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Falling Through My Dreams by busybusybeta
Chapter 15 : Tricks, Treats, and Quidditch Meets
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Ivy inhaled nervously before knocking on the door to the Headmaster’s office.

“Come in,” he called.

“Good evening, sir,” she said respectfully as she entered the room.

“Thank you for coming immediately, Miss Shelton,” Dumbledore smiled pleasantly enough as the door swung shut.

Ivy nodded mutely and apprehensively eyed Professor McGonagall and Professor Newark, who stood on either side of the Headmaster, faces devoid of anything resembling a smile. Dumbledore gestured to the chair across from his desk and Ivy sat, hoping to draw strength from a solid surface.

“I was unable to see you sooner, as I was called away from the school immediately after Mr. Potter’s mishap. But now that I have returned, I trust that you know exactly what this meeting is about?” He asked.

“Yes sir,” she said, clasping her hands together in her lap. “But you have to understand,” she rushed to defend herself, “that I didn’t mean for any of this to happen–”

“You never do, and yet they keep occurring,” Minerva interrupted sharply.

Dumbledore gave her a short shake of his head to stop her from saying anymore. Minerva pursed her lips and frowned deeply.

“Ivy, we’re not here to yell at you,” Professor Newark said calmly. Minerva let out a sound of derision. “The headmaster and I are not here to yell at you,” she amended patiently. She respected Minerva McGonagall for the brilliant witch that she was, but Iphignia knew that the best way to lower a nervous lion’s guard was through kindness, not aggression. “We just want to clear up some things, if we can.

Ivy simply stared silently. She refused to believe that she was going to get away scott-free.

“Do you understand what is currently happening in our world, Ivy? The dangers that are ever present?” Dumbledore asked quietly.

Ashamed, she could only look down at her hands. Of course she knew; she had foolishly allowed herself to forget it, though. What she had plotted with the others was stupid and careless. Amelia’s words came rushing back to her. Someone could die. And James almost did.

“Things are very tense right now, Ivy. We are on the brink of a war, and people your age are already involved. Students, Miss Shelton. Students that you ought not provoke,” Iphignia lectured. It went without saying exactly which students she was referring to.

“I understand,” Ivy whispered hoarsely, “and I’m sorry.”

She was too guilty for words. Her vision blurred and tears threatened to spill from her eyes. Ivy roughly wiped them away with a disgusted growl. She had jumped into this mess with eyes wide open, and now she had the gall to cry? This place was fucking with her emotions, and it was unacceptable.

Seeing the distress that the girl was clearly under, Minerva’s shoulders fell, immediately regretful for her former tone. True, she was smart, headstrong, and mischievous, but she was just a child for Merlin’s sake. What were they doing, speaking to her as if she ought to have that sort of responsibility thrown on her slender shoulders? Minerva swept around the desk, conjured herself a chair, and in an uncharacteristic act, gently laid her hand over Ivy’s trembling ones.

“Would it be too much to inquire whether your actions had the desired effect, Miss Shelton?” She asked gently.

“I don’t know,” Ivy shook her head tearfully.


Remus and Peter sat across from James in the Gryffindor common room, trying not to sending him looks of irritation, concern, and downright confusion.

The second he had received Poppy’s clearance with a (relatively) clean bill of health, James made a beeline for Gryffindor Tower to call the team into order, armed with a rigorous schedule of quidditch practice. He’d also insisted on taking up his extra time with studying, of all things. He had all but moved back into the Gryffindor dorm, as well.

James, contrary to his friends’ belief, knew exactly how his recent behavior appeared. He only hoped that they would leave him be, and not try to analyze him. Godric knew that he wouldn’t be able to explain himself if they decided to get involved.

For Sirius, the new James was not only irritating but cramping his style. He surreptitiously disappeared every evening after dinner, despite the stares of reproach from Peter and Remus, who diligently humored James. Sirius merely shrugged them off. James would come clean eventually.


“Lils, what did you get for number 3?” Alice asked without looking up from the Defense Against the Dark Arts textbook. When she didn’t get any sort of response, she peered up at Lily, who was staring vacantly out a window. “Lils?”

“Yes?” She replied, startled to attention.

Instead of prying into Lily’s life, Alice pushed her conscience away and repeated the question.

“Oh–I–erm–” Lily said inarticulately as she shuffled through her disorganized notes. “I don’t–shit,” she swore as several pages slipped out of the stack and onto the floor. Lily ducked under the table to retrieve them and Alice bent down with wide eyes to watch the redhead scramble on the library floor. “I haven’t done that one yet,” she finally managed to reply.

“Oh,” Alice said lamely, stunned by Lily’s general state of disarray. Only then did she realize that Lily’s hair was dull and frizzy, as if unbrushed, and her shirt uniform was rumpled.

Right. This is bleeding ridiculous, she gritted her teeth.


“I can’t believe this.”

“Believe it,” Peter sighed. He, Remus, Sirius, Alice, and Amelia were sitting in plushy chairs before a hearth in the Room of Requirement, but their eyes were all on Ivy, who was staring at them incredulously as she stood in front of the fire.

“You’re telling me that you want me to meddle even more.”

“Not meddle, per sѐ,” Amelia fidgeted uncomfortably. “Just dig around a bit.”

“We agreed that we’re done trying to play matchmaker. For one, we’re terrible at it, and for another, James got hurt. Remember that?

“Yes, yes,” Alice said impatiently. “But can you honestly tell us that you’re not just as disturbed as we are about the changes in those two dunderheads?”

“Sure I am, but maybe it’s time I started learning from my mistakes, and stopped being so pushy and nosey,” Ivy crossed her arms.

“First you refuse to leave it alone, and now you refuse to get involved. Is a little consistency from you too much to ask?” Remus demanded, rolling his eyes.

“I’m consistently stubborn,” she replied, sticking her tongue out at him.

Remus had to focus on his concern for James to avoid thinking about how cute Ivy made such a childish action appear. Cute? Cute? Next thing you’ll be thinking in words like adorable and delightful. Urgh!

“Please, Marcell,” Sirius beseeched, getting down on the floor and crawling towards Ivy on his hands and knees. “We have the big Gryffindor versus Slytherin match in two days, and James is running us ragged. By Saturday, the whole team’ll be dead. Then how will we win the Quidditch Cup?”

Ivy wanted to tell him where he could shove the damned Quidditch Cup, but instead slumped against the mantle.

“Get up, Sirius,” she sighed.

Yes, get up, you idiot, Remus thought irritatedly as Ivy struggled not to smile at Sirius’ antics. Whoa. Where’d that come from?

“Only if you promise to talk to James,” he insisted.

Ivy growled, annoyed that they had managed to goad her into doing the dirty work once more. “Fine.”


He was sitting at the Gryffindor table in the Great Hall during his free period when Ivy found him. His hiding spot had been ingenious, really. Who would think to even be in the hall when food wasn’t being served? But it seemed that either Ivy had, or she had searched the whole castle before ending up in the Great Hall.


He tried not to flinch and dive under the table as her voice rang through the hall. As it was, he kept his head down over his parchment as if he hadn’t heard her. Not even when she came to a complete stop before him with her hands on her hips and cleared her throat.

“James,” she repeated with forced calm.

“Hey Ivy,” he said towards his notes, hoping that she would take the hint and leave, just as the guys had.

“I’m not one of the guys, James.”

James’ quill stilled above his quidditch playbook.

“I’m not going anywhere until I get some answers. Talk to me,” Ivy ordered softly as she tucked her skirt beneath her legs and sat down. She pushed a strand of hair behind her ear and leaned her elbows on the table.

“I don’t know what’s going on in your head, and I don’t know what you think you’re doing, acting like a total maniac, but it has to stop,” Ivy said clearly, leaning towards him. “Everyone’s worried about you. Everyone’s worried about Lily. We can tell that something’s changed. We just need to know that you’re alright, or that you’re going to be.”

James finally looked up at her, his jaw set, eyes lost.

“I don’t know what to do.”

Ivy nodded as she mulled over his words.

“Okay. Okay, good. What to do about what?”

“She loves me.”

Ivy stopped breathing, and her eyes widened slowly. It would have been comical if James hadn’t been so scared of her blowing up.

“You mean to tell me,” she began in a dangerously low voice, “that you have us running around not knowing which way is up, which way is left, which way is forward, because she loves you?!”

This time, he visibly winced and shut his eyes tightly as Ivy’s voice echoed around the empty hall.

“You have got to be joking!” Ivy shouted.

“It’s not that easy, Ivy!” James shouted back, frustrated both with her and his current predicament.

“Easy? You wanna talk easy? You asked for help and you got it. You wanted Lily’s affection and you got it. Now you’re just pissing it all down the drain–that’s not easy to watch!

“I don’t want to fuck up, okay?”

“You’re fucking up right now James,” Ivy pounded on the table with the palm of her hand.

“Yeah? You can talk, it’s not your future happiness on the line!”

“No, just my sanity! Jesus Christ, James!” Ivy shrieked with her hands in her hair. “You have no clue what we’ve done for you to be with Lily. Why can’t you just be with her and be happy?”

“I don’t know,” he replied frigidly.

Ivy slowly shut her eyes and slumped back down onto the bench.


“She told him that she loves him?”


“Wait, what did she say exactly?”

“No clue. He was being so stupid, I left before I could hex him,” Ivy muttered into her hands as she relayed her discovery to Alice and Amelia. This is such a majorly huge mess.

“Why didn’t James do anything? I don’t get it,” Alice shook her head bewilderedly.

“He says he’s afraid to screw up,” Ivy snorted derisively.

“Wow. That ship has sailed,” Alice rolled her eyes.

“I know, right?”

“So this is why Lils is so upset,” Amelia sighed sadly.

Ivy nodded wordlessly as she stared into the fire.

“Wait. Where is Lily? We ought to be going down to the Halloween Feast soon,” Alice said, glancing at her watch.

“She’s probably hiding. I’ll get her,” Amelia volunteered half-heartedly; she just realized that there was a good chance that she was about to miss dinner for Lily. Again. It wouldn’t be the first time I failed to get her out of her dorm, she thought sullenly.

“Are you sure?” Ivy asked reluctantly, yet clearly relieved that she wouldn’t be asked to perform this task as well.

“Yeah, I’ll meet you lot down there,” Amelia sighed once more as they parted in front of the Fat Lady’s portrait.




“You know we’re not stupid, don’t you?”

Lily turned to look at Amelia with a questioning look that wouldn’t convince even the densest of individuals.

“We see how much of a wreck you’ve been these past two weeks, and we know that it’s James’ fault.”

At the mention of the object of her simultaneous affections and hate, Lily’s already pale skin blanched further, and she looked away. Amelia’s honest and concerned gaze was too much for her to endure in her state.

“We know that you told James how you feel and he has failed to reciprocate your feelings–”


Amelia paused, seeing Lily’s eyes flicker to life with the simple question.

“Ivy just told me–”

“Ivy? How does Ivy know?”

“She finally got James to talk–

“Are you telling me that James Potter heard what-what I said?” Lily stuttered, horrified expression on her face.

“Well, didn’t you mean for him to hear?–Wait! Where are you going?”

Amelia watched as Lily bolted out of the Heads’ Dorm for an unknown destination. But one thing was clear: someone was in trouble.


Because of the unspoken cold war that had broken out after James’ hospitalization, the girls, Frank, and his friends no longer sat with the Marauders at meals. So, it was that Ivy and Alice were sitting towards the end near the staff table, while the guys were in the center of the table when a loud authoritative voice called jarringly through the hall.

“James Potter.”

It was as if someone had immobilized the whole Great Hall. First years enjoying their first Halloween Feast went completely still, sweets slipping between their fingers. Older students, used to the festivities after so many years, turned towards the double doors with renewed excitement in anticipation of what was about to occur to break the monotony. They were all riveted by the sight of the Head Girl. With the circles under her eyes and the luster of her familiar red hair was long gone, she was a sight to behold.

“Head Boy. Quidditch Captain. Gryffindor House. Class of ’78. That’s what the plaque beneath your photo in the Trophy Room will say after we graduate, and up until two weeks ago, that didn’t bother me–actually,” she paused, clearly for effect, “I stand corrected. It irritated me that you would graduate with so many commendations, while you were such a spoilt and arrogant boy,” Lily spat.

“Miss Evans–” Professor McGonagall stood from the teacher’s table. The twinkle in the Dumbledore’s eye was severely diminished.

The subject of Lily’s tirade sat, frozen in his place, unable to move as the woman he loved tore him down and ripped his heart out.

“No!” Lily shouted. “No! I refuse to be silenced, Professor!”

Minerva pushed her seat back, in preparation of hurrying towards the hysterical girl, to put a stop to the whole scene, but Dumbledore put up a hand to stay her. He turned his head slightly to his deputy and inclined it a fraction of an inch.

“I know you heard me, James Potter. I know you heard me confess to something that you claim to have wanted for all these years, and yet you sit there, in preparation of your stupid quidditch match tomorrow, as if nothing happened. Is that how it is, then? You love me until I get in the way of precious quidditch?

Tears were now streaming unbidden down Lily’s porcelain cheeks and her shoulders shook. But her voice continued to stream clearly from between her chapped lips.

“Look at you, the epitome of Gryffindor himself,” she laughed scathingly. “You don’t deserve the title of Gryffindor, because you’re a coward, aren’t you James? Aren’t you?” Lily screamed. “I allowed myself to believe that you were different, that maybe you were worth all of the pain and heartache that I told myself I would never endure for a boy. I let you in, and you turned your back on me.”

Only when Lily threatened to topple over with the force of a sob did Ivy and Alice spring into action. They jumped out of their seats and ran towards Lily. Amelia, who figured out where the redhead had run off to, came into the Great Hall behind her and helped the other two usher her out.

Immediately, the eyes of students either pinned James with glares of loathing (mostly the girls; James Potter or not, no one messed with a fellow woman’s feelings and got away with it), or darted towards one another to begin buzzing about the scene that they just witnessed.

James, for the most part, appeared stoic and unmoving.

“Prongs?” Sirius asked gently.

James merely shook his head and put his head in his hands.


“Ivy, I need to talk to you.”

Ivy never would have given him a single glance if he didn’t look so completely pathetic.

“James, you have a game to play. You’re the captain and your whole team is already in the locker room. Talk. Fast,” she said as she looped a red and gold scarf around her neck. The rest of their friends were already waiting for her outside of the common room.

“Is Lily coming to the match?”

Ivy stopped to glare at him. “Of course not! She’s still embarrassed over last night, and she doesn’t want to go anywhere where you’re the main attraction,” she snapped while pushing past him and through the portrait hole.

“Well, can you get her to go?” James begged, grabbing her by the arm to stop her from leaving.

“We’re all going to be late,” Peter said, tapping on his watch.

“Just one second,” James said hurriedly. “Look, I just need you to get her to the match, alright?”

“No way!” Ivy said in astonishment. “You have completely lost it if you think I’m helping your dumb ass anymore,” she glowered.

“I know, and that’s why I need you to just do this one last thing for me. I fucked up. You were right, and last night, Lily was right. I’ve been a complete twat, and I need the chance to fix this. Please, Ivy.”

“Prongs, you really can’t ask Ivy to choose sides in this whole mess,” Remus frowned. “Lily’s upset, and it’s your–”

“I know, Moony, okay? I know,” James forced himself to breath to avoid raising his voice. “I just need this one last favor, and if I fail again, I swear, I am done, and you don’t have to do anything for me ever again,” he begged Ivy.

Ivy pursed her lips.

“I’ll go with you.”

Ivy turned to Remus. “What?”

“I’ll go with you. Maybe we’ll both be able to get Lily to go to the match, and she won’t feel like you’ve chosen James. I’ll be there for James, and you’ll be there for her,” he reasoned.

“Perfect, you’re the best, mate!” James shouted as he turned and swiftly sprinted down the hall.

“Are you really going?” Amelia asked them skeptically.

“I dunno. Are we?” Ivy asked Remus.

“May as well,” he shrugged. “Let’s go. You lot get to the match, and save us seats,” he said to Peter, Alice, and Amelia, who nodded, and they split up, Remus and Ivy in the direction of the Heads’ Dorm, and the other three for the quidditch pitch.

“Why are we doing this, Remus?” Ivy asked tiredly.

“Because if we do, James will shut up for the rest of eternity,” he grumbled.

Against her current mood, Ivy laughed and Remus grinned down at her wryly.

“We’d better hurry, or I’m going to completely miss my first quidditch match,” she said.

“Don’t they play quidditch at Salem’s?” Remus asked.

“Oh,” Ivy said and rushed to cover her gaffe. “Yeah, I meant my first British quidditch match.”

“Ah,” Remus smiled. “It’s all the same game, isn’t it?”

“Sure, but there aren’t any guys at Salem’s.”

“So what you’re saying is, if James costs you the chance to check out manly quidditch players, he’s a dead twat?” Remus asked sarcastically but very interested in the answer.

“You have no idea how dead,” Ivy said seriously. When Remus frowned slightly, she grinned and slipped her arm around his. “Aww, don’t be like that, Moose. You know I only have eyes for you, you sexy Sex God, you.”

“Damn, I’ll never live either of those names down,” he scowled, and Ivy burst into laughter, unwittingly coaxing a reluctant smile onto his face.


“I cannot believe I am here,” Lily muttered bitterly as she plopped herself down into the corner of the Gryffindor stands. Ivy rolled her eyes at Remus as they both settled into their seats next to Lily.

Through a mixture of cajoling and logic, they managed to get Lily out of bed, dressed, and down to the stands within half an hour. It was only when Remus said that there was a fair chance James would be hit with a bludger that Lily allowed Ivy to brush her hair and prod her with a mascara wand. Now that she was at the match, she was fiercely intent on being as much of a curmudgeon as humanly possible.

James currently had the quaffle and was deftly weaving his way down the pitch toward the Slytherin goal hoops. Amelia was quickly filling them in on what had happened during the first 30 minutes of play, eyes on the players.

“And James Potter scores! That puts the tally at Gryffindor: 60, Slytherin:40. This is shaping up to be one of the best season opening matches in the history of Hogwarts quidditch, ladies and gents!” Leo Jansen, an exhuberant Hufflepuff 5th year, was providing commentary for the match.

“Don’t look now, folks, but Captain Potter’s Lady Lurve has just made her appearance, fashionably late of course,” he said jovially as if he didn’t know what sort of effect his words would have. James turned sharply on his broom to face the Gryffindor stands, even in the midst of the Slytherin chasers swarming around him for the quaffle from their keeper. He sat, open-mouthed, for a moment before Sirius shouted something incomprehensible to him. He started and leaned close to his broom handle and sped after the Slytherins.

“Stupid, sodding, Janson,” Lily swore under her breath.

“Lily!” Ivy said, torn between amazement and amusement at the redhead’s choice of words.

What?” Lily hissed as she tried to hunker down and disappear into her seat.

“Go Frank!” Alice screamed at the top of her lungs as the Slytherins zoomed towards him. “Go to hell, you shits!” She waved her fist at them as a bludger whizzed past Frank, who had to roll over to avoid it.

“Alice!” Amelia exclaimed, completely scandalized.

“That arsehole nearly took my boyfriend’s head off, Ames. Screw manners!” Alice shouted without taking her eyes off of Frank in the keeper’s hoops. She cheered when Frank deflected the quaffle, hitting it straight into James’ outstretched hand. James passed it to a 4th year girl, one of the newest additions to the team, and she took off for the other end of the pitch. Then he flew around the hoops, straight for Lily.


Lily gaped at him, looking like a large-mouth bass, before screaming “Get away from me, Potter!”

“I’m glad you came, Evans!”

“Go to hell, Potter!”

James grinned, as if she wasn’t shrieking at him like a banshee.

“Look Lily,” he began in a placating tone as he hovered over the stands. The rest of the Gryffindors, and the Hufflepuffs beside them, stared incredulously as the Gryffindor quidditch captain decided to have a chat with the Head Girl, ignoring the game happening behind him. “I messed up and I’m sorry!”

They vaguely registered Leo Jansen saying that Myla Henry, the 4th year chaser, failed to score a goal and the Slytherins were in possession.

“What are you doing? Get back out there!” Alice screamed.

“In a minute, Alice. I’m talking to Lily right now,” James said as if he was speaking to a five year old. “Lily, I am sorry, despite what you might think of me,” he said, turning back to Lily.

“I don’t care! I hate you!” She shrieked.

“Don’t be that way, Evans! I’m trying to apologize here!”

The crowd took in a collective gasp, and James looked over his shoulder just in time to see the bludger aimed straight at his head. It appeared that the Slytherins had noticed James’ distraction and decided to capitalize on the moment. It was less than two feet away when Sirius appeared and slammed it away with his beater’s bat.

“Prongs! What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” He roared at James.

“I’m having a conversation, go protect the others, you idiot!” James shouted back irritatedly.

“How can I when you’re just sitting here like a moron, asking for it?” Sirius replied crossly.

“Go! I’ll be fine!” James ordered.

With one last glare, Sirius followed his instructions, and left James alone to get the shit beaten out of him by the opposition, if he was so inclined.

“So,” James grinned cheekily at Lily.

“Go away!” She screamed.

“Last night, you called me a coward. But now, now this is me, Lily. Just me, and I don’t care who knows it, but I’m a complete mess without you, and–”

“Prongs, the team needs you!” Remus shouted, eying the other two chasers, both newbies and struggling with their star chaser AWOL.

“And I need Evans!” James replied. “Forgive me, Lily!”

“Not on your life, Potter!” She answered bitterly.

“Please! I never should have acted like you didn’t say that you love me in the Hospital Wing!” He begged.

“I never said that! You’re a complete pain in my arse, and I hate you!” She insisted.

“James!” Frank bellowed from the hoops as the Slytherins mobbed him, scoring.

“I’m busy!” James hollered back.

“Like hell you are, you bastard!” Frank shouted indignantly.

The other Gryffindor chaser, the 4th year’s 5th year sister only made it to half-pitch before the quaffle was deftly snatched from under her arm by none other than Regulus Black.

“James!” It was Ivy’s turn to scream as Regulus dodged Sirius’ bludger and wove towards Frank.

“I don’t care what’s happening behind me! Lily has to forgive me for being a jackarse!” He said stubbornly over the roar of the crowd.

“I won’t! You don’t deserve it!” Lily cried shrilly.

“You’re right, I don’t!” James agreed. “But I need to try!”

Some members of the crowd screamed, and Ivy and Remus looked past James just in time to see the 5th year chaser falling towards the ground, and the Slytherins cheered on one of their beaters. Madam Pomfrey stopped the girl’s decent with a wave of her wand, and hurried onto the pitch to tend her.

“Captain!” The 5th year seeker zipped up to James, equal parts distraught and irritated. “We really need you! Kyla’s out!”

“I know, I know!”

“Then what the hell are you doing, over here?!” She yelled.

“If we’re in so much trouble, then why don’t you find the damn snitch, Qwin?” James snapped.

Qwin flipped James off before resuming her search for the snitch.

“James, she’s right! You can’t leave Myla out there on her own, she’s getting eaten alive!” Remus shouted, pointing at the poor girl, who looked close to tears.

“Tell you what: I’ll go back to the game if Evans forgives me!” He negotiated.

“No fucking way, Potter!” Lily shrieked.

“James!” Peter, Alice, and Amelia all shouted in unison as a bludger narrowly missed James’ left elbow, and flew out of the pitch. He had to swerve quickly to the right when the bludger hit the magical boundaries of the pitch and came back at him like a boomerang.

“I’m not going anywhere, Evans!”

“Lily, please forgive him!” Ivy entreated her but Lily only glared at her.

“Whose side are you on, anyway?” She demanded.

“I’m not on anyone’s side, but he’s going to get himself killed if you don’t forgive him!” Ivy grabbed Lily by the shoulders and tried to shake some sense into her.

“Good! He’d deserve it!” Lily retorted.

“Lily, love you don’t mean that!” James supplicated.

“Oh yes I do, you arse! When someone tells you they love you, you’re supposed to respond with “I love you too,” especially when you’ve already said it before!” Lily said resentfully.

“You’re right! I should have told you that I love you too as soon as I got out of Hospital. I’m sorry!” James apologized for the thousandth time.

“Like I’m going to believe you! You just want to win the match!” Lily accused.

They all groaned, a sound that was echoed by three-fourths of the stadium. Now Gryffindor was sure to lose the match, if losing it was what it took for James to prove himself to Lily.

“Oh shit,” Peter gaped from beside Remus. He turned his attention towards the players, and saw what Peter was staring at.

“Prongs, move,” Remus commanded anxiously.


“MOVE!” The rest of Gryffindor House bellowed when they saw both bludgers advancing towards James’ back. It was impossible for the Slytherin beaters to have aimed that that precisely at him seeing as they were Slytherins, but then again, they were Slytherins, and their hatred of Gryffindors was greater than their stupidity. Sirius was able to deflect one of the bludgers, but the other beater was busy helping Myla play the quaffle.

“James!” Lily screamed, finally seeing what the rest of the crowd was seeing.

“Forgive me!” He bellowed stubbornly.

“Forgive him!” The crowd cried.

Lily screwed up her face and crossed her arms in a fit of stubbornness. “FINE!” She finally shouted.

“Say it!” James persisted.

“I forgive you!” She replied frantically, watching the bludger as if it was moving in slow motion.

“And I love you!” James called back, as he zoomed away and out of danger. The rest of the stadium erupted into cheers as they watched James reenter play. Ivy turned to find Lily with a goofy smile on her face, and smirked. She elbowed Remus and gestured to Lily, and they exchanged grins.

Gryffindor won the match, 230 to 160. The captain celebrated by stealing a kiss from the Head Girl. She enjoyed it much more than she was willing to admit.




I can’t decide who’s more excited right now, me or you! Hahaha, I just love melodrama.
I decided a long time ago that I wouldn’t be one of those authors that’s constantly publishing how many reads their story has, just because I don’t believe in throwing statistics around, but you guys are too awesome for words. Since I posted the last chapter, the story has had 700+ reads!
That’s me with my jaw on the floor. Is there an emoticon for that? We should invent one. You know, a non-animated one.
Anywho, I’ve also been thinking about changing the story summary. Thoughts? I can’t seem to think of a good replacement, but I also think the current one is a tad too serious for the story. Lemme know if you think of a good one; you might just find yourself with an honorable mention. I know, I know, I’m so magnanimous, but please, don’t everyone scramble all at once. ;)
Oh, and let me know what you thought of the chapter. Don’ t even try to play it cool, like you didn’t notice the little Ivy/Remus action I gave you somewhere in there. Hehehehehehe…

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