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Enigma of Time by AccioQuill25
Chapter 2 : Son of A Witch!
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Lira's first full day started off rocky as she made her way to sit with hermione, but was distracted when Draco and Goyle called her to sit with them instead. She glanced at Hermione, who smiled and nodded an "okay." Lira felt guilty about ditching Hermione, but her sadness turned to laughter as Draco and Crabbe told jokes and taunted other students.

After breakfast, Lira made her way outside to her next class: Study of Magical creatures. Soon she remebered that Draco was in the same class and her heart skipped a beat as the thought of him popped into her head. She was confused as to why she felt that way when she thought about him. She wasn't anything like him, yet his mysterious persona drew her toward him, like a bee drawn to the pollen of a honey blossom. She couldn't resist it.
At that, her mood lightened up and she trotted leasurely not keeping track of time, and the passing bell chimed marking the start of class."Gahh!" She grumbled her way onto the outer grounds.

Coming down the hill, Lira could make out a student making his way onto what looked like Hippogriff. She mentally pictured her father showing her a picture of one, and warning her that the creatures were easliy insulted. The closer she got the more faces she could see and she located Hermione and ran quickly by her side.

"What'd I miss" she whispered into Hermione's ear.

"Nothing much, Harry is riding Buckbeack, that's all." Bucbeack? Lira looked over at Harry taking off when an arm pulled her aside. She snapped her head back to see Draco pulling her towards Pansy Parkinson and his other friends. She made an awkward smile as she joined the group.

"Potter showing off again!" They all scoffed while watching Harry glide over the glistening Black lake. "Why were you talking to the Mudblood, Granger? Huh, Marr?" Pansy demanded trying to tower over Lira, as if she was intimidating her. Lira shuddered at the word. "Mudblood." It was such a nasty word. She gritted her teeth and stared at pansy with fire in her eyes. She glanced at Draco, Crabbe and Goyle who also waited for her reply. Being put on the spot, Lira paused not knowing what to say.

"Um...." Just then Harry came flying down on Buckbeack gracefully interrupting her. Thankful, Lira sighed knowing that she didn't have to answer the question. Everyone, including Lira, cheered, and patted Harry on the back. This aggrivated Draco to his breaking point, and he started to push people out of his way toward Buckbeack. Lira grabbed his arm trying to pull him back. "Draco, don't! You don't..." Before she could finish he pulled his arm away. Draco had startled the hippogriff whom had knocked him on his back and spraining his wrist. Pansy squealed and ran to his aid until Hagrid scooped him up in his hefty arms and immidiately ended class.

"You're gonne regret this! You and your bloody chicken!"Draco moaned as he was carried to the Nurse's wing. Lira looked at Hermione, dumbfounded at what had just happened. Hermione stared back wide eyed then chuckled at the Irony of Draco's injury.

"He's such a Ninny!" Hermione chimed in linking arms with Lira. "He got what he deserved, but I bet that Draco get's his father involved in all this. He can't fight his own battles, that boy." Hermione shook her head and pulled Lira to where Ron and Harry were standing.

"Draco was taken to the nurse, just for a scratch!" Ron bursted out laughing slapping Harry's back. "He's such a wimp!" Ron put his arm around Harry mimicking Pansy. "Oh Draco! You could've been killed! Oh, do you need a kiss?!" They all laughed at his poor impersonation. Lira looked off into the distance trying to ignore all the negative talk about the situation.


It had been quite a long time since Lira talked to Draco since his accident. She avoided him as much as possible, and tried to talk to Hermione instead. He knew how she felt about animals. Buckbeack was just an animal, and Draco was careless. She was kind of angry that Draco's father ordered an execution for Buckbeak.  She often avoided him in the halls and skipped out on their long nightly talks. Lira shook her head at the thought and went off to find Hermione, Harry, and Ron.  They weren't in the library, and classes were out for the day, yet they were nowhere to be found. Lira went through the doors leading to the outer grounds, only to bump into Draco and his friends, Crabbe and Goyle. He was bleeding and holding his nose, while he wimpered in pain.

"What in Merlin's beard happened here?!" Lira looked in horror at Draco's bloodied face.

"Nothing!" Draco snapped trying to push her out of his way, but failed when she gently put a hand on his shoulder, as if to say 'let me help.'

"We'll go get Pansy" Crabbe and Goyle rushed off leaving Lira alone with Draco.She gently patted his back and lead him to their common room. Draco stopped dead in his tracks and turned to Lira with sympathetic eyes.

"I can't go in there just yet! What will I tell everyone when they ask? I can't just tell them a mudblood punched me in the face!" Lira's eyes widened and realized that, that was where Hermione was. Draco stopped ranting and soon recognized that he had said to much, and his shoulders dropped. "Don't tell anyone else, please? This is embarrasing enough." Lira looked into his grey eyes and for the first time, felt bad for him.

"Alright, let's go into the prefect's bathroom, and get you cleaned up, then." She sighed, grabbed his hand, and lead the way.

"But won't other students see?" Draco pulled her back once again.

"No, trust me. No One ever goes in there anymore" Lira knew that Moaning Myrtle drove students away, but if she picked a far enough sink, Myrtle wouldn't bother them. She pulled back and she and Draco dodged into the shadows until coming to the entrance of the bathroom. She sat Draco on a bench and grabbed a towel to wipe his blood away. She then seated herself in front of him and gently cleaned him up, making sure not to hurt him any further. She then stood up to get a better angle and bent over slightly.

"Wow, that was a lot of blood." Lira stated flatly looking at him to make sure he was alright while she placed a hand on his cheek. Draco looked back and placed his hand on top of hers caressing it. They both stared into each other's eyes. Draco smiled weakly at her wishing she would say something. She held her breath for a moment before breaking the wonderous silence. "I know a spell that could, you know, fix you're nose. It would hurt, but it's better than having it broken." She pulled her hand away and grabbed her wand.

"Okay, just tell me before you say it, so I know it's coming." Draco closed his eyes tight and without thinking grabbed Lira's other hand just as tightly as shut his eyes. Lira winced at the slight pressure, yet continued with her spell while he held her other hand.

"Okay....Uh. One...two....Episkey!" She flicked her wand and Draco's nose snapped into place in a split second.

"Owww!! Ughhh! Son of a witch!" Draco kept cursing under his breath and held his nose. "Um, Thanks, Lira. Guess I owe you one." He rubbed his nose and sighed a breath of relief that the pain was gone. "How do I look?" He asked posing for Lira.

"Handsome as always, Malfoy." She said playfully, laughing as he kept turning his head and posing oddly.

"You think I'm handsome?" His arrogant smile returned and stood up to face Lira. Lira rolled her eyes and smiled back at him.

"Don't let it go to your head." She retorted and lead him out and back to the Slytherin House. Draco couldn't help but stare at her figure from behind. He laughed quietly as he realized he was checking out someone other than Pansy.  He thought for a moment and then caught up to Lira's side and held out his arm.

"Care to be escorted back, my dear?" He asked smoothly. "It's the least I can do." He winked at her, and that alone made up Lira's mind. She linked their arms and looked up into his eyes which pulled her in. He wasn't paying any attention to anyone or anything. All that was on his mind was Lira, and nothing else.

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Enigma of Time: Son of A Witch!


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