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I am Angelina. by KiraHarriet
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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Angelina opened her eyes one summer’s morning and looked around her room. Her curtains were slightly opened, allowing a slither of sunlight to brighten the small box room. The light reached across the ceiling where it bounced on a mirror of a dressing table on the other side of the room, giving the impression that all of the rooms lights were on. The door was slightly ajar, and almost as if on cue, a small Jack Russell bounded into the room, jumping onto Angelina and started licking her face, its forked tail wagging with excitement. If Angelina wasn’t awake, she certainly was now.

‘Spork, get down you stupid crup.’ Spork had been well-named by Angelina’s brother Ramon when she was five. He said its name was Spork and before they could change it, that's all he would answer too.

Angelina shoved the dog-like creature called Spork off the bed and rolled out of it herself, landing on her spinning top that hadn’t stopped spinning since she got it last summer, at the sound of her loud shrieks, a line of stuffed animals that were lined up on a shelf above her bed leapt from their places and started chasing each other around the room. The Quidditch poster’s around her room rolled their eyes and laughed at Angelina as she darted around her room trying to capture all of her animals.

Once she had sorted her room out, she crossed the mess of toys and dolls suitable for an eleven year old girl, and opened her wardrobe. After rummaging through masses of pink, purple, blue, green and orange robes, she pulled out a pair of jeans and a blue flowery top and held them up against the mirror that was stuck to the inside of the wardrobe door. Writing appeared at the top of the mirror: ‘You’re getting too tall, the jeans are too small. But the blue is like ice, you’re going to look cool.’ Angelina laughed at the silly charm her fashion conscious mother put on her mirror a few years ago, and put the clothes on anyway. She looked back at the mirror, and put her already braided hair into a ponytail on the back of her head, and headed downstairs to the smell of bacon.

As she walked into the kitchen she was welcomed by her father, who was waving his wand at last nights’ dishes, whistling as he went. He nodded at Angelina and gave her a smile without breaking his whistling. She laughed to herself as she went and sat down at the table.

'Bacon Miss?’ Pokey the Johnson’s family house elf had appeared at her side with a frying pan in her hand. Angelina smiled and nodded. She had always liked Pokey, most house elf’s were horrible and dirty, but Angelina’s mother had permitted Pokey to use the sewing kit whenever she had the time, to update her rag. Although, it had been updated so much, there was probably hardly any of the original rag left. The rag really did just look like a dress, except it was blue on the back and pink at the front, and it was longer one side with a load of lace dripping from it, whereas the other side was short and was covered in sequins.

The neckline had been roughly cut and had decorated with some of Madame Malkin’s ever changing beads. Angelina remembered when she was five years old, and she had accidently given Pokey one of her old dresses, but Pokey just took it and added some of the sequins to her own rag, and whenever the house elf caught Angelina looking at it, she would just wink and carry on with whatever she was doing. Angelina and her older brother Ramon came up with the conclusion that she must just like living with them, she got free food, some place to stay, she got to play with the kids when they were younger, and now, she gets to work for them.

As she was about to take a bit from her bacon sandwich, bright green flames burst from the fire place, and out popped a tall, dark, handsome young man in ministry robes.

‘Ramon!’ Angelina squealed and jumped down from the table so she could go and give her big brother a hug. ‘Woah there Angie, don’t crease up my robes, I ironed them myself.’ But he chuckled and pulled Angelina in closer.

‘Man I miss you girl. And you too pops’. Pokey, rack us up some bacon to go please, I'm running a little late.’ Angelina smiled at her brother and went to go and sit back down at the table, her father meanwhile, had stopped whistling and rounded on Ramon in a playful manner. ‘So, they got no stove in your new place?’ He put his hands on his hips and drew himself to his full height of six foot four.

‘Pops, you know I’m no good all them household spells,’ and he shuddered at the thought of them. ‘I only just learnt how to do the ironing one; I don’t have to go to work looking like some idiot that can’t iron.’ Ramon looked thoroughly proud of himself as he copied his father’s stance.

‘So? Cook with your hands!’ Their father exclaimed, and then he waved his hands about in front of his sons face. Ramon took a few steps back and looked on at his father in fake shock.

‘Cook? With my hands? I'm not some dang muggle.’ Angelina and Ramon laughed, and their father went back to doing the dishes, rolling his eyes and giggling. Ramon sat down in the chair next to Angelina and started on her next.

‘Speaking of muggles, got your letter yet?’ To anyone else this may be a weird question, but to Angelina it wasn’t. It was something that she had been thinking about since she finished muggle primary school, and if she didn’t get it soon, she might have to go to muggle secondary school.
Angelina shook her head and Ramon gave her a knowing smile. ‘Maybe they forgot about you then Angie, I mean what’s the day today, it’s the twelfth isn’t it? You’ve only got nineteen days! Maybe Hogwarts just doesnt want another Johnson.’ And he winked at her again so she knew that he was joking, but in truth, Angelina was worried about not going to Hogwarts. Her and her friend Alicia had been talking about it nonstop since they both found out that what each other’s parents were.

It was such a strange coincidence, they both attended the same muggle primary school and had been friends for years, but in the last year, each had been accidently letting things slip. So Angelina had been invited round Alicia’s house for tea, and it turned out that their parents even knew each other but never made the connection. In the end they had been ‘the two weirdo’s’ at school, they had stopped from seeing their other friends, as when they went to Hogwarts they wouldn’t see them anymore anyway. Angelina was starting to regret that now, she may need them.

‘Only joking Angie, but if you don’t get the letter, you can always come and help me file paperwork at the ministry. Where’s Mum then Pop’s?’ But before he could say anything a large Barn owl, Hercules, landed on the window sill outside, and was let in by Ramon. It swooped over Angelina and dropped a letter in her hands before swooping over to Angelina’s father and perching on his shoulder.

Angelina wasn’t allowed her own owl yet, when she went to Diagon alley to buy her school things, he parents were going to have a look at the owls and get her one, so that she could keep in touch when she went to Hogwarts.

‘Hogwarts letter?’ Angelina’s father looked over at her hopefully, she looked at the back of the letter, it had her name on it, but it was written in sky blue ink and did not bear the elegant handwriting of Albus Dumbledore, but the scruffy scrawl of Alicia Spinnet. She opened it none the less and read what her friend had to say:

Hey Ange!

Got my Hogwarts letter today, got the list of everything I need and my ticket and everything! My mum got really excited and said it brought back memories from when she got hers, but of course she is a muggle-born so she would have been more excited anyway. My dad just rolled his eyes at my mum and stuff. But it’s still cool right? Write back to tell me you have yours.

Love Alicia.

Angelina just shook her head at her dad and threw it on the table so that they could see. Ramon and his father leant in to read the letter, when another burst of bright green flames protruded from the fire place and out stepped a tall slender woman. She walked with such grace; she wore chocolate brown robes and cream travelling cloak, giving the impression of a chocolate bar. Her hair was jet-black with fly-away curls hanging loosely around her slender oval face. Even though this woman was beautiful, she looked angry and fierce and her eyes looked menacing.

'They want me to promote skin aging potions!’ She shrieked to the bewildered family.

'Morning mum...’ Ramon smirked at Angelina and looked at his watch that his family had bought for him for his seventeenth birthday. Exclaiming that he was late for work, he swooped down and gave Angelina a kiss on her cheek, gave his mother a hug, waved at his father and departed for the ministry.

‘Skin aging, can you believe it? I have been the face of Allure Ray Witch Products for twelve years! I've done photo shoots; magazine ad’s the lot...’ Angelina and her father looked at each other and rolled their eyes. Something like this always happens.

She goes away for a while, complains about her job, takes the job anyway, and get’s paid a dragon dung load of galleons for it, and the cycle starts again. ‘Am I really old enough to start doing anti aging products?’ she looked round at Angelina and her father. Angelina took a sip of her pumpkin juice so that she wouldn’t be made to answer. Her father gave her an exasperated look and began very slowly thinking and choosing his words carefully.

‘Well, like you said Kimberly, you have been there for twelve years already. They don’t mean to be mean I don’t think, I think they just want to use someone who has your maturity and experience to sell such a needed product.’ He looked at his wife hopefully that he didn’t say anything that would offend her. It seemed to work as her face softened and she helped herself to bacon from the plate Pokey was holding.

‘Enough about me, got your letter yet Angie?’ her mother sat down at the table opposite her. She perched her face in her hands and gave her dazzling smile that Angelina had seen only too many times on billboards and magazines.

‘No not yet, Alicia has hers already, I wonder why I don’t have mine.’ Angelina was more thinking aloud than talking to her mother, she stared out the window at the opposite end of the room and saw a black dot out in the sky.

Angelina and her parents all got up and looked on as the three owls grew ever larger and closer, until lined up outside the window. The first owl to swoop in was a pale barn owl, which swooped around Angelina and her father and dropped a small package onto the table, it was addressed to Kimberly Johnson, her mother. The next owl was a scruffy screech owl, it landed on the table and dropped a newspaper on the work surface next to Angelina’s father, who collected a Knut from his pocket, placed it in the small pouch on the owls leg before it took off again.
The last owl was a rather large one, its orange eyes were set on Angelina, who went over to it and took the letter from its leg. It was addressed to her. It was written in neat slanted handwriting, and it was written in bottle green ink. She tore it open with haste and read it with care:


Headmaster: Albus Dumbledore

(Order of Merlin, First class, Grand Sorc., Chf. Warlock, Supreme Mugwump, International Confed. of Wizards.)

Dear Ms Johnson,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been offered a place at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. There is an enclosed list of all necessary books and equipment.

Term begins on 1 September. We await your owl by no later than 31 July.

Yours Sincerely,

Minerva McGonagall

Deputy Headmistress.

Even thought the letter wasn’t very long, Angelina took a very long time in reading it, she wanted to make sure that she read it carefully enough. After she felt that she had read it fully, she pulled out the second piece of parchment from the envelope.



First year students will require:

1. Three sets of plain work robes. (Black)

2. One plain pointed hat for day wear. (Black)

3. One pair of protective gloves. (Dragon hide or similar.)

4. One winter cloak. (Black, silver fastenings.)

Please note that all pupils clothes should carry name tags.

Set books
All student should have a copy of each of the following:

1.Standard book of spells, (Grade 1) Miranda Goshawk

2.A History of Magic by Bathilda Bagshot

3.Magical Theory by Adalbert Waffling

4.A beginners guide to Transfiguration by Emeric Switch

5.One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi by Phyllida Spore

6.Magical Drafts and Potions by Arsenius Jigger

7.Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by Newt Scamander

8.The Dark Forces: A Guide to Self-Protection by Quentin Trimble

Other Equipment


1 Wand

1 Cauldron (pewter, standard size 2)

1 Set glass or crystal phials

1 Telescope

1 Set brass scales

Students may also bring an owl, or a cat or a toad.


Angelina looked up at her parents with the biggest smile on her face which they returned just as greatly.

Angelina did as she was told and wrote back to Alicia, but not before she wrote to Ramon. After she had finished her letters, her mother called her downstairs.

'Yes Mum?’ Angelina had found her mother in the living room; she was sat on the sofa whilst her father was stood with his arms behind his back and a secretive look on his face.

'We are very proud of you finally getting your Hogwarts letter darling. And we haven’t really treated you in a while, and your father has finally set up his shop in Hogsmeade, business is running great, I have just taken on that new job, and, well, we have a bit of money to spare now so...’ her mother looked over at her father who awkwardly shifted his body around so that Angelina could see what he was hiding behind his back. It was a Cleansweep five.

'We ordered them in this morning, brand new model and everything. The balance is almost perfection!’ And he handed the broom to Angelina who could not take her eyes off it. It was beautiful; there was nothing she loved more than flying. ‘But, I can’t have my own broom at Hogwarts, it says in my letter.’ She looked slightly crestfallen.

'Yeah, but that doesnt mean you can’t come home and use it when you're not there! And because well, you won’t really be able to wear it out so quickly, so you can have it ready for when you make the Quidditch team in your second year?’ Her mother looked at her and stood up. That's when Angelina noticed what she was wearing, sports robes.

So Angelina and her parents spent the day playing two versus one Quidditch match in the back garden, and when Ramon came by to congratulate her, it was two versus two.

'Angie, that was so quick! Did you see the way you caught that quaffle? You are going to be Gryffindor’s greatest chaser.’ Ramon gave his little sister a one armed squeeze as they walked back to the house. They reached the steps to the back door and Angelina set her broom aside and sat down. ‘What if I'm not even in Gryffindor? Mum and Dad were, you were, even our grandparents... I mean, do you think I’ll be a Gryffindor?’ Angelina looked up at the brother she admired so much, and he smiled at her. Not in the mocking, or jeering way, but in the knowing kind of sympathetic way.

‘Angie, I have no doubt that you will be a Gryffindor. Know why? ‘Cause you're you. And even if you end up being in Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff, it doesnt matter, it’s just a house. Besides, the hat really knows what it’s doing, if you're meant to be a Gryffindor, you’ll be a Gryffindor. If not, well then it wasn’t meant to be. Unless you're in Slytherin, then we’ll disown you.’ Angelina nudged him playfully in the sides.

‘Come on you two, dinner will be cold, we left it way too late, we need to be up early to get to Diagon alley, it going to be so busy with loads of Hogwarts students.’ They couldn’t see their mother, but they could definitely hear her.

‘Curse the day when Mum learnt ‘Sonorus’ Angelina muttered to Ramon, and they both giggled as a very loud ‘I heard that.’ Came booming from the Kitchen.

The next morning Angelina awoke to another one of her mother’s spells. It was her alarm clock, but instead of just ringing until someone hit the snooze button, the sprouted arms and started attacking you if you didn’t get up within the first ten minutes of it going off. It took Angelina a couple of minutes to realise what the day is. They were going to Diagon alley today. With her sudden realisation, she jumped out of bed, and opened her wardrobe. They were going to Diagon alley, so she could dress as a witch. She pulled out her purple summer dress, her matching summer robes; she got dressed quickly and ran downstairs.

After a hasty excited breakfast, the three Johnsons scooped a handful of floo powder from the pot next to the fireplace, and erupted in the fireplace of the leaky cauldron, the pub that was the entrance to Diagon alley. ‘Where do you want to go first Angie?’ her mother asked her as she tapped the bricks on the wall of the backyard of the pub. But it was her father that answered, ‘We need to go to Gringotts, so I can deposit some cheques and get some money out, then we need to check in at the shop quickly, I forgot to give Everard the keys yesterday, he’s probably waiting outside right now actually, perhaps we had better go there first.’

The bricks had moved aside to reveal a long alley, filled with witches and wizards. A great excitement filled Angelina right up. She had been to Diagon alley many times before with her parents, but this time, she was able to buy things for herself.

‘Morning Everard, sorry I forgot to give you the keys when I locked up yesterday, can you just go n and set everything up? I will be back in about an hour or so I expect.’ The man called Everard nodded his big thick-set head and took the keys from Angelina’s father, now it was time for Gringotts.

Angelina quite like Gringotts, she didn’t really like the Goblins, they looked quite nasty, but she loved the way the cart turned this way and that and made her feel like she was flying. And she loved going inside the vault too.

Angelina’s father had been the last male Johnson in the Johnson pureblood family, and Angelina’s great, great, great, great grandmother had been a Muggleborn, who married a pureblood. So Angelina came from a long line of pureblood families, therefore, the vault that they had inherited, contained some absolutely amazing treasures.

The vault was huge, big enough to fit a small house in. It was two storey, and on the first floor, there were bags upon bags upon mounds of gold. The Johnsons could easily live their whole lives off of the Galleons inside their vault, but they were honest people and wanted to make their own livings, and if they passed it down through generations, perhaps one day, a Johnson who needed the money would be able to use it, thanks to them.

On the second storey of the vault there were treasures, there were goblets bearing the Johnson family crest on it, there were suits of armour that had been passed down from the medieval period, with matching shields and swords. Whilst her parents were sorting out the gold that they needed from ground floor, like she always did, Angelina climbed the stairs to the second floor.

There was always so much up there, she always found something new and different, today, she wandered over to the far left corner of the vault, somewhere she hadn’t been in a long time, after clearing a few things of a huge chest, she opened the lid to reveal something quite amazing. In the chest, were goblin made items, there was a tiara, a wand holder, there was even a sword and armour in there. Angelina could tell it was goblin made, it had that kind of feel to it, the way that it glowed in the darkness of the vault, the way that captured Angelina’s eyes. Angelina picked out a small necklace, the chain on it was so delicate and small, you could barely see the links, and the pendant was a tiny flower, it was so well made on such a small scale, it could only have been made by a goblins touch.

‘I wonder why mum doesnt have this in her jewellery box’ Angelina wondered aloud to herself, and put it gently back in the case and went back down the stairs to her parents, waiting for them to finish.

They had shopped until they dropped in Diagon alley, they had been to Madam Malkin’s to purchase her school robes and hat, she got all her books from flourish and blots, she even got her very own pet owl, she got a light beige barn owl, like the ones her mother gets from work, and she gave it the fitting name of Allure. Checking through the list, Angelina ticked everything off that she could find.

‘Got everything now Angie?’

‘I think so Dad, have we got a trunk at home I could use to put it all in?’

'Yes, but are you sure you have everything. Every single thing on your list?’ Angelina’s eyes followed to where her dad was looking. ‘Olivanders! My wand! How could I forget my wand, that's kind of important.’ and they laughed as the door gave a slight jingle as they entered.

It was silent in the shop. A thin layer of dust covered every visible surface, and from floor to ceiling was packed with what Angelina could only assume as wands. Out of nowhere popped a small man, he was small and wrinkly, like he had drunk a shrinking potions that had gone wrong. He nodded at Angelina’s parents and flicked his wand at a tape measure that started measuring every obscure part of Angelina’s body.

‘Another Johnson, ah, how refreshing.’ And Olivander smiled at Angelina and disappeared out of site, but the rustling of boxes could still be heard.

‘Kimberly Giles-Johnson, Rowan and Unicorn hair, ten inches exactly, nice and pliable, still in use?’ He peered over the top of a shelf where he was looking for wands. She nodded politely and smiled back at him.

‘Jasper Johnson, Oak and dragon heartstring, eleven and three quarter inches, not so pliable.’ And he looked over at Angelina’s father and smiled as though he remembered something funny. ‘You managed to sort it in the end though eh Olivander?’

‘You broke your wand?!’ Angelina scoffed, and almost strangled herself with tape measure that was now measuring her neck.

‘Well, I didn’t exactly break it, I chipped the side of it and the heartstring was on show, so I paid Olivander to have a look at it and see if he could fix it, I don’t think I could have another.’ And he put his hands inside his robes and pulled out his wand and caressed it lovingly.

‘Ah, here we go, Cherry and unicorn hair, ten and one quarter inches, flexible.’ He opened a purple wand box that he had in his hands and handed the wand to Angelina.
Instantly she felt a warmth surge through her, starting at her fingertips and spreading through her hand and to her whole body. She felt a breeze on every pore of her skin, dancing through her hair. Her wand seemed to lighten up a bit and she felt herself wanting to wave it, as she did so, snowflakes started falling from the ceiling in a delightful way, winter was Angelina’s favourite season. She looked over at Olivander, hoping that he wouldn’t take it away from her, she had already grown very attached to it.

‘The wand chooses the wizard Miss Johnson, and that one seems to have chosen you. I remember every wand that I have ever sold, and who I sold it too, but just for records I need your name.’ Olivander had pulled out a large book from under the counter and rifled through the pages until he found the one that he was looking for.

‘Johnson...’ Angelina said dreamily looking at her wand.

‘First name please, I am fully aware that you are a Johnson.’ Olivander seemed to be trying to get rid of her almost. Angelina looked at her parents who looked on the verge of laughter. Was this the normal thing that Olivander did? Suddenly becoming all nervous that she might say her name wrong or something, she cleared her throat.

'I am Angelina.’









Note: Thanks for Reading, im not sure where i want to go with this, so please let me know what you thought of it!

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