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Mischief Managed by Phoenix_Rayne
Chapter 2 : Two
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Chapter 2


Cries of my name echoed through the room as I entered.


I heard, “Rayne!” from Will, I assume; “Mummy!” from little Grace, of course; “Nyxie!” from two of my best friends, James and Remus; and one call warmed my heart immensely. “Sweetheart! Welcome home!” was my greeting from Mrs. Potter, or as Sirius and I call her, Mummy P, the woman who adopted me as her own daughter when I was little. James and I have also known each other for a long time, seeing as my dad and his were in the same year and house at Hogwarts, and were best friends, causing mischief together, and earning detentions as well. 


I was immediately engulfed in hugs, though I never felt Sirius’s hand leave mine. My eyes welled at the kindness I was being shown. I had forgotten what it felt like to feel loved and wanted.


“Did he do that to you?!” James’s outraged cry broke me from my reverie.

He looked apoplectic.


Grace ran up to me and lifted her short arms, hands grasping.


I picked her up, bending down and tucking one of her auburn curls behind her ears. She wrapped her legs around my waist and clasped her hands behind my neck, looking at me with her big violet eyes. 


“Do you want a feel better kiss?” she asked me in her two-year-old voice. She’d been talking fluently since she was about 18 months old.


“Always.” I told her.


It makes her feel better to kiss my “ouchies” as she calls them, so I let her. It makes her happy, because she wants to make me happy, and in a way it does, because when she’s happy, I’m happy.


She gave me her best I’m-adorable-like-that smile, dimples flashing and teeth shining, and then kissed the tip of my nose.


Almost instantly, I felt a tingly warm feeling in my face and heard audible gasps.


“What? What happened?” I asked, instantly concerned.


“She-she, she just…” Remus trailed off, staring in awe.


“She healed your face.” Sirius said bluntly, though I could still hear the wonder in his voice; I knew him too well not to.


“Amazing!” Mrs. Potter exclaimed.


“Did you do that baby girl?” I cooed at her.

She nodded in response, giving everyone a heart-stopping smile.


“How’d you do it, baby? Can you tell us?” I cooed at her again, still amazed at my sister, who I really thought of as my daughter.


She shrugged in response, saying, “I’m magic.”


“Of course you are, bear.” I murmured, kissing the tip of her nose.


She let out a peal of laughter that captivated all of us and hopped down from my arms, running to Sirius’s waiting ones.



He lifted her into the air and blew a raspberry on her stomach, making her giggle. She put a wet kiss on his cheek and let out another shriek of laughter as he spun her around, letting out his own bark-like laugh that suited him so well, beautiful grey eyes twinkling.




A loud crash echoed through the room as my house elf came into view, beating herself.


“Daisy, stop!” I said sharply.


She stopped so sudden that she looked like a statue, before wailing, “Missus said to Daisy to come back for Missus, but Mister Sirius said that he would! Daisy disobeyed! Daisy is a bad elf! Mister Nott hurt Missus because Daisy disobeyed!”


She resumed her previous activity of beating herself.


“Daisy! Stop punishing yourself!” I said, putting my hands on Daisy’s shoulders and kneeling on the floor. She looked at me gratefully.

 “You know that Sirius would have come for me anyway, and you know that you being there wouldn’t have stopped Seth.” She whimpered. I ignored her.

“I’m fine now. See? You’re a wonderful elf, my favorite, and you’re the last of the elves that my father had. I love you, and I don’t want you to hurt yourself over something you couldn’t have changed.”


Daisy looked at me with wide eyes, and then sobbed into my shirt, clinging to me.


“Missus is so kind! Daisy does not deserve her! So much like her father, poor Master!”


“Daisy, I need you to help Mrs. Potter’s elves, understand?”


She nodded, eyes still tearful, and snapped her fingers, disappearing.

I got up from my position on the floor and looked around. Mr. and Mrs. Potter were watching with what looked like pride and approval. James and Remus were watching in awe and admiration, and Sirius was holding Grace on his left hip, muttering something about his house elf not being nearly that devoted and saying that he wanted a refund. Will sat by James and Remus’s feet, an exact replica of my father.


Will had dark brown hair and green eyes. The same green color as mine, but a little different in shape. The color was a little darker than peridot, with swirls of gold and a dark blue ring around the outer edges of the iris. His dark hair was slightly wavy, not quite like Grace and my curls, but still wavy, and it was long enough to swing across his forehead.


Grace looked just like my mother. She had tight auburn ringlets to her mid-back, and deep purple eyes containing streaks of silver.


I sported loose barrel curls the same color as Grace’s, and the green eyes of my father and Will. I stood at 5’10”, and I only weighed 115 lbs, due to malnourishment. I had an athletic build, credited to James, a flat stomach credited to Quidditch, and nice curves, I can thank Mother Nature for that.


I walked across the room to Will. Kneeling in front of him, I asked, “What’s wrong?” He looked up at me.


“I wish I could keep him from hurting you. I wish Dad were alive. I wish that Mum wasn’t dead on the inside! I wish that I was young like Grace, and couldn’t remember what it was like before…” his voice broke.


“No, you don’t. You should be glad that you can remember; it reminds you that there is good out there, because you can remember.” I wrapped my arms around him. “She’s going to wish that she could remember too, you know.”


“But it’s not fair! I don’t want to have to go back! What about when you graduate? You might be able to take Grace with you, but who wants a nine-year-old?”


“I do. And you won’t have to go back.” I insisted.


“Easy for you to say.” he muttered darkly. “You’re almost seventeen. You don’t have to go.”


“Neither do you.” I insisted again. “I’m going to apply for custody when I graduate. Until then, you and Grace can live here. Mrs. Potter says she misses having children around, and Mr. Potter went to school with Daddy, they caused mischief together.”


He looked hopeful, but then whispered frantically, “But don’t you sometimes have to have someone, a guy, apply as the father figure with you?”


“Sometimes, but I doubt that will happen.” I told him.


“If it does,” Sirius interjected. “I’ll apply as your father figure. I could never let your sister lose you two.” He finished, gesturing to Will and then Grace, who was asleep in his arms.


“You don’t have-” I began, but he cut me off.


“I want to.”

The three simple words sounded so warm, I smiled just as warmly at him, then turned my attention to my brother.


“See? All taken care of.”

“What if Mum dies?” he asked.


“Then it’s even easier, though I hate to admit it. You automatically go to your eldest living direct blood relative, which is me.” I said, pointing to myself with my thumbs.


Mum was an only child, and my dad’s three other siblings and my grandparents were murdered by Voldemort about 10 years ago; though they didn’t know that it was Voldemort then.


“Good.” Will exhaled a breath of relief.



“I’ll show you to your rooms. You must be exhausted.” Mrs. Potter offered.


“Thanks, Mummy P.”

She winked at me.


The Potter mansion was huge. Much bigger than the outside charms let on. They didn’t let people see more than 3 floors from the outside, and it also didn’t let enemies in.

The house was really 6 floors, held three master suites, 15 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms on the 2nd, 4th, and 6th, floors, 16 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms on the 3rd and 5th, (because of the suites) and still had room for game rooms, and other fun stuff. The first floor held the grand master suite, (for Mr. and Mrs. P.)  two living rooms, a sunroom, a sitting room, the kitchen, a ball room, dining room, a less formal room they used for informal family dinners, and a huge screened porch, which had an excellent view of the large yard, which permitted full blown Quidditch games (The charms didn’t let the bludgers out of the barriers) and had another porch/patio area with an in-ground pool, the limits to what people on the outside could see. The house also had a basement, and an attic. The house elves slept in small rooms on the first floor, which they had personally hidden from view.


I followed Mrs. Potter upstairs to the second floor. She showed me to my room, even though I knew where it was by now, which had “Rayne ‘Nyxie’” engraved in loping letters into the wood. Mrs. Potter pretty much gave us free reign on the 2nd and 3rd floors.


“Grace has her own room available, if she wants it.” Mrs. Potter said, pointing to the next door down. My room was the 3rd on the right. James’s room was across the hall, one door on the left in between each door on the right. Will’s room was across the hall and to the left. His door already had his name on it. Sirius was one door to the right of James’s and Remus’s was one more down in the same direction. Their doors each said, respectively, “James ‘Prongs’”, “Sirius ‘Padfoot’”, and “Remus ‘Moony’”. I knew that Peter’s room was somewhere on this floor, but I forgot where. I’m not sure if his name is on it, he hardly ever comes over anymore. He’s been acting strange lately.


“Rayne?” Mrs. Potter’s voice brought me from my thoughts. Sirius was still holding Grace, and Will was looking at his room with interest.


“Oh, sorry. She’ll want to stay with me, I expect. She has her whole life.”


“Alright then, dear. I’ll let you sleep. It’s been a trying day.” And with a kiss on my right cheek, she left us.


“I love that woman.’ Sirius said.


I grinned. “Think she’d mind if I started calling her Mum?”


“Nahhh. I already do.”

We shared a laugh.


“I can take her, if you’d like.” I offered, gesturing to my sleeping sister in Sirius’s arms.


“Nahh, it’s all good.” He replied. “Want to see your room?”


I sighed deeply, content. “Home.”


Sirius grinned at me and opened my door. My walls were a soft gold color, accented with pale purple curtains. My name was on the wall in the same purple, spelled with wooden block letters. It started at the left up high, and sloped at a diagonal down to the right. The room was huge, with pale white carpet and the smell of vanilla and lavender drifting through the air. There was a mahogany wardrobe, as well as a walk in closet and my own bathroom. My eyes traveled to the king sized bed in front of me. It had four posts, and transparent lavender curtain/veils as well as an all too inviting gold comforter on the bed, with gold pillows, and one purple decorative pillow.


Sirius automatically went to get Grace’s pajamas from her trunk, setting her on the bed; he pulled them out, and then paused. “I can do this while you change.”


“Thanks, Siri.” I pecked him on the cheek before going to the bathroom to change. I looked in the mirror. The person in front of me looked much thinner and malnourished. It was nothing Mrs. Potter’s cooking couldn’t fix. I went to brush through some of my tangles, but gave up and succumbed to the large and inviting shower to my left. (You turned right to get to the bathroom from the bedroom.) When did my hair become so lank and limp? Ugh.


After shaving my legs and underarms, shampooing, conditioning, and washing, twice, I got out, brushed my hair and teeth, and changed into my plaid fuzzy purple and silver pajama bottoms and Sirius’s shirt. Yeah, I know, it’s kind of creepy, but it was the one that he gave me that one night. Can you blame me? It was comforting, and smelled good. And in a house with little to know comfort that reeks of pureblood mania, you hold on to the little comfort that you have.


When I entered the room, Sirius was sitting cross-legged on my bed, holding Grace, who seemed to be clinging to him like a lifeline, clad in only his green pajama bottoms.


“Hey.” he said. “Enjoy you’re shower?”


I nodded, somewhat numbly.


He carefully maneuvered Grace so that she was lying on the bed, sucking her thumb, and stood.


“Come here,” he said, opening his arms to me.


I didn’t hesitate. I immediately wrapped my arms around him, hot tears coursing down my face. I breathed in his scent, marveling at how hard and muscular his body was, yet his arms so gentle and comforting as they stroked my arms and back.

I told him what Seth had done to me, and that I never wanted to go back, and then what occurred on the front doorstep.


“I know.” he said.


I looked up at him with a questioning look on my face.


“I saw.” he explained. His face contorted to a look of rage and disgust, not at me, but at what my stepfather had done.


I nodded my head in understanding.


“I don’t want to lose them.” I said. “Them” being Will and Grace.


“You won’t. And you never have to go back.”


“Thank you.” I whispered into him.


He looked down at me, towering 8 inches over me, and started to lean down, I tilted my face up, and just as my eyelids started to flutter closed, Grace whimpered, and we quickly pulled away from each other. Grace started crying then, and Sirius strode over and picked her up. Her crying subsided, and she nuzzled her face into his neck, murmuring, “Daddy.” Shock claimed his face for a moment, and then it changed to a broad grin, and finally his trademark smirk that I love so much, but would never tell him.


“You know, I like the way that sounds.”


I laughed, a tinkling sound, yet dangerously contagious. Sometimes, I would even snort. You have to admit though; our kids would have the best laughs. Whoa, did I just say, “our kids”? What’s wrong with me?


When we calmed down, Sirius stood.


“I’ll let you sleep.”


“No. Stay.” I said.


He looked at me with- was that hope in his eyes?


“Well if you insist.” He muttered.


I rolled my eyes, pulling back the covers on the right side of the bed, my side.

“Shut up.” I teased. “Besides, I don’t think Gracie there would last long without you.” I sniffed with mock disdain.


As soon as he climbed in on the left, Grace, who was sleeping in the middle, immediately latched on to Sirius again.


“You’re right. I may have to stay forever.”


“Well if you insist.” I sniffed at him again, turning his words back at him.


He gave me a look, and it was so indescribably hilarious- a mixture of “I cannot believe you just did that”, trying not to laugh, and “Uh bitch please”- and in his eyes, the twinkle from all the innuendos that he could make from that, that I couldn’t resist; I grinned roguishly at him, and he waggled his eyebrows at me. I snorted, and he laughed, and we dissolved into laughter until we calmed ourselves- again.


He wrapped his arms around both Grace, and me, and we quickly fell asleep.


Around midnight that night, two boys peeked through the door. One, with amazingly and impossibly messy jet-black hair, round glasses, and hazel eyes, and the other with sandy blonde-brown hair and amber eyes.


 The black-haired boy said to the sandy-haired, grinning, “Well Moony, I do believe you owe me 5 Galleons.”


“Shut up, Prongs.” The second boy said as he handed over the money, grinning despite himself.


They departed the room, inhabitants unaware of the intrusion at all, and checked on Will, who was sleeping soundly in his blue and silver room, before heading to bed themselves.


A/N: 2nd chapter is up! You like? J

So their rooms down the hall go:


(I hope I didn’t confuse anyone with that, sorry if I did. Feel free to ask for any clarification on anything!)






                        Lily (To Be)           














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