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Beginning of another day by SexyDracoFan
Chapter 3 : Rush of emotions
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 Chapter 3

  [Hermione’s POV]

 Did Malfoy really change? If he did, then why did he give me that smirk? I’m going crazy; I’m actually talking to myself. Well, the war could do a lot to a person, take me for an example. I used to be afraid most of the time and I admit a little too cautious, but after the war I learned who knows what’s going to happen tomorrow so you should live today. Now I take risks often, but only ones I could handle. I went to bed and decided to talk to Ginny about it, as soon as possible. Since, tomorrow was the weekend, it would be perfect.

 {Next Morning}

 I did exactly what I thought about doing last night, invite Ginny over. It also, had been a while since I’ve talked to her.

“Wow Mi, so nice!!! You are so lucky to have a room to yourself.”

“I know, remember I told you about the Christmas dance at the prefects’ meeting; well you have to get ready with me.”

“Well of course, whose going to be doing your make-up.”

“Well, there was something I had to ask you.”


“Well, what do you think about Malfoy?”

 “Appearance or personality wise?”


 “He seems different, though he is still a hunk. Quidditch helped a lot. He got hotter than before, but not like Thomas did.”

“What do you mean not like Thomas; do you have a thing for him?”

“Okay, I do fancy him a little.”

 “You do know Harry is your boyfriend, right?”

 “I know, but I’m starting to see him as a brother just like Ron.”

“It doesn’t matter I’m happy for you Ginny, though don’t do anything stupid and regret it later on okay.”

“I’ll keep that in mind, so what were you saying about Malfoy?”

“Oh yeah, I think he’s changed and he wants to be friends.”

“So do you want to?”

 “Well I want to believe him, and to tell you the truth I do.”

 “Then go for it.”

“Thanks Ginny, I knew you wouldn’t judge me.”

 “Of course I won’t Mi, and thanks for listening to me.” She left and there it was decided I would give Malfoy another chance.  I went into the common room to find him sitting there reading a comic book of some sort.

“Hi Draco,” it was awkward saying his first name.

“Hey Gra…Hermione,” the awkwardness clearly evident in his voice.

“I was thinking about what you said… and you’re right, the past was the past and maybe we should move on.”

 “Exactly what I was thinking.”

“Okay then.”

“Okay then.” I raised my hand and we shook. Who would have thought that Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy could ever be friends? I contemplated the thought about telling Ron and Harry; I decided I probably should. They are my best friends and I would hate to have to hide things from then. They would get mad, maybe even furious, but would eventually come around… I hope. It wasn’t like he was her boyfriend or anything, wait…where did that come from? I had a pretty good idea where I would find them, and so I walked over to the Gryffindor common room and was planning out an approach. It had to be subtle and over everything else, easy enough so Ron could comprehend. Harry might understand, who was I kidding he’s his worst enemy and this won’t be as easy as I think it is. While I was thinking everything over, my feet stopped right in front of the common entrance. Well, that was quick; maybe I should take another round to be a little more prepared. That wasn’t going to happen, curfew would be in an half our and I was not risking my time. Who knew how much time it would take me in there.  “Red Phoenix” The lady opened the door and I had gathered up my confidence, but as soon as I saw Harry and Ron playing wizard chess, it has left as fast as it had come.

“Hey guys.” I almost whispered.

“Hey Mi.” They both answered in unison.

“Who’s winning?” this was my subtle approach.

“Seriously Mi, do you have to rub it in.” Harry asked disappointed.

“5-0” Ron chimed in.

“I have something to tell both of you.” They didn’t even look up, but maybe that would save me from looking at them.

“Draco and I are friends.”

I observed them, waiting for their reaction. Ron was red as his hair, but Harry looked at me with a blank expression. Both their heads shot up waiting for me to continue.

 “Well, since we share a common room, we decided to be civil. Then I noticed he wasn’t mean at all and that he never was against muggleborns. It was his father and he apologized, he was actually sincere.” Harry got up and walked over with what seemed like mixed emotions running through him.

“Hermione are you sure he doesn’t have a motive behind this, and not trying to use you.”

“Yes Harry, I know I even thought about that and what motive could he possibly have. Voldemort is dead, his father is in Azkaban, and all of Slytherin hate him except Blaise and Thomas. Also, he looked sincere and really did want to forget everything.”

“Well Hermione, he is a guy …and you are pretty are you sure he doesn’t want to…”

“I’m sure Harry.”

“Then Mi, I believe in your choice, and will TRY to act civil. Remember, if he dare hurts you in any way then he will deal with Harry Potter, the guy who destroyed Voldemort. ”

“Thank you that is all I wanted.”

Ron looked outraged he stormed over and started to yell.

“Mi, how could you be friends with that ferret! He called you that name for years.” Though, he was furious, I’m pretty stubborn myself.

“Ronald, the past is the past; and after the war things changed. Harry agreed to it, so why can’t you just trust me?” I was starting to calm down; I hated yelling even though it was necessary.

“We trust you Hermione, heck if we didn’t you would be crying in a bathroom somewhere alone. I don’t even know why we were even friends in the first place. Oh yeah I do, because are stupid enough to do  my homework for me. You are such a know-it-all, you have this bossy mother attitude, and nobody likes you. Heck, Harry even says stuff about you behind your back. The time I kissed you was out of pity. I thought we would die and you would have never known how it felt to kiss.  It was just a spur of the moment, come on  who could ever like you. Sometimes, I think you're worse than my mother, always telling us to do our homework or study or something.

That was the last straw and I was reaching for my wand. I’m pretty sure Ginny heard the noise and came down to check, hell I’m sure the Slytherins could here this and they were in the dungeons.. Harry and Gin didn’t even try to stop me because they knew one day his  stupid mouth would get him in trouble “Stupefy, and Ron flew back before he went unconscious I said a few words to him. “ I guess a weasel, could never be a friend.” I stormed out and I’m pretty sure I had a deathly aura coming from be because everyone was trying to get away. They knew not to mess with me when I was like this. I couldn’t believe the nerve of him, how dare he say that.

 I got to my common room and quickly said the password. Tears were threatening to fall, and I couldn’t stop them any longer. Hopefully, Draco wouldn’t be there, but I didn’t bother to check either.  My knees were giving out and I didn’t have it in me to make it to my room.  I just  collapsed onto the floor and just let the tears fall. I wasn’t crying  because of what he said about me,  though that did contributed a little, the part that hurt the most was the fact he said that the kiss we shared meant nothing. I had always had a  small crush on him, that I  didn’t tell anyone about, and that kiss was a spark of hope. He just threw me away, just like that. He pitied me; he pitied me that thought kept occurring back into my head. Suddenly, these warm, strong hands wrapped around me and I just let myself melt into them. I needed someone and this was the only person who even cared to see either if I was dead or alive. Now that I think about it a huge crowd had formed and was watching in amusement. When Ron mentioned that nobody liked me almost everyone’s heads went down. Only Harry, Ginny, and he were the only ones who actually talked to me. Everyone else just said hi and left. Those two only needed me when they wanted to copy my homework or wanted me to do it for them, well he did. Ginny seemed like the only one who did appreciate me. Maybe even Harry. “Hermione, do you want to talk about what happened?” Now, I identified the voice it was Draco. He was gently cradling me as if I was the most fragile thing in the world. “Ron” that was all I could get out of me, but it seemed like he understood because he was rushing toward the portrait. “No, stay, please.” I didn’t want him to go. He came back, and picked me up softly and put me on the couch. He sat next to me and he held onto me again. We stayed like that for a while, until I questioned why I was doing this. I’m not going to give Ron the satisfaction of seeing how he affected me. I slowly stood up and attempted to compose myself. “Thank you.” I walked toward my room and from behind I heard Draco call me. I couldn’t turn around because he already saw enough of weak Hermione. “If you need me, just call and I’ll be there for you.”

With his last words I went upstairs. I went to the mirror and just stood there looking at my appearance. The real reason I changed was because of Ron. I started to stop wearing the baggy clothing and into something fitting. I was actually, truthfully, trying to impress him. Not any more, now Hermione Jean Granger will live for no one, but herself. I don’t have to please anyone, and with this little argument I was starting to see who my true friends are. I heard a knock on the door. When I went to open it, it was Ginny.

“Mi are you okay.”

 “Ya, actually, I’m actually happy I have nothing to do with him.”

 “Well, Mi, when you left we decided we needed some sort of a distraction and we ended up choosing a game night.”

“I already told Draco all the details,” I gave her a questionable look. “ Hey if you believe in him so do I, remember that. Also, forget what my stupid-excuse for a brother said, because he is not invited.”

“Who will be there, I don’t want my bossiness to affect the people that hate me.”

“Mi, what did I say, and don’t worry  about it, it will only be Harry and I, you and Draco, The Patil twins, Luna and Neville, and Blaise and Thomas.”


“Wait, Blaise and Thomas?”

“Well, we don’t want Draco to feel awkward and this could help me maybe. Don’t worry, before I do anything with Thomas I will break up with Harry, okay.”

“Fine, thanks Gin.”

“Well, it will be in the Room of Requirements at 8:30 tonight.” Ginny left to get ready and I desperately needed a shower to cool myself down. I picked up all my toiletries and stepped in the bathroom. I filled the tub with warm water and added my favorite strawberry soap, it always did give me the right amount of bubbles. I got undressed and stepped in soaking in all the nutrients and just relaxing for once. For stopping my mind from wandering, I thought about the relationship between Draco and me. We had come pretty far from before. It went from hating each other for 6 years, to becoming friends. Just in the middle of my thoughts I heard the bathroom door open. I turned around and saw Draco in only a towel and he was coming in. I let out a gasp which made him look up and what seemed both awkwardness and embarrassment on his face. I was getting deeper into the water, which must be a clear sign to get out. He muttered “Sorry, Hermione,” and nearly ran out of the room. I was burning up and was red as one could get. I was terribly wrong, I thought the thought of him in a tight shirt was dreamy, but now, him without a shirt could make me explode. His chest was perfect, with or without a shirt, but I preferred without. Oh my gosh, I forgot, what did he see? I was exceptionally covered by the bubbles… right? My legs were out and so where my hands and neck. I’m just hoping that was the limit.

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