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The Order Of The Phoenix and Falcon: Dark Age by AlexanderP
Chapter 8 : Voldemort Immortal
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(A/N: This Chapter is dedicated to the memory of all the astronauts on board the Shuttle Columbia. I’m sad to say that with a decreased work time [I have until Valentine’s Day] and a lot of schoolwork I have nothing more to contribute to my Dark Age story as it is just a go between for the better 7th year story which I have decided to call Voldemort’s Rise [See reference in this chapter in the small part with Andre] and I’ve already written Chapter 1 to 20 Years Later. It is a whopping 24 pages [although I do use a big font size and spacing between parts but it is a record by my previous 19 pages on most of the last chapters of The Elementals]. That is all for Dark Ages. Watch for Voldemort’s rise sometime soon. Hopefully sometime next week but I do have an awful lot of work.)

Chapter 8

Ron’s face felt like someone had melted the skin off while jabbing it with needles. He guessed the stake was definitely not just some stupid silver coating on it… it was solid. Harry was definitely a risk… Ron was almost glad only silver could do him in. But at the same time he knew he could still be hurt and he wasn’t sure about what the killing curse would do to him.

Drake woke up in the Hospital Wing and groaned. He wondered why he was here and then remembered cracking his head. He couldn’t remember what had happened to make him crack his head though. Drake sighed and went back to sleep.

Madame Pomphrey had healed Ron’s face and allowed him and Harry to leave but she said Drake has to stay.

“I would appreciate it if you would keep Harry in here. He isn’t quite sane right now and I would like to get someone to destroy the… stake he had.” Ron says.

“Fine. He can stay only one day though.” Madame Pomphrey says.

“Ok. Better than nothing thank you.” Ron says and leaves to find Hermione and Ron.

“I hope you little ones never have this large of a workload it is really a strain. In more than one ways I’ll tell you. Chase you better stick to staying single. Or never get a job.” Alexander says with a laugh and Chase laughs with him. “I know you didn’t understand what I said did you?” Chase looks at him laying down in the crib innocently. “I didn’t think so but I got to record this in the baby book.” Alexander grabs him quill and dips it in ink before scratching down that Chase’s first laugh was after he’d said something and laughed at it himself. “Glad you finally laughed Chase. Sophia already laughed. After your mother said something ironically enough… Well I had better finish this work up cry if you need me.” Chase cries. “If I didn’t know any better… Nah!” Chase gives Alexander the innocent look again and Alexander turns back to finish his work.

Ron had the stake examined before he had it disposed of and it had several curses on it like a burning curse and light beam, which is of course used on Vampires. He then went on having to get used to a lot over the next 3 months, February, and he always felt like he wanted to just kill for no reason close to the full moon and attributed that to the fact that he was a white a blue lycanthrope and they loved to kill… and the closer it got to the full moon the closer to the surface the wolf side of him was.

Ron did snap once though. Harry was insane again and spreading stuff that was secret so Ron confronted him and slammed him hard into the wall… he left a Harry sized dent in the stone… Ron ran off after that and wasn't seen until the full moon was over with.

Hermione was worried for Ron. She was worried for Harry too. He was always rubbing his synthetic left forearm like the Dark Mark was still there and burning. The scary part is at times Harry also looked like he would answer to its call if he could. A stupid misty look like Voldemort was a role model or, Hermione shuddered to think, a father figure to Harry and then a heated glare at Dumbledore. Hermione and Ron had reconciled but Hermione never got to tell him what she was going to when he stormed out.

Andre paced around like he was forced to do. He hated it here. He had to watch some bad things. Voldemort was almost finished preparing his ‘rise’ as he called it. Andre longed to be free but would never do what that slime asked of him so he knew he never would be.

February rolled quickly into May and the Twin’s first birthday. The party was a grand event… there was a lot of cake (most of it ended up on the faces of the twins though but Alexander and Rosalyn had a backup cake although Chase and Sophia goo-goo’ed Alexander into giving them a piece which he had promptly thrown back at him). Gifts were thrown around by the twins who were just laughing at everyone running away when they opened a couple of plastic cars. And everyone who was there was lucky enough to hear the twins first words. Chase said “Phoenick.” Which of course was phoenix he couldn’t nail the s sound though. Sophia said “Pegeeus.” Or Pegasus which is another case of failed s sound and then they both said cake and threw what was left on their face at Alexander who stared them down saying ‘Why you little… twins you.’ That was appreciated by the twins who laughed at him and said ‘Da-da.’ Alexander’s jaw dropped and he picked them up and swung them around (a game they liked to call broomstick) while he just said over and over ‘They said Da-da. They called me dad.’ Rosalyn to the twins when they looked like they were about to get sick and they said ‘Ma-ma’ which made Rosalyn do what Alexander had just done until the twins said ‘Poopee’ which meant time to change my diaper. So the evening ended there and everyone left. Those were the best times anyone would have for a while because as May ended and June came it was clear the Dark Lord was getting arrogant. He was waiting for something and he would be undefeatable after it. School was nearly over and everything would drop soon.

June 21st Summer Begins

Voldemort was in the field of Unicorns with his big cauldron. He had a vial of Harry Potter’s blood. Andre could just watch. Andre loathed himself as he had betrayed some secrets once his want of freedom had become too much. Now he was forced to watch this nonsense.

The same time in the ministry building Falcore and Krum are checking through his files at the Ministry for clues to all of disappearances which were at an all time high and they found a dream report on the desk from Harry dated July 15th from a year ago. It was his Dream Report. He had seen several branded unicorns marching on a field one was killed and its blood was gathered and then the silvery blood still flowing turned red and the unicorn turned into a man. He had also reported on his dream about Voldemort brewing a potion and finishing it on the day that it was… and he would be immortal…

“KRUM! You bleeding idiot! You arse! How could you not see this!?!?!? WE ARE IN DEEP NOW YOU! HOW KRUM? AH! You are in deep trouble Krum!” Falcore yells and rushes out.

Andre watches the Death Eaters move the unicorns into a fenced in area.

“I have gathered you all here to witness my rise into immortality. After tonight all will fear my might. The Dark Mark will haunt everyone’s dreams After tonight we will attack freely. No one can stop us! ALL WILL FEAR THE MIGHTY LORD VOLDEMORT AND HIS MINIONS! THE DEATH EATERS WILL MAKE SURE OF THIS! Snape, bring me the Jewel of Slytherin!” Voldemort says as the Death Eaters cheer and shoot off the Dark Mark into the air. “Not YET! You might alert someone you fools!” Voldemort takes the transparent green egg shaped jewel from Snape. “Do you have the heart of a Griffin? GIVE IT HERE!” Snape hands him the Griffin heart and Voldemort cracks open the hollow Jewel and puts the heart in. He then pours Harry’s blood into the Griffin’s heart which pumps in the egg which is still open. “Now to choose an unwilling Unicorn… Oh you’re still alive Snape? You have served your purpose.” Voldemort makes Snape go up in a Tornado and land head first into the ground. Snape dies instantly. “Now to choose a unicorn worthy to be the last ingredient. That one is the purest white.” He makes the Unicorn float un in a tornado and get struck by lightning then sets it down and gathers a vial of its blood. The unicorn then turned into a girl Andre remembered he thought had a huge Auror potential. He thought she could really put a dent in Voldemort’s plans… there was something special about her and now she was dead… Alicia Spinnet was dead… Voldemort poured the unicorn blood into the Griffin’s heart and it turned black. He closed the Jewel of Slytherin after ladling some of the potion in the cauldron into it and dropped it into the cauldron and let it simmer for 15 minutes. “AND NOW MY LOYAL FOLLOWERS, MY FAMILY, WITH THIS DRINK,” Voldemort pulls the Jewel of Slytherin out and the heart has purified. He opens an unseen opening in the top of the egg jewel and takes the potion with one gulp and instantly an aura of evil engulfs all around and corrupts anyone who wasn’t totally sure of loyalty. (Like Andre who smirked after it but not the Unicorns who broke out of the fence and ran off to freedom.) “I WIN!”

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