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Searching with the Enemy by Oppugno
Chapter 7 : Time to Run
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  Weeks passed by slowly. Hermione had received everything she had ordered by catalogue and had packed it in the very same beaded bag she had used last year. She had resisted asking Malfoy for his clothes though; she sensed that the time when they would have to leave would be upon them shortly. Hermione dreaded the thought of living with Malfoy. Every day the thought plagued her mind causing her to lose her concentration.

On another ordinary Sunday morning, Hermione went through her beaded bag for what seemed like the hundredth time. She again was checking to make sure she had everything that would make her little “trip” as painless as possible. She had just replaced Hogwarts: A History back into the bag when a thought struck her. She didn’t have the invisibility cloak! She never really thought about it because she was always with Harry who never left home without it. Hermione wondered if she sent Harry a letter asking to borrow it, if would he even read it. She quickly decided it could hurt and pulled out a quill and some parchment.


I know it’s been a long time since we talked. But I really need a favour from you. I don’t know if you know, but I came back to Hogwarts. Anyway, this year we have to do this dumb pretend search for Horcruxes based off of what we did last year. I don’t want to do it but I won’t pass my seventh year otherwise. So, I was going through all the stuff I need and I was just wondering if I could borrow your invisibility cloak. It would make this whole thing so much easier. And if you send me the cloak I might as well ask for the Marauder’s Map too. This project will be bad enough without being unprepared. By the way, you should really write to Ginny. She needs someone to talk to.

Say hi to Ron for me.



Hermione folded the parchment and took it up to the Owlery. She handed it to a big, tawny owl. “Can you please take this to Harry Potter and make sure he reads it” she whispered to the owl. He hooted in response and took off out the window.

Hermione made her way back to the Common Room quickly rushing through the quiet corridors. She was passing by the Defense Against the Dark Arts class room when she heard hushed voices discussing something which sounded important. Years of hanging around with Harry and Ron gave her the natural inclination to stop and eavesdrop on the conversation. She heard the deep voice of Professor Noires.

“…..and I have it scheduled for Thursday.” Hermione heard him say.

“Do you think they’ll be ready? It’s only been six weeks! And I’m still not convinced this is a good idea” Professor McGonagall’s voice was urgent and a bit worried.

“Headmistress, this will be the test to test if they are ready! Ready to face the real world! Minerva, there is still dark wizards out there! These students, though they faced some of this last year, need to learn how to hone their skills in the face of adversity” Professor Noires’s voice was laced with strong passion.

Professor McGonagall responded with equal fervor “And what about Hermione Granger? Don’t you think that doing this will just cause her more pain? To relive what she had to go through last year?? Have you seen her lately? She’s suffering!”

“I think that this could help her fight the demons haunting her and everyone else for that matter” Professor Noires stated. “It will happen on Thursday and I pray that the students are ready for this test.”

Hermione quickly rushed away from the door and didn’t slow until she was safely in the Common Room. Thursday. I have to leave Thursday. Hermione’s thoughts were racing. She had to be ready by Thursday. It was sooner than she thought. With a groan, Hermione realized she would have to talk to Malfoy again. Whether she liked it or not if she wanted to be ready to go she would have to ask Malfoy for his clothes. She sighed deciding to do it sooner rather than later. She checked her watch. All the late sleepers would be heading to breakfast right about now and she figured Malfoy would be among them. She made her way to the Great Hall. She spotted Malfoy laughing with his friends at the Slytherin table. Sighing again she made her way over to him.

She had almost reached the table when Malfoy spotted her. He sneered and said “Now hold your breath everybody, there’s a mudblood coming” His friends snorted and Hermione shot him a glare.

“Whatever, Malfoy I really need to talk to you” she turned to face his friends “But don’t worry I’ll have your little ferret back shortly” she gave a wicked smile.

Malfoy returned the glare and opened his mouth to speak but Hermione cut him off. “Did I mention that the conversation I wish to have is vital to us passing this year?” Malfoy snapped his mouth shut and angrily followed Hermione out of the Great Hall.

“Alright Granger you have me here. What is so damn important?” He crossed his arms across his chest.

“I overheard Noires tell McGonagall that our little project is starting on Thursday. Therefore I need whatever you might want to bring before then so that I can pack it.” Hermione said curtly.

Malfoy raised his eyebrow. “So what, you’ll just walk around on Thursday with a trunk in tow? That won’t look suspicious at all” he said sarcastically.

Hermione responded coolly “I have other means of carrying the stuff around. Now either bring me your stuff or by all means go without.”

Malfoy gave her a questioning look “and how do I know you won’t mess with my stuff?” He asked.

“You don’t” Hermione replied shortly.

Malfoy gave an empty laugh “Trust a mudblood with my stuff? Now this is something I don’t do every day. Fine, Granger, I’ll give you my stuff but if you do one bloody thing to it you will regret it” he snapped.

“Noted” Hermione said sarcastically and with that she stalked away from him.


                Hermione spent the next two days reading the biography of Jason Noires. Hermione knew that in that book that the Professor had given them would be the clues to where the Horcruxes would be located. She also quickly glanced at the list of acceptable Horcrux destroyers. Due to obvious reasons, such as danger, the Professor had edited the list that they were using in this project from the list of things that truly did kill Horcruxes. The new list was just as short, however, much less dangerous.

List of acceptable tools to destroy Horcruxes

Goblin made sword

3 drops of Draught of the Living Dead

3 drops of a potion made from water and one hair from a Veela

Hermione had scanned the list a few times. Though none of the items were exactly easy to acquire, they were far less difficult than the items from the previous year.

On Tuesday night Hermione was interrupted from her reading by an owl tapping furiously on the window. She rushed over to let the owl in and untied a large package from the owl’s leg. She quickly read the note that was tied on top.


Harry got your letter and read it but I don’t think he really understood. He’s still really depressed you see, and I just don’t think his brain is functioning properly. It’s nothing against you of course. If he was in his right state of mind I’m sure he would have jumped to help you out. Anyway, I saw the letter and decided to respond. I sent the invisibility cloak and the map. I don’t think Harry will mind if you borrow them for a while. Anyway good luck on whatever weird project your doing!



P.S. Merlin Hermione! Why didn’t you tell me you were going back to Hogwarts?!

Hermione smiled to herself as she fingered the gossamer fabric of the invisibility cloak. Ron sounded a lot better and that made her happy. But her stomach also clenched with worry as she read what Ron had said about Harry. She wondered how long he would stay like this. Her thoughts were again interrupted by a tapping at the window. She looked up to see a large black eagle. It entered gracefully and landed beside Hermione allowing her to untie another package. She ripped open the note and read it quickly.


Here are my things. Don’t mess them up.


Hermione scoffed and unwrapped a large rudsack. Curious she looked through the things inside. It was mostly normal stuff like a few pairs of jeans, a few long and short sleeved tee shirts, and a few sweaters. The clothing choices surprised Hermione. She had never seen Malfoy wear anything so casual. She also spotted a toothbrush, a hairbrush (Hermione laughed out loud at this), a sack of Galleons, and small diary that was bound in forest green leather. As curious as she was, she didn’t open it for she was sure Malfoy would find out if she did. Instead she closed the rudsack and packed it away in her beaded bag along with the invisibility cloak, the map, and the biography and list she had just been reading.

She then headed for bed knowing that in a few days sleep would become even harder to come by.

By Wednesday afternoon, Hermione was a wreck. Other than Malfoy, she hadn’t told anyone else of the approaching departure. She needed all the help she could get when it came to achieving the highest grade, and though it went against every Gryffindor bone in her body, she kept her mouth shut. Well, with one exception.

Hermione had not talked much to Ginny since the night in the Common Room. Though Hermione felt extremely guilty, she still needed someone on the inside of Hogwarts and Ginny was the perfect fit.

Hermione caught Ginny as she was walking out of potions late Wednesday afternoon. Ginny looked a bit suspicious when Hermione said they needed to talk but followed her away nonetheless.

“Alright Hermione, you haven’t talked to me in weeks. What is now desperately so important?” Ginny began a bit angrily.

Hermione bit her lip. She knew she had been unfair to Ginny but this was important. “Ginny, look I’m sorry but I’m going to be leaving tomorrow for this stupid project and I really need someone who I can communicate with on the inside”

Ginny looked shocked “Wait what? How do you know you’re leaving tomorrow?”

Hermione brushed off the question. “It’s not important. Anyway,” Hermione reached in her pocket and pulled out a Galleon “I’ve charmed this so that we will be able to communicate messages. Sort of like the DA Galleons but a bit more advanced. Just tap the coin three times and say what you want and then tap it again and say ‘mittere’ it’s quite simple really and I’ll hear what you have to say wherever I am. See, I have to pair to that coin.” Hermione pulled out another identical Galleon.

Ginny took the coin and looked it over. “It works both ways right?” she asked.

“Yes” Hermione nodded.

Ginny pocketed the coin and gave Hermione a quick unexpected hug. “Be careful, Hermione” she said “I can’t help feel as if this project will have its share of dangers”

Hermione gave her a smile. “Don’t worry. I always am. Promise me you’ll stay in touch.”

Ginny smiled back “I promise” she said.

Hermione felt a wave a relief. “You know Ginny, I really am sorry we haven’t talked it’s just—“

Ginny cut her off “you’ve had a lot on your mind I get it. Not to mention how you must be feeling after last year. Don’t worry about it Hermione. Focus on whatever this project is having you do.”

Hermione laughed “I’ll try”

Hermione and Ginny left the dungeons together, heading up to the Common Room before dinner.

                Wednesday night was another sleepless night. When Hermione awoke on Thursday her stomach was in nervous knots. She grabbed a quick shower and changed into comfortable clothes which she hid under her robes. She grabbed her wand and her little beaded bag and headed down to breakfast.

She spotted Ginny at the Gryffindor table and took the seat next to her. Ginny smiled at her arrival and greeted her good morning. Hermione was not really up to chatting and just listened as Ginny rambled on about something unimportant in a clear attempt to distract Hermione. Hermione glance over to the Slytherin table and spotted Malfoy sitting next to Pansy. He looked miserable as well.

Hermione tried to eat but failed and ended up just pushing her eggs around her plate. Finally, breakfast was coming to a close and the younger students were preparing to go to their first class. Hermione was about to stand up and leave when the doors of the Great Hall swung open violently and around thirty figures wearing black robes and masked rushed in. And then without warning began to go after the “eighth years”. Hermione knew immediately what this was and launched into action. She pulled out her wand and tucked her beaded bag into her sock at lightning speed. She jumped up and began firing spells at the figures coming towards her. She needed to get to Malfoy. The pathways were all blocked by the masked figures. Firing more spells Hermione made a quick decision and launched herself onto the Ravenclaw table. She ran down the length of the table, kicking goblets and plates of unfinished food out of her way. She blocked a few stunners before she finally spotted a gap in the fighting. Seizing her chance she quickly flung herself onto the Huffelpuff table. Her series of wild leaps where certainly distracting the masked figures which worked greatly to Hermione’s advantage.

“Stupefy! Stupefy! Stupefy!” she screamed sending jets of red light all over the place. The younger students were cowering under the tables looking both confused and petrified. With another burst of energy she surged onto the Slytherin table where she noticed Malfoy dueling with one of the cloaked figures. She glanced over her shoulder and noticed Neville struggling to ward off his opponent. She shot a violent stunner which hit his opponent directly in the chest. He shot Hermione a quick smile of thanks before running off in the other direction. Hermione spun back around and saw Pansy’s unconscious body on the floor and realized she needed to get out of there. Fast. Suddenly she remembered the spell that allowed them to Apparate within Hogwarts. She mentally praised Professor Noires while sending another stunner at an approaching figure. She jumped off the Slytherin table and tried to make her way over to Malfoy ducking jets of multicolored light that were flying from all over the room. She sent a hasty but efficient Petrificus Totalus at Malfoy’s attacker. The cloaked figured froze stiff and Malfoy whipped around searching for the origin of the spell. Hermione quickly threw herself at him, latching onto his arm and spinning on the spot. She caught one last glimpse of the fight going on in the Great Hall before she felt the uncomfortable but familiar squeezing sensation and pulled them to safety. 



A/N: Hey Guys!!!

First off I just wanted to say I got the idea for the 'mittere' spell because mittere is latin for send! 

And the action has started!! I hope you all enjoyed my latest chapter. If you did let me know in a REVIEW!! and if you didn't let me know what I can do better in a REVIEW!!! So what do you do now. Well, you could scroll down just a little bit further and there you will see a box and the words 'write a review' this is perfect for you because now you can let me know what you think!!!!

Thanks for reading!


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