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The Wishing Well by iLuna17
Chapter 1 : T H E W I S H I N G W E L L
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T H E W I S H I N G W E L L:

Sixteen-year-old Rose Weasley was wandering through the forest behind Uncle Harry’s house, looking for her good cousin, Teddy Lupin. It was early in the morning, and Teddy was most likely passed out on the ground somewhere. The full moon was last night, and as Rose was the best at healing charms, she was sent to patch him up. But a blond Slytherin invaded her mind by the name of Scorpius Malfoy.

They had stopped their playful fights and had suddenly become very awkward around one another. Rose had been close friends with Scorpius since first year, as Ravenclaw and Slytherin had almost all of their classes together. As both were the most intelligent and witty in their respective houses, they bickered and debated often. But come of late Rose had started to notice things about Scorpius; things she promised her father that she would not come to like. Rose loved the look on his face when he was confused, the way his eyes sparkled before he did something he knew would annoy her - like picking her up and carrying her out of the Great Hall over his shoulder- and most importantly, the way he looked at her. It was the way his eyes shone with so much compassion and longing that made Rose fancy him so much. Too bad she never had the courage to tell Scorpius how she felt; why would he love the Weasley nerd in Ravenclaw with the frizzy red hair?

So Rose trekked through the forest, her mind on the youngest Malfoy. She didn’t realize where she was walking, and she ended up in a clearing she never knew existed. In the center stood an old well. Being the curious Ravenclaw she was, Rose approached the well. When she peered down, she saw that it was no ordinary well. Tiny words that were shaped like fish swam in the rainbow water. Suddenly, a piece of parchment and a flat stone appeared on the edge of the well. The parchment said said:

“From the depth of the well you seek,
We know what secret wish you keep.
Close to your heart, just yours alone,
So speak it aloud and toss the stone.
For then you shall find,
What true wish haunts your mind.”

Rose immediately knew it was a magical well, and she took a haphazard guess that it was like the sword of Gryffindor; it only appeared in times of need. What was she thinking of as she was walking? Scorpius. So Rose tossed the stone into the well and said:

I wish I had the courage to tell Scorpius how I feel, and even if he doesn’t return the feeling, at least he will know.

Rose believed the well granted her wish, yet the well was not as magical as it appeared. It came to her to tell her it was time, and Rose found her courage all by herself. That is why the well came to her. Rose always had the courage, she just needed a little help from a wishing well.


Years later, on the day of Rose and Scorpius’ wedding, fifteen-year-old Lucy Weasley was sulking on the grass behind the festivities. Lucy was the more rebellious of Percy’s two daughters; she was the one who would fail a class or two and would get detention twice a week. But that didn’t matter, she wasn’t sulking because she was avoiding her father, she was sulking because of the wedding.

Lucy wanted someone to love her, and at fifteen, a boy had never asked her to Hogsmeade. Not once. She thought this was because she was too loud, or her stomach wasn’t flat enough, or her hair was too limp and straight, or even because she was a Gryffindor. She thought she wasn’t good enough. Lucy Weasley did not feel beautiful. So, while Rose and Scorpius were enjoying their wedding, Lucy wanted to know if she would ever even have a boyfriend. Before long, her thoughts got to her, and she needed to leave. So she ran, she ran far from the constant reminder that she would never have someone who loved her. She hadn’t run far, but she had come across a well that had never been there before. The same well Rose had used to find her courage. And just like the Ravenclaw before her, Lucy Weasley approached the well. She saw people’s hopes and dreams floating in the rainbow surface. A piece of parchment and a jagged stone appeared on the edge of the well.

“For one who believes she’s not good enough,
This well will not give her useless fluff.
For one who thinks she’ll never be loved,
All you need is wish and give the rock a shove.
From there you will find in this pit,
Someone who has something to admit.”

Lucy thought about this long and hard. Rose had said she had wished upon a well she had the courage to tell Scorpius how she felt, maybe she had a true wish like that? Hm, what was she thinking about as she ran? Someone who loves her. So she tossed the stone and said her wish:

I wish someone loved me. Anyone, it can even be the boy I hate, just let me know I’m not going to die alone.

Later that day Ryan Wood asked her for the last dance of the wedding. From there, it belongs to the ages.

Or an old wishing well.

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The Wishing Well: T H E W I S H I N G W E L L


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