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Mrs Malfoy, Being Found Again by little_welsh_lily
Chapter 10 : Chapter Nine
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Chapter Nine

Disclaimer - I don't own Harry Potter as if I did the epilogue would of been very different!

A/N: I apologise for any mistakes it was typed up on my phone as I'm way for the weekend and wanted it up as soon as possible due to my lack of updating. So here's chapter 9, a look at how our favourite couple got together.

3rd January 2000

"Morning Janet," Hermione said to the receptionist as she signed in. "Good Christmas and new year?"

"Morning Hermione, it was good thanks yours?" she asked, "You look really good by the way."

"Thanks it was good," Hemione replied. She was smiling as she took he elevator up to the office she shared with Draco and Blaize. She walked through the door into 'the box' as it had been affectionately dubbed by the three of them. The guys looked up from their work and she gave them a smile before taking a seat, Blaize smiled in return but Draco couldn't help but stare. She was wearing a knee length pencil skirt and a cream fitted blouse, which covered her modestly but still showed off the curves she'd been blessed with. She had her hair pulled back into a bun, with a few whispy bits framing her face and her eyes were behind a small pair a dainty reading glasses.

'Bloody hell she's killing me,' Draco thought looking her up and down. 'She wasn't kidding when she said new year new start, she looks amazing.' Draco had always found Hermione to attractive not only in her looks but also due to her intelligence, but he'd never seen her dress to impress before and it was causing many inappropriate naughty secretary fantasies including he two of them to spring to his mind.

"Looking good 'Mione!" Blaize said, "Part of your moving on plan cause Weasley would have a fit if he saw you right now." Draco had managed to take his eyes off her and was now burried in the contracts he had in his hand trying to concentrate on them.

"It is, I decided that I had wasted enough time mopping over Ronald and it's time to get back on the horse, so to speak." She replied, taking the papers off Draco and turning them the correct way round. "You okay Draco, you lookca little paler than usual?"

"Me-erg-fine," he managed to spit out very incoherently. Before mentally berating himself for letting a girl get to him and looking back down at the papers which now made much more sense.

"And I have my two favourite guys to thank for helping me and sorting me out," Hermione added smiling at them warmly. "God knows what state I would be in without your help."

"It was nothing we're just glad you've got back your confidence and are back to being the Hermione Granger we knew," Blaize said pulling her into a hug. "You coming to the pub later for a catch up?"

"Can't sorry Blaize, I have a date," Hermione replied.

Draco, who had been quiet till then snapped his head up at that and tried to control the jealously rising in him. He had no right to feel like that, she was just a colleege, a friend at best and after how he had treated her before he would be lucky if she ever considered him a friend. He tried to look uninterested but his mouth seemed to move of it's own accord, "You - date - tonight?" he stuttered. 'Dam it Draco why can't you keep your mouth closed' he thought after.

"Yes Malfoy, is that so hard to believe?" She snapped, using his surname like they tended to do joking only this time there was no joking in her tone.

Draco recoiled at the coldness of her tone and inwardly groaned at the problems his jealously had caused at it soared even more at the thought of her with someone else. "Of course not Hemione, just not something I'm used to hearing you say," He replied. "Right well I'm going to get someone from the legal department to look over these contracts with me."

Hermione softened at his obvious embarrassment and walked over to the edge of his desk and perched against it, "Don't be silly Draco I'll go throughout them with you Merlin knows I'll be a better bet than those idiots you have down there." Draco smirked at her, it had taken a while but he old Hermione seemed to surface little by little and he found it strange how the things about her that used to annoy him most were now what he found the most endearing. Blaize looked over his desk at the two hunched over the contracts and smiled as Hermione scolded Draco for missing big bits out, before returning to his own work.


6 January 2000

"Please say we can go for that catch up tonight, I could do with some fun?" Hermione asked as they shut down their computers for the weekend.

"Only if it means your going to dish he dirt on that date you had the other night," Blaize replied grabbing his keys and phone off his desk.

"Your going to come with us right Malfoy?" Draco looked up and found her smirking at him, he found his mind wondering again. Would she still call him Malfoy if they dated, then he chastised himself for being stupid.

"Sure, I could do with a night off this Nimbus take over stuff is beginning to annoy me now. Plus mum keeps going on at me about adding a clothing line to the business but I have no idea who I'd get to run that," Draco replied.

"A yes would of been sufficient mate!" Blaize added before asking, "So where we going to go?" He grabbed Draco's jacket and threw it at him before putting on his own.

"How about that new bar on the corner of Wardour Street, it's only on the corner?" Hermione suggested, looking between the guys.

"That swanky cocktail bar?" Draco asked and Hermione nodded, "We'll look like proper London yuppies if we go in there."

"Oh please Draco I really like that place," Hermione plead pouting at him slightly.

'Oh Merlin his woman is going to be the death of me,' he thought. "Yeh okay then," he said leading her out of the box with his hand on her lower back. She stiffened at the contact before relaxing and smiling at him.


"You're kidding me?" Blaize asked her, laughing in shock. Draco was at the bar getting the next round while Hermione explained to Blaize why her and Dave were not going to see each other again.

"No, the meal was lovely and we were gettig along fine but then we got in his car and it was as though he had a personality transplant. He grabbed my hand and put it down his trousers and kept saying I could use his lap as a pillow if I wanted," Hermione explained. Draco had returned by now and was looking at her equally as shocked as Blaize, as he say next to her. "I was mortified, I literally ran out of his car and to the door just to get away from him."

"Seriously where did you meet this guy?" Draco asked incredulously.

"At that sushi place I go with Becci and the girls to," she explained nodding towards Blaize. "He seemed fine and was easy to talk to, a bit of a push over as he seemed to let me win any debates we had but fine other than that. No indication that he was a sex crazed weirdo."

"It's a nice place Draco, Becci drags me there all the time," Blaize added.


Five cocktails and a few shots later they were all feeling the effects and decided it would be best if they made their way home. Blaize hailed a cab for himself to head back to Richmond, whilst Draco hailed one for Hermione and himself as they had apartments in the city.

They were at pretty close in he back in a comfortable silence when Draco broke it, "I'm glad your beginning to trust me Hermione. I really care about you," she smiled and went to kiss his cheek but instead he turned his head and she caught his lips. Unlike before neither could pull away and as the electricity rose between them their kisses became for feverish. Neither of them remembered paying the driver or climbing the stairs to Draco's appartment, but they both remembered Draco suddenly pulling away before they made it to the bedroom. "We can't do this Hermione I like you too much to do this and I respect you I don't want you to do something you'll regret, come on I'll apparate you home." He apparated her home and gave her a sweet kiss goodbye before leaving for his apartment.


A/N: So what's instore for our pair? Next chapter deals with the fallout of Draco's actions, what do you think is going to happen please leave a review as they make me smile :D
Love Lily xxx

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