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I love you, you stupid redhead by The_seeker12
Chapter 1 : I love you, you stupid redhead
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Author's note: Hey, everybody! I want to thank everyone so much for reading this story! I never thought it would be such a hit, but I'm so pleased you all love it just as much as I do! Thank you!! So, anyways, this is a little fluffy (you've been warned), but I had a ton of fun writing it.
I don’t own Harry Potter—that’s all J.K. Rowling (Dang it!), or the song—Chasing Cars, by Snow Patrol.


We’ll do it all. . .
Everything. . .
On our own.

“Come on, Lily!” I gasp, chasing after her. My breath fogs in the cold morning air. My glasses mist slightly, as my scarf flops around, not staying under my coat. “Stop avoiding me,” I beg her.

“Then leave me alone, Potter,” Lily responds, “And then, maybe, I’ll stop avoiding you. Use your brain. If you even have one.”

“Lily, please! Just go out with me! If you don’t want a second date then I’ll leave you alone. Promise.”

She whirls on me, red hair flying, green eyes glowing, her beautiful lips pursed, her nose wrinkled. Her cheeks are slightly red from the cold. “How many times have I told you? Never! Not in your dreams, Potter!”

Then she rushes off, and I stand back in humiliation. At least no one was there to see me get yelled at again. Jeez. Why does she have to keep saying no? Can’t she see that I’m completely in love with her?

We don’t need. . .
Anything. . .
Or anyone.

“Well that was interesting.”

I turn and grimace. “Go away Sirius. You don’t pull off stalker well.”

“Maybe stalker wasn’t what I was going for,” he says, emerging from the trees, a light and easy grin on his face. “It is, however, most definitely what you are going for with Evans, there.”

“Shut up, Black.”

“Don’t tell me what to do, Potter.”

I wrinkle my nose at him. “Look, you’re my best friend, right?”

“Of course,” he responds, his dark eyes following me as I begin to pace back and forth, leaving footprints in the snow.

“Do you have any idea why she keeps saying no?” I ask, frustration and desperation leaking into my voice.

“Not at all. Although, maybe she just doesn’t like you following her around all the time, Prongs.”

I groan. “Go away, Padfoot.”

He grins, “My pleasure.”

With that he whirls around and leaves.

If I lay here. . .
If I just lay here. . .
Would you lie with me and just forget the world?

I turn back to the castle and stomp off to potions, frustrated with myself, Sirius, and as always, head-over-heels for Lily Evans.

I enter the classroom, somehow managing to be on time for once in my life, (amazing) and Professor Slughorn sits us all down.

“We’re going outside today to look for rare potion ingredients, you all are going to gather. Everyone gets a partner.”

People begin to split up, and I cross my arms, sinking lower in my chair. Ugh.

“Not so fast,” Professor Slughorn says. “I will be assigning your partners.”

Almost everyone groans.

Professor Slughorn holds up a scroll and starts calling out names. I don’t listen, waiting for to him to call any name I know, when I hear, “Last pair, Potter and Evans.”

I look up and blink, sitting up straight and adjusting my glasses. I see Lily glaring at me from across the room.

I stand up and walk over to her.

We stroll outside in silence, and the Professor assigns us all different areas to look. Finally he turns to Lily and I and says, “Check by the lake. I’ll be surprised if you find any, but go ahead.”

We walk over to the lake, and as we reach it I lie down and stare at the clouds.

“What are you doing, Potter?” Lily demands.

“He said he’d be surprised if we find anything.” I shrug. “I’ll get up and look in a minute. Thought I’d enjoy nature first.”

She glares, and then sits down next to me, growling slightly. I turn my head back to the clouds.

I don’t quite know. . .
How to say. . .
How I feel.

“Lily,” I start, but she groans and moves away from me.

“Seriously, you have to stop asking me out,” she scoffs. “It’s kind of creepy, James.”

I sit up and stare at her. “You just called me James.”

Her jaw drops slightly, her lips part and she stumbles for words, finally gasping out, “Yeah—well, don’t get used to it.”

“You called me James,” I say again in disbelief and she makes a face.

“I believe we already covered that,” she replies, grinning.

Those three words. . .
Are said too much. . .
But not enough.

I tilt my head and she looks at me, our eyes meeting. For a short second I lose the ability to breathe as I stare into those emerald green eyes of hers.

Then I lean forward and kiss her. I feel a tingling shock as her lips meet mine, a jolt of electricity sparking through me.

She jerks back and gasps slightly, falling backwards in the snow.

“Are you okay?” I ask.

She sits up and glares at me again. “No,” she cries. “You just bloody kissed me, Potter!”

“Um, yeah. . . . . Sorry about that.”

She gets up and with another growl she stalks away. I watch her leave, admitting defeat to myself for the moment.

I love you, Lily, I think with a sigh.

If I lay here. . .
If I just lay here. . .
Would you lie with me and just forget the world?

I lay back down on the snow, staring at the dark clouds, wanting it to just be over. Why can’t she just say yes?

Or why did I have to fall in love with her?

I turn my head to look at her. She has stopped about twenty feet away from me, her red hair like a flame in the white snow, her black coat and gold red scarf hugging her body, her boots leaving footprints in the glistening snow. She still carries the basket with one arm, as she stalks away, head held high, standing as straight and tall as possible. I stare after her, my heart pounding.

She whirls on me and glares again. “Stop staring at me, Potter!” She calls to me. “It’s creepy!”

“Then stop doing this to me,” I groan to myself, my head falling in my hands.
She, of course, doesn’t hear me. I listen, but don’t catch her footsteps on the ground anymore.

Is she standing there looking at me now? I ask myself wryly. That would be kind of funny.

I don’t look up.

Forget what we’re told. . .
Before we get too old. . .
Show me a garden that’s bursting into life.

I exhale and look up. She isn’t staring at me. She’s looking out across the lake. “You know,” I call to her, “I need the basket too.”

I hear her grumble something and she walks back over to me, dumping our empty basket on the ground. I walk over to the oak tree by the river, pick a root, and plop it in the basket.

I look down at her.

She has taken my spot and is now lying in the crystal white snow, staring up at the clouds. Her emerald green eyes meet mine for a second, but then she shakes her head and closes her eyes. I watch as a snowflake gets stuck in her eyelashes. A small smile is on her face, her beautiful face lit up by just the one change in expression.

Let’s waste time. . .
Chasing cars. . .
Around our heads.

I can’t help myself. I have to stare. She seems to glow, and for a second I think that she must be an angel.

I watch as the snow catches itself in her long red hair, wishing, hoping, nearly resorting to praying, that one day soon she’ll just say yes and go out with me.

Merlin, why does she have to be so stubborn?

I need your grace. . .
To remind me. . .
To find my own.

Without opening her eyes Lily says, “Stop staring at me. I vaguely remember telling you that I don’t like it.”

Bloody hell! How does she do that?

Lily smiles softly and says, “I’m not an idiot, James.”

What the— Is she reading my mind?

Wait. She just—

“You called me James again,” I tease her, happy at this thought.

“Yeah, well, since I can see you’re not going to leave me alone, I figure the difference between James and Potter is trivial.”

“Well, they are both part of my name.”

“Yes, James Charles Potter. Again, I’m not an idiot.”

My heart flutters as she says my name and finally I manage to regain my voice and reply, “Where did you learn my middle name?”

She grins, her eyes still closed. “I have my secrets.”

If I lay here. . .
If I just lay here. . .
Would you lie with me and just forget the world?

I laugh, and she giggles slightly. Really, who’d of ever thought?

Lily Evans and I are having a civilized conversation. It’s crazy, mind-blowing.

I wish it could have been like this all those years ago. It would be better to be her friend then to be nothing.

Better to be her friend then the guy who follows her around all the time, asking her to go out with him.

Truthfully, when you put it that way, it makes me sound like an idiot, and a freak.

Maybe I am. Dang.

I sigh. Maybe she’ll never go out with me. I have next year to try and convince her, but after that?

Nothing. I’ll have nothing.

Forget what we’re told. . .
Before we get too old. . .
Show me a garden that’s bursting into life.

I sit down next to Lily. For a short second she doesn’t move, but then sits up to look at me.

“What do you want James?” She asks, “Is it possible for you to stop bothering me for a minute?”

I groan slightly and say, “I didn’t know me sitting down was bothersome to you.”
She lets out a short laugh and says, “It’s not so much the sitting down as it is the closeness.”

Does she know exactly how close we are?

Six inches. Six inches.

My heart beats faster. Only six inches.

All that I am. . .
All that I ever was. . .
Is here in your perfect eyes, they’re all I can see.

I sit up straight, readjusting my glasses and say, “Lily, look. I know that for some reason, you don’t like me. I don’t know why. I just—”

“Whoever said I didn’t like you, James?”

“You gave the impression pretty good after slapping me the first time I asked you out,” I retort. “It doesn’t matter.”

“It doesn’t?” Lily asks, raising a delicate eyebrow, ignoring the snow that’s stuck in her hair.

“N—no,” I tell her, rather unconvincingly. “It doesn’t.”

“Then what is it, James?”

“Why do you keep refusing me?”

I don’t know where. . .
Confused about how as well. . .
Just know that these things will never change for us at all.

Lily sighs and looks out across the lake, staring at the trees in the distance. Her emerald green eyes no sign of anything, and I want to beg her to just end my misery. Just tell me why.

She turns to me and her eyes meet mine. “I don’t know, James. Lots of reasons, I suppose.”

“Please tell me,” I beg.

Lily huffs out a breath slightly and says, “Ugh. Well, first off, Sirius kind of scares me,” she admits sullenly.

I grin slightly. “Yeah. He scares me sometimes too. Tell me you seriously haven’t been refusing me just because of my friends.”

“That’s not just it. I feel kind of suspicious, I guess. Like, do you have an unhealthy obsession with me? Or do you just keep asking me out because you think I might be good to mess around with? I can’t figure it out. I keep refusing you because I have no idea why you’d ask me out in the first place. I’m no one special, and you. . . . Are. So, that’s why. My question for you is, why do you keep asking me out? Why did you ask me out in the first place?”

Somewhere through this outburst of hers, my jaw has dropped. Does she really believe that? Seriously?

If I lay here. . .
If I just lay here. . .
Would you lie with me and just forget the world?

I gasp slightly, staring at her.

“I cannot believe you would accuse me of such a thing.” She blinks in surprise, and I continue my ranting. “You really think I keep asking you out because I have an unhealthy obsession with you?” I demand. “And you’re not nobody. You were never nobody. You’re Lily Evans, brave, smart, a Gryffindor, and absolutely beautiful.”

“You think so?” She squeaks slightly.

“You have vibrant green eyes, flaming red hair, and pale skin, with a few freckles. Your smile lights up your whole face.”

She sighs and stands up. “Of course, beautiful. And good to mess with. Of course that’s why. Why else? Why fool yourself, Lily?”

She walks away and I yell after her, “You want to know why?”

She stops, but doesn’t turn to look at me.

“Okay, I’ll yell it from the rooftops! I love you, you stupid redhead!”

She jerks back slightly and freezes. I walk up to her and she whirls around. A startled look crosses her eyes as she turns to see me a few inches away from her. “I love you, Lily Evans,” I say. “That is why.”

With that I lean in and kiss her hard, and her lips fit over mine perfectly, the electricity shocking me again, her breath mingling with my own.

I pull back from her and scoop up the basket, starting to walk back to Slughorn, finally deciding to give up.


I stop and look over my shoulder at her. She races up to me, smiling that smile that I love so much.

“James, I—” she stops, her voice choking off.

“Yes, Lily?” I refuse to let myself hope. She’s probably just going to slap me again.

“I’d like to go on a date with you.”

I drop the basket. “S—Seriously?”

“Yes, James,” she whispers. “Really.” She bites her lip. “Hogsmeade on Saturday?”

“Well—Lily—I—Yes!” I stutter.

She smiles. “Good.” She brushes a lock of hair behind her ear, stretches up on her tiptoes, kisses me quickly on the lips and runs back to the class.

I feel like I’m flying, my heart pounding fast, my cheeks flushed, and not from the cold. I push my glasses up my nose and grin. I pick up the basket and join the rest of the class, floating on cloud nine.

And I thought I hated love.

I smile at Lily and she grins back.

I love you, you stupid redhead.

The class turns back into the castle and I walk with a spring in my step, watching Lily out of the corner of my eye.

She brushes snow off her flaming hair, a smile on her face.

Things just seem to keep getting better.

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I love you, you stupid redhead: I love you, you stupid redhead


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