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Twinkle Toes by ellemae17
Chapter 19 : Something wicked this way...spies
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The rest of February and the beginning of March passed by quickly without much fuss. Valentine’s Day had been nothing but purely romantic, not that I expected anything but, with the way Lysander took care of me like I was a queen.

With April though came our N.E.W.T., and the Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Tests certainly lived up to their name. Days were spent taking test after test, and the nights were filled with last minute studying so by the time morning rolled around, we were all falling asleep on our tests.

Because of my lack of magical capability, as Professor Vector always put it, I finished testing a few days before Lysander did, which meant he wasted all his study time to spend the hours with me. No matter how much I protested he assured me that I was much more important than some tests that weren’t going to mean anything ten years down the road.

I know it’s horribly romantic. I promise I didn’t gag in front of him, though.

Lysander had already been promised a job with the Daily Prophet, taking over the Sunday column, newly named Musings of a Lizard.

Roxanne and I had a good laugh over that the other night.

Good stuff.

I’m pulled out of my musings by the girl in question, who started pelting me with tiny balls of parchment.

I looked up from my doodles. I was trying to look busy because I felt guilty for being one of the only seventh years done.

“What do you want Roxie?”

“Your boyfriend is staring at you.”

I rolled my eyes. “It happens; it’s one of his favorite hobbies.”

“Well I know that," Roxanne said, huffing in frustration.

I did nothing.

“It’s the way he’s staring at you. Usually it’s with love. Now he’s looking at you like you’re a piece of treacle tart. And you know how much he loves treacle tart.

Three years ago, my cousin Rose had been a Ravenclaw sixth year. She and a couple of her friends were studying in the library, when Scorpius her boyfriend (now husband, though it might be best to avoid telling her mum) stood up on her study table. He knocked the books and papers aside and starting singing Dancing Queen at the top of his lungs.

Needless to say, Rose blushed quite heavily and, according to Hugo, broke the Weasley record, held by Uncle Ron.

Dad loves to tell the story of Aunt Hermione flinging herself at Uncle Ron in the middle of the Battle of Hogwarts, and how his ears turned redder than dad had ever seen.

Moral of the story; I’m pretty sure I broke Rose’s record.

“Roxie!” I hissed. She merely shrugged at winked.

“I merely speak the truth cousin. Hey Lysander!” she shouted, and Lysander’s eyes immediately snapped to hers. He came over.

“You’re too stressed,” Roxanne said sweetly. “You need to relieve some of your tension, I’m sure Lily can help you out with that.”

Roxanne’s lucky I’m not a Basilisk. Because I glared right into her eyes as she shoved Lysander and I out through the Portrait Hole.

“I’m going to kill her,” I said calmly, leaning over to hug Lysander. He leaned his face down to kiss me.

“Hi,” he whispered softly.

“Hi,” I replied faintly.

Dear Merlin, I hope I have half the effect on him as he does on me.

“So…what do we do now?” I asked timidly.

“Well, Roxanne did have a point. I could use an adrenaline rush, maybe a little work-out.”

“Room of Requirement?”

“Lead the way milady.”

“Why thank you kind sir.”

Shut up.

The room of requirement looked like a little house, all open with windows and large doorways.

“Home sweet home,” I joked.

“Do you like it?” Lysander asked me seriously.

“It’s charming, I love it actually. Why?”

“It was just something I had in the back of my head. Figured I’d get a woman’s opinion.”

“Wanna get my thorough opinion on the bedroom?”

“You read my mind.”

I smiled up at him before kissing him deeply, not unlike the way I had after my audition.

And the rest was history.

Because I'm not telling you anything else you pervs.


Lysander and I were walking back to Gryffindor tower that morning, and I was telling him everything that I had learned about Julliard.

And I couldn’t help but feel watched.


Excellent. Little Lily Potter has a secret.

A freaky secret, if we’re being specific. I knew that bitch wasn’t perfect.

I mean really, why would she go to school to learn how to dance?

It’s like going to school to learn how to sing or something.

People were going to love this.

Confused? Who do you think was watching?
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