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Nine Lives? by Zora Weasley
Chapter 3 : On The Train
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When we could no longer see the place where the big metal thing had left, we walked around the train and, while I climbed into Roses cloak pocket again, we entered one of the little unites, in most of them were other human kittens, but the one which we entered was empty. I think they didn´t want to sit with people they didn´t know jet.

We sat there in silent for a wile, me curled up in roses lap, while both of them had pulled out a book and began to read. Every now and then Rose scratched my back or petted me on the had, but I think she did more unintentionally. I felt very peaceful and happy, it was nice, just sitting there, being scratched and not being threatened by to many human legs walking around.

But in this peaceful scene someone suddenly opened the door and a kitten walked in, a human kitten, not a real one. He, I did assume it was an male kitten, because it had short hair, walked in and looked at the other kittens, I think he was insecure or nervous, he didn´t quite looked them in the eyes.

“I´m so sorry, I didn´t want to disturb you. Can I sit in this compartment? I can´t really find anywhere else to sit.”

Rose and Albus looked up. They were looking at the kitten, but not in a very friendly way. They seemed to know him.

“You are Malfoy?” Rose asked, frowning. “We were warned about you. I don´t want you sitting here. After all, your family threatened mine and even tortured my mom!! Don´t speak to me again! Now get out of here!”

The yellow haired kitten seemed not surprised by that respond, but as he answered his voice was even lower than before.

“I...I...´m s..sorry for asking. I..I..I understand.” he mumbled and turned around. I could see something wet glittering in his eyes, I didn´t understand what that was. I had never before seen that strange water that comes out of human eyes sometimes.

“Wasn´t that a bit harsh Rose? I think you made him cry.” said Albus, after the other male kitten had left the room. “Maybe he is not as horrible as his family was. Dad said we shouldn´t judge people because of their house and their family.”

“You were thinking the exact same about his family, when he came in. You didn´t want him to sit here either!”

“Yeah, maybe, but maybe you could have been nicer.”

“Whatever” with that Rose finished the conversation and went back to read her book.

The room didn´t feel as peaceful as before and I was now recovered from my shocking, getting almost squished, adventures on the going-on-the-train-thing, so I jumped of Roses lap. First I just sat down on the thing next to the window and looked outside for a bit, but there was nothing interesting out there, so I went through a gap between the door and the wall.

I was strolling through the corridor, every now and then looking into one of the little rooms. In a few I saw the kittens Rose played with in the summer, but I didn´t want them to bring me back ti her yet so I didn´t greet them.

One room caught soon my attention. Every now and the people went in there, stayed there a short time and then came out again and those who went in where only male kittens.

So when one of the bigger kittens went out I sneaked in. the room wasn´t like the others on the train. It´s floor was not made out of wood, but of stone. There were things made out of white stone hanging on the wall and some kittens where standing in front of them. On the other side were a few doors, really close to each other so there couldn´t be a big room behind them. Between each of the doors and the floor was a gap.

I went trough one of them. The little room I was now standing in was also strange. There was a white stone thing, similar to the ones in the bigger room I had just been, but this one was not hanging, but standing on the floor.

I jumped on the edge of the thing. Inside it was shaped like a bowl and had water in it. After I touched the water one time I jumped of again. Like all cats I´m not really fond of water.

Then I noticed that there was another gap between one of the walls and the floor I went through that and found myself in another little room, which looked exactly like the one I had just left.

I went through a few of them, all looking the same, until I entered one, where I could suddenly hear a noise. I could the kitten who had earlier talked with Rose and Albus, the nervous one.

He was sitting on the floor his hands around his legs and he made a strange noise, as if he had troubles breathing. I poked him with my nose, just to see if he was dying or something, because of the breathing thing.

He looked up and seemed surprised to see me, this was probably not the place for a little cat to be. Then I noticed another strange thing about him. His face was really wet and there was more water coming out of his eyes.

I had, like I said before, never seen water coming out of eyes, I was curious about that kind of water. It was not as much as in the bowl I had seen before.

I tried climbing up his legs, but then he just made them flat, so that I could walk on them. Then he suddenly started speaking.

“You are Roses cat, aren´t you?” I don´t thing he expected me to answer to that, even if I could. “They would probably think I kidnapped you and tortured you if they could see you here.”

He bowed down a little bit and stroked my head. As it´s face was close to mine I stretched out my tongue and tasted some of the water on his face. It had a strange taste, not like the normal water I always had at home, but salty. I tried some more. It was really interesting.

The kitten started laughing a bit.

“I can´t believe you are nice to me. You are the first person on this train that didn´t told me to go away.” he said, while scratching my back a little bit.

“You know dad told me that this might happen. He is actually sorry about everything that happened back then, but I don´t think people forgave him and the family.” he stopped for a bit then he said “Oh my god. I´m talking to a cat, I´m actually going insane.”

I was a bit offended abut that comment and looked at him, hopefully telling him that through my eyes.

And it really seemed to work.

“I´m sorry” he said “I didn´t want to offend you.”

After that I just sat on his lap for some more time. The water had stopped coming out of his eyes and his breathing was back to normal. The whole time he kept on stroking me.

When I was almost asleep he stopped pet my back and looked at something round at his hand.

“Hey, little one, I think we have to go now. You should go back to Rose. I think we are almost there.”

Since I didn´t know what “there” was I didn´t see the need to get up. So after a few seconds he removed me slowly from his lap and stood up.

“Thanks” he said towards me “I don´t think you can understand me, but thanks”

With that he picked me up, we went out of the strange room with the stone floor and outside of the room he put me down again and walked away.

There was now a lot of nervous running around in the train. Apparently we really where “there” soon.

Then I was suddenly picked up from someone behind me, not very nicely I might add. I really hate when someone picks me up around the belly. That hurts a bit. It was one of the kittens with red fur, one of the many that always played with Rose.

“Hey Rose, where are you?” she screamed “I found your cat! Why can´t you watch where it goes”

“Oh my god! Thanks Molly” Rose was just coming out of one of the smaller rooms “I don´t know why she always goes somewhere. Give her to me.”

I was handed over and we left the train with the masses of people. For the second time this day I was really happy to be in Roses arm and not on the floor between all this feet.

I hope you liked my third chapter, please tell me if you did or didn`t like it. I would be very happy about every oppinion.

P.S. I`m sorry if anyone who read the story before I changed the title is confused or anoyed by the change. I just thought that the old one wasn`t that great. 

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