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Letters from Faith by RainbowsEnd
Chapter 1 : Regulus Black
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Disclaimer - I don’t own anything you recognise, it’s all J.K’s.




The Malfoy’s annual drinks party had been a success, although no one had expected anything else. The most expensive wine, whiskies and ports had been sloshed around and even at midnight the band was still playing up-beat songs and the chat was still light hearted and humorous. Anyone who was anyone had turned up with gifts for the hostess and stories from the front line for the host. No one could doubt the excellence of the decorations done in green and sliver or the Malfoy’s experience at putting on a great get together. They could not be faulted in any way.

The only one in the room not to be seen in some kind of conversation was old Lance Avery, who was being his usual observant self as he watched the everyone intently. Everyone was wary of Lance, he had gone slightly mad in his old age but was still incredibly favourable with the dark lord and therefore was someone to stay on the right side of. Known for never trusting a soul and expecting the worse in everyone he wasn’t someone you wanted to upset.

Lance was however in quite a good mood as he focused all his intentions on a boy and a girl in the corner of the room. The boy had messy dark hair and stubble grazed his cheeks and chin, he looked withdrawn and tired. The girl rested a hand on his shoulder, standing above his seated figure like a golden angel. It was quite obvious to Lance that she was trying to comfort him, pleading with him for some reason but he ignored her, his head in his hands.

Even from this distance Lance could recognise her beauty; the head turning type. Her hair was like gold, her skin tanned and her eyes like amber, all of this was on top of a gorgeous body wrapped in a cream goddess dress. He was proud of his Godson, she was a good catch.

The girl still had her hand on his shoulder but her mind was obviously elsewhere as she scanned the room, bouncing up and down on the balls of her feet. She kept speaking to Lance’s Godson in hushed tones, she didn’t seem to care that she wasn’t getting any reply. In fact Lance got the impression that she was quite happy he wasn’t talking back to her as she twirled her golden locks with her spare hand. She rocked backward and forward, her voice obviously telling a different story to her eyes.

The song finished and as if it was a signal, the girl took Regulus’s hand and he followed her unwillingly out of the door. As she passed a table she hit her shin on the corner and swore loudly and then continued to drag him outside, out of Lance’s view.

Regulus Black felt like hell; he hadn’t enjoyed the evening with all his parent’s friends asking the same infuriating questions over and over again, he had had a fight with Circe, though as usual she acted like there was nothing wrong, he had drunk too much and was now about to pay the price.

He chose not to say anything. He had nothing to say.

Circe had a way of making him say the first thing. She didn’t show anger in the way others did, she preferred to make him feel guilty and then make him apologise.

He didn’t want to apologise, not this time.

Regulus sat down on the metal bench and watched Circe pace. She was beautiful, but like with all things she came with a dark side and he sometimes wandered if the positives were worth it.

“So?” Circe turned suddenly, her voice was sharp and powerful.

Regulus inwardly groaned; he was enjoying the silence.

“So what?” He replied monotonously, glancing at his watch, hoping it would soon be time to go.

“Aren’t you going to apologise?”

“Not this time.”

“Oh Merlin Reg, grow up!” She almost shrieked. “What you said was horrible, almost unforgivable!”

Regulus smiled. So this was Circe angry. He had been going out with her for two years and not once had he upset her to this extent, he always apologised instantly, infatuated with making her happy and seeing that radiant smile again.

It was too dark to see her smile, he could only see the whites of her eyes and the moon-light reflecting on her opaque skin. She looked almost hollow.

He wondered why this argument had upset her more than any other.

“What I said?” He laughed hoarsely, bearing his teeth in a grimace. “Can we talk about what you didn’t say?”

“I told you everything.” Circe sniffed. She turned away from him and looked down from the balcony. “I told you everything”. She wasn’t sure whether she repeated it to convince herself or Regulus.

For a moment Regulus wanted to take her in his arms, to hold her tight and protect her from the battle she was having with herself, but how can someone protect another from a unknown predator. That was the problem with Circe, after two years he knew the same amount about her as when they had first met; not much. She never talked about herself and never told him anything that she held to any importance.

Regulus knew if he hugged her now it would all be forgotten, all be normal again. But something niggled at the back of his mind, something telling him that normal wasn’t good enough anymore.

There was a long pause where neither of them spoke for what seemed like hours. He sat on the bench looking sternly forward and she paced along the balcony.

Finally Circe turned to Regulus and spoke in her deep drawl “Reg. We should take a break.”

Regulus stared at her incredulously, his heart stopped.

“So you did do something with Moretti” He stated.


“Then why would you want a break? You feel guilty don’t you? Who knew the ice queen had feelings!” He said, sarcasm oozing from his every word.

“You don’t trust me.” she answered an unasked question simply. She wasn’t looking at him, rather past him into the dim lighting of the house.

“I used to.”

“I guess that’s just it isn’t it?”

“Just what?”

“Well, what this is.” She looked strait at him for the first time since coming outside.

Regulus rubbed his neck with his hand but kept silent.

“Over, this is over.” Circe continued as calmly as if she were talking about the weather. “You don’t trust me.”

“No, no I don’t” He said a little too forcefully.

An awkward silence enveloped them and Regulus was overcome with a need to hurt her, to see her feel pain and sadness in the same way he was feeling now. He wanted to pinch her, to see her squeal, to shake her till she told him how she felt. He wanted to wrench her heart out of her chest in the same way she had done to him and destroy her calm exterior. All this and she still had the same affect on him, he knew he still loved her.

“I trust you. Why don’t you come find me when you feel the same way?”

And with that she disapperated, leaving Regulus feeling guilty but with no one to apologise to.

It was ironic perhaps that Regulus had fallen in love with the one person on earth he knew he could never trust. Even worse perhaps that it was only now, after two years of being the ‘golden couple’ and keeping up the ‘happy exteriors’ that he finally realised it.

He kicked the ground and sighed deeply.


It was two in the morning when Regulus Black knocked on the door of number seventeen Churchill Road. The road was deserted except for a falcon perched on a glowing lamp post, its hawk like eyes large and yellow as it surveyed its surroundings.

No one answered.

He knocked again.

He heard muffled footsteps coming from within the house and then the handle turn.

A face appeared from behind the door. A boys face, not much older than Regulus with the same colouring.

“Regulus?” He spoke groggily, before opening the door wide to let his brother in.

Regulus walked in, overcome with a sudden feeling of comfort, homeliness. It was Sirius’s house now but it had been their Uncle Alphard’s before. A place that he always had fond memories of, he could not remember one tense, unhappy moment spent at number seventeen Churchill Road.

Regulus sat down at the kitchen table, his dress robes muddy and torn at the hem.

Sirius shuffled in a few minutes after, a full bottle of fire whiskey in one hand and two cups in the other. Sirius looked almost as dishevelled as Regulus, his hair sticking out at all angles and smelling faintly of vodka from the night before.

“What’s up mate?” Sirius asked, placing himself on a chair at the far end of the table as he pored them two large whiskeys.

Regulus groaned. “you don’t want to know.” before leaning forward and smacking his head on the table.

“Where’s Circe?”

Every other time Regulus had come over he had brought Circe with him, much to Sirius’s displeasure.

Regulus picked his face up from the table, only to bang it down once more as he said “We broke up.”

“Shit.” Sirius swore. He walked around the table and gave Regulus the bigger of the two whiskeys. He personally had never liked Circe Harper; too much of a Slytherin bitch who thought she owned the school, but Regulus was obviously distraught.

Regulus didn’t look up. He just stared down at the table, his drink untouched.

Sirius had already finished his and poured another, unable to know what to say.

There was a sudden movement upstairs that broke the silence. Regulus looked up.

“Have you got someone here?” he asked, hoping dearly that it wasn’t one of Sirius’s Marauder friends, he had had enough pain for one night.

“Um, well…” Sirius was saved by the sound of footsteps on the stairs then a voice.

“Sirius? Are you going to come back to bed?” A girls voice rang shrilly.

Regulus and Sirius shared a look, Sirius smirking and Regulus laughing under his breath

“Sirius- really?” Regulus whispered still laughing as a girl in just a silk dressing gown entered the room.

She stood there for a second.

“Oh, you didn’t tell me you were having a friend over Sirius.” She pouted, her sickly sweet voice piercing the air.

“You didn’t ask.” Sirius answered impassively.

She pouted again and took a seat next to Sirius, letting her dressing gown slide down slightly to let him get full view of her cleavage. “You coming back to bed then?” She traced her finger up and down his forearm.

“No, not tonight sweetheart” Sirius drawled, pulling his arm out of her reach.

The girl frowned like a spoilt child.

“Aren’t you going to introduce me to your friend?” She huffed.

“Regulus this is Ella-”

“-Ellie!” The girl squeaked.

“-Ella this is Regulus.” Sirius finished rolling his eyes at Regulus.

“H-hi” Regulus grinned, unable to stop himself from letting a giggle slip from his lips.

“Ellie, my names Ellie” The girl said, stomping a foot.

“Nice to meet you Ellie, would you like to join us-” Regulus was stopped in mid sentence by Sirius-

“-Ella was just leaving”

“Was I?”

“Yes, I’m afraid so.” Sirius drawled.

“But I thought we had a special connection!” She cried.

“We had a great night - really, first class, but I have some business to attend to.”

“Can I at least get my stuff?” She frowned, tears pricking in her eyes.

Sirius took his wand out of his pyjama pocket under the table and said a quick enchantment under his breath.

“It’s all by the door darling - I’ve already packed it. This was fun maybe we should do this another time.”

She nodded vigorously as he pushed her out of the kitchen, shoved her bag into her arms and let her out onto the quiet streets of London.

Sirius re-entered the kitchen.

“Where did you pick that one up then?” Regulus laughed - happy to have something to take his mind of Circe.

“Some club at the bottom of the street.” Sirius answered with a wicked grin.

“And they let you in?”

Sirius nodded, “don’t look so surprised! - and no, I didn’t use any magic.”

“Ha! I wish I could believe that!” Regulus relaxed into his chair. “So that’s what you’ve been doing all summer? - getting laid every night?”

Sirius nodded again. “Only a bit of harmless fun!”

“-not harmless when you catch something nasty…”

“Great way to dampen the mood Reg! And anyway, I’d like to know why your nasty piece of work dumped you, again?” Regulus knew it was the question Sirius had been dying to ask since he had arrived.

“I accused her of sleeping with Moretti - she went ape-shit man, I’ve never seen her like that before!”

“Did she sleep with Moretti?”

“I don’t know, I guess I wanted her to have.” Regulus spoke quietly, Sirius looked up confused. “I know, it sounds crazy but something inside me snapped. I love her Sirius, I really do but I just can’t bare the way she never tells me anything; as if she’s hiding something. I thought that maybe if she had slept with him it would make me hate her and it wouldn’t hurt so much when she lies to my face, but hey, I was just a damn fool.”

“That’s some sick logic mate.” Sirius laughed disbelievingly, his head feeling slightly heavy as he looked down at the bottle of whiskey which was now empty; Regulus hadn’t even finished his first glass.

There was a long pause where neither brother new what to say, Sirius probably because he was too drunk to get words out and Regulus because he was still banging his head on the wooden table.

Regulus looked up “I got an letter from Faith.”


Authors note - If you have got as far as this note then I officially adore you! Any reviews will be much appreciated since this is my first fic and I’m not sure how I’m doing? There’ll be another chapter up soon! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

 Edit: Okay, so I left this fic for a while, but I'm back! Writters block is over and I've got some more chapters to put up in the near future! xxxxxxxxxxx

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