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It Was Supposed to Be... by Sairahi
Chapter 4 : The real question here is how does Ron knows her?
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A/N Thanks for choosing my fic. It has been edited for POV. I hope you enjoy reading my story. Please let me know what you think or if I missed anything. Lot's of love to you all & and thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading my fic.

 *again edited 9/12



                                        **chapter 4***

            Hermione ended up at the local pub after walking around mindlessly for about an hour or so. She ordered a double vodka and soda with a twist lemon then downed it immediately. Just as she finished it she saw him; one of the guys from last night, wearing the same long black jacket and dark baggy jeans as the night before. It must have been the alcohol, because Hermione walked right up to him; slipping her wedding ring to other hand in the process of making her way across the dimly light pub. Hermione was going to take things into her own hands; feeling her Gryffindor spirit rise up in her. If no one was going to let her in on what was going on, then damn-it she will find out on her own.

            Hermione walked right over to where the man was. He was sitting at a wooden table that was built into the eastern wall of the pub; tucked in a corner of a wooden booth with a cigarette in his hand and a mischievous look on his face. He raised an eye brow at her as she walked up to him; the look that he gave her made Hermione swallow hard.


“Hi! Your new around here aren’t you?” – A small smile danced on Hermione’s lips and flicked her hair over her shoulder.


“Yes, I am. Thanks for noticing. The name is Justice; if you were wondering?”


Hermione was taken aback by his American accent, she wasn’t expecting it.


            “What are you doing so far from home?” - Hermione tried to sound coy and took a seat across from him at his booth.


“Aha, I keep forgetting that my accent is a dead giveaway in these parts; New York.” He put out his cigarette in an octagon ashtray.


It was his eyes that kept her attention; a deep emerald glowing green.


“Would you like a smoke?” He asked as he pulled out another one for himself and lit it.


Hermione shook her head; no.


“What about a drink then? He waved the waitress over and asked for another one for himself then said “Whatever the lady wants.” throwing a look towards Hermione with an added smile.


“By, the way what’s your name?” he asked while taking a pull from his cigarette.


“Oh... It’s Hermione.”-she said with a quiver in her voice “A vodka and soda with lemon, please” She then told the waitress then looked away from both of their stares.


“Shakespeare?” he questioned and she nodded a little yes to.


“What a beautiful necklace you are wearing” he stated while they were waiting for the waitress to come back with the drinks.


“Oh, thanks it was a present that I got from some friends a few years back.”


“It’s so unusual. I know it’s a rune; but, what does it mean?” The man asked with  a questioning look on his face.


“It means bliss.” Hermione held out the necklace' so he could have a better look at it; and,was little surprised that he knew about runes.


            While they waited for their drinks, some small talk was shared, but she couldn’t get any info out of him besides; his name, he was American, and was here for “business.”


            Once the drinks were finished the man stood up suddenly to excuse himself. He told her that it was nice talking with her before rushing out. Hermione sat there confused for a moment. She was about to stand up to leave when Draco sat down across from her where Justice had been sitting. Draco looked angrily.


“What were you doing talking to him?” he asked with his arms folded across his chest.


“Well, if you really want to know he was one of the men that was outside my house last night.”


“Did you tell him who you were?” – Draco started to sound heated


“My name only; I was only trying to see if I could get any info about him. But I only got his name was Justice and he is an American. Why does it even matter? Why do you know him?”

 “Come with me, let’s get out of here.” Draco grabbed her arm and led her out of the bar.

               They walked for quite a few minutes in silence. The night air was cool and felt good on Hermione’s face. It brought a calm feeling over her tense nerves. She was happy just to be with him again and looking at him. The thoughts of him hadn’t left her thoughts since they parted last “how finally I had met my intellectual match, how I felt challenge and more alive than before.

          They came to the boardwalk and walked south for a few minutes, until they found a bench where they could see the waves crashing on the beach and was out of sight from the house the lined the beach. The wind kicked up a bit; but it didn’t cause any bother. The sky was full of stars twinkling to their own tune. Hermione broke the silence by pointing out the North Star; then the big dipper, trying to keep him from talking. Because, she knew she was in trouble, but still didn’t understand why.

  “Hermione, why did you go up to him?” Draco was doing his best to keep his temper in check until he had a real reason to be mad.

  "Um...I… I don’t know, I just wanted answers and I knew he had them? Ron isn’t telling me anything nor are you.” – Hermione kept her head down; trying not to let my emotions get the better of her.


“Do you know what he is?” – Draco took her hand and placed it in his.


“No.” - Hermione nodded then looked up at him for the first time.


“Justice is a watcher.”

“You know him? A watcher; what is that?” Hermione started to feel a little scared because she haven’t heard of one of those nor have she ever read about them in any of her books before.

  “He works for the American Council.” Draco slight choked as the sentence came out. “Ron must be in deeper than I thought; I knew the Americans were involved but didn’t realize Justice was.”

“Draco, please what going on? He is my husband after all. I do have a right to know.” Hermione demanded

  “Fine, alright; there is an investigation within the ministry. Ron is involved in it and I am supposed to be working on the case. I still don’t know all the details yet. All I know is it’s bad and you are in danger. He has done business with dangerous people; dark wizards.”


Hermione turned her back, refusing to look at him in that moment when she was sick with worry about the man who she was supposed to love.

 “Why is this happening? Ron would never do anything like that and you know it.
He has always worked his whole life to put dark wizards away and to send them to Azkaban.” She wiped lose tear from her face, and kept her back to him. “And anyway, what the fuck is going on here with us; I mean?” Hermione pointed back and forth between them both when she turned to face him again.

 “Well,” Draco answered in that cool drawl of his while he put his hand on her shoulder to keep her turning her back on him again. “This, I didn’t expect.” he began nervously “When I saw you at that manky coffee shop; I was there just to warn you and maybe to help you. But, then it made sense; why I felt that I needed to help you. Not that I owed you, but I realized that there might be more then gratitude towards you. That’s why I always paid attention to you back at school; granted it wasn’t good attention, but still nonetheless. Then, when I saw you and you didn’t dismiss me. Like I wanted you to; you were willing to hear me, then touch me, then….. I don’t know it just felt right.” Draco looked up towards the heavens.

“I know it’s wrong, you’re married. But, Hermione you can’t tell me you don’t feel it too. I can’t keep you out of my thoughts since the other night; no matter how much I tried. In the moonlight you just looked so beautiful and I… I… I  just wanted you so much. But I needed to make sure that I was ready; that you were ready.”

  “What do you mean by that; if you were ready?”  Hermione was at a complete loss. “You said something like that at the lighthouse when you trailed off? What happen to you after the war, Draco?”

              Hermione could see the pain in his eyes, and watched a tear fell down his cheek that she tried to wiped. She brought up her other hand to the other side of his face to try to make him turn his head to look at her. When their eyes met; she now knew what was going to happen next, but more importantly; she knew she wanted it, and at that precise moment she cut through the shield of electrical energy between them and sealed his lips against mine.  All her energy and focus were at the man in front of her and the moment; a man who until a few weeks ago she had forgotten all about; a man whom she hated; a man that she didn’t care if he even existed. She let him pull her closer to deepen the kiss; making Hermione’s whole body tingle in anticipation.

              Their first kiss just a kiss; soft and gentle. She felt him open his mouth and tickled her bottom lip with his tongue, but was she was afraid of his kiss. It was step that she wasn’t sure she was able to take. Hermione pulled back, but the look in his eyes awaken, her soul. She pulled his face to her; to kiss; a kiss like she had never have known before. His kiss had passion, rage, and it was a sensation completely unknown to until now. His mouth was hard and demanding, but soft and inviting; starting a fire that burned through her with an intensity that made shiver run down her spine.

            It felt like their bodies had known each other forever; her hands pulled his face closer, her fingers entwining in his soft hair while their bodies seemed to be acting on their own accord; within their own plans of action, unknown by their minds. Hermione fulfilled her dreams of touching his muscular chest. She wrapped her arms around him with a strong sense of belonging. Hermione didn’t think she had ever felt like this in her entire life. She had never ever felt this wanted before. She just wished to feel his warm skin against hers own forever, letting her instincts take complete control. A few minutes of snogging like teenagers as if they were back at school; they both pulled apart from each other breathing hard and fast.


When suddenly they heard that familiar popping sound not far from where they were standing; they got to their feet and ran down to beach further out of sight. It was then Hermione saw her.

 “Draco, that’s the girl I saw with Ron.” She whispered and point through the dune grass

 "What girl?” Draco looked puzzled.

“That night at the light house; I barely mentioned it, but at the time I didn’t want to elaborate. I was scared and I didn’t want to believe what I saw.”


“ Her? You saw that girl? Where did you see her?” – Draco gripped her arm a little harder and pulled them further from sight.


            Hermione began to tell him about that day when she saw Ron with that girl. Draco put his hand in hers for a slight bit of comfort and told her to hold on. The next thing she knew they aparated and were back at his B&B.


“Draco. Why did we leave like that?” Hermione thought how much she really wanted to know what was up with that girl. Now, twice she popped in to her life; first with her husband and now in front of Draco. Did he know her too? What is going on? she thought to herself.


             The room that Draco was staying in was a spectacular room of blue and yellow fleur de les wall paper, white trim encircling the walls and windows, white roses in a blue milk glass vase on a Tudor table that sat under a French window and a huge four poster bed in the middle of the room. It reminded Hermione of the ones that they use to have back at school, but much bigger.  Just then Draco pulled her into his arms.


 “You saw that girl earlier with Ron?” he questioned breathlessly to her.

  She nodded not wanting her emotions leak out through her voice.

“How do you know Sari?” Draco face said more than anything that could come out of his mouth.


“So, that’s her name?” Hermione said through pursed lips; putting a name to a face felt right.

  “How do you know her? That’s the real question here?” Hermione started for the door, but he grabbed her hand.


“No, the real question here is how Ron knows her?” The way Draco looked worried her.


“I know her from a very long time ago. All I can say is that she is trouble; big trouble. Did you really see her earlier with Ron? That’s the girl?” There was obvious apprehension in his voice.

  “Yes why?” Hermione repeated “Who is she? Is Ron in trouble?”

  “All I know is that she isn’t good news. She has very some very dark friend’s and is one of the nastiest witches that I have ever known. She had a way of being a little drastic.”

  Draco let go of Hermione and took a seat on the bed then put his head in his hands and rubbed his temples. Hermione sat next to him; not knowing what to do or think. He looked up at her, then stood up and started towards the door. Hermione followed after him and then through it. Draco walked her home, kissed her hand and aparated away to deal with the new information and not wanting to taint the moment.


          Hermione went inside and found that Ron wasn’t there; so, she went upstairs, washed her face, put on a t-shirt, crawled in to bed and just laid there till she fell asleep with the details of the night spiraling out of control in her head.


“What was going on?” was her mantra as her eyelids got heavy and fell into a dreamless sleep.

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