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Uh Oh. by caomoyl
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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“Oi, chuck me that tub.”

George Weasley threw a tub of rat spleen over to Fred Weasley. The fifth year boys dorm smelt of rotten eggs from the potion that Fred was brewing.

“What comes next, George?” said Fred, turning to his twin, “I’ve forgotten the next bit.”

“How should I know? It was you that found the potion. It’s not my fault if you won’t tell me what it’s meant to do. Wait, where’s that prank book you found it in?” George started searching around their beds, looking for the book that their friend Lee had given them, who had to convince them to even look at it in the first place, though they had grown to love it now. There were things in the book that even they could not have thought up.

George found the book and looked over to Fred. “What page was it?”

“Umm, seventy four I think.”

“Ok, rat spleen, rat spleen,” George mumbled to himself, trying to find what stage in the instructions Fred was at. “It says ‘Stew the rat spleen for 5 minutes and then add the lacewing flies and then stew for a further 10 minutes’”

“Chuck me the lacewing flies then, I think this has been stewing for nearly five minutes now.”

George threw another tub over to Fred who opened it and emptied the contents into the cauldron, stirring the mixture.

BANG! The cauldron exploded and an odious gas spread rapidly throughout the large room, engulfing the twins and causing them to cough madly. Fred ran over to the window and opened it wide, allowing the gas to escape into the air and down to the students on the ground down below. It misted the clear air and gave a sort of wintery look to the ground, instead of the summers’ day that it was supposed to be. Some of the students below were starting to turn their nose’s up at the smell and were moving away from the area.

The room was still full of gas, and what was left of the potion in the half blown up cauldron was still emitting more and more gas into the room. The twins opened the door and ran down to the common room, which was quickly filling up with gas too.

“Was there anything in that book that said it could go wrong,” spluttered George as students in the room started to cough too as the gas surrounded them.

“I don’t know, I wasn’t expecting that to happen, was I?” Fred ran towards to portrait hole, George and several other students close behind him. Fights ensued as they all tried to get out as more and more gas filled the common room. It continued to spread out into the corridor during the struggle between the students. In the rush to leave, no one bothered to close the portrait hole, leaving The Fat Lady shouting after them.

The gas continued to spread through the corridors; it appeared that the potion was still emitting it. Little did anyone know what was about to happen, or they would have run faster. Soon, all of Hogwarts had been filled and the teachers were evacuating the students onto the grounds.

Fred and George were soon found by Hermione. They assumed that she was about to accuse them of causing the gas, and continue to try and make them turn themselves in.

“What did you guys do?” Hermione sounded excited despite the situation, “You filled the whole school! Even the teachers couldn’t get rid of it! Nice one!” She held her hand up, expecting a high five.

Fred turned to George and gave him a confused look.

“What have we done?!”



A/N: I hope you like the start to this. It should get better and a lot more fun in future chapters =D Please review whether you liked it or not =D

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