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Hopeless by Dancing Fool
Chapter 5 : Quidditch Dictatorships
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"You're late," James said tersely, glaring at his younger brother as Al literally dove onto the Quidditch Pitch. I skidded beside him and tried not to look timid as the entire Quidditch team stared me down (not unkindly). I folded my hands and rocked back and forth on my feet.

"Sorry," Al gasped as he clutched the stitch in his side. A good seeker he may be, but running... meh.

"Sorry doesn't cut it," James snapped. He was scribbling furious notes on his clipboard, no longer making eye contact with Al. "We have a game tomorrow-"

"And he's ready to practice now," I said more fierce than I was feeling. Normally, I wouldn't dare talk back to him (and any other human being), but I didn't appreciate James snapping at Al. "Lay off, James. He's late once in his life. Big whoop. He'll be on time, next time."

James looked uncomfortable. I usually stayed silent during practices and obediently assisted him whenever I could. He cleared his throat authoritatively. "Be that as it may, Flynn-"

A girl snorted loudly. "Good God, James, you've known her since she was eleven, I think you can remember her first name," said a beautiful brunette with a kind smile and absolutely breathtaking features.

James looked exasperated. "Yes, Fontaine-"

The girl clicked her tongue. "My name is Belle."

"Not on the Quidditch Pitch," James muttered in a quieter tone, just so he could address Belle, but Belle didn't want to have a private conversation at the moment.

"You told me not to call you Jamsie dear on the Quidditch Pitch," Belle said loud enough for everyone to hear. Most of the team snickered while James turned beet red. Belle folded her arms and stood her ground. "I don't see why we can't address each other by our first names. We're supposed to be a family, aren't we?"

"You call him 'Jamsie dear'?" I asked, completely amused. James looked like he would throttle me. I grinned sheepishly back.

Belle winked at me and smile mischieviously at me. Then spoke in a low voice, "Only to get his knickers in a twist."

I grinned back at her but James looked ready to explode.

"It - is - unprofessional," James said from clenched teeth. He was getting frustrated now. His clipboard lay forgotten at his feet and his fists were clenched at his side.

"Yes, Mr Dictator, sir," Belle said with an ironic salute. James glared at her which she simply smiled back at him.

"I don't appreciate you undermining my authority," James grunted, glaring at Belle angrily. "I'm in charge here."

"Well I don't appreciate you treating us like we're machines," Belle challenged, folding her arms crossly across her chest. "To be a good captain, you need to respect your team-"

"Are you calling me a bad captain?" James accused, taking a threatening step towards Belle who stood her ground.

Belle's face softened. "James, dear, you know I love you and all, but I'd appreciate it if you treated your teammates like human beings."

The team was watching their argument like it was a particularly interesting tennis match. James blushed straight to the roots of his hair which gave me the distinct feeling that they hadn't exchanged their 'I love you's yet.

James cleared his throat uncertainly, avoiding eye contact with everyone. "Um, right, well - er, can everyone just pass the Quaffle around for a bit. Ambrosia just go up to the stands. Belle, can I talk to you for a quick sec?"

Belle gave me a shifty grin and walked straight over to her boyfriend. Al, who was still in his school robes, patted me affectionately on the head and muttered, "See you later, Fruity," before darting into the changerooms.

I ran up to the stands where I sat in my usual spot in the front row. As much as I loved Quidditch, I really wasn't very good at it. However, I did do the commentary for all games. I loved watching it and following it, but I couldn't play to save my life. Which was rather unfortunate, because I was probably the only one at Hogwarts who sucked as badly as I did. I had a tendency to fall off my broom and I also had a minor fear of heights.

Well a major fear.

But, seriously, who isn't afraid of heights?

Yeah, don't answer that.

But digressing, James let me sit in on their practices regularly. Sometimes I would come up with strategies for them, but most times, I'd just sit silently and watch them from the stands. Mostly I just stayed since Al and Achilles were on the team and I didn't really hang out with anybody else at Hogwarts.

Them's the breaks.

Look at me, I'm turning into an American.

The team was throwing the Quaffle around while James and Belle talked beneath them.

Louis Weasley grabbed the Quaffle and grinned his one dimpled grin with his unnaturally, shimmery, white teeth. Louis was most definitely my favourite Weasley (Al doesn't count as he is a Potter). He was absolutely hilarious, intelligent, and the biggest sweetheart. Even though he was a year older than me, we were still pretty close. He passed the Quaffle to his fellow chaser, Piper Wood.

Piper Wood was a very pretty fifth year. She had beautiful pale skin with red hair that seemed to catch fire when the sun hit it. She grabbed the Quaffle and effortlessly fly around with it, laughing easily and flew straight to the hoops. She had this natural air about her that made everybody instantly love her.

I try not to sound jealous, but I have to admit, I am just a little.

Piper's excellent shot flew straight past Achilles who didn't seem to have his heart in the game. He sighed and muttered something that I determined to be 'good shot'. He tossed it off to Mark Thomas who looked a little lost holding the Quaffle as he was a beater with Belle. Mark was new to the team and didn't really seem very comfortable with everyone yet. He passed it off immediately to Louis. He bounced the Quaffle off the end of his broom letting it spin into the air and caught it with his hands after he made a particularly difficult rotation on his broom.

Bloody show-off.

You could just catch the Quaffle.

But that would be silly, wouldn't it?

Louis looked around the empty stands and caught my eye. He looked down at James and Belle, giving an evil smirk, then shot me the finger gun. I laughed.

James and Belle seemed to be in a serious conversation when Louis' throw hit James on the head. James' shout could be heard clear across the field.


"Aye, aye, sir!" Louis mocked and saluted. Louis and Belle are so alike, it's scary. Louis jumped off his broom and ran around willingly. Every lap he made he made kissy faces at James and Belle, making James' face turn steadily redder and redder. It really looked like James was regretting his decision to put Louis on the team.

James purposefully avoided having too many of the Weasley/Potter clan on the team. Louis (who happens to be fantastic at Quidditch) was a must even though he was a bit of a loose canon, and due to the fact that nearly no one is good at seeker, Al had to be put on that. If James had his way, he'd have no Weasleys or Potters because he would never want to show favouritism to his family.

James takes his post as Quidditch Captain a little too seriously.

But he has had it for three years, so I guess it's natural that he got a little attached to it.

Finally, Al stampeded through the changeroom and slammed his face into the dirt. His team laughed loudly while I allowed myself a little smile.

"I'm okay!" he yelled as he pushed himself to his feet and jumped on his broom, ignoring the taunts that the team were shouting out at him. Al zoomed past me on his broom and blew a kiss at me.

Needless to say, I giggled like a little school girl.

Being in love sucks.

Al flew up to team where he ripped the Quaffle out of Achilles hands. Achilles cried out an indignant, 'oi!' Louis was still running laps (although he was now topless), singing something that sounded suspiciously like the Spice Girl's 'Spice Up Your Life'. His run turned into some odd type of dance.

The team was going over plays while James and Belle continued to have their discussion. Their conversation seemed to turn more pleasant. James brushed hair out of Belle's face so gently that I almost felt rude to be watching such a tender moment.


But what can I say? I'm a meddler.

James said something to Belle that made her light up like a Christmas tree. She muttered her reply and pulled him down to kiss her quickly. Without another word, she mounted her broom and took off to join her team. James smiled to himself before heading after her.

Ah, young love - makes my day.

Maybe James would be in a better mood than usual.


Or not.


"Mon Dieu, James is a bleeding psychopath," Louis moaned nursing his Bludger wounds that he got when James declared that Belle and Mark needed 'target practice'.

The team was walking back from practice with the exception of James and Belle. James had unwillingly dismissed the team after four hours of torture and remained there with Belle, working on 'offensive' strategies.

"Agreed," Al said, while rubbing his bruises on his arms that he got when James decided that the best practice for a seeker was testing how many golf balls Al could catch while they were magically pelted at him.

If you can't tell already, James' ideas aren't usually the best.

Achilles just sighed sadly. "At least James thinks you guys are good. James wouldn't even look at me because I was so pathetic today."

I rolled my eyes at his behaviour. "Achilles, you missed like one shot."

"Shut up, A," Achilles snapped, which surprised me. "That's not good enough. I need to catch every shot."

Louis let out a mighty cough that sounded something suspiciously like perfectionist. I couldn't agree more.

"Mate, there's no need to be so hard on yourself," Al pointed out, patting Achilles sympatheticaly on the back. "You'll stop every shot by Slytherin tomorrow."

"Hear, hear!" Louis cried enthusiastically, throwing a fist in the air. "We just need to relax, stop worrying, and have fun! Oh, sorry, Al!" Al groaned as Louis smacked him on the back a little too hard.

"S'okay," Al grunted trying to act tough. Aw, isn't that cute? Ickle Al thinks that he's a little tough guy.

But I know better.

I still know about Mr. Fluffy-pants.

Al can't go to sleep without his little teddy bear.

How precious.

"I thought you guys played great," I threw in and the whole team grinned appreciatively at me. "You'll flatten Slytherin like road kill."

"Road kill?" Louis asked curiously.

"Um, when a muggle car hits an animal?"

"Those crazy metal death traps that muggles insist are the fastest method of transportation?"

"You live a very sheltered life, mate."

Louis pouted. "Just because Uncle Harry wants to expose you to all the muggle things are, doesn't mean that my parents do."

Al scoffed.

"I hope James isn't going to cause any trouble for himself when the Slytherin team shows up," Achilles muttered passively. "We don't need our captain to be incapacitated by the other team for our big game."

"He'd deserve it," Al said. "He takes Quidditch a little too seriously."

"Be thankful that he actually has some ambition," Piper said cheerfully, skipping ahead of us. "Other than Quidditch, what does James have?" Piper turned around then creased her eyebrows in thought. "Well, perhaps he could take over the world, but let's hope that Quidditch works out for him."

"He's not that bad," Andrew said untruthfully, scratching the dark skin on his arm absentmindedly. Andrew was the newest edition to the team and I had the distinct feeling that he didn't want to bad-mouth the captain. Although he'd soon learn that that's all the team ever did.

Piper scoffed loudly. "Yeah, James isn't that bad and I'm a flobberworm." She then coughed and tried to growl out her words the way James does. "Weasley! If you're having a good enough time to 'slam me to the left', you're not running hard enough!" Piper then made an imitation of Louis running/dancing while singing. The whole team cracked up (except Andrew, but he allowed himself a small smile).

"I definitely agree with Piper," Al said, stealing a glance at her, who wasn't even looking at him. "I know James that wants to win, but he doesn't need to be so serious. We always win, anyways."

"Jinx!" Louis yelled dramatically, pointed a finger at Al. Al rolled his eyes at him. Although, I kinda agreed with Louis. Rather pretentious of Al.

"Shove it," Al grunted before pushing Louis' hand out of his face. "I always catch the snitch. It's not like it will be different this time."

Louis seemed genuinely irritated. "You're really pushing it, big guy."

"Now, children, that's enough," chided Piper, wagging a finger at the two boys condescendingly. "Do I have to separate you?"

"No, mum," Louis said shaking his head sadly. "I've shamed you. Send me to the corner where I belong."

"Have I ever told you, you have quite the flair for dramatics?" I asked. The team laughed. Louis pouted at me and I grinned. "Perhaps you were part of a theater in a past life?" I pondered.

"Dramatic, my arse!" Louis said offendedly. "I don't think so." Louis grabbed me around the waist and threw me over his shoulder so that I got a splendid view of his ass (and I was begging to God that he did not fart). The team howled as Louis began singing 'Spice Up Your Life' (seriously, does this kid know any songs?) while jogging towards the Black Lake.

"Louis!" I shrieked maniacally, pounding my fists into his back which seemed to have no effect on him. "Put me down this instant!"

"Don't count on it, princess!" he told me easily as he strutted across the grounds with me on his shoulder.

"Albus Severus Potter! Get your insane cousin to relinquish his grip on me!" I demanded like a toddler. I could hear Al's chuckle followed by a reply.

"I would've, Fruity, but after that blatant disregard of full name policy, I think I'll let Louis take you for a dip in the lake!" he yelled back at me.

Fricken' bitch.

"Louis, you're not actually going to throw her in, right?" Achilles asked worriedly, realizing that Louis wasn't just threatening. "It's freezing. She could get sick."

Louis ignored him and was dangling my dangerously by the lake so that his back was towards it. I flailed but Louis' strength kept me in check.

I glared at his ass. "Frenchy, don't you dare-"

Louis cut me off swiftly, lifting me off of his shoulder. "I think a little freezing cold bath will cool you off, princess!"

And with an easy toss, I went tumbling in the lake screaming my death threats at Louis Weasley.


After I was fished out of the lake, Piper summoned down some blankets to dry me off with because apparently, out of the six minds (all of which were educated at Hogwarts for thirty five years collectively), not one person had bothered to learn a drying spell. We sat in the grass as I tried to heat myself up.

"I'm going to kill you, Albus," I threatened through chattering teeth, glaring daggers at the black haired boy who wrapped a warm blanket around my shoulders. "Best friend, my arse." He shrugged carelessly and smiled apologetically at me.

"Sorry, love, but Louis was just having some fun," he said while rubbing my arms to keep me warm. He looked at me concerned with his beautiful emerald green eyes. Then he shot Louis a warning look who actually looked sorry. "I'm sure Louis is really sorry," Al grunted, narrowing his eyes.

Louis nodded fervently. "I'm really sorry, princess, I didn't really think it would've been that cold."

"You idiot," Piper snapped, glaring with so much force that even I cowered a little. "It's November. The lake is freezing. It's a good thing you throw like a girl. If you threw her far enough, she might not have been able to swim back."

"You could've given her hypothermia," Achilles agreed who had remained silent for most of this. Achilles was never one to show his protective nature. He glanced at me worriedly but then I sighed and shrugged it off.

"It's fine," I muttered, wanting everyone to take their eyes off of me and wanting Achilles to look a little less worried. I looked into Louis' icy blue eyes. "I forgive you, Frenchy. But no more dips in the lake for a while."

He bowed lowly to me. "You got it, princess."

"And stop calling me that!"

Everyone ignored me, as usual.

How rude.

"I think we missed lunch, guys," Mark said as his stomach rumbled. He checked his watch and sighed. "Definitely missed lunch. I can go get some food from the kitchens."

Piper frowned. "Well, someone should go with you-"

"I'll come too," Achilles said, looking relieved to not have to deal with the whole team's presence anymore. We protested, but the two boys left without another word.

"He's still depressed about Rose, huh?" Piper said, once the boys were out of earshot.

I frowned. "How did you-"

"I hear things. Plus, you'd have to be an idiot to realize that Achilles is in love with Rose." Piper commented lightly. Then she shook her head sympathetically. "But he shouldn't worry. People always tend to run off with the flashier, newer model before they realize that they want the stable, permanent one."

Al watched Piper avidly, nodding his head. I wondered if he was thinking the same thing that I was. Her words made me uneasy about trying to break up Malfoy and Rose but I tried to ignore that little voice in the back of my mind telling me, 'you're an idiot!'

"She'll realize that Achilles is a much better guy than Malfoy is," I said confidently.

"I hope so," Al muttered. "Achilles has been really depressed lately."

Piper looked sadly towards the castle. "He's usually such a happy guy," she sighed. "He needs to find himself a nice girl."

Before I retorted with a 'what do you mean by that?' Al cut me off swiftly. "Achilles only has eyes for Rose. Honestly, it would just be easier if Achilles just stopped liking Rose."

I glared mutinously at Al. He shrugged, not wanting to start an argument with me.

"Do you wanna hear a good pick up line I heard the other day?" Louis interupted randomly. We blinked in surprise at him. "You don't need felix felicis to get lucky with me."

We all groaned. "That was horrible," Al said, shaking his head.

"What!?" Louis cried out indignantly. "That was a solid pick-up line!"

"Do you think girls actually like that stuff, mate?" Al asked.

"The cool ones do, at least."

"I think it's rather demeaning," Piper said.

"You just don't like it, because you can't come up with your own clever pick-up lines."

"Oh, please"

"You're just jealous," Louis said, folding his arms with a sense of finality.

"You're just bitter 'cause you haven't gotten any," Al intervened.

"... That was harsh, mate."

"Now, now, kids, no nead to get vulgar," I said, waving at both of them.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't our favourite little wannabee team."

Scorpius Malfoy and a group of boys who looked to stupid to be using their own two feet (also known as the Slytherin Quidditch team) were sneering at us. All members were wearing their Quidditch robes with their top model brooms over their shoulders. Malfoy's peroxide blonde hair was super reflective against the bright sun, which made it a little difficult to look directly at him.

"Get lost, Malfoy," Al said, glaring at him. "You guys need all the practice you can get. We're gonna wipe the floor with you, tomorrow."

"Oh, I'm quivering," Malfoy mocked. "I'd be careful if I were you. Goyle's gonna make sure that there's a Bludger with your name on it."

"Please," said Al. "He's too stupid to even pick up the bat, let alone, aim it at anyone."

The Gryffindor Quidditch team laughed while the Slytherins just scowled at us.

Malfoy then turned his attention to me. "How's your pathetic excuse for a brother doing, Flynn?" I clenched my hands in rage. "Still crying because Weasley rejected him for me?"

"Shut up, Malfoy," I said from behind my teeth. Malfoy laughed.

"Your dry wit amazes me, Flynn," Malfoy said. "Perhaps he should go for someone who's a bit more in his league. Agatha McDonald, maybe. She's only gained twenty or so pounds and her acne isn't so bad this year. Someone as fit as Weasley deserves someone better than a Flynn."

"Fuck off, Malfoy." I was standing now. No one insults my brother.

"Don't do something stupid, Fruity," Al muttered, but he sounded just as angry as I was feeling. I could feel Al's hand wrap around mine. Malfoy's eyes flickered down to our hands and he raised a skillful eyebrow. He shrugged.

"Well, it's not like there's that much about your brother anyways. He whines more than a bint - but I guess you already knew that. I wonder what your mother taught you two. Between your anti-social personality and your brother, she must have been dead stupid-"

"You fucking little son of a bitch!" I screamed and launched myself at Malfoy. A pair of strong arms wrapped around my waist but not before I managed to swipe my hand across Malfoy's pale face. Only my fingertips managed to contact, leaving four scratches across his face where my nails had scraped the skin off.

"Not now, princess," Louis said in my ear while I fought to make him let go.

"You fucking psycho bint!" Malfoy yelled back, trying to catch the blood that was running down his face with his hands.

"There - is nothing wrong with me or Achilles," I grunted incoherently, still fighting Louis.

"I think it's time you left," Piper said firmly, stepping in front of me and Louis.

"What Pipes means is I don't think Rose will be very pleased with your behaviour when I tell her what you said to Fruity," Al said who had gotten up to stand beside Piper.

"Running off to mum, are you?" Malfoy said. "Well, I'm not scared of my girlfriend."

Louis snorted, his grip slackening. "You obviously haven't seen her temper yet."

"Whatever," said Malfoy, shaking the blood off his hands. "I'm done with you losers." Malfoy turned on his heel and the rest of the team sneered at us before following their captain.

We stood in silence. Louis realized he was still holding me and put me down gently.

"If we lose to them," Piper said, "I just might actually kill myself."

"I think I'll kill them if they beat us," Louis said, flopping himself back on the grass.

"I want to kill Malfoy regardless of how the game turns out," Al added, sitting beside his cousin. "What is Rose thinking dating that prick?"

"He's not even attractive," Piper said.

"She's obviously not thinking," Louis grunted.

"Are you okay, Fruity?" Al asked, putting a hand on my knee and looking into my eyes. I shook my head back into reality and gave him a reassuring smile.

"You sure got mad," Piper said, glancing at me worriedly.

I glared into the distance, avoiding looking directly into anybody's eyes. "Nobody talks about my family like that."

I was relieved to stop talking when Mark and Achilles came running back with a basket of food in their hands. They started chatting animatedly, not knowing about the confrontation that just occurred. I tried to avoid his gaze, but I couldn't seem to escape the concerned look that Al was giving me.

Wooot! New chapter? Personally this is one of my favourites. What do you guys think? Leave a review! :D

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