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Healing A Broken Heart by fairytalelover3
Chapter 5 : The Meeting in Diagon Alley
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Draco snuck downstairs to see if Hermione had fallen asleep yet. To his dismay she was asleep on the couch which she had enlarged and added tons of pillows and blankets to.

He stomped back upstairs and went to bed himself, forgetting that he was hungry. But all night he tossed and turned, what had he been thinking by letting a mublood stay in his house? He ended up getting only a few hours of sleep. In the morning he was woken up by banging noises in the kitchen.

Draco went downstairs, without getting dressed out of his satin, green pajamas and saw Hermione pulling a pan away from a house elf who was obviously trying to cook Draco’s breakfast.

“What are you doing!” he yelled at her.

“You are despicable! Making house elves make you breakfast. They should be treated with respect and look what she’s wearing!” Hermione growled at him finally letting go of the pan. The house elf went back to work.

“Yes well they do more than cook breakfast. Which by the way, Kinky, she shall not be getting any of the wonderful breakfast you make. And Granger guess what else? I have more than one.” He sneered.

“You git! You act as if you own them. They have their own rights!”

“I do own them. Now be quiet, you’re ruining my morning.”

“You’re such a prat.” She said and stomped out of the room.

“Kinky, you are not to give her any of your magnificent food nor take any orders from her nor help her in any way. Understand.”

“Kinky understands, sir. Here is your breakfast,” she said and scurried off to another room. Draco enjoyed the delicious breakfast. After he was done Hermione came in.

“I need to go back to Malfoy Manor’s forest. My things are there.” she said.

“That’s too bad. I have no intentions of going back there right now.” Draco said. She huffed and walked out of the room. He smiled to himself. Annoying her was fun.

Draco wondered what Weasley did that was so bad. Back at Hogwarts they were inseparable almost, it was disgusting. He remembered her tear streaked face back in the forest. Ron had done something bad, the mere memories of him made her cry.

He was feeling uncomfortable thinking about this. He supposed he could try to make a deal with her. Draco wasn’t the gutlesss, cold hearted ferret everyone thought him to be, he had some feelings.

He knocked on the bathroom door she went into. He thought he heard a soft sob but it was gone, Draco might have even imagined it.

“What?” she said in a hard voice.

“I really don’t want to go back into my forest for…er…certain reasons, none of them having to do with you. But if you need clothes and other things I suppose we can go out to the village and buy some.” Draco said. He was slightly revolted on how he sounded. He sounded sickly kind.

Apparently she thought so too because she opened the door to reveal a small crack and stared at him. “Really?”
“Yes.” he replied. Hermione’s eyes had the faintest trace of tears under them, he had been right. She noticed Draco looking at her eyes and shut the door in his face.

“Yes that’d be nice. Give me a minute and we can go.” she yelled through the door.

“There is a catch though. You have to tell me what happened between you and Weasley.” he said. That was the only way he knew he'd vet it out of her.

There was a pause but she finally said, “Fine.”

Draco went upstairs to change clothes for himself. He grabbed a bag of galleons and went downstairs to find Hermione standing by the door, ready, but eyeing him curiously.

They apparated to Diagon Alley. He gave her half of the galleons in his bag.

“I don’t need this much.” she said.

“Take it anyway. I don’t know how long you will be staying and I definitely don’t want to smell the stink coming off of you so you need new clothes.”

“I do not stink and my old other were just fine!”

“Whatever you say. Meet me back here in two hours and while you are gone get something to eat. I have some business to attend to.” He said and strode off.

Once he was out of her sight he backtracked and went down Knockturn Alley. He gripped his wand more tightly and waited. He heard a mouse run to the left of him. When he turned back around he jumped. Two figures covered by black robes appeared in front of him.

“Startled? That’s never good is it Amalia?” The taller of the two said to his wife. They reminded Draco very much of The Lestranges. Amalia was fierce while her husband, Evand liked to intimidate people. These frightening people were Victoria Raros’s parents.

“Do you have it?” Draco asked. He wanted to spend as less time as possible with these people.

“Yesss. Is it going well?” Amalia asked handing over darkened piece of parchment with faded ingredients on it.

“Very. Payment?” Draco said lightly looking between them.

“Don’t you have enough money as it is?” Amalia hissed.

“No, I am on my own now and I need to pay for these ingredients myself. Some of them are very tricky to get with the Ministry tightening security and all because of you two,” Draco relied, Amalia snorted.

“Are you telling us that Narcissa has given you no money?” Evand eyed questionably.

“Oh no. I have a fair amount but I have to know I am doing this for a bigger purpose than we already discussed.” he said. Evand handed over a few galleons and went to get Amalia, who wondered off and was now causing a scene a little ways down involving squawking ravens and thick smoke.

Draco smirked to himself and walked to the Leaky Cauldron. He ordered a firewhiskey and sat there a while in the corner until it was time to get Hermione.

He walked back out to the spot they departed and saw she was already there waiting with a few bags in her hands. She held out the change.

“Keep it,” he said gruffly. She was about to protest but instead shut her mouth, shot him a pleading look which took Draco by surprise, and dashed inside the nearest shop which was very small.

Draco turned around confused and saw a smug looking Ron Weasley strolling his way. He understood her pleading look. Hermione didn’t want him to know she’s there. Well Draco was going to make some fun out of this.

“Ah Weasley. From now on you should be more grateful and acknowledge others superior to you.”

“As in you? Fat chance.” Ron snorted but he wasn’t paying attention very well. It seemed like he was looking for someone in the crowds.

“I see you’re intelligence hasn’t changed at all.” Draco pressed on.

“And why is that!” Ron flared up like Draco wanted him to.

“Because I’m about to jinx and you don’t even have you wand out.” Malfoy said. Before Ron registered what he said Draco put the dancing legs curse on him.


Draco was about to say something else but he saw a flash of dark brown hair with a single green streak in it in the crowd. Hoping it wasn’t Victoria, he dashed into the shop Hermione went into and apparated back to his house with her.

Before they left though Hermione saw a certain vivid head of red hair making her way to the dancing Ron. She let a whole bunch of spells out of her wand, all a different color, all making contact with an unsuspecting Ron.

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Healing A Broken Heart: The Meeting in Diagon Alley


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