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Deceivingly Angelic by darkkid
Chapter 1 : One
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Author's Note This isn't an era I'm used to writing, but I hope I understand it enough to get all the facts correct!

Thanks for choosing my story to read! And thanks, also, if you leave a review! I hope my story is enjoyable!

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Chapter One


September 1st, 1996

Hogwarts is different this year. Not just the castle itself, but the students and the teachers.
If I was being honest with myself, I would admit that I enjoyed the darkness of the halls. I liked the feel of fear soaking through each student’s skin. I was amused by the nerves and absurd twitchiness of my peers. If I was being honest with myself, I would admit that I had changed a lot over the summer.
But I’m not an honest person.


I awoke with a start. Without even moving I knew I had overslept. Two weeks into term and I still had not grown accustomed to morning classes, rushed lunches, and boisterous suppers. I was constantly behind my normal schedule, but for the first time in my life my sluggishness didn‘t phase me.

I forced myself to roll out of bed and commence my morning routine. Five minutes later I was wearing mismatched socks, blonde bits of hair spilled into my line of sight, and my eyelids were still drooping with exhaustion, but I was equipped for class nonetheless.

The halls were deserted, as usual, as I made my way to class. Wandering the halls alone before or in between classes was now known as risky behavior, so it was no doubt that classes had already begun. Often times I was unable to avoid being alone; mainly because I was unable to match myself up to an efficient schedule, but also because I had little to no friends. My sleeping habits and rushed agenda left me little time to socialize.

I was just rounding a corner when someone caught my eye. He was tall and gangly, yet sharp and exceedingly handsome at the same time. And it appeared to me that he was ditching class. He was closing Professor Binns’ door slowly and quietly in an attempt to not draw attention to his departure. He sighed when the door was completely shut and began to walk away.

He stopped momentarily when he noticed me at the end of the hall. He narrowed his eyes, flung his bag over his shoulder, and stalked away without a word.

I watched as he rushed down the hall and descended the staircase in a flurry. I was a bit astounded at the boy’s audacity to be so rude to someone he didn’t even know, but I was in too much of a hurry to care. I was nearly fifteen minutes late for Charms and I knew Professor Flitwick would not be so forgiving this time. I began to sprint and within a minute I was coming to a halt in front of the classroom door, out of breath and hot.

I slowly pushed open the door and shuffled in. I was very thankful to find students out of their desks and experimenting a new charm that the Professor had been teaching throughout the previous week. Flitwick had his back to me, observing a pair of students as they attempted to manipulate objects. I settled into my normal area quietly.


I looked to my left to find Luna Lovegood staring serenely at me. “Excuse me?”

“They’ve been in our dorm,” she continued. “That’s why you woke up so late. They make your brain go fuzzy.”

I nodded my head. “Yeah, that’s probably what happened.” Everyone in the Ravenclaw tower had grown used to Luna’s absurd ramblings, and often chose not to question her thoughts. I actually sometimes enjoyed listening to her. Sometimes. “So,” I said quickly, “What are we doing today?”

Luna cleared her throat and pointed her wand to a book sitting in front of her. “Engorgio.” I watched as light flooded from the end of her wand and the book was suddenly twice its size. “Growing charms,” she said.

“En-gore-gee-oh,” I said slowly. “Simple enough.” I grabbed a book and placed it on the table in front of me. “Engorgio!”

Light emerged from the tip of my wand, just as what happened to Luna’s, and in a blink of an eye the desk began to grow.

“Uh-oh,” I whispered as the desk grew to be several inches taller than me.

“Miss Motus,” Professor Flitwick squeaked. Several stifled laughs and chuckles could be heard from my peers. I felt my face go hot as I turned to face the Professor.

“Sorry?” I shrugged my shoulders, attempting to give off the impression that I was a young and innocent little girl.

It seemed to work. Professor Flitwick muttered an incantation and the desk returned to its normal size. “Perhaps you should just practice your aim for now.”


I stumbled into an open seat beside Luna at the Ravenclaw table for supper.

“Care for some pudding, Angel?” Luna asked while piling the gooey substance onto her own plate. “It’s actually quite good for colon health.”

“No thanks.” I stifled a yawn as I reached for a plate of fish.

“Would you like me to get rid of them?” Luna asked, staring dazedly at my head. I raised my eyebrow and gazed back at her in silence. “The wrackspurts,” she continued. “They’re just floating away up there.”

“I- Uhm- Does it hurt?”

Her eyes seemed to light up as she thought. “Probably,” she finally said.

“No,” I said quickly. “No I think I’m okay.” Luna shrugged her shoulders and began digging in to her pudding. I, too, began nibbling at my plate of fish.

The Great Hall began to grow louder and more rowdy as students piled into the room for supper. I was surprised to find myself irritable at the consistent noises, and soon gave up on trying to enjoy my meal and left for the common room. I gathered my items in a haste and fled from the Hall before Luna could offer me any more help with my supposed wrackspurt problem.

I was just exiting through the doors when I suddenly felt a heavy object hit my head and an odd burst of pain through my forehead. And then, without warning, I fell backward and landed harshly on my backside. I moaned and grabbed for my head, trying to see what I had walked into. My eyesight was blurred with pain, but I just witnessed the shape of a lanky boy sprinting up the staircase.

“An apology would be nice!” I yelled out after him, pushing myself up from the ground with one hand, my other being used to rub the tender spot on my forehead.

He stopped momentarily in his spot, but then took off again with no words.

I felt my mouth gap open. I’ve never met someone so rude! I was sure it was the boy from before. Not only did he have the same appearance, but he had the same barbaric attitude.

I sighed bitterly and gathered my items.

“Jerk,” I muttered under my breath. “Jerk. Jerk. Jerk.”

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Deceivingly Angelic: One


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