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Southern Comfort by Muse2488
Chapter 1 : Moving and Potter's and Weasley's Oh My!
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“WHAT?!” I shrieked.


This is not happening. This can not be happening!


I stared at my father as if he had just grown three extra heads, which of course would’ve been more believable than the bomb he just dropped on me.


“We leave in two days.” He said simply, not even looking slightly ashamed. Jerk. 


Dear old Dad. He’s super blunt and has no problem telling anyone like it is. Even me. His only daughter. His only child actually. And now he’s shipping me off to some school called Hogwarts in England for my seventh year of magical training. He’s officially gone crazy.


“Dad, it’s my last year! How can I just up and leave? I love it here! I love you teaching me!” I argued.


I have been homeschooled since I was eleven. Dad was an excellent teacher as he was an excellent wizard and I learned so much more from him than I could have at any school.


Dad sighed loudly.


“Paislee. You know why we have to go. I’m being transferred to England to work for Harry Potter in their Auror office. This is a very big promotion and you should be thankful for the opportunity to go to an actual school. And Hogwarts is a really good school.” Dad told me. I scowled.


“That’s not very attractive Paislee.” He commented. I scowled harder.


“I don’t care if it’s attractive or not! This is unfair! I’ve lived in Brantley my entire life and now you’re telling me to up sticks and move! I’m gonna be 17 in like 8 months!” I said, my voice raising several octaves.


“And since you are still 16 you are going to do as I say. Now, this is a great opportunity and school starts in less than a week. Our flight leaves the day after tomorrow at 6am and” Dad was cut off by my shriek.


6am?! As in the morning?!” I am NOT a morning person. This is another reason why I love homeschooling so much.


“Take it down an octave will you? And yes 6am, as in the morning.” Dad replied dryly.


“Why are you doing this to me Dad?” I asked, trying to keep the tears at bay. One interesting tid bit of information for you. I hate crying. Avoid it at all costs as it’s a sign of weakness. And I am not weak.


 “All of my friends are here, my life is here. Our life is here. Mom’s here.” I ended hoarsely.


My mother died five years ago. She was murdered by someone called a ‘Death Eater’ apparently there used to be a ton of them like twenty years ago until a boy named Harry Potter killed the head of the Death Eaters, Lord Voldemort. That’s who my dad is about to work for. Harry Potter, who’s in charge of like all Auror’s or something now. That’s why my Dad became an Auror, dark wizard catcher, was because of my Mom. He’s been doing it since she died. He had really great grades in school and passed the training in like 6 months. Dads a good Auror. Like really good. He scored the highest marks in every category of training as well as on the written portion of the final test. He didn’t miss a single question. A complete and totally perfect score. He’s pretty much a genius.  America doesn’t have a lot of problems with dark wizards because there aren’t many wizards and witches out here in the first place. Most reside in Europe, but here we are. Born and bred American’s and totally magically gifted. Sigh.


“I know Paislee, and it’ll be hard to go but I’m doing this because of her. So that no one ever goes through what we went through. They need me. They specifically asked for me. I can’t say no. You understand don’t you?” He asked. His eyes had gone all soft on me and he grabbed my shoulders and started rubbing them. I looked up at him and sighed.


“I understand.” I said softly. He smiled and bent down to kiss the top of my head.


“Good. Now go pack, call your friends and tell them that you’ll see them later. Once you’re done with school you can always come back, ok?” He said. I smiled at that. I could come back! This wasn’t going to be a forever kind of thing. Once I was done with school I’m coming back.


“You’re right Dad. I’ll go do that. Thanks, and I’m sorry for freaking out there.”


“It’s okay. I kind of just dropped it on you in the first place. So I’m sorry too.” He smiled again and I smiled back and then headed upstairs to pack. 


Two days came and went and pretty soon we were in a plane heading towards England. I said goodbye to my friends, all three of them, and cried like a baby. I hate crying of course but saying goodbye to Kerianna, Britney, and Lisa was the hardest thing I ever had to do since my Mom died. I promised to write and they did as well. Apparently cell phones didn’t work at Hogwarts. My friends were Muggles and since they were I pretty much was one too. I did all of the things that they did and had all of the technology that they had. Of course they had never seen me use magic since it was illegal for anyone under the age of 17 to do magic, but they’d seen my Dad and were totally cool with it. I didn’t have a lot of friends because once people saw me doing magic when I was really little I was labeled a freak and have been ever since. I didn’t attend regular schools like Muggles did and that made me even more of a freak apparently. So I had my three best friends who have been there for me through everything. I would never have gotten through Mom’s death without them. And now I’m leaving. I sucked in a breath and clamped my mouth shut tightly, trying to hold back the tears. Dad rubbed my shoulder and smiled at me. I smiled back and then fell asleep.


I’ll skip the really boring parts about unpacking, school shopping, and how tiny our apartment, I mean flat is. These people have the weirdest names for things. Anywho! Dad and I were on our way to the train station (King’s Cross is the name I think) and I had all of my school stuff and a new owl. That’s right. An owl! Apparently they don’t have mailmen either and owls do all the deliveries. She’s a beautiful owl, dark chocolate in color with white tips. I named her Alura. It was English. Like you know, British English. We made it to platform nine and three quarters (har!) and we walked right through it. Luckily the headmistress of the school had visited our apart- I mean flat last night to give me school instructions.


Her name was Minerva McGonagall and she was kind of…brash. She reminded a lot of my dad. Tells it like it is kinda gal. She brought this old looking hat called the ‘Sorting Hat’ (Original right?) and put it on my head. Apparently all students are ‘sorted’ into different houses when they first go to Hogwarts and the hat is who sorts them. Well apparently I’m in Gryffindor which is what Harry Potter was in so it can’t be too bad right? She also explained how to get to the train and gave me school clothes. Oops I mean robes. She already knew my size and everything, a little creepy if you ask me. 


I was going to have to take a few history classes apparently so I decided to read my school books in advance.


Oh yea, I’m a total book worm. I love reading. It’s so much better than watching TV.


But I read Hogwarts, A History last night and found out that most evil wizards come from the Slytherin house so I thanked my lucky starts I wasn’t sorted into there. Ravenclaw was full of smarty pants apparently and I knew my Dad would’ve been sorted into Ravenclaw. While, I’m smart I suck at math and sciences so no wonder I wasn’t sorted into that house. Hufflepuff apparently is full of really nice people, goody goody’s as my friend Kerianna put it when I phoned her. And Gryffindor was full of like really brave and noble people so that made me smile. So all in all I guess this wasn’t going to be a total drag.


We made our way towards the train and Dad helped me get my stuff off of the cart and hugged me tightly.


“I’ll see you at Christmas. I’ll write often. Try to be good. And no sarcasm to the professors. Understand?” He said, giving me a knowing look.


I was a bit on the mouthy side. Okay, I was really, really mouthy. Sarcasm is like a way of life for me.


“Of course father! I ever so want to please my professors! I shall be the incarnation of respectful!” I said brightly in an English accent. It was pretty good too, if I do say so myself.


Dad snorted. Which made me smile.


“One letter from a teacher about your smart mouth and you’re grounded.” He told me, a smile playing on his lips to let me know he wasn’t serious. I had never been grounded before a day in my life. I was a good kid. A mouthy, sarcastic, good kid.


I hugged my Dad tightly and kissed his cheek before grabbing my stuff and making my way onto the train. I turned around and he waved, I returned the favor taking one last look at my father. I smiled bravely and climbed aboard.


The train was full of people. From teeny tiny eleven year olds to super tall teenagers. However, I’m not a good judger of size. I’m a bit short. Okay! Fine! I’m really short!


I’m 5’2 and barely making it. I have strawberry blonde hair that hits right at my shoulders and bangs that swoop to the side, partially covering my left eye. I’m rather pale for someone who’s grown up in the south her whole life but I don’t care. Tanning never worked for me. I just burn. I’m rather fit since I love Quidditch. I’m a Chaser, a dang good one at that too. There are no teams in America but my Dad trained me and I played a few games with a few wizards that lived in the county next to ours.


I walked silently down the corridors, wincing slightly at the screeches and high pitched giggles as I walked. I finally found an empty room and I quickly claimed it, pushing my stuff above my head and setting my owl’s cage on the floor by my feet. I sighed and leaned my head back, closing my eyes. It was nice to have a quiet moment. But it didn’t last. There was a loud bang sound and someone crying ‘ouch’ and the door to my little compartment was opened. Two girls stood there and looked at one another before looking back at me.


“Hey there. Sorry but all the other places are full. Do you mind if we sit in here with you?” The blonde said to me. She was drop dead gorgeous. I mean, really pretty. Models would literally kill to be that pretty. She was tall too and almost…glowed. I know that sounds weird but I swear it’s the truth.


“Uh…yeah. Sure, ya’ll can sit here.” I said. Their eyes widened and I blushed slightly. Of course now they’re gonna think I’m a freak with my stupid American southern accent. And I had a thick one at that since I lived in Alabama for practically my whole life.


“Where are you from?” The brown haired girl asked me.


“Uh, America.” I replied.


“I knew I hadn’t seen you before. Are you a transfer or something?” The blonde asked me. She had a slight French accent I noticed.


“Yeah. My Dad got a promotion to the Auror office here in England. I’ve been homeschooled mostly. This is my first time at a real school.” I said. Their eyes widened even more if that was possible.


“Wow! I think I’d kill my parents if they forced me to move to another country.” The blonde said. The brunette nodded. I smiled weakly.


“Trust me, that’s what I thought about doing. But, I love my dad and this is my last year anyways so I can always go back.” I said.


“That’s good. Oh how terribly rude of us! We haven’t properly introduced ourselves. Right prats we are! My name is Dominique Weasley.” The blonde said, extending her hand, I shook it.


“And I’m Rose Weasley. Dominique here is my cousin and a year older than I am. This is my sixth year.” I shook Rose’s hand as well and smiled. They returned the smile.


“My name is Paislee Hayes. It’s nice to meet you two.” I said.


“What an interesting name! It’s really pretty!” Dominique replied. I snorted.


“Sure, being named after an atrocious fabric pattern is really pretty.” I commented. Dominique and Rose started laughing.


“Oh she’s got a right sense of humor there. I think we’re going to be great friends.” Dominique said.


“I agree dear cousin. We shall show this American the ways of a proper Brit!” Rose said, pointing a finger high in the air. I laughed.


“I am totally lost. Things are very different here than in America. Like what you guys call a flat, we call an apartment.” I said. They both wrinkled their noses.


“That sounds too close to compartment. I wouldn’t be able to say that.” Rose said with a laugh.


“Oh Rose, don’t be such a prat! You’re making fun of her language!” Dominique scolded. That was the second time I heard that word.


“What’s a prat?” I asked. They looked at me with wide eyes.


“Um…it’s kind of like an insult. Like idiot.” Rose said.


“Oh. It sounds a lot like brat. In America, when someone’s acting particularly childish we call them a brat.” I said.


“I rather like that word. We should use it Rose.” Dominique said.


“So you two are cousins?” I asked.


“Yes, half of the school is a cousin or sibling of some sort.” Rose said and Dominique grimaced.


“I take you guys have a big family?” I asked.


“Big doesn’t even begin to describe it. If the last name is Potter or Weasley, they’re related to us.” Dominique added.


“Potter? As in like, Harry Potter? World famous wizard and head of the Auror office?” I asked, my voice raising a few octaves. That happened a lot.


“Yup. Uncle Harry!” Rose said with a smile.


“My Dad is working directly under him. He’s the one who hired him, my Dad that is.” I said. Rose and Dominique’s eyebrows raised.


“That’s awesome! I mean, Uncle Harry has never done that before. You’re Dad must be bloody brilliant!” Rose said.


“Yeah, he’s normally all ‘I don’t want anyone else involved.’ He’s very independent, unless Uncle Ron or Aunt Hermione are involved. He knows better than to tell them no.” Dominique quipped with a smile.


“And Aunt Ginny. She’d throttle him.” Rose added.


“Yeah, my Dad can be like that sometimes. But Mr. Potter seemed really nice. Invited us over for tea during the holidays.” I said.


“Well it’ll probably be at the Burrow.” Rose said and Dominique nodded. I giggled.


“The Burrow? What’s that?” I asked, thinking of a rabbit hole.


“It’s where our Grandparents live. Huge house with like a hundred rooms. Our parents grew up there.” Rose said.


“How many kids did your Grandparents have?” I asked.


“Well let’s see…” Dominique said holding up her fingers. “There’s Uncle Percy, My Dad Bill, Uncle Charlie, Uncle George, Uncle Fred God rest his soul, Uncle Ron, and Aunt Ginny. So seven all together and each one has at least two kids. If they’ve got red hair or reddish hair, they’re a Weasley. Except of course James and Al they’ve got black hair, but their sister Lily has red like Aunt Ginny.”


“I’m sorry about ya’lls Uncle Fred.” I said. I noticed the ‘God rest his soul’ part.


“Yeah, we never met him but he was quite the mischief maker. Uncle George and him even have a joke shop. You’ll be able to visit it once we have a Hogsmeade weekend. Uncle George and his wife, Aunt Angelina, have a son named Fred, after our Uncle. And he is most definitely living up to his namesake.” Rose said with a laugh, Dominique joined her shortly.


“Yes, him and James certainly do manage to get into quite a lot of mischief.” Dominique said.


“I quite resent that.” An amused voice said from the door to our compartment. Rose and Dominique sighed. My heart just stopped beating.


Standing in the doorway was the most gorgeous guy I had ever seen in my life. He was super tall, at least 6’0. He had black hair, that was unbelievably messy and sexy, and bright hazel eyes. Almost honey in color actually. He was wearing normal clothes, and by normal I mean Muggle, and his arm muscles were clearly visible through his dark grey shirt. His dark jeans and dark shirt seemed to brighten his eyes. He was leaning against the door with his arms crossed over his chest.


There was a red head right next to him who was quite attractive as well. He was leaner, and had a sprinkle of freckles across his nose which was odd because he looked very tan. And most people with tans didn’t have freckles. He had brown eyes that looked kind of like chocolate. He was leaning on the other side of the black haired boy.


Once I saw the red head I knew he was a Weasley because of the picture


“James, Fred, what you two doing here? I thought you guys were sharing a compartment with Al and Scorpius?” Rose said.


I was a bit lost. And what kind of a name was Scorpius?


“We were, but the little bits were getting annoying so we decided to check in on a few of our Slytherin friends when we heard a very interesting piece of news.” James said. Fred smirked.


“And what news was this Jamesie?” Dominique asked in a clearly annoyed voice. I stifled a giggle.


James and Fred turned to look at me. I blushed slightly.


“That there was an extremely attractive American on board.” James said looking straight at me. I snorted.


Everyone looked at me.


“Sorry. I snort and scowl a lot. My Dad says it’s unattractive but I’ve been doing it for so long it’s kind of like second nature to me now. Ya’ll will get used to it.” I said and then face palmed. I said ya’ll again. James and Fred started grinning largely.


“That has got to be the cutest accent I ever heard.” Fred stated. I scowled.


“And it looks like she was telling the truth about the scowling thing; however I don’t think it’s unattractive.” James said and then, get this, I blushed bright red. Not only am I a southern country bumpkin, but now I’m a red southern country bumpkin.


Kill me now, please. Thanks.


“And she blushes.  I have a feeling this is going to be a great year.” James said smirking. And if possible it made him look even more handsome. Too bad he was already annoying me.


“And I have a feeling I’m going to be hexing you a lot.” I said in a sickly sweet voice. James and Fred started laughing. Fred had a rather mellow laugh whereas James’s burst out and was very deep. It was a nice sound.


“Looks like she’ll fit right in with our lot.” Fred said.


“I agree cousin. So, American, what’s your name?” James asked, plopping down next to me on the right, Fred taking the seat on my left. Dominique and Rose gave me ‘I’m sorry’ looks and I grimaced slightly.


“Well, Britain, my name is Paislee Hayes.” I said. Fred and George grinned wider.


“A bit cheeky aren’t we?” James said.


“Cheeky?” I asked. Another weird word.


I’m never going to fit in here.


“Does she know nothing of our British ways dear cousins?” Fred asked Dominique and Rose.


“Not much. She’s going to learn though; we’re going to teach her. Already taught her the word prat and I’m sure she’ll be using it a lot around the two of you. And she taught us a new word as well. Brat. Very similar to prat in sound and meaning.” Rose said. I smiled.


“Well cheeky means sarcastic.” James said. I brightened at that. Cheeky was most deff my forte.


“Well in that case, then yes I am most deff cheeky.” I said.


“Well I so far I approve. You’re cheeky, attractive, and quick with the threats. Now just one more test.” James said, giving a knowing look to Fred. I gulped.


“And what is that?” I asked.


“What house are you in?” The boys asked at the same time.


“Gryffindor.” I replied with a smile. If these people were related to Harry Potter then surely they were all in Gryffindor. And I expected James was Harry’s son, they resemblance was there. Especially the hair. When Mr. Potter visited mine and Dad’s apar- er…flat, his hair was crazy like James’.


The room exploded with applause. Dominique and Rose seemed much more excited and Dominique was insisting that I ‘dorm’ with her. I guess that meant room with her, which would be a-okay with me. Rose was a year younger and from what I had read in Hogwarts, A History, boys and girls had separate rooms and were grouped by year, so she wouldn’t be rooming with us.


“This is fantastic! We’ll have all the same classes just about!” Dominique said. James and Fred looked even more satisfied than ever but stood to their feet and were moving towards the door.


“Well we’ll be there soon better get ready. Time flies when you’re wooing Americans.” James said and I blushed deeper.


“Oh this is going to be fun. She’s almost too easy.” Fred said. I groaned and face palmed again.


“I know several hexes. I may have been homeschooled, but my father was great with revenge hexes.” I said standing up to my full height. Ahem. Not a smart move.


Fred and James moved in towards me, arms across their chests and then looked down. Way down. Both of them towered over me.


“Look at her James! She’s so tiny!” Fred said patting me on the head. I swatted his hand away and scowled.


“Makes her even more attractive if that’s even possible.” James said with a smirk. I scowled. They laughed.


Insert sigh here.


“Alright you two! Leave our new best friend alone! Go on, scat you prats! We need to change and as I’m sure you don’t want to see your family in their knickers I suggest you leave soon.” Rose said standing to push the two boys away. They winked at me and then left. But before the door closed we all heard James say, “Wouldn’t mind seeing the American in her knickers.”


This is going to be the longest year of my life.



A/N: So this is my first chapter of my first HP fanfic! Please review I would love it! Hope you guys like it! =]]



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