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It Was Supposed to Be... by Sairahi
Chapter 5 : I wish it wasn't like this.
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            A heavily lidded women; sat on the bench on the wooden boardwalk watching the wave’s crash on against the sandy beach looking as if she was waiting for someone. The wind blew right through her, even though she had a jacket and long pants on. She started to bite her nails in anticipation for who she was waiting for. She finally heard the pop she was waiting for, making her looked left. She got up from her seat and started to walk over to a man in a long black jacket and black slicked hair; the same man with the emerald glowing eyes.


“I told you not to come here,” he said with a sneer looking her up and down.


“No, I told you not to come here. You’re not supposed to be here.” She began to weep and fell into his arms. He let her embrace him and he whispered softly in her ear.


 “It’s going to be alright. Calm down. It’ll soon be over and all will be well again.”  He looked her directly in her eyes while pulling back slightly, still holding her in his arms.


“I saw him tonight; I saw Draco… I do have to admit I might of panicked a little.” He admitted.


“What? Why would you have panicked?”


“Don’t know it was just unexpected. I high tailed it out of there when he saw me. What do you think I did?”  Obvious frustrated he let her go. “I wasn’t going to let him ruin anything. Right after I left he went straight for that girl.” 


“What girl?” She took a deep breath. Hoping she didn’t know who already.


“You know who I mean; the one who you’re here for.” He raised an eye brow not in the mood to play her games.


“Do you think she knows? Do you think he knows? The blonde women exclaimed “How could this have happened?” She sat down, hung her head in her hands and began to weep a little. All he could do was sit next to her and pat her back and said.


“I don’t know, I don’t know?” As he shook his head back and forth and looked up to the sky. The next moment later they both aparated away leaving was an empty boardwalk.




            The night sky was clear and full of stars as Ron walked the long narrow streets of London. He popped his collar up as a group of rowdy pub goers passed him by. He dipped into a dark alley into an equally dark doorway. A huge burly man with a shaved tattooed head met him through the doorway  and was standing in front of a second door. Ron took a deep breath,


“Is the Man here?” he tried his best to not let his voice crack.


“Who wants to know?” the burly man answered with more of a grunt then tone of voice.


 “He’s expecting me.” Ron stammered and held up a green manilla envelope.


            The burly man shot a silver patronis in the shape of a bulldog through the locked door and within moments Ron could hear the clicks of many locks along the door clicking opening. Ron went into that door, down a flight of steps into a long shady hallway, around a corner into a big room with red walls. The room was a spacious with high black cross beams lining the ceiling, and a black bar wrapping around the opposite corner of the room. A band of instruments were magically playing a familiar song that he couldn’t quite place. Scantily dressed women were hanging around men in suits and robes playing cards that were floating in front of their faces.


            One table to his left, there was a heated discussion going on. When Ron looked over to them he saw one of the men flip over the table, pulled out his wand and placed it at the neck of a shorter wizard who apparently had been discovered to be cheating. Ron walked pass them hoping that they didn’t see him watching as he pulled back a black curtain and went into the back room. He found a group of well-dressed men sitting around a green felt card table playing wizard poker. The men’s cards hung in front of their faces, while the men in the pictures in the cards whispered to each other and ran from card to card trying to figure out what the other men’s hands were holding and what they were going to put down as their bets.


            The game came to a halt, when the man in the middle saw Ron standing there. He had long black hair that went pass his shoulders shaded by well-trimmed facial hair. He was wearing a high collared white starched shirt with red jeweled buttons that ran down to matching his crimson velvet smoking jacket.


“Ron, my boy,” The man took the cigarette out of his mouth and snuffed it out. He stood up with arms opened.


“What can we do for you my boy on this wonderful night?”


“Don’t know what’s so wonderful about tonight.” Ron answered with his head down looking to his shoes while dropping the envelope on the table avoiding any eye contact.     


             Moments like this he felt insecure that his shoes were scuffed and the hem of his pant were fraying. The men at the table turned to look at him. Ron had seen these faces before all Ex Deatheaters “reformed” as there were known now to the ministry, but he knew otherwise. There may not be a Voldemort anymore, but he knew that they weren’t the good guys and were still dangerous dark wizards. He fought a few of them personally in the war and some of them were responsible for some of his friend’s deaths; not to mention his brother’s, but at this moment he couldn’t do anything about any of that. He knew he was indebted to them and now worked for them.




“How is that wife of yours?” One of the men asked as he stood up, snickering and flatting some wrinkles on his shirt while standing up from the table. Ron knew this man from before the war. The man was Antonin Dolohov  and was at the Battle of the Department of Mysteries; during which he severely injured Hermione and was only barely prevented from killing her.




The man with the long hair shot him a look that said be quiet or else.


“We’ll have none of that.” He walked over to Ron putting an arm around his shoulders. “And, how are our dear friends at the ministry tonight?”




 “The same; the plan is going just as we thought.” Looking down again at the state of his hems.




“Good; I knew I could count on you Ron. So, what you’re telling me that the docks will be free; no extra guards, no extra protection enchantments?”




 “It’s all good and set for the day after tomorrow.” Ron could not believe that he was having this conversation.




            A large smile came across the man’s face while he nodded to the other men that were still sitting around the green felt table. Ron turned around and started to make his way to the door. When he heard the man speak behind him,




“How’s my goddaughter? Not giving you too much trouble, I hope.”




            Ron froze at these words. He knew who he meant, but how did he know? He turned around red in the face, unable to speak. He tried, but no words came out of his mouth. The man in the crimson jacket just smiled, gestured him to leave, and started laughing.




            The chilling laugh went right through him making his stomach drop; he felt like he was going to vomit and rushed out of the room down the hallway up the stairs. He didn’t stop till he felt the cold night air on his face. By, this time it was pretty late and no one was on the streets; he was glad to be alone. He felt like he didn’t deserve the company of decent human beings. He walked till his feet hurt, after a while he found a bench that looked over the river Themes and just sat there. He couldn’t go home and it was too early to go to his office. So, he just sat there hanging his head in his hands wondering how he got here.




            Ron remembered when he felt like a hero after the war. He remembered how Hermione use to look at him, how he use to hold her in his arms when she had nightmares. How he was the one that made her feel better and now he felt like garbage. How now he has put his whole life in the gutter. How the life that he built is now on the brink of shit because; he took that job, took the money and slept with Sari. How he fell for her temptations. How good it felt to feel for the first time that he was enough and worthy of someone’s love and attention; he only took the job from Randolphus Le Strange for Hermione. To give her the life he thought she deserved and now only to have ruined it before having a chance to give it her. 



A/N; Hiya's. I hope you liked my fic so far. I hope I have found most of the errors. As I said this is my first story that I have written, so be kind. Let me know if I missed anything or drop me line telling me what you think. Thank you, thank you!

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