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What if It hadn't been me???????? by magicmuggle01
Chapter 7 : Harry spots Draco and hits a problem.
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When the next morning dawned bright and sunny, Harry awoke and for the first few moments seemed to be slightly disorientated. He slowly opened his eyes and stretching his arms he slowly looked about him, taking in the sight of the other three beds that were in the dorm with him. None of the occupants were awake yet. Harry looked towards the window and observed the sunshine, looking away and picking up his wristwatch he noticed that the time was five thirty in the morning. He decided that he'd get up and head out for a walk beside the lake. 

Twenty minutes later Harry was running through the castle and heading in the direction of the lake when he observed that he was not alone, someone else had had the same idea as him and he saw that Draco had also decided that he'd take an early morning walk. For a few minutes Harry stood behind a tree and watched has Draco walked along the shore of the lake only stopping and skimmed a stone across the lake surface every now and then. In a way Harry felt sorry for Draco, knowing exactly what was ahead of him, all the hardship over the next six years that he'd endured and Draco will now be enduring. For a few moments Harry was tempted to try and warn Draco about the things that were to come, but remembered what the time lord had said about warning people about the future and possibly changing things. So for the time being Harry stayed silent and staying out of sight, continued with his walk.

After he'd beenm walking for ten minutes he noticed a hooded figure at the treeline that reached down towards the lake. He realised who it was and looking around him and seeing that he was completely alone he walked over to the cloaked figure.

'Good morning time lord' said Harry 'it,s a lovely day. I saw Draco a few minutes ago.'

'So I observed' said the time lord 'and I can guess what was going through your head at that particular moment. You wanted to warn him about the future, about what you'd faced but what is his fate to endure.'

'Yes' replied Harry.

'I have already told you what would happen and about how it would affect the lives of the people who are now living in this timeline. Though there is nothing really stopping you from helping him when the time arose.'

'What do you mean?' asked Harry.

'Well, you cannot warn him about what is to happen, but when the time arrives you can advise him about the situation and what maybe the best way to deal with things as they unfold.'

'I never knew that' Harry replied.

'Well, advising is not the same as warning him in advance. You would be helping him on how best to deal with the situation as it all unfolds. But you must not warn him in advance.'

'Very well, I'll try and remember what you've said but it'll be very differcult to control myself.'

'You really must try. Alot of people's futures may depend on what you do.'

After Harry had finished talking with the time lord he realised that the time was now eight fifteen and he decided to head back the way that he'd come and go back to the castle for breakfast. Arriving back at the school he entered the great hall and took his seat next to Peter Eleson one of his dorm mates and started to eat.


A/N:- Well that's chapter seven. Plz R&R. If anyone can remember where the Ravenclaw common room is and how the students come and go from it I would be most grateful, as I'd like to include it here. I've forgotten. Thank you.

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