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A Night Out by always waiting
Chapter 2 : James' Destination
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 I knew she was up to something.  I always knew.  I had this weird feeling when I thought something wasn't right.  It wasn't often with her, but it happened once a week, at the same time.  


She almost let it slip.  Where she had been sneaking off too lately.  I tried following her once, but I got distracted when Sirius called for me on our two-way mirrors.  She wanted to tell me, I could tell.  But she held off, she wouldn't let herself.  I was confused, and I'll admit it, hurt even.  I thought that we were becoming closer since we've become Heads together, we stopped yelling at each other, stopped cursing.  We became friends, or a loose term of the sort.  I'm still madly in love with her, but I don't think she'll ever see that.  So, for now, I'm settling with just friends.  We sit together during classes and at meals.  We help each other with our homework and we talk idly about almost nothing, but everything at the same time. 


And yet, with everything she told me, from her raging lunatic sister to her carefree father to her dying mother, she didn't tell me this.  But tonight, I was going to see where she goes.  I was going to finally find out what happened.  I layed in my bed for what seemed like forever until I heard the door quietly creak open.  If I hadn't been listening for it, I probably wouldn't have heard it.  I waited until she was down the stairs so that she wouldn't see my door open.  I threw my invisibility cloak around my body and disappeared, trailing quickly after her.  I slipped out of the portrait right before it closed.  She took so many twists and turns, but she did it unconsciously, which made me wonder exactly how many times had she been sneaking out after curfew, and how she had never gotten caught before.  She was quick.  I barely kept up with her.  Only seeing her red dress flow from around the corner, before she quickly turned again.  But then there she was, in front of the rhino portrait that I had no idea was there.  I surveyed the area and realized I had no idea where I was in the castle.  I thought I had known all of the castles secrets 

Apparently not.  That left me even more intrigued as I sprinted before the portrait closed.  


She kept looking around,  I wonder if she knew.  But there was no way she could know.  I was King Stealthy.  

 I smirked in the dark at my own nick name.


Suddenly another door popped up and she knocked quietly on it.  It opened to reveal a very scary looking man.  I was suddenly fearing for my life and Lilys.  Wondering what she had gotten herself into.  But then I heard her laugh and I saw him twirl her.  He took her jacket and pointed to something across the room.  I walked in in a daze and almost straight into Scary Man.  But managed to avoid that at the last possible second.  I noticed a small alcove, the loo, and went over there to take off my cloak.  Nobody noticed me, the band began to play an old Latin song that my mom use to love.  I quickly stuffed my cloak in my pocket and emerged from my hiding place.


My heartbeat quickened as I found Lily on the dance floor.  She looked absolutely breath takingly beautiful.  Her red dress clung nicely to her figure and accentuated her lushes red locks that were perfectly curling down her back.  The heels she wore made her legs look endless.


And that's when my heart broke into a million pieces.  


Out on the dance floor, there she was dancing passionately, sexily with another man.  A handsome man, if I must admit it.  She was enjoying herself and their movements seemed choreographed, like they knew exactly what the other was to do.  Her leg was curled around his in an embrace, there faces so close, I swear they were going to kiss.  But at the last second, she smiled.  A smile that I ever rarely got to see because it was her I'm-actually-enjoying-myself smile.  The smile she used when she didn't care who was watching or what she was doing.  The smile she used when she didn't think, when she just let herself be.  The smile that she was gradually using a little bit more around me.


I wanted that to be my smile.  

 The song changed slightly and I knew that I had to make my move.  I slowly made my way over to her and the guy.  I caught his eye and then I suddenly knew that he wasn't interested in Lily at all.  His eyes locked with mine and my anger slowly evaporated, he was going to let her dance with me.  He started to let her go as I grabbed hold.  

Our bodies molded together as she danced into me.  It felt right to dance with her.  We were matched, our passions coming out.  Mine just for her, hers for dancing.  We were natural, like this was what it was meant to be.  She arched into me and my brain went on vacation.  My body acting according to her movements.  My hand slowly made its way up to her neck to brush her hair off of it while making undetectable shapes and symbols on her arm.  In the heat of the moment, I kissed her neck just as she tilted her head slightly.


Suddenly, she twisted so that she was facing me.  My other hand, now on her lower back, pushed us together even more, we were still dancing in the same rhythm.  But I was looking down at her, daring her to glance up.


When she did, shock filled her face. 

"James?" Her whisper caressed my face as I felt a shiver go through my entire body.


With my brain being on vacation, I couldn't handle just dancing with her anymore. 


I leaned down to kiss her.  The moment our lips touched fireworks erupted in my stomach.  But she still hadn't moved, so I began to pull back.


She delicately put her hand on my neck, pressing us together again.  I was shocked, but ecstatic.  We moved our lips slowly, just tasting each other, making the moment last.  It matched the song that was playing.  We were still swaying to the beat.  When the beat changed, she pulled back, leaning her forehead against mine. A small sheepish smile on her face.  I pressed us together tightly and picked her up, kissing her again.  


"James!" She giggled and I let her down.  I kissed her again.  I couldn't stop.  She was like a drug.


She kissed me back, but only slightly.


"Not here!  Come on.  I'm just going to go say good bye to Ty," She kissed my cheek and turned to the handsome man she was dancing with before.  Who was now flirting with another guy.



They had a brief conversation and Ty's eyes flickered back to me.  He said something to Lily that made her blush deep crimson and she pushed his shoulder, but gave him a hug before grabbing my hand and pulling me back towards he entrance.

Oh no.  Scary Man.

"Leaving so soon, Lily?" He asked gruffly, looking straight at me.  As if I was dragging her away.  She was the one pulling me towards you Scary Man, just saying.

"Yeah, I have other plans now." She looked at me and winked.  I was incredibly surprised.  Lily Evans winking?!


"You hurt her and you deal with me and probably every other guy in this club." Scary Man said roughly to me.


I swallowed hard, "I'd never hurt her."  He kept looking at me for a second, before nodding and handing Lily her coat.


"See you Pete!" She gave him a quick hug and I opened the door to the passageway.


"Hey, Lil, how did you find-" I was planning on asking her how she found out about that place but she cut me off with a kiss.  Not that I'm complaining.  She pushed me against the wall slightly and as I was about to deepen the kiss she cut off the kiss, grabbed my hand and together we ran to the other end of the passage.


"Lily," I groaned.


"We'll never get back to the Heads Dorm if we keep taking -" This time I cut her off with a kiss.  I could tell she was surprised, but she kissed me back.  I backed her into the wall.  She arched slightly into me as her back come in contact with it.


"James," She sighed.  I took advantage of her open mouth and slid my tongue in.  She moaned and I pushed against her slightly so all of our bodies were touching.  


"AH!" We both shrieked as the wall we had been leaning on suddenly gave way and we fell into the hallway.  We looked at each other and started laughing.  


"Come on," She pulled me to my feet and began to run back around corners, criss crossing hallways, stopping occasionally to kiss me passionately...

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