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Apostollo by Lana
Chapter 17 : Looking (your) Death in the Eye (Part 2)
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 Chapter 17

He must be going crazy, because what happened just couldn't have happened. Draco felt like his head was going to explode. He was trying desperately to find a way to convince himself that what happened wasn't real but he couldn't manage it. The terrible truth was right opposite him, even if he couldn't look at it.
He couldn't make himself raise his eyes from the floor to look at his son's dead body. He didn't want to see the blood drowning him, he didn't want to look at his vacant eyes, he didn't want to see the big, deep wound across his throat. 
He was dead. Scorpius was dead. She had killed him without any hesitation. She just took the knife and did it. And then she just left. She didn't even bother to untie the boy's body from the chair or untie him so he could at least take him out of there. She just left them there. And Scorpius was dead and he had promised him that everything would be okay. 
Well, it wasn't the first promise he didn't keep. So many years had gone by and now that he thought about it he never had spent more time than it was necessary with his son. He rather doubted if he had even told him he loved him. He wasn't a good father, he knew that; having his own dad as a role model didn't help. But he loved his son, he did and never had he done anything to show him that. And now he was gone and there was nothing he could do about it. He couldn't save him and now Scorpius was dead.
He was looking at the floor but he couldn't see it, he was blinded by tears. What would he do? What would he say to his wife? Astoria...this would make her go mad for sure. That Artemis. He would kill her, oh, he was determined about that.
While hate and grief were building up inside him and the smell of blood started burning his nose, the door opened again. He looked up and grunted.

"What the hell...? Oh, my God!"

"Potter!" Draco spitted furiously.

It was Potter's fault; all of it. He left Scorpius alone,unprotected and now...and now...

"What...? Wow", Harry mumbled looking at the covered in blood boy.

Draco didn't follow his gaze but kept his eyes fixed on Potter; he didn't think he could remain sane if he laid his eyes on his son's body.

"She killed him!" he yelled at Harry. "That crazy bitch Artemis did! She cut his throat right in front of my eyes!"

Harry's jaw had fallen open as he was looking from Scorpius to Draco and back again. 

"Oh, God", he whispered. "She's even crazier than I thought". 

Draco tried to suppress a wave of tears that burned him inside, but just as he thought he would manage it, Harry walked over to the boy and Draco's eyes followed his movement automatically, without realizing what he was going to see. 
It was worse that he had expected; seeing Scorpius all ripped up like this. He head had fallen to the side and his gray eyes were still open and though motionless and dead, he could still see the fear in them. He was covered in blood and he was dead. He was dead, there was no doubt for it. For a few moments Draco really thought that he was going to lose his mind, that he was going to go insane, as grief consumed him. 
All that lasted for a minute because then Harry crouched down in front of the boy, slowly moved his head right and examined the wound. Draco's grief surrendered its place to a burning feeling of anger. 

"Don't touch him!" he yelled at Harry. "DON'T TOUCH HIM!"

"Draco, calm down", Harry said standing up and turning to him. 

"Calm down?" he repeated. "Are you freacking crazy too? My son is dead! He's dead Potter!" he yelled as tears filled his eyes again.


"This is your fault!" he said breathing hard. "How could you leave him alone? How could you leave him unprotected?"

"Draco, I didn't", Harry said. 

"DON'T LIE TO ME!" Malfoy yelled. "He's dead! He's dead and some of his blood is on your hands too! I swear the God if I get you in my hands..."

"Malfoy, listen to me..."

"He's dead! HE'S DEAD!" he yelled again but his voice cracked at the end of the sentence and he started sobbing hard lowering his head again.

Harry walked nearer and crouched down in front of him this time. He would have untied him but in the state Malfoy was right now, he rather thought that it was best to keep him like this for a while. 

"Draco", Harry said quietly then. "Draco, try to listen to me for a few seconds". Draco didn't respond. "Draco, Scorpius isn't dead".

Draco's sobs stopped at once. He looked up at him and for a moments Harry thought that he had understood until he saw how hollow his eyes were.

"Why are you doing this to me?" Draco whispered. "Do you relish on my pain, is that it? Do you hate me so much that you joke with me now? NOW?" 

"What? No, I would never do that!" Harry said shaking his head, shocked from what he thought. "Listen to me! I didn't leave Scorpius! He's not dead!"

"Potter, his dead, motionless body is right behind you!" 

"Draco, that's not your son!" Harry exclaimed and he got up walking towards the boy again. "That's not him! I don't know who that is, but it's not Scorpius!" he said pointing at the dead body on the chair. "This is a decoy! Scorpius is alive, Draco. They must have used that spell from the book, the one they used to help Death Eaters escape Azkaban, the one that can duplicate someone..."

Harry kept going but Draco wasn't listeing anymore. The words Potter said were echoing in his ears. That's not him. Scorpius is alive. He's not dead. Decoy. He chanced another look at the dead body across the room. Could Potter be telling him the truth? He shook his head as tears started blinding him again. He couldn't believe it. Grief had consumed him so much that what Harry had just told him, seemed impossible. 

"I don't believe you", he muttered slowly. 

"He's right outside the door, Draco", Harry whispered back.

Malfoy's eyes widened. 

"Are you telling me the truth?"

"Of course", Harry said and then after hesitating for a little bit, he decided that it was safe now and pulled his wand out. "Go see for yourself", he added and cut the ropes around Draco.

The man looked at him stunned for a moment and then he jumped up and run out of the door. Draco emerged into the hallway outside the room completely out of breath. He looked around but there was no sign of Scorpius. Of course there wasn't. Because Scorpius was dead and Potter was just messing with him...


Draco gasped and turned with the pounding of his heart echoing in his ears. And there he was. Scorpius was standing there looking back at him alarmed by his anguished face and his watering eyes. Potter was telling the truth. Scorpius wasn't dead. He was there. He was breathing and moving and blinking and there was no wound across his throat.
When the first minutes of shock passed, Draco crossed the space between them hurriedly and hugged his son tightly. And Scorpius was completely taken aback by that. When Harry came out of the room a few moments later, Draco was still clinging on the boy. 

"What did you do to him, Mr. Potter?" Scorpius asked Harry, looking at him over his father's shoulder, stunned.

"Nothing", Harry shrugged grinning. "But I am guessing that he just had an experience that made him reevaluate certain things".


"Scorpius, I'm so glad you're alive", Draco said looking at him with his hand on the boy's cheek. 

"Thanks?" the boy responded still confused.

Harry laughed. 

"Well, I am glad that you are glad. See you later".

"Wait, Potter", Malfoy said as Harry turned to leave. "Thanks".

"Whatever, you know", Harry shrugged. "Just keep away from Artemis, okay? I have enough people to worry about as it is".

"I still don't understand who that Artemis is", Scorpius said.

"Just a psycho", Draco shrugged but he held Scorpius' shoulders tighter. 

"Yeah, it runs in the family", Harry laughed. "You take care of your son from now on, Draco", he added and left before the man had a chance to respond. 

He needed to hurry anyway; now that Artemis had tortured her cousin, who knew who her next target would be? What if it was Ginny?


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