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Friends, Foes and Fiends in Between.... by chocoholic907
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1
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Chapter 1 –


Hello dear reader! For my new readers, welcome! For my old, welcome back! The idea for this story came to me randomly out of the blue one day, when I was suffering from a massive case of writers block with my other story, Deception, Drama and Draco Malfoy (Please do check it out :D) which by the way, has not been abandoned – its just on hold while I work out a few plot kinks… I’ve written the chapter over five times already but I didn’t like any of the editions… I didn’t want to give you guys something sub standard, so please wait a little longer, and I apologize for the delay :) Please give this story a chance – its very different to what I’ve ever written before, and I hope you like it! It will be clichéd at some parts, predictable at some parts and a little fluffy in other parts, but I will try to surprise you with a few twists! My rambling is over now, please proceed to Besties, Beasties and Buds in Between!


Disclaimer – If you think I’m JK Rowling, you need help. To clarify it, I’m not and I never will be. I’ve just borrowed her characters to play with for a little while :)



My name is Rose Weasley. You might have heard of me. Being the daughter of not one, but two of the Wizarding War’s heroes does have its perks, but it denies you of your privacy. Not that I totally don’t love my parents. They’re great, but I wish for once people would know me for me, and not for my parents. Wherever I go, there are people following me. For example, last week when I went to Diagon Alley, two witches had hysterics when they saw my Uncle Harry. The coward that he is, he disapperated on the spot, leaving me to deal with them. These women launched themselves at me, and kept begging me to introduce them to him. I mean, eww. They looked old enough to my grandmothers, but they were hitting on my uncle. I don’t blame them though. Uncle Harry’s boyish good looks had replicated themselves onto his son James, and along with his gregarious personality from his mother, he was the second hottest boy in Hogwarts.


My first two years in Hogwarts were nearly intolerable. It was bad for all of us. People stared at us like we were aliens, and they pestered us with questions about mum, dad and Uncle Harry. If one more person had asked me whether dad had a tattoo of a Pygmy Puff, I would have hurled myself off the Astronomy Tower. Then, all of a sudden, things changed. We began to get treated like everyone else, and stopped feeling like Zoo animals.


A loud bang broke me out of my reverie. I blinked before realizing what had happened. In spite of the last twenty years, my fathers driving skills had not improved. Because my mother had been going through a ‘embrace your muggle side’ phase, all of us had been forced to drive to Kings Cross without the help of magic. And my dad had hit another car while parking. Parallel parking is a skill my dad had yet to master.


“Oops.” My dad mumbled under his breath, before pointing his wand in the other cars direction. The dent repaired itself. Thank goodness no one had been inside it. I turned my head to see my mother’s reaction, who just shook her head in a defeated way, very used to my dad driving. Uncle Harry then glanced at his watch, and freaked out.


“OUT OUT ALL OF YOU!! You’re late! Its three minutes to eleven!” This stirred all of us into action. My mother had a panicked look on her face while she shooed my brother Hugo out, while James and Albus started unloading the trunks. Aunt Ginny and Lily started walking ahead of us, and we started running to catch up. My dad and Harry’s Ford incident during their second year was well known, and no one wanted a repeat of that. We made quite a sight on the platform - four adults with five teenagers running, faces red with exercise, pushing five large trunks with four owls and one cat. The platform started  to feel endless, and my legs started burning. This was all Hugo’s fault. If he hadn’t packed the entire Weasley Wizards Wheezes joke shop in his trunk instead of his robes, none of us would be running this frantically to catch the train.


“Quick, run through the platform!” Aunt Ginny cried out. James passed through first, followed by Albus, Hugo and Lily. I stopped for a moment, and hugged my parents quickly. Then I turned around and ran through myself, yelling a goodbye over my shoulder. Just as I made it through, the barrier closed. A stitch had developed in my side from all that running and pushing. I had no time to pause though, the train had started whistling, and I managed to board it in the nick of time. I stopped in the middle of the passage, trying to regain my breath, and looked around. The rest of my family had also miraculously made it. We all heaved a sigh of relief, and started laughing.


“That was fun.” Quipped my bratty younger brother. The laughter stopped, and we all glared at the cause of all this drama. A look of fear passed through his eyes, and with a whimper, started to run. Whatever. I didn’t have the patience to deal with him. James and Albus didn’t seem to share my noble intentions though. With a whooping war cry, they hurtled after him, yelling random hexes. People poked their heads out of their compartments, wondering what the noise was all about.


“ROSE!!” Only one person could shriek like that. Alice Longbottom. The daughter of Uncle Neville and Aunt Luna, she was slightly insane, very sarcastic and my best friend. I hurried towards her and then leapt on her, strangling her in a bear hug. It was good to see her. It had been only two weeks, but it felt like forever. I entered her compartment and heaved my trunk onto the shelf and collapsed on the seat. My other best friend was sitting there, looking at me with a bemused smile. Laura Smith.


“Late again? I didn’t think you would make it this time. Whose fault was it?”


“Hugo,” I replied, with a wry grin. “He hadn’t packed any of his robes, so mum had to do it four minutes before we had to leave.” Alice snickered. Being late was almost a tradition in my family. Last year, Albus forgot his lucky tie, and forced us to drive back, and the year before, James threw Dungbombs in the car. I had never seen Uncle Harry lose his temper so badly before.


“So how were the hols?” Laura asked. “Good,” I replied. I had already finished reading all my course books, and was eager to start school. I was Hermione Granger’s daughter after all. “This year is going to be madness. OWL year is very important, I hope I do well.”


Just as Alice was about to answer, the compartment door slammed open. And in walked in The Bane of my Existence - Scorpius freaking Malfoy. Impossibly tall with shaggy blonde hair and piercing grey eyes, he made heads turn when he entered a room. with his big head, and even bigger ego, he didn’t feature on my Most Favorite People on the Planet list. And that was putting it mildly.  Sadly for me, with his ready wit, he was the favorite of teachers and students alike. No one was immune to his charm, except me, probably because he never bothered to use it on me. He was the dream guy of every girl in school, as clichéd as it may sound, and had his own fan club.


“What do you want, Malfoy?” I spat in his direction. Alice winced, while Laura mouthed be nice. I ignored her reprimand, and glared at him.


“I just wanted to see my favorite red head, is that a crime?” His puppy dog eyes almost made me melt. Almost. Steeling my resolve, I reminded myself that he was pure evil.


“Sod off.” I replied, my tone acerbic. A hurt look passed over his features and he stalked off, slamming the door behind him.


I sighed in relief, but my breath caught in my throat when I saw Alice’s and Laura’s expressions. They were glaring at me. If looks could kill….

“What?!” I asked, my tone defensive.


“Why were you so nasty to Scorpius? He was being perfectly nice.”


“You know why,” I replied darkly. “He’s the spawn of pure evil. Need I remind you again of The Incident?”


Yes, The Incident. With capital letters if you please. Relations between Scorpius and me had been barely civil before, but ever since The Incident, I hated his guts.


“But that was years ago!” Laura protested. “You should learn to put things behind you.”


“Let me make this clear. I. Loathe. Scorpius. And that’s never going to change. Period.”


“But-” Alice interjected, but I cut her off. “Can we please talk about something else? All this talk about Scorpius is bumming me out.”


“Fine.” Laura huffed. “Let’s play a game of Exploding Snap.”


We played for hours, until Hogwarts Express pulled into Hogsmeade. After hurriedly changing into our robes, we disembarked and made for the horseless carriages waiting for us.



I clutched my stomach and moaned. Laura was in the same pose next to me.


“When will dinner start? Sorting has been taking ages! I might not survive.”


Alice giggled and replied. “Cool it, you two. We’re in the Y’s now. It’s almost done.”


Laura started wailing quietly next to me. Trying to distract us from our hunger, Alice spoke “Look at the little midgets, I don’t think we were ever that tiny before.”


They were indeed minuscule. We watched as one very nervous first year (Yaxley, Adrian) made his way to the Hufflepuff table, his knees shaking. We turned our eyes back to the small line of students still waiting to be sorted.


They looked very intimidated by the size of the Hall, and were clutching each other tightly. I remembered my own first day. The minute McGonagall announced my name, the whole Hall went silent. The Hat took its own sweet time deciding my house too. It wanted to put me in Ravenclaw, but I begged to be in Gryffindor. Thankfully, the hat listened to me. But the biggest shocker of that night was not my Sorting. When the Hat touched Scorpius’ head, it roared out “Gryffindor!” The whole Hall fell so silent that not a single breath could be heard. Shock was written on every face in the Hall, including the teachers. Scorpius, unfazed by the collective surprise, made his way to the Gryffindor table, and sat down. Then slowly, James Potter, my cousin started clapping, and the rest of the Hall joined him, with the notable exception of the Slytherins.


Rumor was that Draco Malfoy wasn’t even that bothered about it. The War had changed him, and he had let go of his pureblood ideologies, and instead was now a respectable man in Wizarding society. This was also due in no small amount to his wife, Astoria Greengrass.


Professor McGonagall’s voice interrupted my musings.


“Let the feast begin!”


We fell upon the feast like a pack of wolves. I shoved mountains of mashed potatoes onto my plate while simultaneously drinking my pumpkin juice. It seemed like forever since we had eaten in the train. Next to me, Alice’s cheeks were bulging with the amount of food she had stuffed in. We weren’t the most ladylike of eaters.


Suddenly, the food disappeared.


“No!” I protested. “I hadn’t finished my potatoes!”


But something better appeared in front of me. It was –




My mouth started watering as I took in the heaps of chocolate lying around me. There were piles of the luscious mouthwatering delights. I could feel my body craving it like a drug. Suddenly, I registered a hand moving towards it out of the corner of my eye. OVER MY DEAD BODY!


I lunged forward and grabbed the plate, ready to defend it to my last breath. No one got my chocolate. No. One. The third year, who had been reaching for the chocolate, turned around looking annoyed, until she saw the slightly crazed light in my eyes. Mumbling something incoherent, she turned around quickly. Laura tut tutted, while Alice suppressed a sigh. They were used to me by now.


Maybe I should explain the chocolate thing. In my mind, there was absolutely nothing in the planet that equaled chocolate. Not one thing. If it were up to me, I would have fed Voldemort chocolate. That would have resolved the war in an instant. Even on the pain of death, I would not give up my chocolate for anything. There was no type of chocolate I didn’t like – dark, white, milk, with nuts, raisins, you name it. I popped in the largest piece, savoring the taste of the sweet treat. My mind blanked out as waves upon waves of pleasure went surging through my head, the rich creamy piece dissolving on my tongue. This was heaven in a bite. The man who invented chocolate was a genius. I will remain his humble servant till the end of time.


As my mind floated in a chocolate induced state of nirvana, the feast got over. McGonagall got up and delivered her last announcements, and we all headed off to our dorms.



The next morning, I got up nice and early. I blinked about, before realizing where I was. The sight of three other beds greeted me, their occupants resembling three lumps under their blankets.


“Rise and shine…” I called out in a sing song voice. Alice groaned; while Laura mumbled incoherently under her breath. Pamela Patel didn’t even respond.


I got out of bed and tided my four-poster, and continued to try and wake my dorm mates up. “Wakey wakey!” three pillows soared in my direction and hit my head, causing me to land on my butt. Oww…


If I hadn’t been miffed, I would have applauded their aim. They had thrown the pillows without even cracking open an eyelid. But I was irked, and stalked off to the bathroom to take a shower.


“Some people had no gratitude….” I muttered under my breath.


After taking a nice long shower, I looked at myself in the mirror. My brown eyes stared back at me, surrounded by a halo of my half dry bright red curly hair. I had inherited the trademark Weasley hair color from my father, but my bushy uncontrollable hair was from my mother. It was impossible to style, and I had given up a long time ago. I forced it into a ponytail, but a few tendrils escaped, framing my face. I put on my robes – there! I was done. I had never bothered with fussing in front of the mirror with make up. This ensured that I always arrived at the breakfast table early, long before the rest of my dorm trudged downstairs.


I was eating a bowl of cereal when they arrived, my book propped up before me on my pumpkin juice. Laura stifled a yawn as she wished me.


“’Morning. Has McGonagall come by with our timetables yet?”

I replied to the contrary. She was still making her way down the Ravenclaw table, and would take at least fifteen more minutes to reach us. I continued to eat my breakfast when Alice also joined me, her eyes glazed over with sleep. She reached over me and poured herself a glass of pumpkin juice, and mumbled a greeting. She had started to doze off again when Professor McGonagall reached us. She handed us blank pieces of paper, and then tapped it with her wand. We began to compare our time tables. My heart sank when I saw my first class – Double Potions with the Slytherins. Well, hell.



I was sitting in front of my cauldron, glaring at it moodily. The class had started off alright, with Sluggy going on and on about Malfoy and his potion making prowess. When he realized no one was listening, he got miffed and handed us an incredibly complex potion to do. And since I'm the luckiest girl to have ever walked the halls of Hogwarts (note the sarcasm?), we were made to sit alphabetically, with Malfoy next to me.


Now the problem with Potions was that I sucked at it. I had inherited my mother’s brains, so most subjects were easy for me, but inexplicably, I had my father’s talent in Potions. Which as nothing to write home about. And that’s an understatement. So after half an hour of hard work and a lot of muttered curses, I stared at the result of my labor. The contents of my cauldron were a vivid stubborn electric pink, as compared to the slowly bubbling brown potion it should have been. Aargh. Have I mentioned I hate pink?  Its just so….. pink. It clashes terribly with my hair, and makes me look even paler than I am. But, I’m deviating.


I didn’t know where I went wrong. The whole thing seemed incomprehensible to me. I’m pretty sure I had followed the instructions perfectly, but my potion was obtusely off the mark. I peeked around. Everyone else was focused on their potions, and they all looked brown. Slughorn was also nowhere in sight. I gulped; I had to do it. I had to swallow my pride and ask Malfoy for help.


“Psst-” I hissed in Malfoy's direction. He didn’t respond. “Psst-” I hissed again. Still no reaction. I was starting to get irritated. “MALFOY!” I half yelled. He jumped up, startled, and looked around, wondering who was calling him.


I waved to get his attention. He looked a little puzzled, until he saw the color of my potion. A full smirk formed on his lips as he took in the vividness of my potion, and the disarray of my work area. To be fair, it looked like an explosion had taken place, with half cut ingredients lying everywhere.


“Yes, Weasley, how can I be of assistance?”


“It truly pains me to say this, but I need your help.” I was already struggling with myself. This was the first time I had initiated a conversation with him since The Incident, and it was not easy. And his smirk was not helping things.


“My help? I don’t believe it? Are you admitting that there is a possibility of me being better than you at something?”


I ground my teeth. “Yes, I need your help. You don’t need to be such a prat about it.”


Seeing me getting so annoyed just increased his grin.


“Fine, if you want my help, you need to do my Transfiguration homework for a month.”


“No way! I’ll manage without your help!”


“Suit yourself.”


Oh crap, I really did need his help. “A week.”


“Deal. Was that so hard?”


“Yes, now what did I do wrong?”


He looked at my potion, and thought for a moment. A furrow appeared between his eyebrows as he pondered. Suddenly, his expression changed into one of jubilation.


“How many drops of Armadillo bile did you add?”




“That’s the problem. Read step 7 carefully. You add three drops of the bile, stir twice clockwise and then add the last drop.”


Oops. In retrospect, it was a really stupid mistake. “How do I correct it?”


“Stir anticlockwise seven times, then add newt tails to it. Put in five drops of bile while stirring clockwise, and then anticlockwise.” But I wasn’t listening anymore. The minute he mentioned newt tails, I already started adding it in. In my impatience to complete the potion, I didn’t hear the last step of his instructions, and put the drops of bile in immediately. I missed the look of horror that passed over his features when he realized the implications of my actions, and by the time his hand pushed mine away from the cauldron, it was too late. The potion started bubbling furiously, and black smoke appeared. The whole class, now aware that something was wrong, bolted out of the class. Everyone except Malfoy, that it. He was trying to pull me out too, trying to wake me up from my semi trance in front of the cauldron, when it happened. I was three feet away from the cauldron when it exploded. Before I could react, something hit me hard, and I cracked my head on the ground. A wall of pain hit me, and then everything went dark.


So what do you think?? Please let me know! I really love reviews! Liked it, hated it and think I should never write again? Just type it into the little blue box there! What do you think is going to happen next?


PS – Updates might be a little slow…. I’ve joined law school, and with my hectic schedule, I have very little free time….. But never fear, I will update!!



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