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For The First Time by weasleytwins123
Chapter 1 : September 1st, 2015
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The platform was busy as my mother and I were directed through the crowds by my mother's assistant, Bertha. I'd never liked Bertha, from the moment we'd met she'd made it perfectly clear she didn't like me, although I don't think she liked children in general.

"It's Eveline Warbeck" the whispers were instanteanous as my mother stepped onto the platform and I stood away from her slightly as the fans closed in.

 "Ms Warbeck! Could I have an autograph? I'm your biggest fan!" a girl gushed as she handed my mother a piece of parchment, fixing her Hogwarts robes self-importantly. I rolled my eyes, this fan got no points for originality, my mother must have thousands of 'her biggest fans'.

"What's your name sweetheart?" my mother asked (exactly the same, each time) as she pulled out her feathered quill from her robes. I had never understood how it sat comfortably inside her tight fitting outfits, it was as big as the bird it's feather originated from but I'd never asked. My mother found questions like that unnecessary.

"Belinda, Belinda Matthews" she hopped up and down on the  spot excitedly and I held back a giggle. "Is this your daughter Ms Warbeck?" Belinda glanced over at me.

"Yes, this is Anneliese" my mother stroked the back of my head. "She's starting Hogwarts today."

I shot Belinda a smug smile as she swilftly looked me over, taking in my well-made clothes, and my long hair that reached my ribs, tied back in a simple french plait.

"I'm Head Girl this year" she flashed her badge at my mother haughtily. "I would be honoured to look out for Anneliese this year."

"Oh that's very nice of you Belinda" she handed back the signed parchment. "Lovely to meet you."

Belinda smiled sickeningly and from that expression I guessed she was a Ravenclaw. I had heard from my father that they were usually the stuck-up ones.She also had a blue and silver tie on, which was a pretty good clue as well.

"Ms Warbeck, we're on a tight schedule" Bertha tutted as she flipped through my mother's magical appointments book.

"Yes, yes, of course. Bertha could you see Anneliese's trunk onto the train whilst I say goodbye please?"

Bertha nodded as her lips pulled into a tight line. She stalked off, leaving my mother and I for some peace and quiet (whilst being watched by my mother's avid fans).

"I'll miss you sweetheart" my mother pulled me in for a long hug and kissed my forehead. "My beautiful girl."

"I'll miss you too Mummy" I snuggled deeper into her embrace. I was scared out of my wits about attending Hogwarts, where my mother would no longer be there to protect me. I was expecting some attention, after all I was the daughter of Eveline Warbeck, a loved singer, and of Aidan Lynch Jr, the international Quidditch star.

"Be good, sweetheart, any misbehaviour won't be good for my image!" she instructed as she pulled away, resting her hands on my shoulders.

"Will I be seeing you at Christmas, Mummy?"

"Oh, no, I'm sorry sweetheart, I'll be touring. But your father will be home" she smiled, kissing both my cheeks and straightening my hair for me.

"Well, off you go sweetie. Be good."

She sent me off on my way to the scarlet train before I stepped back quickly and shouted,

"Can I write?"

"Of course you can! I know your father would be desperate to find out which house you've been placed in" she reassured me as the scarlet train whistled loudly.

In a panic, I leapt onto the train before the doors closed themselves. I followed the other students' examples, leaning out of the train to wave goodbye to their parents, to find that my mother wasalready being usherd off the platform by Bertha. I knew she didn't have much interest in me attending Hogwarts, she'd wanted me to attend Beauxbatons like she had, but I'd thought she'd at least stay to wave me offf.

"Anneliese" I spun around as a finger jabbed my shoulder. It was the Belinda girl. "This is Alice Duke" she pointed a small blonde girl with pigtails beside her. "Her grandfather was the lead guitarist from the Weird Sisters."

I nodded, unsure what Belinda wanted. I glanced at the blonde girl, Alice Duke, who smiled at me nervously. I smiled back.

"Well, you two go find a carriage. I'm sure you'll be friends. Don't forget to mention me to your mother now Anneliese" she reminded me firmly before striding off down the train. I definatly did not like Belinda Matthews.

"Hi" Alice said nervously. "You don't have to be my friend if you don't want to be."

I shook my head at her. "I don't mind at all. I don't know anyone at Hogwarts."

"I know a few family friends... but they're all boys" she pulled a face. "Shall we go find a compartment then?"

I nodded and allowed Alice to slip her hand through the crook of my arm, leading me down the train. She peered in each compartment as she passed, and soon I was daydreaming, bored of the compartment searching.

"Here's one" she smiled triumphantly, sliding open the door and pulling me in.

"Hey Alice!" a short blonde boy with chubby cheeks greeted my new friend by pulling on one of her pigtails.

"Get off Andrew!" she squealed, sitting down beside him and pulling me with her. "This is Andrew Harper" she introduced me to the blonde boy with floppy hair. He smiled at me, holding out his hand.

"I'm Anneliese" I said shyly, shaking his hand. He leant towards me and pulled on my plait as I gasped in fright.

"Andrew!" Alice snapped, smacking his hand away. "Sorry Anneliese, he's just a stupid boy."

I nodded, as if  I agreed with her, but being the sort of child that had spent most of her childhood touring with her mother, meeting adults rather than children, I didn't actually know what boys were like.

"Is your mother Eveline Warbeck?" a dark haired girl asked from opposite me. She was quite intimidating, her stance relaxed and her confidence evident, her blue eyes shining as she studied me.

"Yes" I managed to squeak out.

"Thought so" she smiled at me. "My mother went mad when she spotted her, she loves your mothers voice."

"Does that mean your dad's Aidan Lynch Jr?!" a raven haired boy spoke up from beside the window, where he'd previously been playing Exploding Snap with a dark-skinned boy.

"Yes, do you like Quidditch?"

"Like Quidditch?! Of course I do! Blimey, he must be so cool to have as a Dad!" he bounded over to squeeze next to the girl opposite me, who frowned at him.

"I'm James Potter" he grinned, holding out a grubby hand.

"Well, your Dad must be quite quite cool too. Seeing as he's Harry Potter" the girl with the dark hair rolled her eyes.

James smirked. "He's not as cool as you think. He's just normal really, it's not like he can defeat Dark Wizards everyday or anything."

The girl beside him snorted, glaring at him as if he was an idiot. "Surely he does defeat Dark Wizards every day though, seeing as he's an Auror."

James simply stuck his tounge out at the girl as she smirked, it was clear she felt she was the superior first year in the compartment. "Who're you anyway?" he asked in a rude tone.

"Beatrice Delaney" she tucked a small strand of her dark hair behind her ear. "But I only respond to Bea."

"Do you shorten your name?" James switched his attention to me. "Because Anneliese is quite a mouthfull."

"Uh...  I don't mind. You can make one up if you like" I shrugged.

"How about... Anne?" I shook my head. "Maybe Annie?"

"I like that one" Alice spoke up.

"How about El?" Andrew suggested.

"Or Lise" James grinned.

"Or AW, like your initials" the dark skinned boy piped up. "I'm Fred Weasley by the way, James' cousin" he grinned.

"Actually, I prefer to go by my father's surname. I'm Anneliese Lynch."

"Well, AL then?"

"What do you like?" James asked me. I thought for a moment, glancing over at each of my new friend's faces and grinned.

"I like Lise and El, and AL's not bad" I caught Alice's pleading expression and hastily added, "I like Annie too."

They all smiled, I'd pleased all of them by choosing their nicknames.

"So" James moved to sit next to me, turning towards me with a grin. "What house are you going to be in? Fred and I are going to be in Gryffindor like our parents."

The other's all made noises of agreement and I blushed a bit.

"I don't know really. But Gryffindor sounds alright."

I'd said the right thing, as the others cheered and James slung an arm behind me, resting his feet on a disgruntled Bea's lap.

"I think we'll be good friends Lise" he told me. I nodded and smiled, fiddling with my plait... I'd thought that too.

16/07/12 - So I've done a bit of editing to clear up the many mistakes I've made, I was just re-reading this fic and it reminded me of how much I actually loved it, so I thought I'd at least make it perfect :)

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