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A Tangle of Fiery Hair by LunaLooneyLovegood
Chapter 1 : Ginny vs. Depression
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Time after time I think “Oh lord, what’s the use?”

Time after time I think it’s just no good

Sooner or later in life, the things you love you lose

But you’ve got the love I need to see me through

-Florence + the Machine, You’ve got the love

One month.

One month since so many have died. Remus, Tonks, Fred… Fred. One month, Ginny Weasley, sat in her room at the burrow, refusing to leave. Hermione, Ron and Harry were there, but none of them seemed to be depressed like her. Then again she hadn’t really taken a good look at Harry in about a month. Mum was depressed though, she sat in her room all day, just crying. Dad was at the Ministry, working almost all hours of the day, so his state could not be determined. George was apparently worse than Ginny and Mum for about two weeks, but was much better now, he had good days and bad days. According to Hermione.

 Things at the burrow had been pretty gloomy lately. Hermione would come up and talk to Ginny for a while, she never said anything in return. Hermione knew that was how she liked it, just the reassurance that someone was there. Sometimes Ginny would look out the window and see Harry and Ron playing Quidditch, she thought about joining them, but just never had the energy, physically or mentally.

The funeral for Fred, Remus, Tonks, and the rest who lost their lives in the war would be held in a few weeks. George, Dad, Ron, Bill, Charlie, and Percy were speaking on Fred’s behalf, Harry would be speaking on Remus’ behalf, and Harry, Ron, and Hermione were going to make a big speech at the end to the families and friends of those who lost their lives in the battle. Ginny didn’t even know if she could face the funeral, see her big brothers dead body a second time, that smile permanently etched on his face. She pushed the image away from her mind.

It was 8:37 in the morning. She’d been up for at least an hour, just laying in bed staring up at the ceiling. Today is the day. she thought. Today I am going to get out of bed and face the world. she was almost proud of herself.

Ginny: 1. Depression: 0.

 She cocked her head to the side and saw Hermione sleeping on her bed across from her. Hermione’s hair was even messier than usual that morning, she was snoring slightly, and Crookshanks was curled up on her stomach in a deep sleep. Ginny desperately wanted to wake Hermione to tell her the news, so she threw Bertie Bot’s every flavoured beans in her hair. Hermione’s freckled nose twitched and she lifted her head inches from the pillow.

“Hmm… w-what time is it?” she said yawning.

“Eight thirty, I’m sorry, I know it’s rather early.” Ginny said grinning from ear to ear. Hermione sat straight up, making Crookshanks jump and hiss, she beamed back at Ginny.

“You’re talking!” she exclaimed “And smiling!” that made Ginny feel even better.

Ginny: 2. Depression: 0.

“Come on,” she said getting up out of bed “Let’s wake Ron and Harry and make some breakfast. I’ve been up nearly an hour, I’m starving!” Hermione followed closely behind as Ginny slowly pushed open the door to Ron and Harry’s room. She looked over at Harry; he usually looked so terrified when he slept, but he looked peaceful now. Hermione sat on the side of Ron’s bed, then lay down on top of him, using her elbows to stay elevated above him, and kissed him gently on the lips. Ginny suddenly felt very alone.

Ginny: 2. Depression: 1.

 Ron opened his eyes and saw Hermione, batting her eyelids at him.

“Well this is a nice surprise.” said Ron, leaning in to kiss her more.  Ginny pretended to throw up in her hands.

“Blech!” she said “Get a room!” Ron sat up in surprise, hitting his forehead against Hermione’s. Ginny couldn’t help it, she burst out laughing and woke up Harry.

“Whasofunny?” Harry asked still half asleep.

“Bloody hell Ginny!” Ron cried “You can’t just come barging into people’s rooms like that!”

“I’ve been here the whole time!” Ginny said, now aggravated and wishing she had never decided to get out of bed in the first place.

Ginny: 2. Depression: 2

 Ron was about to retort but Harry interrupted him.

“Hey,” he said surprised “you’re out of bed, and talking!” Ginny suddenly felt much better, she beamed at him.

Ginny: 3. Depression: 2

“Yes, I am!” She said proudly “And I thought we could celebrate by making breakfast… we haven’t had much to celebrate lately…” she added sadly. Ron stuck his tongue out, ignoring the second part of the sentence.

“But that takes too much work.” He whined

“Yeah,” agreed Harry “why don’t we go to diagon alley and get breakfast at the Leaky cauldron?” he suggested. Ginny bit her lip and looked at the floor.

“I don’t have a lot of money on me…” she said quietly

“My treat!” he said and grinned up at Ginny. She smiled back and they sat there looking into each other’s eyes for half a second, then both blushed bright red and looked away.

“Well,” said Hermione breaking the ice “I think that sound like a lovely idea! Ginny and I will go get ready and meet you down stairs in an hour.”

“What the bloody hell do you need an hour for?” Ron asked

“We’re girls,” Ginny explained, “We look fine now, but in an hour we’ll look gorgeous!”

“I think you already look beautiful.” Said Ron brushing Hermione’s cheek with his hand. She giggled and they left the room.  Ginny locked the door behind them and collapsed on her bed.

“I knew I shouldn’t have gotten out of bed this morning.” she said into her pillow. Hermione sat on the bed next to Ginny and stroked her hair.

“This is about Harry, isn’t it?” she asked knowingly. Sometimes, Ginny hated the fact that Hermione knew everything. “Tell me what’s wrong.”

“It’s just confusing,” Ginny began spilling my guts “you know? We kissed a year ago on Harry’s birthday. When we were so rudely interrupted.” She added crossly glaring at Hermione for the time when she and Ron walked in on Harry and her snogging. “And since then it hasn’t happened again, nor have we talked about it. And I still lo-I mean- like him.” She corrected myself quickly, but Hermione still knew what Ginny had meant to say.

“Look,” Hermione said, “this is what I think; yes, I love you and Harry as a couple. But, I really think you should just wait this one out.” Ginny rolled over and groaned into her pillow.

Ginny: 3. Depression: 3.

 “I’m going to go take a shower.” she announced,

“Thank god!” cried Hermione, “You were beginning to reek of-” Ginny gave her a look that said ‘I got out of bed this morning and I can go right back!’ “flowers and butterflies.” She finished quickly.

“Nice save.” Ginny said stepping out of the room, but then Hermione poked her head through the doorway. “He loves you too.” She said and went back into the bedroom. Ginny smiled hoping that no one had seen her.

Ginny: 4. Depression: 3.


Now that Ginny was clean, she had to decide what to wear. Colours seemed too happy, black seemed to be the only appropriate option. So she put on a black, torn, ‘Weird Sisters’ tee shirt, with ripped white jeans. she looked pretty badass, (if she does say so herself) like some rocker chick. Then she put on some make up and went downstairs with Hermione, who had decided to wear a purple tank top and a black skirt. Stop thinking about clothes Ginny! She told herself sternly. There are more important things at hand!

Ron’s jaw dropped when he saw his baby sister, dressed like she was.

“Go upstairs and change right now!!” he demanded. Ginny was furious, this was her first good day in a month and he was reprimanding her like I was a first year!

Ginny: 4. Depression: 4

“NO!” she exclaimed. Harry and Hermione backed up so as not to be in the line of fire. “You can’t tell me what to do, you’re not my father!”

“Well, dad is out, mum is in bed, and none of our other brothers are here, so I’m in charge! Now go change you look like a hooker!”

Ginny: 4. Depression: 5.

“You jerk!”


Ginny: 4. Depression: 6.

“Stupid bastard!” tears rose in her eyes.

“Bit-” she ran at him before he could finish, wand in hand.

“Protego!” cried Hermione. Suddenly there was an invisible wall between Ron and Ginny. Ginny ran straight into it, attempting to attack Ron, bounced back at least five feet and landed on her face.

“SCREW THIS!” She screamed at the top of her lungs “I’m going back to bed!” she began to march up the stairs.

Ginny: 4. Depression: 7.

“Harry, Ron, turn around.” demanded Hermione, they obeyed not wanting to get in her line of fire as well.

“What are you do-” Ginny started but didn’t have time to finish.

“Levicorpus!” yelled Hermione, suddenly Ginny was hoisted into the air by her ankle, her shirt fell over my head and hung around her neck limply, exposing more than she would like any boy to see, even Harry.

“Shit!” she yelled in surprise. Now Hermione’s demand became very clear as to why. Ginny tucked her shirt into her Jeans so she was covered, but still struggled to get out, her wand had fallen to the floor.

Ginny: 4. Depression: 8.

“Bloody hell Hermione, let me go right fucking now!” Ginny cried in frustration

“You can turn back around now,” said Hermione ignoring Ginny’s fit, “Harry, get Ron.”

“Wait, what?” Ron tried to say, but was soon hoisted up into the air like Ginny.

Ginny: 5. Depression: 8.

“Now,” said Hermione pacing back and forth across the room, with an attitude much like one of Professor McGonagall when she was punishing someone. “the two of you are going to be polite and kind to each other for the rest of the day.” She was now tapping her wand against the palm of her hand like she was going to smack someone with it. Preferably not me. Ginny thought to herself. “We have all been pretty depressed lately, especially Ginny and Harry, and this is looking like a good day for the both of you. I do not want this good day to be ruined by bickering and the two of you arguing like children!” she glared at Ginny and Ron. Ginny hadn’t realized that Harry was depressed as well, it made sense looking back.

And how could she judge his state of emotion, she had been locked away in her room all this time, Hermione had been cooking and dropping in to talk to her, and Ron was constantly checking in on her. Harry was never in sight unless he was playing Quidditch. Then she realized he never seemed very happy when he was playing. “We’re going to let you go and the two of you are going to hug and make up.” demanded Hermione even more sternly, her and Harry dropped Ginny and Ron and Hermione removed the Shield charm.

“Sorry.” Ron and Ginny mumbled simultaneously.

“Now hug!” demanded Hermione, they obeyed, giving each other a one armed hug.

“Blimey Hermione,” said Ron walking up to her, “you would make a bloody good teacher.” Hermione blushed and he kissed her on the cheek. Kiss ass.

“Anyway,” said Hermione, still blushed, and straightening her shirt. “I think we should use the floo network, today, I just don’t have the energy this morning to apparate. Ron, can you leave a note for your mum?” he obeyed and scribbled down a quick note, as if she would read it. Then one by one, they stepped through the fire place into Diagon Alley. Ginny nearly tripped getting out but Harry caught her, making her heart soar.

Ginny: 6. Depression: 8.

 Harry suddenly blushed and let go of her. He actually kind of pushed her…

“Well,” Harry said quickly “Should we go get some breakfast?” Harry and Ginny walked in silence, while Hermione and Ron were holding hands and laughing together at little inside jokes. This only made Ginny feel more alone. The leaky cauldron was particularly empty that day. Then Ginny remembered that it was Sunday and no one was up this early.

“Oi, you lot!” they all spun around to see Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood sitting together. Neville had a huge grin on his face but Luna still had her usually dreamy expression.

“Luna, Neville!” Ginny shrieked running up to hug her friends, followed by Hermione.

Ginny: 7. Depression: 8. Harry and Ron gave Neville a friendly slap on the shoulder. Boys just won’t hug each other. Ginny thought to herself.

“How is your summer so far?” asked Hermione politely.

“My summer’s been fine, Neville’s been writing to me quite a bit, and we decided to meet up today.” Explained Luna, Neville looked down at the floor in embarrassment, his face bright red.

“Ah, Neville,” said Harry putting a hand on his shoulder “You’ve become a man!” they all broke out in laughter, while Luna looked very confused.

“Oh, Luna!” Ginny said through giggles “If only you knew!”

“I want to know!” said Luna pouting like a child

“We’ll leave you two alone.” Said Hermione, grinning and giving Neville a thumbs-up.

“Good luck lovebirds!” called Ron

“What on earth is he talking about?” Luna asked “Lovebirds only come to Britain in the spring.” Luna continued to give Neville a lesson on lovebirds while Neville just looked into her eyes with such love and longing. Everyone seemed to be happy and in love except for Ginny!

Ginny: 7. Depression: 9.

If I see another happy couple I’m going to throw up! Then Hermione found a table (which wasn’t very hard considering there were only four of them the pub was practically empty.) Ginny had a headache and needed a drink, but she wouldn’t be 17 for a few weeks now, so she would have to settle for a coffee. A grumpy looking waitress brought over some menus then walked away wordlessly.

“Chocolate chip pancakes.” Ginny said without looking at a menu.

“Oooh! That sounds yummy!” said Hermione, the waitress came back and they all ordered breakfast, made chitchat over Quidditch and school coming up in September, Harry paid and they left. As they walked out of the pub Hermione got on tiptoe and whispered something in Ron’s ear. His face lit up, and he suddenly became very flustered.

“We have to. . .umm… go somewhere… so um..” Ron couldn’t even finish a proper sentence.

“We’ll meet you at George’s shop in a bit.” She finished for him as Ron dragged her away. Hermione winked at Ginny, “You’re welcome!” she mouthed to her as Hermione and Ron ran off together. Leaving Harry and Ginny standing around awkwardly, unsure of what to say or do. She decided to be the first to break the ice.

“Well, I’m sure they’re just buying books for the next semester.” She laughed at her own joke like an idiot, but Harry joined in, making it much less awkward.

Ginny: 8. Depression: 9.

“Well, Ron will need an ice pack after him and Hermione are done.” Continued Harry with their little inside joke they were forming.

“I doubt Hermione will even let him get to second base.” Ginny said and punched Harry’s arm. They walked for a while, made conversation, went into some stores, then they walked by the display at Quality Quidditch Supplies. It was surrounded by eleven year olds, buying supplies for school. Ginny peered over their heads and froze in her tracks, eyes glued to the broomstick in the display case.

“The Firebolt two thousand.”  She whispered to no one, it caught Harry’s attention too. They stood there for seven seconds to long when Harry grabbed Ginny’s arm, the touch sent shivers up her spine.

Ginny: 9. Depression: 9.

“Let’s have a look,” he said with a huge grin on his face dragging her into the store. Another gaggle of eleven year olds stood frozen and wide eyed, huddled around the broomstick like it was a god. It seemed to glow with a bright yellow light. Ginny saw a sparkle of longing in Harry’s green eyes.

“I want it.” He said his eyes growing wider

“Well buy it then!” she said, “It’s not as if there’s a shortage of gold in your bank at Gringotts.”

“I’ve never bought my own broom.” He said thoughtfully, Ginny rolled her eyes

“Oh, poor little rich boy.” She poked him in the ribs and smirked. He smiled and put an arm around her shoulder. Her heart skipped a beat. She put a hand on his waist. She could’ve stood there with him forever.

Ginny: 10. Depression: 9.

“Let’s get some ice cream,” said Harry as he led her towards the door.

“We’ve only just had breakfast.” she raised an eyebrow, but let him lead her to Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour. They walked glued to each other, his arm over her shoulder, her hand on his waist.

“Oi! Harry, Ginny!” They spun around to see Seamus Finnegan beaming at them with Dean Thomas looking angrily at the ground. “I Didn’t know you two were together now.” Seamus winked at Harry as he said this “Nice job mate.”

“Oh!” Ginny said realizing just too late what he meant. “We aren’t…” but Dean had already stomped away dragging Seamus with him before she could correct them. Ginny suddenly felt horribly guilty about Dean, her ex-boyfriend, who now thought she was dating one of his friends… again.

Why does everything have to be so bloody complicated?

“Bugger.” she muttered to herself, unsure of whom she was talking about.

“What?” said Harry

“Nothing,” She said shaking him off her shoulder and removing her hand from his waist. “Let’s walk over to Fred and G- I mean George’s shop.” Oh, no! did she really make that slip up again, the same one she had made a week earlier. But it would still always be Fred and Georges shop, and deep down she knew there would always be a Fred and George.

They walked the rest of the way in silence, keeping several inches between each other. Now she really wanted to be back in the comfort of her own bed.

Ginny: 10. Depression: 10.

 I promised myself i wouldn't post these stupid little things at the end of the chapter, but i REALLY want rewviews! Please tell me if you have any ideas for the story, if you see any grammer errors (i hate editing), or any comments/criticism! Thanks!


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