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Fate is a Funny Thing by Fiery Ginny
Chapter 1 : The Yule Ball
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He was walking down to the Great Hall, Pansy clutching his arm so possessively he thought she might wrench it off. She was wearing a horrible pink cocktail dress, with much too much frill. She wasn’t his first choice, but she was something. Better than going to the Yule Ball alone at any rate. And maybe he would get lucky with her afterwards. He sighed, again, better than nothing.

At that moment, he walked through the doors, with Potter, wearing bottle green dress robes, and one of the Patil’s, looking nice for a Gryffindor, wearing shockingly pink robes, on one side of the double doors, and some beautiful girl wearing periwinkle blue robes with a heart-breaking smile, her hair done up in a fancy bun, on the arm of Viktor Krum on the other side. Pansy looked at her, and spoke quickly to him, under her breath, “is that Hermione Granger??” He looked back at the girl again, and couldn’t stop staring. She was so beautiful, his mind couldn’t even come up with a way to acknowledge Pansy, let alone insult Granger. Pansy could only gape at her as they walked into the Great Hall, and his only thought was how did Krum get that lucky? He gave himself a mental shake; he couldn’t have just thought that about the mudblood? He felt sick to his stomach. He told himself it was because he had thought the mudblood (his stomach clenched uncomfortably) was pretty. He tried to make himself not think of her, but all he could see in his mind was her wonderful smile, and her bright, brown eyes, sparkling with happiness.

After dinner, Pansy spoke to him, “Drakie!! We should dance! I love this song! It’s so perfect! Come on! Please Drakie?”

Draco merely looked at her. He shook his head, “I’m all set Parkinson. I don’t particularly feel like dancing.” He looked away, looking for the pretty brunette again. He found her, dancing with Krum. Twirling, spinning, so elegantly, unlike how Pansy would have wanted to dance, which was more like dry humping on the dance floor than anything else. All he could do was stare at her, as she danced her heart out, seeming to have the time of her life. Her dress floated around her as she danced, and Draco’s eyes followed the gentle curves that she had gotten over the summer, and became entranced by her smile. As time ticked on, he just watched and watched, and by the end of the night, he could feel himself beginning to become ashamed. Not because he found the mudblood so attractive, but because he thought of her as a mudblood. She was a witch, and he felt himself grow unattached to his father at that moment. When she locked eyes with him, and he felt a flutter in the pit of his stomach, he knew that he would never agree with his father again. She was looking at him, and it wasn’t filled with hatred, it was happy, and in love with life. And it made him happy; he felt a smile appear involuntarily on his face, and Granger raised her eyebrow, in an inquiring look, and all he could do was smile more widely, and nod at her.

She hadn’t been this happy in a long time; she was having fun, and no one was calling her know-it-all Granger, or mudblood, or anything at all. Most people were just gaping at her, and all she could do was giggle at them. The disbelief was unflattering, but she didn’t care. She knew she looked good, and she hadn’t gotten dressed up for them anyway. She danced with Viktor until she couldn’t breathe. She was surprised to see so few people dancing. She saw that Pansy had decided to not dance with Malfoy, and was currently doing a rather disgusting dance with Blaise Zambini, who seemed to be thoroughly enjoying himself. She looked around as she danced, watching everyone watch her and Krum. She enjoyed the attention, and she laughed and smiled and her eyes sparkled from her happiness. Until she looked over at Malfoy, who was sitting alone, watching her. She looked around herself, to see who he could be looking at. She found no explanation except that he was looking at Krum, and she looked back at him, their eyes locking. She saw his diamond eyes glittering, and a genuine smile appeared on his face, as though it were involuntary. She gave him a questioning look, and his smile (he really did have a nice smile, she thought, surprising herself) got wider, and he gave her a nod. His smile was dazzling, and she smiled even wider as well, knowing that he was smiling at her. She felt her stomach flutter, and she had to look away from Draco at the feeling.

She looked back up at Krum and smiled, her happiness showing in her eyes. He smiled back, and he bent down, hesitantly, to kiss her. She let him capture her lips with his, and butterflies assaulted her stomach. My first kiss she thought. And it was perfect too. She kissed him back, and then pulled back shyly. She looked up at him, and the butterflies assaulted her stomach again as she looked into his eyes. They both smiled, and continued dancing together. Hermione was so content, she didn’t notice that Draco had gotten up and left.


Draco left quickly after he saw that. The image burned into his mind. He didn’t like how Krum had looked down at her. He didn’t like how she and looked up at him. Of course, once the seed was there, Draco couldn’t remove it. When Krum had bent down to kiss Hermione, it had made Draco angry, and he had also seen, in his mind’s eye, him kissing her. It was a wonderful feeling, the thought of kissing her. But, he had to stop that thought. He couldn’t think like that, or he would be murdered, by his father of all people! There was no way his father would accept this, no way in hell!

Draco stormed down to the dungeons, and ignored everyone that sat around in the common room, passing around a bottle of firewhiskey. He shrugged off Pansy, and hurried to the room he shared with no one. He opened the door, and sighed happily. Ah the wonderful things money could buy. He had a whole dormitory to himself, and he loved it. He had had it since he had first started at Hogwarts, though no one besides the other Slytherins knew about it. It was one of the conditions of having the room. No bragging about it. He sighed again, this time not so happily. She was so beautiful. But he couldn’t have her. Not at all. But I have to try, haven’t I? and the thought bolstered his confidence. He ran quickly back down the stairs and into the common room, ignoring the startled and questioning glances his house mates were throwing in his direction. He raced through the archway, and walked briskly back up to the great hall, hoping to be able to see her again. And there she was. But she was fighting with the Weasel. Draco hung back.

“Well you know what the solution is then, don’t you??” She was screaming at him, her hair coming out of her bun.

“Oh yeah? And what is that?!” He hollered back.

“The next time there is a ball, pluck up the courage to ask me before someone else does, and not as a last resort!!” She had tears in her eyes, and she stormed away from him. Potter walked up to Weasel, and Draco saw that the latter was mumbling something to the former, just out of earshot. Draco stood where he was for a moment or two, waiting for Potty and Weasel to leave. Finally they left, both returning to their dorm without their dates, both looking very glum indeed. As soon as they were gone, Draco turned to where Hermione had stormed off to, and decided to follow her. He looked around for about fifteen minutes before he heard a slight shuffling noise coming from one of the empty classrooms. It seemed she had gone to one of the empty classrooms on the ground floor, and the door had been left slightly ajar. He could hear a struggle going on behind the door, so he pushed it open fiercely. His mouth fell open in disgust. Krum had his hand covering her mouth, and had her pinned to one of the desks. She had tears streaming down her face, eyes shut tightly, and struggling with all her might. Krum was much bigger and stronger than she was, so her struggling was doing nothing to deter him. He noticed at once that Hermione’s dress was hitched up above her hips, and Krum was shoved up in between her legs. Without thinking, Draco shouted the first spell that came to his mind.

“STUPEFY!” And he saw his spell hit Krum in the small of his back. Hermione’s eyes had burst open when she heard him yell, and she violently pushed the now stunned Krum off of her. She ran up to Draco, eyes full of gratitude, and confusion. She started speaking; or at least her mouth was moving like she was talking, but nothing came out. She looked at Draco, panicking. She must have been under a silencing charm. Draco tried to read her lips. It looked like hospital. Draco just shrugged. He had been put under a silencing charm plenty of times in his home, so he knew the counterspell. As he spoke it, waving his wand in Hermione’s direction, she looked stunned.

“Th-Thank…Thank you Malfoy. I was so scared…” Hermione must have then realized who she was talking to, and stopped revealing her feelings. Draco looked her up and down. Her dress was disheveled, and her hair had almost completely fallen out of her bun. She looked like she had a small cut on her cheek, and it looked like she had bit her lip so hard it was now bleeding.

“Did-did he do anything?” Draco inquired hesitantly, and he was afraid he already knew the answer. He was also afraid for her, and even more disgusted by Krum. He looked over at the body that was still lying on the floor, unconscious, lying close to the door. He sneered at Krum’s limp form, and looked back to Hermione, disgust still clouding his face, but concern seeped into his eyes when he saw her broken expression.

Tears filled her eyes, and with that, Draco knew the answer. He shook his head, half to tell her she needn’t answer, half in fury. I’ll kill him…He defiled her…I’ll kill him! Hermione looked at him in shock, and he became immediately chagrined when he realized he had whispered the last part out loud. He looked away shyly, and then walked up to Hermione. She backed away one step, fear in her eyes, but that was all. He proceeded slowly, so he wouldn’t startle her more, and when he finally reached her, he slowly raised his hand up and took her chin in it. He turned her head each way, to check the damage Krum had done. It seemed there were more than Draco had seen previously. There was the cut on her cheek, but there were also bruises on her neck and arms, teeth marks on her neck and collarbone, and another small cut just under her hairline. Draco felt disgust and rage fill him up, rising in his throat like bile. Hermione could see it in his eyes, and she looked frightened.

“P-Please. M-Malfoy, please don’t tell anyone about this. I don’t want anyone to know…It’s too…shameful.” As she said this, she turned her head away from him, looking embarrassed.

“Shameful?? SHAMEFUL?! It’s HIM who ought to be ashamed! Not you! Never you Hermione! God, this isn’t even fair! Why you? Why did it have to be you?! Tonight of all nights!” He sighed, slightly embarrassed for his outburst, but the anger that filled him was like that of a thousand suns, millions of volcanoes just erupting within his stomach and chest. He cleared his throat, and spoke in a modulated, scarily cold tone, “Eh-hem. I apologize for my outburst. I need to cool down.” Before he turned to leave, he whispered a healing spell on her cuts and bruises. No one would be the wiser. She looked at him gratefully again, and smiled a small smile at him. He tried to return it, but found those muscles in his face weren’t working at the moment. He turned around and walked out the door, but not before he gave Krum a good kick in the ribs, and binding him with invisible ropes. He heard Hermione behind him, and it sounded like she was trying to rearrange herself, and make herself more presentable.

Draco walked back into the Great Hall, where a few people could still be found dancing. Others were drinking, eating, chatting, or simply just listening to the Weird Sisters play. Draco went and found an empty table, and grabbed a couple butterbeers on the way. He sat down, and started drinking one of them, listening to the melody. About half a butterbeer later, someone sat down at the table across from him. Without looking up, he snarled, “I am not in the mood. Get the fuck away from me.” The person who sat down, however, merely giggled at his comment. He looked up, glaring. However, the look faded as he saw Hermione, who had fixed her hair (by taking it completely down) and had rearranged her dress. She looked even more beautiful than before, with her soft, brown hair framing her beautiful face, the curls coming back ever so slightly, just giving it a wavy look. For a moment, he stopped breathing, and he swore his heart had faltered as well. She looked at him, straight into his eyes, and he was entranced. She blushed, probably due to the look he was giving her. He rearranged his face into its usual haughty mask, but when he tried to talk, he only ended up blubbering like a fish out of water. Instead, he picked up the second butterbeer, and handed it to her in offering. She smiled, took it, and nodded at him.

They sat in companionable silence for about four or five songs. After every song, a few people would get up to leave, heading to bed or to other pursuits unknown. After the fifth song (according to Draco’s calculations), the singer announced that this would be the last song of the night. He looked at Hermione, and she seemed slightly nervous, as though she were afraid to be alone. Plus, to top it all off, it was a slow one. Fuck. Draco just looked at her, and she looked back. They sat there for a few seconds, and then both of them asked at the same time, “Will you dance with me?” Hermione blushed furiously, and Draco felt his heart get lighter, and his cheeks get a little warmer. He stood up, holding his hand out to her, which she accepted. He pulled her up, and went to lead her to the dance floor. By this time, there were only professors and maybe a handful of students left, all of whom were so wrapped up in their partners that they would never notice Draco Malfoy dancing with Hermione Granger.

As Hermione realized where they were headed, she blushed even darker. He was really willing to be seen with her? She doubted anyone would take notice, but still. It made her happy inside. As they moved closer together, Hermione decided she didn’t want a real dance. She needed someone to be holding her, needed someone to make the pain go away. So, she rested her head on his shoulder, noticing how perfectly she fit in his arms, and hoped he wouldn’t pull away. On the contrary, he pulled her closer, and nestled his face into her hair, causing her to blush again. Why does he have this effect on me? Obviously he saved me, but why do I have to blush every damn time he looks at me or touches me? She gave herself a mental shake. He pulled away, and nuzzled into her neck, an incredible feat, considering she was so jammed into his shoulder, and he stood a good 4-5 inches taller than her.  

He whispered into her ear, “you are so beautiful Hermione.” Oh there I go with those goddamn blushes again!!! She hated her body’s reactions to Malfoy’s words, but then, he had called her beautiful, and his breath sweeping across her ear and neck made the hairs on her arms rise, and her spine tingle. She smiled into his shoulder, which caused his face to break into a grin that she couldn’t see. They danced until the song ended, and afterwards, they just held each other. Not wanting to go back to reality. Not wanting to face the entire school, and have to put up fronts.

Before it became too much, and she started crying, Hermione backed out of his embrace, and smiled. She turned around, and began walking away. She got halfway across the Great Hall before Draco came to his senses and went after her. He grabbed her arm, pulled her around, and gently, softly, and hesitantly (to give her time to pull away, not that she did or would) put his lips on hers. Her heart sped, and her hands started shaking. Her lips exploded with electricity, creating a spark in her entire body. The butterflies she had felt when he kissed her were nothing compared to these ones. It felt like it was harder to breath, and the room started spinning. She felt dizzy, probably because she had just stopped breathing all together. After a few seconds, he pulled away, looking at her reaction. Her face was flushed, her eyes were shining, and her whole body was shaking. He had really enjoyed that kiss. It was like the world stopped spinning, but the two of them kept right on going. There wasn’t anyone else; no Hogwarts, no reputations, no Slytherins and Gryffindors, no father who would surely kill him, and no Potter and Weasley who would also surely kill him. He leaned in once more, kissing her on the cheek he had healed, and then again on her forehead, right where he knew the cut used to be. He then kissed her on the lips again, quickly, and softly.

They both smiled, and Hermione reached up and touched his face. “Thank you Mal-Draco. You have made this ball perfect.” She smiled again, and then walked away, hiding her pain, and hiding the fact that everything around her was starting to crumble. He nearly fainted when she walked away. She called me Draco…wow. He really liked how his name sounded on her lips...

He gave himself a mental shake, and continued onto the business he needed to take care of. He went to that classroom, and found that Krum was right where Draco had left him, (only now he was awake) due to the fact that, without Hermione being aware, he had placed invisible cords around him to keep him put.

“So, Viktor. Nice weather we have been having, yes?” Draco asked in a cold, calculated voice, trying to keep the anger and disgust to a minimum.

Krum just looked at him, glared really, and didn’t say a word.

“Well? Don’t want to talk…hmmm…Well Veritaserium will help loosen your tongue when the Minister gets here. Raping an underaged witch? What were you thinking?” Draco leaned down into Krum’s face.

“Get out ov my face. You haff no right, you insignificant little pustule. You speak ov this silly girl as if she vere to actually mean something to you. HA! I laugh at you! She is nothing. Vorthless. Even you know this to be true.” Krum was laughing the entire time. Draco could no longer speak to him in the calm, cold way he had been before.

“Oh on the contrary my disgusting little friend. She IS something. She always has been. And always will be. You, however, will rot in a prison cell for the rest of your life. I can see the headlines now…World Famous Seeker and Tri-Wizard Champion Turned Disgusting Pedophile Rapist. Rita Skeeter is going to love that one! I can’t wait to read about it. The Ministry is on their way, and I am sure they will be more than happy to see a rapist put behind bars. STUPEFY!” And Draco again stunned Krum. Draco kicked him again. He then went to the window, where his eagle owl was waiting for him. He took the parchment that Pharoh was holding, and began writing the Minister a letter.

Hermione was back in her room, having gotten into more comfortable clothing, and was lying on her bed, thinking about the events of the night. It had started out wonderfully, and then he had to ruin it. He ruined everything. She felt the tears shining in her eyes again, but no, she would not cry. Not here, and not now. Tomorrow perhaps, but not here, in this room full of giggling girls. But then Draco…He had saved her. A bit too late of course, but saved her nonetheless. She smiled as she thought about the dance they had shared, and then reminisced about their kiss. Her second kiss was much, much better, and much more perfect than her first, and at that moment, Hermione Granger decided that her second kiss would indeed be counted as her first.

Edited 9/12/11

Hello my lovely readers ^_^ If this is your first time reading this story, welcome, and please leave a review and let me know what you think! If you are re-reading it, let me know if you like this version better! There are only a few small tweaks, and a couple bigger ones.


Thanks for reading!


<3 Fiery Ginny

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