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Phoenix Fire by Siriuslover177
Chapter 1 : Phoenix Fire
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Phoenix Fire


The feeling of his skin against mine was like a fire, going off in my stomach. I could feel the blazing heat erupt from my sweaty skin. I felt as if we were the only two people in the world, no other human could hurt us ever again.

His clammy hands rubbed against my bare chest.

Instantly, without a thought in the world my hands went to his long black hair,I ran my long, tan fingers though it as his sweat lips finally crashed down onto mine.

My dreams have been filled with this moment for years now. Long, depressing years of keeping my feelings in the closet as other couples got together and felt the love I so desperately longed for.

The feeling of his lips against my own felt as if I was being born again. I have never felt this much love, and passion before.

Never did I ever expect that this affection I was feeling towards him would grow this much. I never imagined this much lust would escape throughout my body.

Our lips danced together as if they were one, as if they belonged together this whole time, and they would die without the feeling of the closeness of together. That’s how I feel with him, as if he is my air, my blood, my life.

Without him I’d be dead, alone, feelings of heartache and sorrow would take over my life, and I’d be non existent. Without him, I am nothing. Without him, I am dead.

The feeling of his body pressed up against mine is like I am finally full again, like I am not alone in the world, I am myself, and I belong.

I know he feels the same as me. Before any of this happened he was distant, and secretive, as if he was hiding something so big he could hardly survive. I found out though, I made it my goal to make him happy again, make him alive again.

When I found out that the reason he was hurting so bad was because of me, I knew that it had to be true, he had to be in love with me as well, that is how we got here, here in our room, sharing each others love with unsaid words.

Even though no words have been said we knew each others thoughts, we know that the love we feel has been shared for years now, we knew that it has taken so much control and strength to keep from sharing our feelings for so long.

We know that our love is something that couldn’t be expressed though words, no matter how hard you tried to explain it. We know that no matter what, we will always be best friends forever. No matter what fights happen, what words say, our love will always be there.

We love each other so much that no amount of words or actions will really show how much passion and love we feel for each other.

Our love is like Phoenix fire, something so beautiful and priceless that no matter what you do, you cannot explain how powerful it really is.

We are no longer Remus and Sirius. We are one, together, forever.


Authors Note.

Hello, this is my first Remus/Sirius fiction, although I am a total shiper of them! 
I hope you liked it!!
Comments, Questions, or Suggestions you can all put in the reviews! I will answer every single of of them!! 
Thanks so much!!

Written for the One-Shot, Title, Ship, Rating Challenge.


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Phoenix Fire : Phoenix Fire


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