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Fifth Year at Hogwarts by james1995
Chapter 3 : These Growing Feelings of mine
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Chapter Three

After Billings and I successfully saw that the first years were happy and sorted I went to find my friends however I was very aware that Billings was still behind me. I turned around and huff; her face lit up at the sight of mine

“Chloe” I said “Why are you following me” I said rubbing my forehead; I’d had a very stressful day and I was very tired

“I’m just making my way back to the common room” said Billings “Go ahead”. Knowing she was staring at my butt I continued back into the common room. Deciding to test how close in proximity she was to me I stopped dead in my tracks and less than a second later Billings walked into my back and we fell to the floor. The last thing I EVER, EVER, EVER wanted to do was be on the flaw with Billings and it had just happened. Not your best plan ever Jonny.

“Chloe, get off me I swear to god you’ve punctured a lung” I said gasping in pain. Girl was heavier than she looked and to be fair she already looked quite heavy. 

“Fine” she said and bringing herself to her feet she flounced off clearly assuming that I would be watching her backside as she walked off. I wasn’t. Honestly. I was girl mad but not that mad. Jeez. That girl had serious problems; I should probobaly be more sympathetic

I made my way over to Danielle, Billy, Teddy and Lee who were sitting on the carpet by the fire. Danielle looked extremely beautiful with slightly wet her and I was amazed how good she looked in a pair of grey sweat pants and a gray hoodie. I went and sat next to her and she sheepishly cuddled up to me resting her head on my chest

“How is everyone’s favourite perfect prefect then” Billy asked me

“Billings can’t take her eyes off of you” yawned Danielle as Billings was still looking at me from the other side of the common room

“There are worse looking people to stare at” piped up Gabby Johnson as she entered the common room

“Ta Gab” I said hugging her “How was your summer” I asked her as she slipped in between Teddy and Lee on the sofa

“Same old, same old” she said stealing a sweet from Lee “Dad saving the odd house-elf from an abusive home the usual stuff”

“I think that’s amazing” said Teddy “My auntie Hermione was an activist for elf rights back in the day you know”

“I really can’t imagine Hermione Weasley having a rebellious side to her” I said remembering the strict woman I had met a few years before. I looked down at Danielle who, conveniently, had fallen asleep on my stomach. She looked really beautiful asleep. I immediately stopped my thought tracking; I could not think this way about Danielle. She was my best friend and confident I even went to her about relationship issues. No Jonny push those thoughts right to the back of your mind. She’s more of a sister to you than Louise

Speaking of Louise she and a few of her fourth year best friends were sat in a corner giggling insanely and annoyingly. They were really very loud and the first years were probobaly trying to sleep what with them being midget babies and all.

“Lou keep it down yeah” I called over. Lou and her friends turned around but only Lou looked cheesed I had asked them to keep it down. The others just looked amazed I had even acknowledged their existence and began blushing and giggling more. I rolled my eyes and returned to stroking the slumbering Danielle’s hair

“Guys” I said about an hour later when I realised it was nearing midnight “We’ve gotta be up at seven tommorow”

“Oh I forgot we’d have lessons” moaned Lee as he got up and headed up towards our dormitory. Lee turned around “Oh by the way Jonny I’ve got something to ask you”

“Of course I’ll marry you Lee” I said sarcastically; no one laughed but me. I thought it was a clever and witty remark to make. My comedic talents were wasted on these people “Go on then what is it”

“Will you be my co-captain” said Lee “It may have escaped your attention but I’m not very epidemic”. Choosing to ignore Lee’s last words I shook his hand and agreed though I could not move for the sleeping Danielle. I wish she’d wake up and go back to her dorm I wanted to go to sleep as well you know. Abandoned by Billy, Lee and Teddy in my hour of need I realised that I had no option but to carry Danielle to her bed

Somehow I managed to make it to the girls’ dorm without doing myself a serious back injury.

“Hi girls” I said after making sure they were all decent, especially Billings “Just dropping off something for you” I finished putting Danielle down on her bed

“Ooooh Jonny you’re so strong” said Amy taking the piss out of me with an impression. The girls laughed and so did I. It seemed to be pretty accurate from the amount Amy, Gabby, Billings and even Hilda were laughing. Danielle had begun snoring

“Is she always like this” I asked “With the snoring”

“Pretty much” said Gabby “It’s one of the only things about Hogwarts I do not miss. Now time for you to go Mr. Swift”

“Awww why” I said as she pushed me to the door. It had to be said I quite liked four girls swooning over the fact I carried their roommate to her bed “Let me stay for a bit” I pleaded as Gabby pushed me out of the door “Why can’t I stay”

“Because Gabs and I are gonna have a naked pillow fight” called Amy. I cheekily raised my eyebrows at Gabby who sighed and rolled her eyes before saying “Sweet dreams Jonny” and closing the door in my face

Returning to my dorm and bed I found the others already asleep; Nigel was like a flippin old woman sleeping with a mask covering his eyes. I half felt like pulling it up and letting it snap back in his face but I decided to wait for that as Nigel would be expecting it. Nigel was a great deal taller than me, not that I was small or anything he was just huge and lanky. He didn’t walk he sort of flopped. Like he was half broken.

Sitting down on my bed I gazed out the window at the stars. I’d been back at Hogwarts just five or six hours and already I’d had girls swooning over me, my baby brother embarrassing me infront of the school and most shockingly I was fighting a deep attraction to my best friend. That one was staying secret no way could anyone know

‘Oh great Jonny’ I thought to myself before drifting off into a deep sleep containing a dream of Amy, Gabby and Danielle having a pillow fight. Fully clothed though, somewhat dissapointing



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Fifth Year at Hogwarts: These Growing Feelings of mine


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