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Off Limits by frini19
Chapter 2 : Don't Mess With Me
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The next morning, Gabrielle was the same as she was last night.

Heartbroken and sobbing her brains out.

When Madison and I asked her if she wanted to come down to breakfast with us, she said (well more like half-sobbed half-said) that she would never eat again because Scott ate food.

In my opinion that makes absolutely no sense. If she were going to stop doing something because Scott did it, well she would probably end up dead. Until Scott died that is. Then she'd find someway to become like a ghost or something.

Fortunately for Gabrielle, we didn't have to drag her butt out of bed because it was a Saturday. The douchebag dumped her on a Friday night.

Knowing Gabrielle, she wouldn't get out of bed all weekend.

When Madison and I walked into the Great Hall, guess who we saw sitting at the Hufflepuff table like he didn't just break my best friend's heart?


Suddenly, I was livid. How could he just sit there, as if nothing was wrong? Sitting there smiling and laughing with his friends, when just last night he supposedly just broke up with the girl he loved?

I decided it was time for me to do my best friend duty and beat his arse.

I stomped over to the Hufflepuff table, Madison right behind me, and stopped once I reached Scott. I was worried what mine and Madison's faces looked like because his friends saw us first and their faces turned into little scared faces. Scott, noticing this, turned around and when he saw Madison and I, the color drained from his face.

"Shit," he said.

That's right. Be afraid you good for nothing git.

"How ya doing, Scotty?" Madison asked. This was typical form for us. Madison would always start the arguments, and I would always end them. We made a great team for arguments because Madison was always the sarcastic one, throwing little comments and then I was the one who lost my temper and would yell and possibly punch/kick/slap whoever we were double-teaming. "You seem pretty happy with what happened last night. You seem like the break up isn't affecting you at all."

"It is," Scott said. "I'm hurt but it's what was best."

"It's what was best?" Madison said. She looked at me and I knew my time was coming to blow up at this tosser. "It's best to break up with the girl you supposedly love for no apparent reason? To, out of the blue, break up with her, on your anniversary?"

Did I forget to mention it was their 10-month anniversary? Yeah. He was so dead for that.

"Look, it hurts me too-"

"Oh really?" I said. Now shit was about to get real. "Because do you want to know where Gabrielle is? She is sitting in her bed, sobbing, refusing to even talk to us, and just going on and on about how much she loves you. She doesn't want to do anything because she is completely broken. I've never seen her like that. And guess what? You don't even seem to care. You seem like you could care less that she is more upset than ever, because it seems like you never cared. She had never been in a relationship with someone for over a month and then you came along and she was head over heals about you. I thought you were a good guy. I thought that you weren't going to break her heart. Especially since you're a Hufflepuff. Aren't you supposed to be nice and loving and shit like that?" I was yelling at this point and the entire Hufflepuff table was watching me. So for the next part of what I was going to say, I got right in his face and talked in a whisper. "You are a fucking jerk. Gabrielle was way out of your league and you knew it. If I hear that you talked to her, or hell, even looked at her or in anyway make her upset, I promise you, you will be a dead man."

"Is that a threat, Weasley?" Scott asked. He seemed to not believe that I would actually hurt him.

Ha. Shows how much he knows about me.

"No," I said. "It's a promise. In fact, here's a little taste of what's to come."

I punched him, right in the jaw. He fell off the bench he was sitting on, clutching his jaw, and seemed bewildered that I could hit so hard.

My family is practically made up of males. They didn't know how to make a girl be girly. That's why Aunt Ginny turned out the way she did, because they treated her like a brother. And that's why I know how to throw a punch.

"Well it's good to see that you still know how to throw a punch Vic," Teddy said from behind me. I saw Madison smirking at me.

"Bloody hell! That bitch fucking punched me!" Scott said from his position on the floor. His jaw was all red.

I was very proud of myself.

"You'll get over it, Scotty Potty," Madison said. "Just use that as a small example of what Victoire could do. I wouldn't cross her again if I were you."

Madison looped her arm through mine and we walked away only to have Teddy follow us. "Vic," He said grabbing my free arm. "Can we talk?"

Madison unhooked her arm from mine and smirked at me again. Now that she knew how I felt about him, I had a feeling that she was gonna smirk at me a lot whenever Teddy was around.

"So, as Head Boy, I should probably give you a detention for punching Macmillan," he said. I should've expected that I would get detention. I mean you can't just go around punching people, no matter how big of jerks they are. "But, since none of the teachers saw, I'll let it pass." He smiled at me. "I'm glad that those years of using me as a punching bag finally paid off."

"I told you I was sorry about that!" I said. When I was about 5, Uncle Ron taught me how to punch. He said that it was the best thing a girl could do when she was angry and that Aunt Hermione did it one time to a kid and that he was always proud of her for it, and that it even made him love her more because she could beat someone up without a wand, which many witches and wizards can't do. When the rest of my uncles found out Ron taught me how to punch, I was constantly using them as punching bags. But I used Teddy as a punching bag the most because when the parents would leave us alone, I had no one to practice on. So Teddy let me practice on him. I constantly left bruises on his arms, but he never complained. "But you did let me do it. Besides I never hit you that hard."

"Well, you weren't quite a strong as you are now," Teddy said. "I'm glad that I missed out on the super hard punches."

"I would have never hit you that hard," I said. "I would have to be super pissed off."

"True, and how can you get mad at this face?" Teddy said, making puppy dog eyes and changing his eye color to blue.

I laughed and we both started walking to the Gryffindor table. I sat down next to Madison and Teddy said, "I'm surprised you didn't get a punch in there Smith, you seemed pretty angry."

"When I'm angry, I'm more of the sarcastic one," Madison said. "Besides I can't throw a punch like Tori, so it's far better she does it."

"That's true. I'll see you later Vic, nice talking to you Smith." He nodded at the boys saying, "Aaron, Jason, Michael." Aaron and Jason (Jason's mouth was actually full of food so he looked like a chipmunk) nodded back but Michael just glared at Teddy. Once Teddy was gone though, Michael brightened a bit.

"So I take it, that Gabrielle is still in bed?" He asked me.

"Yeah she is," I said back, picking a pancake up with my fork and placing it on my plate. "And Scott over there needed to learn a lesson about breaking people's hearts." I drowned my pancake in syrup. I love pancakes. They're so good. They're like heaven on a plate. Whenever I eat them I get extremely happy.

"So how many detentions did Lupin give you?" Aaron asked me. Jason was still eating like he hadn't eaten in weeks. For most people, that would be a disgusting to watch. For me, it was relatively normal. Uncle Ron eats everything in sight normally. When Christmas comes along, he gets a whole ham to himself.

"Oh, he didn't give me any," I said. Everyone looked at me with wide eyes.

"What?" Michael asked. "When I punched Goyle, he gave me 5 weeks worth of cleaning Herbology equipment for Longbottom." He slammed his fork down. "So fucking unfair."

Oh, I guess scary Michael is back.

"He said because no teachers saw that it was fin-"

"No teachers saw me either, Tor!" He said. "The only reason you got off is probably because you flirt with him every chance you get! No matter who is watching! Everyone knows it's only a matter of time before you two hook up! And you just go along with all his flirting and act like he is the best bloody thing on the planet because you fancy him! You don't even care who flirt in front of not even-" Michael stopped abruptly. "Do you know what, Victoire? Just forget it."

Normally when someone is yelling at me like he was, I would be all over them and yelling back. But Michael never yelled.

Which makes me wonder what the fuck I did wrong.

In five years of friendship, Michael never lost his temper at me.

He never even got mad at me.

He walked out of the Great Hall and yelled at first years that got into his way. He wasn't just mad.

He was fucking pissed.

"Way to go, Victoire."

I was still in shock from Michael that I was frozen in place, watching him leave the Great Hall, but when I heard that, I turned and saw that Jason had stopped eating and was shaking his head at me, his face clearly annoyed.

"What is that supposed to mean, Jason?" I asked. "I didn't do anything."

"You must be really thick to not see how he feels about you Tor," Jason said.

"Jason, what are you talking about?" Michael was my friend, one of my best friends. I knew that. So I had no idea what he was talking about.

"Bloody hell, you are that thick," he said. He looked at Aaron and Madison, but they were sitting quietly, looking at their hands. "Well I see you two aren't gonna tell her, so I guess I will."

"Tell me what?" I asked.

"Jas, that's not our business to tell her," Aaron said. "That's Michael's."

"Yeah, well he isn't going to talk to her until he cools down and she is obviously not understanding."

Aaron, shook his head, but waved his hand at Jason as if telling him to go ahead.

"Victoire, Michael likes you."




"Hey Gabby," I said, bringing her a waffle I grabbed at breakfast. She looked up at me as I sat on her bed. She had stopped crying but her eyes were still filled with sadness. "How are you doing?"

She took the plate with the waffle on it out of my hand and started eating the waffle. "Better, I guess. Did you...did you see Scott down there?"

"Yeah I did," I said. If she asked me what happened I could go one of two ways. Say that I didn't talk to him or tell her that I punched him. She might end up crying no matter what I say because of her fragile state.

She sniffled. "Did you punch in him in the face like your Uncle Ron taught you to?"

"Well..." I said. I decided just to tell her the truth. "Yeah, I did. He fell off the bench from the force."

Surprisingly, Gabrielle cracked a smile. A small one, and a sad one, but a smile nonetheless. "Well he should have known better than to mess with Victoire Slugger Weasley."

Gabrielle knew all about my punching skills because she saw me punch my cousin James over the summer. He didn't believe that I could give him a black eye. So I did and he got a black eye and I got grounded for a month. Apparently hitting your 11-year-old cousin isn't good "family bonding". Even though he asked for it. Literally. (For the record, Ginny was okay with it; it was Mum who freaked out. She never liked the fact that I wasn't girly. But that what she had Dominique for anyway).

"I always thought he wasn't smart," I said. "After all, dumping a girl like you, one of the most sought after girls at Hogwarts, definitely proves how dumb he is."

The smile completely disappeared from her face, when I mentioned Scott dumping her. She looked down at her half eaten waffle and said, "You're a good friend, Victoire. Punching him, standing up for me. You probably even punched him just so he would know what would happen if he talked to me again." She smiled a sad smile at the thought of me punching him. "Thank you, for everything. Especially dealing with me for five years. Normally that's the point where people run..."

What a lot of people don't know about Gabrielle is that her family is completely screwed up. Her parents were married but when she was 5, they got a divorce. It was one of the nasty ones, where they were in and out of court. Her mum ended up gaining custody of Gabrielle but the divorce was so hard on her she became an alcoholic. They moved in with her mum, Gabrielle's grandma, until she kicked them out because Gabrielle's mum was not making any effort to fix her addiction. If anything, it became worse. Soon, she started beating Gabrielle, until the Ministry took her away when she was 7. She then went to live with her dad and things were good until he got remarried just a few months after she moved in. Her step mom was horrible, telling her she looked like trash, to stand up straight, to not make that face and that no one could love her. She even told Gabrielle that her father didn't want her and that they (her father and step mom) were going to have a whole new family with no room for Gabrielle. Gabrielle was pretty much passed between Nannies since. Even now, she doesn't go home very much, she'll either stay with Madison or me. We're the only two who know about this. I assume Scott did too.

"Oh, honey," I said, taking the plate off her lap. I moved to sit next to her and put my arm around her. "Just because you have a screwed up family life doesn't mean that I'm going to leave."

"I just thought Scott was going to be my Prince Charming, like in those Muggle fairytales," she said, sniffling. "The main girl always has a screwed up life and then her Prince Charming appeared and suddenly everything was good. That's how it felt with Scott. I thought he could save me."

"You don't need saving," a voice from the door said. We both looked up and saw Madison coming towards us. She sat down on the other side of Gabrielle and put an arm around her as well. "You have us. We may not be a boy and we may not always understand each other, but Tori and I will always save you. It's what friends do. Save each other."

"You don't need a boy, when you have us," I said. "Besides, once you find your Prince Charming, it won't matter if it's always good. Just that they stand by you through it all."

"But until you find that boy," Madison said. "You have us."

Gabrielle smiled. "Right now, I wouldn't trade that for anything."

This is what friendship should be.

Being there for each other in the time of need. Not hurting each other or being jealous of what the other has.

The friend code, where nothing is more sacred then the friendship.

Clothes aren't as important, money isn't, nothing is more important then friendship.

Especially a boy.

You never put your friendship on the line for a boy.

Or steal your friend's boyfriend.

I only wish I followed those rules.

A/N: yay! so please review! I know it isn't the best story right now but I'm suffering major writers block.

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