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Innocent by scarlettandgold
Chapter 2 : More Than a Stomach Bug
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A/N: Yay for quick updates! I have the next 7 chapters updated, so I'll try to post those all quickly. Hope you all enjoy it! 



Two months, that’s how long it had been since that night. The night I had been one with the love of my life, Draco. Two months, and each day I relived the memory over and over again. It was my most cherished memory now, and he probably didn’t even remember it. Wow, I was incredibly pathetic. Pathetic wasn’t even the correct word to describe what I was. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those girls who has a crush for a few days and becomes absolutely obsessed by that person. This wasn’t a short infatuation nor was I the type to fall in love with anyone that came by. Draco meant more to me that just a silly crush. But that didn’t change the fact that it was absolutely pathetic.


So, I was going on with my life, fostering a somewhat dismal hope that maybe he did remember that night and wanted to be with me. It was far fetched and unlikely, of course. I don’t know even what it was. Maybe I just had a thing for tall blonde guys who walked around looking like they had a stick up their arse, who knew? 


He was friends with Daphne and that stupid friend of hers, Pansy. It was no surprise someone like him would be with Daphne. She was tall, blonde, and absolutely stunning. She was every boy’s dream, but she was also one of the sweetest people in all of Slytherin. I know that’s not really saying much, but Daphne was truly a good person, unlike the rest of the people she was friends with. Sometimes I wondered how I’m even related to her. I mean look at me, I’m a bitch. 


But I knew he had a crush on her, but Daphne didn’t return his affections. Maybe she did internally, but Daphne knew I already loved him. It was almost like that Ginny Potter, in a way. Only Ginny wasn’t in love with a man who wouldn’t spare her a second glance. Ginny and Harry Potter were meant for each other, like missing puzzle pieces that fit together perfectly. My whole life was basically a puzzle with missing pieces that were so epicly lost they would never be found. Charming, right? 


I was a mess, with jagged edges and he was even more a mess. After the War, his life had spiraled down, to the point that for months no one saw him; no one knew if he even left his house during that time. But still, in all these years, I had never approached him like I had that night. 


He had dated the pug nosed Pansy Parkinson for years, but their relationship, if could even be called that, was dismal and loveless. Well first of all, who in their right mind would want to be with her? I had overheard Pansy and Daphne talking years ago about how he never returned her affections, and the few times he did touch her were for sexual desire and nothing more, the sexual desire I now experienced first hand. 


It was also a dreary October morning when I was woken up with a strong urge to puke everything inside of me out. This was my absolute favorite way to wake up on the weekend! Not.  I was vomiting over the toilet when I felt a pair of small hands pull my hair back and stroke my back softly. I finished puking and took a few breaths before I turned to my sister. 


“Thanks,” I smiled at her slightly before washing my mouth out.


“No problem.” she replied, letting go of my hair but still stroking and soothing me softly. “What’s wrong?” she asked, her whitish-blonde eyebrows knit together tightly. Even first thing in the morning, without any makeup and without a shower, my sister looked like the most gorgeous creature to walk the earth. Wonderful.


I shrugged. “No idea.” We walked back to our shared bedroom and flopped down on the bed, staring up at the ceiling. I looked over to my left, where the clock read 6:10 AM. Great, lovely, I had woken up with the roosters. “Sorry for waking you up so early,” I added sheepishly to my sister, who was now propped up on her elbow on the bed beside me.


“It’s alright, Tori. Might as well make use of the time. There’s so much work to be done!” she said, slightly flustered but glowing with happiness, which only added to her beauty. I nodded, as if I didn’t know there was work to do. My sister was getting married in 3 months time, and preparations were in full force. All I had heard for the last year around my house was wedding this and wedding that. Trust me, I knew there was work to be done. 


Her fiancee was like every mother’s dream come true. Trust Daphne to pick out the perfect husband. He did something in the Ministry. What, I didn’t know and I honestly didn’t really care. He made Daphne happy and really, that was all I cared about. He could have been a circus performer and I wouldn’t give a damn. Not that Daphne would ever, ever pick out someone who worked in a circus. She was far too picky for that. 


“I’ll help you out today, it’s not like I have anything be-,” but before I could finish, I sprinted to the bathroom again, and puked out substances I didn’t know I had in my stomach. Seriously, the last time I ate was over 12 hours ago. Where was all this food even coming from? 


“Dammit,” I muttered when I was finished. Daphne was standing behind me, her beautiful face creased with worry again. “What?” I asked, washing up again. At this rate, I might as well have just taken a shower. “It’s probably just the stomach flu or something I ate last night, Daph, don’t worry, okay?” I assured her. She worried too much, and I didn’t worry enough, our mother always said. 


“Me, worry? When do I worry?” she joked, and I pushed her gently.


“Yeah, right, you are the calmest person in the world,” I retorted. “Good thing David’s so calm. Or else I don’t even want to know what would happen.” She smiled back at me good naturally before sticking her tongue out. 


“Don’t be jealous that I happen to be engaged to the most handsome, charming, caring, man in the world, okay?” she smiled. Just  thinking about him made her all happy and giggly like a little girl. Gag. 


“Okay, Daph, I’ll try not to be jealous,” I said, rolling my eyes. David was a nice guy, sure, but he wasn’t particularly attractive and he was very off limits. Besides, I already happened to be in love with someone else.... I chose not to think of the fact that I had no chance in hell with him. Minor details. 


“We should go dress shopping, Tor!” my sister suddenly exclaimed, her eyes sparkling with excitement. The idea sounded boring and tedious, but I didn’t have it in my heart to say no to her. 


I made  a face at her first to show my lack of excitement before I gave in. “Fiiine.” I grumbled, pretending to me more upset than I really was. “But don’t blame me if I puke all over the dresses, alright?” I warned, to which she just laughed and kissed my cheek.


“You’re the best, Tori,” she said, before walking back to our room to get ready. In truth, it was she who was truly the best sister anyone could ever ask for. She was the only one who knew of my love for Draco, and never once did she ridicule me for it. I knew deep inside she thought it would never happen, and it was far fetched and impossible, but she would never break my heart by telling me that. I owed her about a million times more than she owed me. 


We spent the day wandering what I thought was aimlessly through the stores for four hours. Why we needed to spend so much time on my dress was beyond me. It wasn’t as if anyone would bother looking at me with my modelesque sister standing beside me. In the end, we picked out a pale pink knee length dress that apparently “complimented my eyes.” Whatever, I wasn’t going to argue with her. 


We were walking along, bags in hand when I spotted his gorgeous figure in the distant. My breath hitched and my chest was thumping faster. He seemed to be in a hurry or seemed to be trying to avoid anyone from seeing him. I nudged Daphne, who instantly started walking towards him. 


“Daphne!” I exclaimed under my breath, as she continued walking towards him. 


“Trust me!” she exclaimed cheerfully. Curse her and her optimism. 


“Draco!” she greeted him as he looked up with those beautiful eyes of his. “I haven’t seen you in ages!” 


He gave her a small smile and nodded. “Indeed, it has been ages.” He acknowledged me with a curt nod of the head that sent my heart flying. Could he tell that by breath was coming irregularly just by being this close to him? Or maybe, if I got super lucky my heart would stop working and I would die here rather than face this insanely awkward confrontation. 


“How’ve you been?” my sister pressed on, her smile never faltering. 


“Alright.” he nodded. “I’ve been busy so I don’t go out much.” 


“Yeah, that’s understandable. Hey listen, Astoria and I were just on our way home and it looks like you’re in a hurry too. But really quickly, are you free April 28?” My eyes grew wide in shock as I realized what she was about to do. I was going to kill her when we got home. Not just kill. Torture and kill her. 


He nodded. “I don’t think I have anything that day? Why?” 


“It’s my wedding that day,” she beamed, “And it would mean a lot to me if you came. I’ll send you over an invite, alright?” Before he could reply she leaned over and gave him a peck on the cheek. “Good to see you again, Draco!” she gave him another one of her trademark smiles before we parted ways. 


As soon as we were out of earshot, I pounced on her. “Are you CRAZY? What the hell was that?” I looked at her angrily. Angry wasn’t even the right word. I was fuming. 


“Astoria, don’t be silly. I know exactly what I’m doing!” she said smugly. I was not assured. 


“So what, you just go ahead and invite him to your wedding? Your wedding. Where I’m going to be speaking. Where I’m going to be making a fool of myself?” I demanded. Sometimes I wondered if my sister was served up double the helping of looks and skipped out on the brains. But then again, I seemed to have missed out on both of them. 


“Again, don’t be silly. It’ll be wonderful!” she exclaimed cheerfully. Maybe this whole wedding thing had made her more than a little mental. I shook my head. “It’s perfect, don’t worry. He’ll see how beautiful you look and of course he’ll be drawn to you!” Trust my sister to still believe that life was the same as Cinderella. I was sorry to be the one awaking her from her fairytale fantasy. 


“Uh no. My life does not work like that. Boys aren’t ‘drawn” to me. That’s you. Boys skip over my face, take one look at my tits and my arse and walk on. Ugghhh!” I moaned, running a hand through my long brown hair. She simple shrugged off my statement. Typical. I would have to tell her about that night before she went any further with this ‘brilliant’ plan of hers. 


“Daph, I have to tell you something. Don’t get mad, okay?” I started slowly, biting my lower lip. My sister was big on propriety and morals. Doing what I had done was the opposite of okay in her books. “I... I slept with Draco.” I said finally, looking down at my feet so I didn’t have to bear witness to my sister’s expression. 


She didn’t reply for a while so I slowly lifted my head up to look at her. Her eyebrows were knit together in concentration as she looked at me puzzled. “You’re kidding right?” she asked. 


I shook my head. She was absolutely still except the occasional blink of her eyes. Great, now my sister was going to have a heart attack and die from shock right before her wedding. 


“I don’t understand....” she said finally. 


“Well... in short, he was drunk, I was drunk, blah blah blah, we slept together, I’m sure he doesn’t remember it,” I explained. She didn’t reply. Now she was going to go on about how disappointed she was in me, how she expected me to have better morals and all that. My life was just perfect. 


But she didn’t. Instead, she was deep in thought until she finally said, “Tori, how long ago was this?” 


I shrugged. Did it even matter? The fact was that it had happened, not when it had happened. “Maybe about two months ago?” Had it really been that long? I replayed the scene in my mind every night, as if to hold onto what small fragment of him I still had left in my memory. 


“Two months....” she repeated, her expression changing from shock to concern. “Tori, I don’t think what you had this morning was the stomach flu....” 


“What do you mean?” 


“I mean maybe that was morning sickness.” 


“Morning sickness?” I asked. “Isn’t that...... Oh. Fuck.” My mind was spinning. Morning sickness. As in pregnant. As in  baby. As in.... once again, bloody hell. The only man I had ever slept with was Draco. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t some sort of nun who had never had a boyfriend before. It was just that I had never really wanted to go all the way with him. And of course the one time I did have sex, I would get pregnant. Yep, I was lucky all right. But seriously, could I be pregnant? We had only slept together once. Weren’t there only like two days a month where a woman could get pregnant? Seriously? The one time I slept with someone just happened to be one of those two days. This was ridiculous. There were just too many “ifs” that would lead to me being pregnant. It couldn’t be. I shook my head at my sister. “It can’t be. People don’t just go around popping out babies after having sex once.” I looked at her, unimpressed. Trust my sister to come up with the most horrible ideas. 


She frowned and bit her lip again. “Tori, you haven’t thrown up in 5 years. You don’t go around getting ‘stomach flus’, alright? But I mean, we should just check, yeah?” I nodded. Yeah, of course. We should check. We were getting way too far ahead of ourselves here. 


We headed into the nearest convenience store and picked up a pregnancy test. By “we” I mean my sister. I wasn’t going to go near that nasty section. 


When we got home, my sister read out the instructions for the test. It was gross stuff, it really was. Who had ever invented the idea of peeing in a cup? I mean really, toilets were invented for a reason. We then had to pour the contents of the little blue vial into the cup of my urine (could this get any more disgusting?) and wait for it to change colors. Pink for pregnant, clear for not pregnant. Right. And this bloody stupid thing took a whole 20 minutes to change colors. But it wasn’t like I had anything to worry about. Bloody hell, I was horrible at this whole staying calm thing. 


We both sat in silence for the 20 minutes. I had never experienced a more agonizing 20 minutes in my life. And trust me, I had been through quite a few more than awkward experiences in my life. 


When the 20 minutes were up, I slowly picked up the cup and peered inside. I took a deep breath before opening my eyes and saw it was indeed.... pink. I repeat, bloody hell. 


And thats when I collapsed in an overwhelmed heap on the floor. This couldn’t actually be happening. My life wasn’t one of those dumb soaps on muggle TV that Daph and I used to watch as pre-teens. Seriously, who got pregnant without even having a boyfriend? It was like one of those classic sob stories. Slut gets pregnant. The father of the child? MIA. 


I was pregnant. I was pregnant with Draco’s baby. I had a little baby growing inside of me and it was half mine, half Draco’s. I couldn’t even wrap my head around the idea, it was so ridiculous. 


And before I knew it, the waterworks started. I finally dawned on me. I was pregnant. Absolutely single, absolutely alone, and pregnant. What had I done? I was sobbing so hard I could barely breathe. I was gasping for breath, salty tears all over my face. What had I done? 


Daph had her arms around me, trying to soothe me in vain. I knew she was just as shocked as I was. I didn’t blame her. Here I was, pregnant, doing the exact opposite of everything she stood for. She was perfect, without a single blemish on her record, and here I was, the biggest screw-up in the history of huge screw ups. 


Pregnant. I hadn’t even actually gone through what the word entailed. A baby? My baby? Me? I was the single most irresponsible person I had ever met. The only reason I was still alive and kicking was because of the gorgeous blonde sitting beside me now. Without her I would probably be either dead or passed out drunk in an alley somewhere. I couldn’t raise a baby. Who was I kidding? It would be a miracle if the baby even made it to its third birthday. If this was some sort of practical joke God was playing on me, it wasn’t funny. It was as if he was up there going, ‘Ha, ha, gotcha! Have fun trying to keep yourself and a kicking kid alive!’


“Tori, there are other things we can do....” Daph said finally, pulling my out of my pity session. I looked quizzically at her. It wasn’t as if I could just say, ‘Hey you, up there! There’s been a mistake, I don’t actually want a kid! Take it back! Thanks!’ It didn’t work that way. 


“What do you mean?” I asked her, wiping my face with the back of my hands. Yeah, I looked gross but right now, I couldn’t care less. 


“I mean options. Like adoption..... or.... you know,” she looked at me expectantly. No, I didn’t know actually. What else... then it dawned on me, and before I thought it through, I shook my head. 


“No.” No matter how much I didn’t want this child growing inside me, the child had done nothing wrong. It wasn’t the childs fault he or she had ended up in the womb of the most dysfunctional witch ever to walk the earth. There was no way in hell I was taking away this baby’s chance to live before it was even born. “I’m not going to get an abortion.” I said firmly. And besides, this baby wasn’t even completely mine. It was half mine and half.... Draco’s. Oh dear God this was going to be complicated. 


“Then what, you’re going to raise this baby... all by yourself?” Daph looked at me in disbelief. 


“No!” I snapped back at her more feistily then I meant to. “I don’t know what I’m going to do yet, okay?” I mean, I had only found out I was pregnant a grand total of 5 minutes ago. It wasn’t like I had thought any of this through yet. Obviously, I didn’t think much through. “All I know is that I’m not going have an abortion.” Daphne just nodded. I knew she hadn’t meant it like that. I was just all over the place. And when I blew up like a balloon, people would assume that I had been all over the place. Great. 


“Whatever you do, Tori, I’m here for you 100%, alright?” she looked at me kindly, her eyes calm and nonjudgemental. She was being so nice to be that I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes already. How was I going to get through another 7 months of these hormones? 


“Thanks,” was all I said before I buried my head in her neck and cried like a big baby. Who was I kidding, thinking I could raise a kid?




After an hour or so of me blubbering on the floor like a madwoman, Daph had pointed out the fact that I had to tell our Mum and Dad. Right, I had kind of forgotten about them. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my parents. They were pretty awesome as far as parents went. Mom was just about the coolest 50-something year old I had ever met. She was quirky and fun and outgoing and sometimes I really wondered how she ended up with Dad. Dad was 8 years older than her and an Auror. Again, it wasn’t as if he was a horrible person or something. He was supposedly quite a “catch” back in his day. But thinking about my dad as a “catch” was kind of gross. But anyways, it wasn’t like he was bad or anything, he was just super calm and collected and, I have to admit, a bit boring at times. And a bit old fashioned. He was not going to take this well....  But then again, which parents would take their single daughter popping out with a “Hi, I’m pregnant!” well? 


So I somehow managed to pick myself off the bathroom floor, wash my face, and put a clip in my hair. I looked far from presentable. In fact, I looked exactly how I was inside, a complete and utter wreck. But this would have to do for now. I was going to tell me parents I was pregnant, after all, not to a fashion show.


“Ready?” Daphne asked when I came out of the bathroom. 


“Ready as I’ll ever be,” I shrugged. 


I walked slowly downstairs to where my parents were. I had never noticed how long this walk really was, or how big this house was. Funny, what stress could do to perception. 


When I finally got to the room, my mother looked up from her Witch’s Weekly while my father stayed in place, his eyes glued to his paperwork. 


“Hello, love!” she greeted. And then she noticed my bloodshot eyes, my mess of hair, Daphne’s arm wrapped protectively around me. “Tori? What’s wrong? Darling?” My mother rushed over to where we were and touched her hand to my forehead. “You don’t feel warm?” 


Daphne touched my mother softy on the arm. “Mum, I think it’s best we all have a seat. Tori’s not sick, she just has something she needs to tell you and Dad,” she explained. I nodded, extremely grateful I had my sister here with me. My father walked over, clearly puzzled. 


“Tori?” he asked, concerned. My dad’s not one of many words, but it’s evident in the few words he does say and his expression that he’s extremely worried. Great, here I was, breaking my family’s heart. 


“Baby, what’s wrong?” my mother repeated, putting her perfectly manicured hand on my knee. Even now, I couldn’t help but notice what a beautiful witch she was. Her hair was the same blonde color as Daphne’s, but she had blue eyes instead of Daph and my green ones, and her face had few wrinkles. She was like an older, more sophisticated version of Daphne, basically. Where the hell had I gone wrong? 


“Mum, Dad, before I start, I want to say I’m extremely sorry. I never meant for any of this to happen. I understand you will be upset and angry after I tell you, and I will also understand if you don’t want to speak to me again,” I started. Daphne takes my hand reassuringly. 


“Nonsense. Tori, tell us please, you have us worried sick!” my mother reiterated.


“I’m..... I’m pregnant,” I said. I could feel their eyes on me, searching. I looked down at my lap, afraid to meet them in the eye. 


Finally, my mother broke the silence. “Tori, honey, I’m sorry but you don’t even have a boyfriend. How can you be pregnant?” Oh, bless my mother and her dreamy ideals of the world. 


“It... it was a one night, one time kind of thing,” I said slowly, ashamed. I brought my head up and met my mother’s eyes. Her face was frozen in shock. I knew she was having trouble even comprehending what I had just said. Yeah, I was the type to go out and drink and get smashed and party and stay out, but I wasn’t one to sleep around. I had only had 2 boyfriends in my whole life, for Heaven’s sake! 


“A one... night... kind... of ... thing?” my mother repeated slowly, taking it in piece by piece. I nodded and look over to my father. He didn’t make eye contact, but instead put his head in his hands. Oh God. My father was the kind who, when he was angry with me, yelled and let it out. After that, I was back to being his baby girl. Never had I ever been on the receiving side of his... disappointment. 


“I’m so sorry....” I repeated again, more tears falling down my cheeks. I honestly didn’t know what else to say. 


“Who’s the father?” my mother said finally. 


“Draco..... Draco Malfoy,” I said, my voice faltering. Even I couldn’t believe it myself. 


“Lucius’s son?” my father asked. Great, at least he was speaking. I nodded. 


“Does he know?” my mother asked. Dear God, it was becoming like 20 questions. 


“No. I just found out today,” I replied. My sister stroked her thumb over the back of my hand. 


“I... I think you should tell him,” my mother said finally. I looked at her in astonishment. 


“Mom, you can’t be serious,” I shook my head. Where had this idea even come from? 


“Tori,” she sighed, “I know it was a one night stand and all, but this baby is just as much his as it is yours. Wherever we decide to go from here, he has a say in it.” she said firmly. My mother was surprisingly calm throughout all this. My father still looked pained. 


I simply nodded because there was no use arguing with my mother. This couldn’t have been any worse. I was about to tell the man I had loved for years that I was pregnant with his child. I had swiftly ruined any sliver of a chance I had with him by showing up at his door, pregnant. Dear God, what had I ever done to deserve this? 


A/N: Again, please please tell me what you think of the plot, my writing, the characters, anything! Reviews truly make my day and inspire me to continue writing! Thank you! (: 

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