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Three's a Crowd by Bellatrix_Lestrange369
Chapter 1 : The Significance of Ducks
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One time when I was small I ran into a door (blame the door) and got a lump on my head. My mum said it was like something out of a cartoon the way it raised up so quickly, she had to call the doctor and everything. Now that has to give you a throbbing headache right? Even if you have a small brain because you’re so tiny. I’m not sure even that could surpass how I was feeling right now.

OK, so maybe that’s an exaggeration but Petunia can be really annoying sometimes…

You know what I’m not sure I can even be bothered to say what she was doing this time because it’s just the usual stuff.




Ugly witch of the west

So, you know, the usual.

There are small pigs on the blanket next to me. Not live ones of course, I’m not quite that cool as to be sitting next to some small pigs on a blanket.

Apparently James was actually being nice to Alice recently. Well, not nice exactly, he just made her laugh because he keeps denying having a flick in his hair... Whilst flicking his hair.

I’m still not sure if I’m over him yet, we didn’t talk for ages and so I sort of thought that I was but then Alice got involved (not to mention Sirius and Remus) and now it’s all a bit confusing.

Maybe I just want to be friends, but that’s what Alice said when I hinted that she dumped Peter for Frank. She then started going out with him (Frank) the same day. Cough-Cough-slag-Cough-Cough.

On second thoughts I don’t think that I am over him yet. That’s an odd expression isn’t it, to be over someone. How is that even possible, then again it’s meant metaphorically, not physically.

I don’t think I’m over him yet because I never liked him. Nothing’s happened between us. It was just that one time… And nothing happened anyway, just a moment. If I’m honest I simply can’t stand him. Yet I never knew he could actual be sweet if he tried.

Stop it Lily! Just stop it! You know what he’s like really, you know that Sev was right about him.

Stop thinking about him too, you should never have thought he was different to the others, he was exactly the same. He proved that last year.

There are also ducks on the blanket.

This all sounds like I’m just rambling on about nothing for a while but everything I’ve said so far does have significance, I just haven’t figured it out yet.

The ducks are an exception, I doubt whether they have significance. They might do though, they could be the most important thing mentioned so far. I’ll let you know when I find out.

Now there’s an owl at the window, tapping with its beak. I’m sure that has some significance.


It wasn’t significant, not really. Just my Hogwarts letter. That might be significant to you though. Didn’t I mention I was a witch, could of sworn that I’ve already pointed that out. Anyhow, now you know.

Actually that letter was pretty significant, it had my O.W.L results in it!!!


Pass Grades: Outstanding (O)

Exceeds Expectations(E)

Acceptable (A)

Fail Grades: Poor (P)

Dreadful (D)

Troll (T)


Astronomy: O

Arithmancy: O

Care of magical creatures: O

Charms: O

Defence Against the Dark Arts: O

Herbology: O

History of Magic: E

Potions: O

Transfiguration: O

I did really well! I can’t believe I got so many outstanding grades! I wonder what Sev got? No, wait, I don’t, I have no interest in him or his grades.

I’ll go show mum and dad, and I guess I should probably show petunia as well.


So mixed reactions all round then, my mum was really pleased and kept telling me how proud she is. So no changes there then. My dad caught on that I had done well and tried to act pleased but I could tell that he didn’t really get the grading system (I went through why the lowest is troll three times before giving up and pointing out that it doesn’t matter anyway because I didn’t get that low). Bless him for trying though.

Petunia didn’t say anything until we left the kitchen.

“Who would have thought it,” she cackled “not only are you a freak but you’re a geeky freak, this gets worse by the day. Anyway I’ll let you go, I expect you’ll want to go running down to spinners end to tell that Snape boy what you got.”

“Severus?” I asked (attempting to sound nonchalant but feeling the opposite inside, the wound was still young) “Why would I want to tell anything to that little slime ball?”

I walked off up-stairs leaving petunia to wipe her jaw up which at these words had dropped onto the carpet (not literally of course)

I went back up to my room and quickly scribbled out a copy of my results and a note asking how my best friend Alice (the one I mentioned earlier, though she’s getting better now, she’s been with Frank Longbottom for a couple of months now) had done. Once I’d sent the letter on its way with Bill (Alice has got Ben, we’re both muggle born and got our owls at the same time. So naturally we named them after the flowerpot men.) I went downstairs and found Appleby, he’s the family pet by the way, a dog. We got him just after I got my acceptance letter to Hogwarts, because of that letter I got to name him. I named him after a Quidditch team in one of the extra books I got when we went to diagon alley. Of course, I’m not all that interested in Quidditch now that I’ve seen how some of the players can be. Naming no names but James Potter.

I took Appleby up for a walk through the woods that are opposite our house. This time last year I had the company of Sev, not just a dog. Oooo! Flashback!

It was last year, in the clearing just beyond the bit of woods that I’m standing in now. I’d met Sev as usual and we were laying side-by-side on the grass talking about going back to Hogwarts for another year. “I can’t wait to get back again you know,” I said. “Why? Missing Potter?” Teased Sev. He always did this, I think he just liked the fact that I would (truthfully) deny it. “No! Why would I be missing him?” I asked innocently “Because you looove him and he loooves you back of course!” He knows how much this winds me up. I hit him playfully on the shoulder but he grabbed hold of my wrist and then the other one. Before I knew it we were rolling down the hill that I didn’t even know existed laughing like a couple of toddlers. Then we stopped. We landed at the bottom and I ended up lying on top of him, still laughing. Then I noticed he’d stopped laughing and was staring up at me, I stopped laughing too. I suddenly became aware of just how close our faces were, I could feel my heart beating in my chest. I could feel his underneath that too. We stayed like that for a couple of silent yet strangely full seconds before I came to my senses. This couldn’t be happening, this was Severus Snape, this was my childhood friend. He wasn’t meant to feel this way, and I sure as hell wasn’t meant to be feeling like I did. I made some hurried excuse before running off home, thoughts swirling through my head. I looked back once, just before I reached the trees, he was still lying there. Hands on his chest. Hands where I had been seconds before. I left him like that.

Of course now everything’s different. He showed what he really thought of me last year. He didn’t even have the decency to be the right way up when he said it.

I emerged into the clearing with Appleby and stopped. He was there. “Lily!” He shouted standing up, he sounded relieved. “Severus.” I said curtly. I couldn’t show emotion around him. Not anymore. “So did you get your results then?” He asked
“Yes” I replied, he waited but didn’t elaborate.

“Are you going to tell me what you got then?” He prompted me.

“I don’t believe it’s any of your business quite frankly” I tried to walk away but he walked with me. “But Lil, you’re my best friend.” He was sounding pathetic now.
“Is that so? Tell me, do you treat all your best friends like this? Or is the term mudblood a special reservation for little old me? Because let me tell you something Snivellus I wouldn’t dare call any of my friends something like that. I guess that just shows how different we are. I should have known that petunia was right about you and you know how I hate it when she’s right.” I was finally let it pour out of me, all this pent up anger that he had caused but I was just too polite to release, well so much for polite. ”But I thought I was your best friend!” He was really getting on my nerves now.
“No, correction, you were my best friend. Now you’re not. It’s pretty simple really. Even you should be able to understand it.” And release, bye-bye polite.

Just then a large screech owl swooped down and landed on my shoulder. I recognised her as James’ (we’d been talking quite a lot over the summer actually). “Hello Batty” I cooed (she was named this because she was known to be a bit crazy at times) she nipped me affectionately on the ear and stuck out her leg whilst glaring at Sev. Attached to it was a letter written in James’ handwriting. At least I think it was all it said was ‘Lily’ I smiled. At least it seemed like he’d finally noticed that I had a first name. “That’s Potter’s owl,” said Sev in a strangled sort of voice.

“So what if it is!” I snapped back.

“Nothing she just seems to know you quite well, that’s all.”

“Well James’ and I have been writing to each other over this summer, not that that’s any of your business either I believe” I said matter-of-factly.

“Oh, oh ok then. What does he want?” He really wasn’t getting the hint was he.

“He wants to know what my results are.”

“Did he say what he got? He asked.

“If my results are none of your business then his certainly aren’t. Now if you excuse me I need to go and reply.” I tried to walk away.

“So you’ll tell him and not me?” He shouted after me. I turned around.

“Yes, yes I think I will” and with that I turned on my heel and left.



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