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Different life by Cyra23
Chapter 4 : The children of professor snape
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Harry PoV

As he woke up he realized he wasn't in his bed. There were no springs poking his back. As he looked around he realized he was in a den, as this happened everything from yesterday came rushing back. The story of his parents and professor Snapes past and how he moved in with professor snape and his family. As he got up he looked at his watch and realized it was 8:30 in the morning and he felt well rested. As he was stretching Severus walked in. *wait when did he start thinking of professor snape as Severus? Maybe it was when he realized he told him everything without lying or leaving things out. Well except that thing about wat happened to his wife but Severus said he would tell him here.*

"well Harry glad you are up I was going to leave you sleeping for another 30 minutes since my children normally don't get up until 9 am." said snape. "now is there anything you would like to know?"

Harry thought about it and asked "yes what about Buffy? I mean your wife who is my godmother where is she?" Snape looked down sadly for a moment and said quietly "well the short of it is she was cursed right after our third child was born. You see she was planning on stopping Voldemort from killing your parents and he found out about it and cursed her. The curse was terrible and she had to stay in the fairy realm for many years. You see that curse left her weak and without magic except the basic magic. And also she would be in a terrible sleep with nightmares that caused her harm in reality. So she wasn't able to come back. That is.."Snape looked up with a small smile and twinkle in his eye..."until a few days ago. The fairies strongest healers finally found a cure and she is coming home today. The day she was cured was the day of the death eater meeting and I was preoccupied with thinking of her that I slipped. Yet I'm just glad she can finally come home and give the cure to the healers at St Mungos and they can use it for anyone else that becomes afflicted with the same curse."

Harry was astonished. His godmother was going to kill Voldemort? And yet he ended up cursing her? Why didn't he kill her? "Sir why didn't Voldemort kill her instead of cursing her? I don't mean to be rude I'm just wondering since Voldemort doesn't hesitate to kill."

Snape sighed."Well Harry that is something that you must ask her when she comes home today. You see I swore never to reveal that unless she passed or was not able to say it herself.". Harry nodded he understood. "well then Harry would you like to shower before breakfast? We normally eat at 9:30.". "Yes I would sir."said Harry. "ok Harry wen you go out to the hall go down and the third door to your right would be the bathroom." "thank u professor."

"Harry while we are on summer break it ok for you to just call me sir or snape I know you wouldn't feel comfortable calling me severus yet so it's ok."said snape. "ok sir" said harry.

Harry got up and walked to the bathrooms directed. When he walked in he was shocked. The bathroom was no ordinary bathroom it had 2 pools and when he says pools he mean like the one from the prefect bathroom that has been talked about. He could see one was for washing and doing w/e u had to do like wash hair or shave. While the other pool was to just relax and had healing oils. The only reason he knew all this was the note left on the marble bench by the pools. The whole room was made of marble and had a mix of forest like colors. There was also brand new clothes left on the bench and a warm towel. And so Harry had the best bath of his whole young life.

Snape PoV

As Harry was in the shower snape waited until his children joined him. It was 2 min until 9 and he left a note tellin them each to mee him in the den at 9:10 to discuss some things. As he waited he was thinking about seeing his wife again. It's not like he hadn't spent time with her over the years it's just hard to be seeing her in pain. He truly missed her and he hoped she liked the surprise he has for her tonight. Time passed quickly and soon it was 9:10 and all three children came in. It's amazing how his two daughters looked like their mother in everything except his youngest daughter who had his eyes instead of her mothers. And his son looked exactly like him except with no crooked nose and non oily hair. The only thing of his mothers was the magic they all inherited from both parents and his mothers wolf like qualities. Yet he doesn't have the tail or ears like the girls.

They all gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek and sat down on the sofa opposite him. He then proceeded to tell his children everything that happened during and after the death eater leafing. This was because Buffy and himself promised they wouldn't keep anything from the children once they were old enough to understand. And in the faery realm children at the age of 12 were taught a lot of adult things. Even the girls started having sex by the time they were 14 since they didn't get pregnant unless they were in love and even then they decided wen they get pregnant. And so he told the children everything. When he finished the story and how Harry would now be living with them they had smiles on their faces. "Dad" said Dillon "I'm sorry about everything that happened to you if we had known we would have been there to help you but you know how grandmother is very protective of us. Also I can't speak for Mia but me and Cyra are really excited about have moms godson here. I've always wanted a brother." (Cyra and Dillon bein magical twins share a connection where they hear each others thoughts and knows one smothers feelings). "Daddy I'm so excited to be having another brother it will be so much fun and we can have even teams playing quidditch now." said Mia.

"Well I'm glad you three are happy about this. Now remember to be nice and don't forget mom is coming home today at lunch time so we gotta get this place ready."

"ok dad" replied all three in unison. "Well you three ima get breakfast on the table wait for Harry and show him the kitchen ok" all three nodded.

Cyra,Dillon, and Mia PoV

All three looked at one another and broke out in happy smiles. They couldn't wait until everyone was together. They have been dreaming about it for years. And having their mom back they knew it would be a blast. At 9:30 while they were talking about everything Harry walked in.

Harry PoV

Harry had just finished his shower and gotten dressed and walked back to the den. When he walked in he saw three teens sitting there. Two that looked his age while another a bit younger. The two his age if he remembered correctly were Dillon and Cyra. Dillon looked exactly like snape would have looked like at 14 except with long sleek slightl curly hair and no messed up nose. And Cyra looked exactly like her sister Mia except the eyes were different. Dillon had on jeans and a green t shirt while Cyra was wearing Jean shorts with a red tank top that showed a bit of her stomach and her hair was pulled back in a pony tail. And the youngest Mia had on Jean shorts also but with a black tank top.

"Hello" they all said. "Hello" said Harry. "I think I recall your names from the story snape told me. Your Dillon Cyra and Mia." said Harry. "yep said Cyra. She had a voice that sounded like singing. "well Harry we are all excited your here we have always wanted another sibling." said Mia. "O we are meant to show you the kitchen come on."

And so all four teens went to the kitchen which was down the hall 3 doors and down a left hallway and 2 doors down to the left. The kitchen was beautiful. It had a cherry wood breakfast table good for 10 ppl and everything was top appliances in the muggle world. He wouldnt have guessed that snape had a house like this with muggle things. Yet he was not to surprised since snape grew up by his mother.

Snape was waving his hand and all the food was set on the table. So everyone sat down near each other at one end of the table with snape in the head seat. "Well I'm glad you all are getting along. Harry as I understand it your birthday just passed correct?" asked snape. (it was august 7 and Harry birthday was July 31. ) "Yes sir it was a week ago." replied harry. "Well then from what I saw at the dursleys I'm guessing you weren't thrown a party or anything were you?" Harry shook his head. "Harry that's ok we will throw you a nice dinner tonight right dad?" asked dillon. "Ofcourse"replied snape. "Actually Harry if you like you can invite the weasleys and hermione over if you like. I understand they are your best friends."

Harry was a little taken aback. No one had been that nice to him unless you count his friends and the weasleys. "I don't want to put you out or anything" replied Harry. "nonsense it will be no trouble. Anyways I bet your wanting to tell your friends the good news. So after breakfast go write the letters it will be fine. O and so you know lunch time is at 12 and that's when Buffy, my wife is coming home so we will prepare something wonderful for her. She will be very happy to see you Harry.

Harry sat there happy he had people around who were very nice and caring. He also couldn't wait to meet Buffy and for his dinner party tonight.

Once everyone was done with breakfast Harry went to his room which was right down the hall to write the letters to Ron and Hermione. When he walked in he was shocked again. It looked exactly like the Griffindor room except only one huge bed was in the middle with silk red sheets and the floor was covered in a soft golden Turkish rug. He even had a huge French window where Hedwigs perch and cage were next to. And a door that led to a walk in closet and he had his trunk at the foot o the bed and there was also a writing table on the side where he can do homework or read since it had a small book case next to it. There was also a small fireplace by the window. Harry knew from then on he would love it here. And so Harry sat down and wrote his letters explaining everything to Ron Nd hermione and inviting them over. As soon as he was done Dillon walked in. "Hey Harry are you done?"

"Just finished up" said Harry. "Ok good I was sent to tell you that if you put the powder near the fireplace into the fire and say the place you want the letters sent it will put the letters in the persons pocket right away.". "That's so cool" said Harry. "Yea it's something my mom invented before everything happened." "Hey dillon do you know about why she was cursed?"asked Harry.

Dillon looked sad and said "no, I was told I would know once she was better or she died." "Ok sorry I asked".
"it's ok Harry. Don't worry. Oh and the second thing I was going to ask is if you would like to play quidditch with me and my sisters?"
"sure"agreed Harry excitedly. And so Harry sent off the letters as he was supposed to and went off to play until they had to get ready for Buffy to arrive.

Hello dear readers!! I hope you are all enjoying the story so far. As you can see this chapter I introduced the children and you get a little insight on Buffy. The next chapter buffy comes home!!! And you find out why Voldemort didn't kill her but cursed her. Please please leave a review. I need to see if you like how it's going or if I need to improve!!!!

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