same as the last scenario, except the last part. In some of them, my child grew up to be a normal and competent human being and who led a normal life. Ha ha ha. This was basically even more unlikely than option one. My child had me as his or her mother after all. 


So again, here I was, sitting in the Malfoy Manor, with a cup of tea set down before me. So far, it had just been small talk. Mum and Narcissa  were discussing something or the other for Daphne’s wedding. (Really, did she talk about anything else?) Dad and Lucius were debating about some new policy the Minister had just implemented. 


You see, the Malfoy and the Greengrass families had at one point been close friends. Shocking, isn’t it? Before the whole Second Wizarding War had taken place, we would regularly pay visits to the Malfoy Manor, and vice versa. That’s how I had met Draco in the first place. We would come to visit and of course, us kids would be shoved into a room to “play” while the adults discussed whatever the hell it was that adults discussed. Of course, it would end up being the kid Draco and my sister playing some board game while I was cast aside as ‘too little’ and would watch on longingly. 


I don’t know when exactly it was that I’d developed this massive crush, if that’s what you wanted to call it, on him. But then again, who could resist that know-it-all smirk of his, his tall, lean body, beautiful gray eyes. 


But back to the friendship part. After WW2, the Malfoys changed. They didn’t come over to our house anymore, nor did they associate with anyone at all. We had drifted apart... And that brings us to the little predicament we were in now...  


My stomach was aching in anticipation as we awaited Draco’s return. I sort of felt bad for him, actually. He would come back and then BAM, you’re having a baby! Congratulations! 


Yeah, right. 


“There you are, Draco!” My stomach lurched at Narcissa’s words. There he was. I could barely breathe. He looked so insanely perfect, standing there with his blonde hair slightly messy, wearing a dark green button down shirt and slacks. 


He walked over and pecked his mum on the cheek and then did the same to my mum. “Daphne, Astoria,” he acknowledged us curtly. Poor thing really had no idea what he was in for. He thought we were simply here to invite them to Daphne’s wedding. This was not going to end well.... 


After 2 or 3 minutes more of mindless banter, my mother cleared her throat. Oh dear God, I was going to melt right here. I could not believe I was actually about to do this. I hadn’t even considered what I was going to say, that’s how much I was dreading this. I could see my imaginary relationship with Draco flying out the window. I was going to die a spinster. 


“Actually, Lucius, Cissy, there is another reason we paid a visit today...” my mother turned and looked at me expectantly. Here goes.... 


“Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy, Draco,” I turned and looked at them all in turn, “I’m really sorry...” I trailed off and basically repeated what I had told my parents. Narcissa just nodded at the end of my lead up and Draco and Lucius looked on with the same, stone faced expression. 


I took one last deep breath and blinked hard. I was not going to cry. “I’m... pregnant. With Draco’s baby,” I said finally. That was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. Ever. 


No one spoke for a second. Or maybe it was a minute. Who knew, it was painful all the same. 


Finally, Draco spoke up. “Wha... what? That’s not even possible,” he said finally, shaking his head. Of course, of course he didn’t remember. 


I braced myself, “Draco... it was one night... about two months ago. You were drunk..” I said slowly, “But I promise you, the baby is yours. I’ll even get one of those tests if you’d like, but I swear this baby is yours.” By this time there were tears rolling down my face. Curse these bloody hormones. 


I wasn’t even looking at Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy’s reactions, I was only looking at him. And I knew, I knew that as much as he didn’t want to believe me, deep down inside he knew I was right. And this was confirmed when he promptly jammed his fist into the bookshelf. Was it horrible that I found this incredibly hot? Focus, Tor, focus! 


“Fuck,” he said, his eyes hard and... angry? It was impossible to read him and he was oh so very eloquent. Our baby was doomed, I decided. 


I slowly looked over to the other Malfoys. Narcissa’s eyes were wide in shock as she looked from me to her son to my mother for confirmation. Lucius sat absolutely still, not saying a word. Why didn’t these bloody Malfoy men speak? 


“I’m sorry...” I repeated meekly, for lack of anything better to say. 


Mrs. Malfoy shook her head. “This isn’t all your fault, Astoria,” I was taken aback by her kindness. “Draco, how could you have been so stupid? I always knew you did foolish things, but this foolish?” her eyes were cold and hard as she glared at her son. 


Technically, it was me who had seduced him, but I wasn’t about to mention that now. I looked back at Draco, who seemed to be at a loss for words. I didn’t blame him. He simply shook his head, his hands still shaking out of anger. 


Finally, my mother decided it was time to speak up. About time. “Ciss, Lucius, I know this is incredibly devastating, but please hear us out. We don’t expect Draco or the Malfoy family to have anything to do with this baby. But at the end of the day, this baby is just as much Draco’s as it is Astoria’s, and they both deserve a say in where to go from here,” my mother paused.  Narcissa nodded, slowly. “If you want to pretend this didn’t happen, just say so. Astoria won’t tell anyone who the baby’s father is. Draco can move on with his life...” my mother continued. 


“No,” Lucius spoke. Finally, the man speaks! He had all the cold hardness of the Death Eater he once was. Just the simple one word he said sent shivers down my spine. “Draco impregnated the girl, he will do what is in his duty now. He will marry her.”


Wait, what? 


“F....father?” Draco said slowly, looking at Lucius in disbelief. I’m pretty sure I looked like some kind of guppy fish right now, with my mouth opening and closing repeatedly. I wanted to say something but I had no idea what to say, this idea was that crazy. Well obviously I had dreamt of this hundreds, maybe even thousands of times.. But seriously? Wasn’t this a little ridiculous?


“Draco, it’s time you start taking responsibility for your actions. You’re not a small child anymore that can prance around and do whatever it is that pleases you. You slept with the girl, you managed to get her pregnant, now you must do what you can to uphold not only your reputation, but those of both our families,” he spat. Woah. He was intense. And I thought my father giving me a little silent treatment was bad. 


I looked over to my mother. Her face was solemn and she seemed to be deep in thought. I knew what she was thinking inside. She was elated. Both her daughters married off so soon? Her every dream was coming true. Narcissa simply nodded in agreement with her husband. I looked back at Draco, who had his head cradled in his hands. 


“Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy... with all due respect, would it be possible for me to have a word with Draco, alone? Would that be alright?” I was quivering as I said this. I had never noticed how truly shit-scary Draco’s father was until now. He nodded curtly at me. 


“Draco, you may go with her to the next room,” he said. 


“Look....” I started as soon as the door was closed behind Draco. Why did I have to be pregnant with his child, of all people? He was so fucking attractive it took all my strength not to notice the muscles bulging through his shirt, the fine lines of his face, the perfect smoothness of his voice.... 


“What? What could you possibly have to say?” he spat at me. 


I shook my head. “I’m so sorry Draco. I didn’t mean for it to turn out like this. I just..... I didn’t want to tell your parents, and I had no idea your father was going to react like that. I mean, my plan was sort of to move somewhere far away and raise this kid on my own. That can still be the case, if you want, I mean we can pretend none of this happened. I won’t tell anyone, I prom-”


“Astoria,” he cut me off sharply. For the first time all day, he made direct eye contact with me. How pathetic was it that my heart sped up another ten fold just by that look? I was beyond screwed. “This... kid... growing inside of you is mine too. I may not remember it, but it happened. My father’s right. I’ve done too much shit in my life that I’ve gotten away with when I shouldn’t have. All my life, I’ve been one major screw up. It’s time I start making my own problems right and not counting on others to take the blame for me.” 


I was taken aback by his words. From afar, he had always seem so calm and collected. His ego rivaled that of the Minister, for Heaven’s sake. Here he was, telling me his life had been a screw up? 


“But, I mean, this isn’t the only way to take responsibility. You don’t have to marry me....” my voice trailed off. 


“I’m not going to let my child grow up an outcast,” he said finally. Oh. That was the reason. Of course. He wasn’t going to let our child be the gossip of the Wizarding world and he wasn’t about to let his child be brought up by a single parent, and that too a single parent like me. One that forgot to eat her own meals half the time, forget feeding a child.


“We’re going to go through with this,” he said finally, his face expressionless. 


Basically, I’m beyond screwed.  


A/N: Dun dun dun! Poor Tor! I hope you enjoyed this chapter! And, as always, if you have a spare minute, please leave me a little review (: Thanks for reading! 

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