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And Mayhem Ensues by starryskies55
Chapter 2 : Introductions
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A/N: edited 18/03/12

Don't see the point in disclaimers, but I'll go with it. Anything you don't recognize is mine, everything you do is JK's. Obviously :) And please review!


I woke up in a hospital bed, light streaming in the tall windows, with five slightly familiar people fast asleep on chairs around me. I furrowed my eyebrows, trying to recall the events of last night. It must have been pretty bad this time. A middle-aged thin woman with already iron-grey hair bustled over.

“At last, you’re awake. I’m Madam Pomfrey, the matron,” she said, nodding briskly as she checked my pulse. She made no attempt to be quiet for the sleepers. “After we’d put you into bed, they were already asleep,” she said, jerking her thumb at 'them', “and Professor Dumbledore said he saw no point in disturbing you getting them out of here. Though I daresay those boys feel right at home here!”

One of the boys, with shaggy long black hair, opened his grey eyes and winked at me. Madam Pomfrey looked over, and I worked hard to keep my face straight as he shuffled in his chair and gave a very convincing snore. She tutted and shook her head at him, and then retreated back into her room after she was satisfied that my pillows were all present and correct.

As soon as she disappeared from view, the shaggy boy sat upright in his chair. “You’re awake!” he said with raised eyebrows. “How are you this morning then?”

I rubbed my face with a bandaged hand. “Okay, I guess.”

He grinned. “Good. I’m Sirius, by the way. Sirius Black.” He glanced over at the four others. “That’s Remus Lupin-” he said, gesturing to the fair haired boy who slept with his mouth wide open next to him, “and that’s Peter Pettigrew-” he pointed to a round boy at the back, “and that’s James Potter and the love of his life Lily Evans, even if she doesn’t know it yet,” he said, indicating the last black-haired boy and the redhead.

James woke up with a start. “Did you say something?” he asked nobody in particular.

Sirius shook with silent laughter. “Put the words ‘love’ and ‘Lily Evans’ together in a sentence and you’ve got James’ full attention.”

I grinned too, and James ruefully smiled. “You’re up!” he said in astonishment, looking at me.

“No, I’m actually just a figment of your imagination.” If everyone wanted to comment on my consciousness, I was not going to stay civil for long.

James looked at me confusedly through sleepy eyes. “It is way too early for sarcasm.”

He attempted to go back to sleep but Sirius threw a bandage at him.

“What?” he grumbled.

Sirius gestured to Remus and Peter, and huge grin spread across James’ face in understanding. James tipped Peter’s chair on the side, and he fell onto the floor with a high-pitched squeal. Sirius would have done the same to Remus; except he had leaped out of his chair just in time and growled, “Don’t even think about it.”

Peter’s outraged expression made me and the boys burst out laughing, which woke Lily up, who wildly looked around, her hair whipping around her face and completely confused. And then Madam Pomfrey poked her head around the door. James, Sirius and Remus all collapsed into chairs and fell into a fake slumber, Peter hid behind my bed, but Lily was too sleepy to understand and frowned at the matron.

“Good,” she said, nodding. She really liked nodding. “Professor Dumbledore would like to see all of you in his office now you’re all awake. Including you, Miss Llewellyn,” she said to me. “You’re completely fine, but take the rest of the day slowly, and come back if you experience any pain or dizziness. You’ll look after her, Miss Evans?”

Lily nodded, and I nodded, and Madam Pomfrey nodded back, satisfied. As soon as she’d tottered back off into her office, the boys ‘woke-up’. I thought their mock-stretching and yawning was pretty funny, but Lily just glared, her green eyes shooting out metaphorical daggers until we were all moving.

I self-consciously smoothed my crumpled uniform as we walked to Dumbledore’s office. It was fairly early on Sunday morning, so not many people were around, but the few that were cast odd glances at us, with our slept-in uniform and messy hair. Added to this, I had bloodstains on my collar and across my blouse. I’ve got to say, I make great first impressions.

We reached the Entrance Hall, and there were a pile of green-clad students going in for breakfast. Slytherins.

“Crap,” I muttered. I attempted to hide behind Remus, but James pulled me out and linking his arm with mine, casually walked me past in full view.

“They aren’t going to try anything-” he started to say, before ducking a curse, which blew a hole in the masonry above his head with a terrific bang.

“What the hell?” he bellowed, his voice echoing. I tried to go for my wand, but realised I lost it last night. I swore again as I saw all my new acquaintances with their wands out, pushing me, the wandless liability, to the back. The Slytherins also stood with their wands held in front of them, defensive.

Remus passed me a pile of wands behind his back. “We took them off the tossers last night,” he said, his voice barely above a whisper in the almost silent Hall, and the swearing seeming harsher than usual in his soft tones. I quickly selected my wand; twelve inches, cherry and unicorn tail hair, with ivy tendrils carved around the handle. I instantly felt powerful, but my hand was shaking. Last night had broken my confidence, and now I was surrounded by people who could get hurt because of me.

But we didn’t fight. Dumbledore swept through the two groups of us, his long robes billowing and he didn’t even blink at our defensive stances and our wands, but beckoned to us with a long finger.

I waited until the Slytherins had disappeared into the Great Hall until I stuffed my wand away, and James quickly took back the spare ones. “Don’t want Lily to see,” he whispered. “And they might come in useful.”

I can’t deny that I wasn’t pleased that the Slytherins who attacked me last night wouldn’t do it any time soon. And if they did... my fingers curled around my own wand in anticipation. The boot would be on the other foot- but my hands still trembled, so I clenched them into fists. I wouldn’t betray my fear.

We reached Dumbledore’s office and went up the spiral staircase- the pale stone seemed to gleam like dull gold. We followed him in, and stood awkwardly in the centre of his round tower room as he seated himself behind his desk. He steepled his fingers and peered at us over them, before smiling widely.

“Well, I never thought I’d see the day when you boys weren’t in here for causing trouble,” he said, a hint of a laugh in his voice. They grinned, not the slightest bit embarrassed. “I think that twenty points for Gryffindor apiece will do, including you, Miss Evans. How are you then, Miss Llewellyn?”

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Sirius start at the mention of my surname. Oh, please don’t let him know me- “I’m fine thank you,” I said, hurriedly tacking a “sir” on the end. It was fairly odd to have Dumbledore call me by my surname anyway; I’d known him since I was little.

He smiled encouragingly. “Good. And I will probably want your help,” he said, addressing the boys, “in finding Miss Llewellyn’s attackers.” They nodded, but I wasn’t hopeful. Even if Dumbledore expelled them, eventually he’d get rid of the whole of Slytherin. It just wasn’t practical, and slightly prejudiced. “Miss Evans and Mr Lupin, as you are both Prefects, I would like you to make sure that Miss Llewellyn doesn’t get lost on her first days here.”

Remus was a Prefect- ha. From what I’d seen of Sirius and James, I was surprised if he managed to keep them under control. Lily was somewhat scary though, I thought, recalling the icy glare she gave the boys earlier, but also her willingness to fight a minute ago.

Dumbledore waved a hand for us all to leave, but Lily nicked something out of James’ pocket. “Hey!” he exclaimed, as she put the wands on the table. Yeah, Lily the scary Prefect.

Dumbledore smiled. “Thank you, Miss Evans,” he said wryly, before picking up a piece of parchment and examining it through his half-moon glasses.

The boys made a point of stamping down the stone steps, making the walls vibrate. We reached the bottom thankfully without causing any walls to fall down, and Lily stopped. “I’m going to take Eva to our dormitory.”

“Fancy that?” said James in mock-astonishment, grinning. “We were just on our way there ourselves! And Remus needs to look after Eva as well, don’t you?”

He elbowed Remus, who nodded, wilting slightly under Lily’s fierce gaze. She turned around and walked off, her feet echoing angrily on the stone. I smiled apologetically at the boys, and had to jog to catch up.

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And Mayhem Ensues: Introductions


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