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Different life by Cyra23
Chapter 3 : New Home?
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previously...Snape asks "Potter, Harry, will you move in with my family?"...

Harry sat there shocked. How could everything have been kept from him again. He has a godmother, Snape has a family? his parents were friends with him, well his mother mostly?. Whats going on? Harry looks up and asks "Professor may I have time to think about this?" Snape looks at harry and says "sure harry I apologize I shouldve realized you needed time to think about things I know its a lot you need to take in."

Harry nods his head and walks down to the kitchen where his aunt was washing the dishes. It was 6 o clock at night. How time flies when your learning things about the past no one thought to tell you. As he entered the kitchen his aunt turned to him and said "Harry your uncle vernon is out with his coworker playing golf and dudley is out with his friends until dinner. I thought it would be better this way without them here." Harry once again was stunned. Why was his aunt being so nice to him? Well she did have her moments when she was kind. Maybe he wasn't the only one afraid of Uncle Vernon. Maybe he was the one who terrified her into being cruel to him. Who knows, he shrugged to himself, he wasn't going to ask. But he did ask "Aunt Petunia is it all true?" Aunt Petunia looked at him sadly and said "Yes." As Harry sat there pondering everything Aunt Petunia gave him some food and drink. He sat there until 10 pm when Uncle vernon and Dudley came home. Harry went back up to his room because aunt petunia once again lied to Uncle Vernon saying he had to be sent up there with no food for whatever reason she gave him. Harry didnt stay to hear.

As Harry neared his bedroom he thought "what about Dumbledore? If i do leave what would he think?" So Harry went into his room and asked Snape. Snape looked at harry with a sad yet angry look in his eye. He said "well Harry I shall not tell Dumbledore about this. If you decide to leave with me i will make it seem as though you were kidnapped and your aunt and uncle and cousin will not know a thing. I was taught how to make it seem as though i was never here by someone a bit more powerful than Dumbledore. And the reason this is is because Dumbledore knew about your plight here. He just wanted you to grow up like this so you can be like those long ago heroes such as King Arthur. And i wasn't able to protect you before and now I can. I will explain it if you do come with me because someone else needs to tell you why."

Harry didnt know what to say. Dumbledore knew he was being abused and thought to leave him there anyway?! What the Bloody Hell!!! Well if that is the case then he had made up his mind. Because apparently the only one being truthful has been Snape, so far. Harry then turned to professor Snape and said "ok I will move in." Snape smiled a little, if you could call it a smile, looked more like a small smirk. He then got his wand out and started packing everything into Harrys trunk and then shrunk the trunk and put it in his pocket. Harry raised his eyebrow to the Professor since he forgot more than half his clothes. Snape chuckled and said "I have a feeling once you get to my home someone will take you shopping for better clothes."

Harry was grateful and waited while Snape did his enchantments to make it seem as though he were never there and that harry had been kidnapped. Snape turned to Harry when he was finished and said "Ok harry grab my arm we are going to my home, your new home."

Harry grabbed his arm and hedwigs cage in his other and they apparated away without harry looking back.

They apparated into a forest that was full of very thick trees full of life. Harry had to calm Hedwig down before being able to enjoy the scenery. Snape then walked over to a tree with an odd looking trunk. It had a figure of a door on it. Snape told harry not to worry and walk right through it. Harry was shocked to say the least when he did as he was told. He walked into the most amazing mansion. From what he could see of it anyways. He appeared in a long hallway which was full of pictures. It was painted gold with tiles on the floor that had flowers on them. And the ceilings had wonderful lamps hanging down from them looking like they belonged on a chandelier. Snape told harry to go into the room on the right and to wait for him there. Harry walked into the room and was stunned. It was a marvelous den. It had black leather sofas near a huge fireplace. There was a wonderful golden turkish rug in the middle of the room and huge bookcases on the far side next to the fireplace. The whole room was painted a cherry red color with spirals going around. To the left was another door harry had no idea were that led to and to the right was a huge mahogany desk with papers on it and a huge throne like chair.

Seeing everything just made him feel a little dizzy so he sat down on the couch and realized it felt like a soft cloud. Not realizing it was enchanted to feel like that. Snape then walked in and told harry he set up his things in a room next to his son Dillons room. He even had a nice window where Hedwigs cage was set next to by a perch where she can fly out to. Harry just nodded his head as everything was still a shock to him. Snape sat opposite harry on the other couch and cojured up some tea and chocolate chip scones. Harry gratefully took a scone and some tea. It was just past midnight and Harry was feeling very sleepy. He soon fell asleep right where he was. Snape smiled at harry and tucked a blanket around him and conjured a pillow for his head. Snape sat on the couch again and thought "well atleast he will no longer be hurt. I wonder how everything will turn out tomorrow? What is my children going to think? And so Snape turned off the lights and left the fireplace on knowing it was enchanted so the sparks wont fly out and burn down anything, and summmoned a pillow and a blanket for himself and fell asleep on the opposite couch next to harry thinking "I can not wait for my wife to get home."

Y cant snape wait for his wife to be home? was she away on business? and how will his children react? find out in the next chapter. please leave some reviews whether to critizise or say good things would be wonderful!!! dont worry once this chapter is validated another one will be put into the qeue. hope your all enjoying the story!!!

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