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Something About a Witch by bri_5_stars
Chapter 1 : Chapter the First: A Start of Sorts
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sweet chapter image by Dora Winifred @TDA! 

A Saturday afternoon at the Three Broomsticks. 

 “Mum, quit it. Mum please stop, I’ve got to be going they are waiting.” She pleaded with her mother, trying to push her away.


“Oh, alright. Are you sure that you don’t need anything? You know we want you to have all the best opportunities for a career. You just have to try.” The older woman acquiesced, backing away but still fixed the stray hairs in her daughters vibrantly red braided hair.


“I know Mum. But I still have two months yet, before I really need to choose something.” The girl replied shrugging casually, then readjusting because it had made her beaded purse fall from her shoulder.


“Well you know we will be seeing you at King’s Cross for the summer holidays, we can talk about everything then. I love you Rosie.” Her mother said and held Rose close to her.


“I love you too.” Rose replied hugging her back, then stepped away.


“I’m off to go find your brother now, good bye.” Her mother smiled sweetly.


She then turned to leave the Three Broomsticks. Some heads turned in recognition as she passed them, but that always happened. Of course they would look, she is Hermione Granger, now Weasley. The brightest witch of her age, a war hero, a lead officer in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, and Rose’s own mother.


Rose watched her mother leave the pub, and then turned to find the other people she intended meet there. Four people sat in a table near the back waiting for her, though all in deep conversation; and knowing them Rose assumed it had something to do with how someone had jinxed the professor’s chairs in the Great Hall to begin dancing whenever occupied.  


Rose made her way to the seat they had saved her between Alice Longbottom and Patrick Finnegan. Clearly they had, had a tough time finding a spot that only fit the people actually wanted. A little irked, she nonetheless sat down, and slung her beaded purse on the back of her chair.


“Hiya Red. About time you showed up.” Said the tall, black haired, bespectacled boy sitting across from her.


“Sorry Al, but you know how my mother gets when it comes to school or careers.” Rose replied with a shrug.


“Oh so she’s badgering you about the career thing again?" Alice asked as she stood, "I think that deserves a butterbeer. Who else needs a round?”


“I could use another.” Albus requested.


“Me too!” the delicate looking girl beside Albus giggled.


“One for Rose, Al, um Ellen… What about you Patty?” Alice asked.


“Why not?” the boy beside Rose replied happily, and scooted his chair closer to Rose. Something that Albus watched warily through his glasses. He was the usual amount of protective that an older brother or cousin would be, only he was more suspicious of the numbskulls that he actually knew than those he didn't. 


“Right.” Alice nodded, noting the order in her head, and went off in the direction of the bar mumbling something about the Irish.


“So,” Albus began, drawing Patrick’s attention away from his oblivious cousin. “Since we are on the subject, what is everyone doing when they leave Hogwarts anyway?”


Rose rolled her eyes. In the last week or so, since it started feeling like spring, most of their conversations almost inevitably turned at some point to what was going to happen once they all left Hogwarts. With her mother being, well being who she was subjected to lectures about the importance of a woman having a career and independence. Which she was all for by the way, she just didn’t feel the need to make a great big deal of it.


“I’ve already been accepted for an apprenticeship at St. Mungos in the Janus Thickey Ward. I only just got the letter Thursday.”  Alice said happily, and passed out the butterbeers that she had gotten everyone.


“That is terrific! You’ll be in London then, Mum would love to hear that.” Rose exclaimed excitedly. 


“Well I’m going to university for Magical Artifact Preservation.” Patrick added rather boastfully.


“Don’t you have to have intelligence for that sort of thing, Patty?” Albus chuckled while trying to sip his butterbeer.


“Of course I’m intelligent. What makes you think that you are any better?” Patrick snarled, trying to stifle his anger by crossing his arms over his chest.


Albus gave him a look that said ‘really-you-know-I’m-the-son-of-Harry-Potter-right?’  but really said “I am. Being an Auror is serious business.” He could not be more like his father, just add a scar and they were almost the same person. It made family gatherings and the year he went as Harry Potter for Halloween rather tricky. 


He looked toward Rose as if for confirmation, “I’ve already had more than enough pre-training to qualify at a junior Auror tomorrow if I wanted.”


“Al, listening to Dad and Uncle Harry’s stories all the time; or surviving their family togetherness outings does not count as pre-training. If it was, the department would be swamped with red and black hair.” Rose said with a smirk.


It was inevitable that at least one of Harry Potter’s children would end up being an Auror. With James playing professional quidditch for Puddlemere, and Lily being spoiled and fourteen, Albus was the one.


She and Al had known it since they were first old enough to hear their Father’s old war stories, and he always wanted to reenact them as the ‘good guy’. While they had been sorted into different houses, he in Slytherin and she in Gryffindor respectively; they were as inseparable as always. Knowing everything about him, it was not a surprise when he had announced to the whole family last Christmas that he was in fact going to be an Auror, despite only just passing DADA with an acceptable for 3 years.


“You just say that because you are no where near choosing a career path.” Albus challenged.


“Oh, sure, sure. It just means that I won’t be tied down, and can keep my options open. Who wouldn’t want Rose Weasley working for them?” she asked trying to not sound sarcastic.


“I for one would not.” Alice said shaking her head vigorously. “You are such a slacker Weasley. By the way you all are indebted to me for the drinks now.”


“It’s true, it’s a miracle how you somehow manage to pass near every class with perfect marks.” Patrick agreed. Of course he would know, he spent all his time watching Rose, something she found…creepy to say the least.


“And quidditch, I don’t get it. You always come off way to girly for it.” Ellen added.


“She has probably got someone doing all of her homework. It’s a wonder she even knows how to hold a wand correctly.” Albus said winking at Rose, who stuck her tongue out at him.


"How do you know my dimwitted inexperience isn't really a subtle form of manipulation used to lower people's expectations, thereby enhancing my ability to maneuver myself within any given situation?" Rose smirked into her mug.


“I mean people tend to do things for me because they think I can’t myself, you just got me a butterbeer because I moped a little.”


“Whoa there! Big words, Rosie.” Alice said now grinning.


“That’s what comes with being underestimated I guess.” Rose shrugged, but still had a faint lopsided smile stuck on her face.


It was true; people did sometimes underestimate her because of her looks and incredibly laid-back attitude. She was quite her father’s daughter; she had long fiery red Weasley hair, Weasley temper and stubbornness, and a general lack of enthusiasm when it came to school. What they didn't tend to see was that she did like to read and study if the subject was interesting enough. Rose also had a tendency for spouting random bits about quidditch to whoever would listen.


What they would sometimes forget was she had her mother’s brains as well as pretty face, even if her hair was sometimes unmanageably curvy. Some could call it an advantage, Rose preferred to think of it as fun.


“Do we need to continue this career conversation? It’s getting sooo boring!” Alice badgered. She looked at Rose and saw Patrick trying to snake his arm around her shoulder and promptly slapped him.


“Hey!” he shouted, nursing his hand.


"Thank you." Rose chuckled. 


“It’s better than what Al would do to you. And you say you are intelligent.” Alice told him smirking.


Albus nodded in agreement. Rose looked at Patrick and rolled her eyes. It was about time he started getting it into his thick skull that she would never be interested in the slightest. He was one of those people who just attached themselves to a group and held on for dear life, despite no one wanting him to really be there; he was perfectly nice and all just a bit thick. Though none of them were cruel enough to actually say it.


“You are truly hopeless Patty.” Rose said depreciatively.


“Yeah, Rose has already got her heart set on dearest Teddy.” Albus added grinning at his cousin, who turned a bright shade of pink at the mention of her childhood crush.


“I do not!” Rose snapped, trying to hide her blush and kick Albus under the table at the same time.


“Ow! You do too! You told me what you smelled in the Amortentia last year; cinnamon sticks, a new broom, and what Teddy always smells like apples. Which is weird, because you don’t even like apples.” Albus replied.


The others were now watching the two cousins, nothing short of entertained.


“That could very well just be the smell of Nana Molly’s apple pie, you dolt! Things change you know. And at least I didn’t go about professing my love for my own cousin for four years.” Rose countered.


“Vic! Oh Victoire I love you so!” she mocked happily.


“You promised never to tell!” Albus said trying to hush her by clapping a hand to her mouth. She licked it, causing him to jump back in surprise; then looked back at him proudly.


“Albus mate, your own cousin?” Patrick asked, amused that the joke was no longer on him. The other girls giggled.


“Vic is your cousin; even if she is really pretty she is married and has a baby on the way.” Alice said trying to stop laughing.


“Come off it, I was only 6.” Albus scoffed.


“When it started. You were like that for four years.” Rose replied smirking.


“It doesn’t matter. He’s got me now anyway.” Ellen said happily.


Albus nodded and pulled her closer to him, planting a kiss on her forehead. Everyone else looked away in mock terror or gagged, which made the couple pull away with a light blush. He and Ellen had only been together for two months but they seemed to be incredibly enamored with each other. Rose accepted the relationship, she didn’t exactly agree with it because Ellen always had to encroach on cousin time and she was a little whiney, but she accepted it nonetheless because Al was her cousin and best friend. Even if he was dating a Hufflepuff.


Everyone chuckled at their reactions. Then suddenly after a shared look they all stood up at once and rapidly traded seats. It was like an indoor table version of a Chinese fire drill. Now everyone sat next to someone different. Rose next to Albus, next to Patrick, and Alice next to Ellen on the opposite end. Ellen being a reccent addition to the group was still getting used to their little peculiaritys. 


Rose knew the little things like this would most likely not last past their time at Hogwarts. They were all growing up and going their own different ways. So she would take what she could get. At least she was stuck with Al for life.


The conversation changed again, this time to what they would do had they ever the opportunity to own a dragon; where Albus tried to trump everyone with an Uncle Charlie card that Rose called him on. Eventually, they meandered out of the Three Broomsticks. Albus and Ellen apologized that they had planned a date as well for this Hogsmeade trip. Leaving Alice and Rose, less than happy with Patrick.


“I was thinking about cutting and dying my hair…” Rose started, glancing at Patrick with a smile.


“Okay, I think I’ll be going now.” Patrick said. “See you girls later.” He nodded goodbye, and went off to find some friends that didn’t feel like talking about hairstyles, clothes, and Merlin knows what.


“It’s rather amazing how quick that worked.” Rose commented with mirth.


“Good riddance.” Alice agreed pulling her dark hair into a messy bun. When she finished, she looked up to see Rose walking off in the direction of the train station. “Where do you think you are going?” she called after her, running to catch up.


“I, uh, I have somewhere to be.” Rose said trying to be coy.


“Where would that be? We are already in Hogsmeade.” Alice pointed out.


“Fine.” Rose gave in, “I have a meeting for a possible career, very soon. You can come if you like, but you need to keep it a secret because I want it to be a surprise.”


“Like an interview then?” Alice shrugged, but followed along anyway. Perhaps she would really be joining her at a meeting for a possible job.


“You could say that.” Rose answered a mischievous look in her eye as she relished in the spring air.


They walked until they reached a secluded spot in an alley by the station. Alice looked around expectantly for some businesses, only finding a few peddlers on the corner.


“You working as a bat wing peddler would sure be a surprise to everyone.”


“It’s not this. Give me your arm we are apparating.”


Rose took Alice’s hand before she could protest and disapparated. As soon as they landed, they dropped hands, unable to do much more than stare at their vast surroundings in awe. They stood in the middle of an immense green field, surrounded by stands much bigger than the ones at Hogwarts. A small group of men was gathered a ways away, which looked at Rose eagerly.


“Oi, Are you Rose Weasley?” An older man with a clipboard called to her.


“I am!” she yelled back.


“Welcome to the Chudley Cannons tryouts. You’re late!” 

A/N: Hi newest readers! I see you have found my ScoRose. I intended for this to be based on the characters from my one-shot Trouble Makers (15+) only set three years later, so I guess this is a spin-off, hehe. If you feel like you may be missing something, you might want to try reading it. I'd really like to hear what you think in the form of a review, of course. I hope you liked it so far! Oh yeah, and thanks to Strings for the summary! 

Also, this first chapter was written a for _Mimblewimble_nan's The Movie Lines Challenge_

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