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Mary MacDonald by mugglemania
Chapter 7 : Chapter 7
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Mary sighed. “Let’s do something.”

“You could try doing your homework,” Lily suggested. It was a morning in mid-October; most Gryffindors were lounging around in the common room. Mary was lying upside down on the couch watching Lily sit on the floor, doing her homework.

“Are you serious?”

Lily shook her head, “Of course not. Silly me!”

Mary pulled out her wand and wiggled it around a bit. She stood up, “Excuse me everyone! It is now officially game night. We are going to play muggle Monopoly and UNO. And no, this is not optional!”

Everybody ran towards the door in unison and then found out what Mary had been doing with her wand. The doors were locked.
“Like I said, this is NOT optional,” Mary repeated, mocking a very serious face.

Everyone groaned, but they all knew Mary MacDonald was inescapable. So they knew they had no choice but to resignedly sit back down as Mary conjured up UNO decks and Monopoly boards. Mary snatched up a pack of UNO cards, dragged Lily over to the nearest table, and beckoned over a few random girls.

James and Sirius raced each other to get a Monopoly game first. Sirius kicked his leg out, tripping his best friend. James jumped and tackled him to the ground. While they were wrestling on the ground, Remus casually walked over to the table and picked up a game.

Twenty minutes later, Mary looked around in satisfaction. The entire Gryffindor population was goofing off together, playing muggle games. First years were playing Monopoly with sixth years; seventh years were playing UNO with third years. People were laughing with other students who they had never met before. Despite all of their doubts, everybody was clearly having fun.

Mary had succeeded once again, this time in generating house enjoyment and unity.

“Mary, you want to go to Hogsmeade?” Sirius asked, as he spotted her on their way to the last class of the day.

She smiled and decided to tease him a bit, “I’m sorry, Black, but I’m going out with Kyle, remember?”

Sirius pretended to sigh, “Oh, I forgot. I guess you don’t want to ditch class, sneak to the village with us, drink a billion butterbeers, and go crazy.”

“Well,” she acted as if she were pondering this new revelation, “I suppose, when you put it that way, LET’S GO!”

“Black, Mary, where are you going?” Slughorn asked as he caught them racing away from class.

“Oh, hello Professor Slughorn. How are you today?” Mary asked courteously.

The fat teacher chuckled, “Mary, m’dear, you know, our little Slug Club is having a party tonight. It’s just a little get-together. Wilby Wallaby will be there. He’s the Gobstones champion, you know. Do you think your uncle could make it?”

Mary’s father’s brother was Kevin MacDonald, who had invented the popular game of Gobstones. Her father and Uncle Kevin were very close, but Kevin seldom visited. Mary’s mother was a muggle and her family lived in a muggle suburban neighborhood. The MacDonald family line were purebloods and nice as her favorite uncle was, Kevin would not set foot in the muggle world.

“I’ll write him and find out. I’m sure he’d love to come,” Mary declared.

“Wonderful, wonderful. Well, I’ll see you later, m’dear,” Slughorn amiably began to stroll off. “Afternoon, Black,” he nodded absently at the boy.

That night, Mary put on her favorite dress. Pinkish-red silk flowed down to just past her knees with black short sleeves and a black ribbon that came together in a flowery bow was around the hem. To her delight, Mary had found out that Slughorn had invited Lily, too. So, the girls headed to the get-together together.

“Mary, Lily, so glad you could make it,” Slughorn’s voice boomed.

“Hello, Professor,” Lily said.

“Lily, m’dear, come on in,” Slughorn invited, “Mary, thank you so much. Your uncle is here, m’dear.”

Inside Slughorn’s normally pristine office, a dozen teenagers were strolling around. Wilby Wallaby and Mary’s uncle Kevin were centered in the room, playing Gobstones with various students. A few teachers lingered in the corners. Mary immediately went over to Kevin and kissed him on the cheek.

“Hello, Uncle Kevin,” she said brightly.

“Mary! How are you I haven’t seen you in what, a year?” the renowned game inventor exclaimed, “How’s my favorite niece?”

“I’m your only niece,” Mary smiled.

He grinned, “I could have a thousand nieces and you would still be my favorite.”

“Have you met my friend Lily? Lily, this is my uncle Kevin.”

For the next three hours, Slughorn’s handpicked favorite students played Gobstones with the creator and the champion. Soon it became apparent that Mary got her vivaciousness from her uncle. They were the lives of the party and spent most of the time laughing or making other people laugh. The remainder of the evening was sheer enjoyment for everyone nearby, even the few Slytherins seemed in a somewhat good mood.

Sorry for the short chapter, but I just couldn’t seem to make it any longer. And the long wait, I have this story completely written and now my focus is on other stories so I forget to update.

By the way, Harry Potter belongs to JK Rowling and will never belong to me. If it did, it would be less than a quarter as good and probably unfinished. So, thank you JKR for HP

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Mary MacDonald: Chapter 7


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