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And Mayhem Ensues by starryskies55
Chapter 3 : The Perils of School: Homework
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A/N: edited 19/03/12

Hey, just a silly little filler chapter so Eva can get her bearings and shizz, I know its not great, but could you still leave a review so I get some feedback? Especially grammar and spelling, I'm a total maniac when it comes to that kind of thing. It should be correct. :) Thanks so much!!


Lily carried on with her power-walk all the way to the Gryffindor Common Room, dragging me along. The boys followed about fifty paces behind, led by a very determined James and a disapproving Remus bringing up the rear. But Lily was quite a good tour guide, if a bit breathless. She pointed out the trick stairs and which portraits would be rude, who the ghosts were and finally introduced the Fat Lady, who looked resplendent in a pink ball gown.

I waved. “Hi!”

She waved a pudgy painted hand back, a slightly worried expression on her face- probably from my combination of enthusiasm and bloody clothes. “Password?” she enquired, in a very upper-class, snooty sort of voice.

Mooncalf,” Lily said. “And the Marauders are behind me, would you mind not letting them in?” she added.

The Fat Lady smirked. “Oh,” she said, her portrait swinging open, “You know what, Miss Evans? I think the password has just changed!”

Lily led me through the portrait hole, and through the Common Room. It was a warm and sunny Sunday, and there were hardly any students inside. The room was large and circular, filled with squashy armchairs and long, low sofas. An elegant fireplace took up a large space, and two doors led up to the dormitories. Lily took me through the right hand one, and we climbed a steep spiral staircase, our feet echoing on the stone.

“Marauders?” I asked.

Lily rolled her eyes. “Potter, Sirius, Remus and Peter. They are so badass, hardcore and generally awesome, they have to have a name for themselves."

I noted the unfriendly use of James’ surname- and of course the excessive sarcasm.

“You are sixth-year, right?” she asked.

I had to take a second to work it out. “Ye-ah?”

“You’ll be my dorm and lessons then,” she said, pushing a thick wooden door open. It was a large circular room with five four-poster beds. The one in the middle had my old battered trunk set at the foot. I immediately pulled out some comfortable –and clean- Muggle clothes to change into. “They’ve enlarged the room,” Lily noted. “We used to only have four beds. So how come you’ve arrived late?”

I blinked hard. Driving away the tears which threatened to spill onto my cheeks. “My stepfather wanted me to come, but we only decided last minute.” My voice stayed level, and I was proud. Tearing up at the first mention of home- how was I going to get through the year? I shut my eyes and forced myself to listen to Lily, and not the memories of my mother arguing with Paul.

“How come you are already Sorted?”

“I was here for a few months of the first year,” I said, pulling my hair into a ponytail. So actually, the room had been shrunk from five beds to four when I left. “I don’t remember much though- it was a long time ago.”

Lie, lie, lie.

She grinned and we went back down. She introduced me to a couple of other Gryffindors, who were doing homework or just lounging in the chairs. She made space for us at a table and I watched as she did a Defence Against the Dark Arts essay. She talked as she scribbled, about life at Hogwarts, her friends, the one way conversation filled with proper nouns I didn’t recognise and didn’t particularly care about. I nodded and made the right sounds and corrected her work when she got counter-attack spells wrong. I pride myself at having some area of expertise in defence. Just as I was about to nod off- the common room was hot and I was drowsy from the night’s events- she finally rolled up her parchment and checked her watch.

“Just in time for lunch,” she said. I waited, perched on the edge of a sofa as she ditched her school stuff in her- now our- room and we left the common room together. Left outside and looking even more thoroughly bored than I was watching Lily work, were the ‘Marauders’. James and Sirius were levitating chips of stone at each other, Remus was sitting with his back to the wall sketching in a slim book and Peter seemed to have fallen asleep- at any rate, he was drooling.

They leaped to their feet as we scrambled through the hole, and Remus elbowed James.

“Ow! Evans... and Eva,” he added. “We’re sorry-”

Sirius elbowed him. “Alright! I’m sorry for being a prat and could you please ask the Fat Lady to let us back in the common room please?”

Lily scowled at them, but nodded. “Fine.” She turned back to the portrait. “And thank-”

“No problem dear!” trilled the Fat Lady. “Those dolts deserve to be taught a lesson.”

Lily walked slower this time, thank Merlin, and the six of us went down to lunch together. I’d seen the Great Hall a couple of times a few years ago, but it was still as majestic and beautiful as I remembered. The sky ceiling was black and stormy, rain lashing down, but never reaching the layer of candles which lit the gloomy Hall. I went to follow Lily to where some other girls were sitting half way down the Gryffindor table, but James grabbed the end of my ponytail, and pulled me back to the end of the table. I tugged it out of his grasp and slid over the bench to see Sirius refusing to let go of Lily’s hair. I watched her struggle for a bit before throwing a boiled potato at Sirius’ face. The shock made him let go, and Lily smiled gratefully at me; which swiftly turned into a grimace as James sat next to her.

“So,” said Sirius (sibilance, ha-ha) around a mouthful of pie. “What do you want to do this afternoon?”

I wondered if their plans included the new girl. They probably didn’t want me hanging around with them too much. I had proved to be a bit of handful already.

“Eva?” asked Remus. “What do you want to do?”

My mouth fell open, revealing half-chewed broccoli (I freaking love the stuff). I shut it quickly, and gave a non-committal shrug. They were just being kind.

James nudged Lily, who elbowed him sharply back. He was going to be black and blue soon. “Anything you want to do Evans?”

She ignored him, and spoke to us. “I was going to show Eva around, and then do some more homework in the library.”

Oh for the love of Merlin’s most baggy underpants! More homework? It was a Sunday! Sundays are for relaxing on the beach or playing tennis or cooking insane amounts of high-calorie food. Or all three. Not homework.

“Is it the homework for Professor Sharpe?” Remus asked.

“No,” Lily said- and I tuned out the homework related chat and dug into my pasta. I could at least check off the food- damn these house-elves could cook!

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And Mayhem Ensues: The Perils of School: Homework


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