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In the Eyes of a Serpent by 802betty
Chapter 7 : Pure Terror and Skyward Beauties
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*NOTICE: This story is currently being rewritten! If you have previously read it, please go back to chapter four, the first chapter redone. Currently chapter five is a new chapter inserted in the middle of the story full of new things! Please go back and read them! Hopefully soon I will have finished rewritting the rest, excluding the first three chapters which I am leaving be. The reason is because I, and some of my dear readers, felt as though the characters were too OC, and the relationships were progressing too quickly. Taking this into consideration, I am adding in new chapters and rewritting others. Thank you for your patience! I will let you know when I am finished!*

A/N: I am not dead!!!!! Sorry about the delay, but I took a tiny break from the story to do a fun challenge for chocoholic907. Check it out for me! It’s called The Essence of Insanity and is incredibly stupid but whatever. :)

A quick note about the chapter before we start. It’s a little bit different than the others. Instead of focusing on our lovely main characters, it actually delves into the world of Harry and Ron. I hope you don’t get mad at me for that! However, near the end of this chapter, it does switch back over to Draco and Hermione! YAY!

Oh and, just saying, it’s *cough cough* 5, 425 words *cough cough* ;) Just for you guys! So anyways, here’s chapter six of, In the Eyes of the Serpent!!!

*As always, I do not own anything recognizable, J.K. Rowling does.*


Pure Terror and Skyward Beauties



I stood before the Dark Lord as he paced slowly back in forth in front of me. The gloom of the basement cast an eerie feeling over the dark room. The pale moon glowed luminously from in between the cracks in the windows and created shadows upon the objects of vast room. After a moment, Voldemort began to voice his thoughts to me.

“The boy actually believes he can fool me, Severus. He actually has the audacity,” at this he turned towards me and put emphasis on the last part before continuing.

“to believe he can trick me into believing his pathetic little lies. That I’m not wise enough to pick up on it!”

The Dark Lord gave a sneer to no one in particular before looking at me,

“He knows, Severus. He knows everything. Somehow he’s regained his memories back.” He gave a cruel grin. “And that just won’t do, will it, Severus?”

I kept my face impassive and replied in a monotone voice, “No, my Lord.”

Voldemort nodded and pulled a vial from his robes.

“Give this to him. It’s another Viribucelerite Auctor, but this time a stronger dose. What has happened cannot happen again, Severus.” He then stepped back and gave a curt nod, “Now go, Severus.”

I gave a low bow and disapparated out of the Lestrange Manor quickly. The first thought that went through my head though as my feet hit the ground was,

‘There is no way that Draco will receive this potion. For I know that at least this is true; in order to defeat the Dark Lord, we need him especially.’


I tread along the frozen, dead leaves on the ground; creating tiny crunching sounds. The air was chilled and miniscule flakes of snow clung to my red hair. I dug my hands farther into my pockets and looked at the ground; scuffing the heel of my boot across and small piling of leaves and twigs. I looked up again and exhaled; creating a soft puff of condensation in front of my face. I began to look about me for the umpteenth time; always looking for any signs of Harry.

I felt bloody awful for ditching him; I was just plain frustrated with our lack of progress in our Horcruxes search! And it didn’t help that that damn locket had been making me edgy! I guess getting the locket from Umbridge was a start, but without the Sword of Godric Gryffindor we were just as close to destroying it had we not acquired it!

I kicked a twig on the ground in frustration and watched as it flew into the air, then landed and began to roll slowly. I was about to look away to continue my search for Harry, when something caught my eye.

As the twig continued its slow roll across the thin layer of snow, it rolled through a barrier! I watched as the air before me acquired small ripples from the point where the twig had rolled through it. As the ripples spread, they began to form the shape of a large dome. I began to walk slowly around the dome; my face smiling in wonder as I took in the site. Between the ripples I saw quick flashes of a tent from inside. As the ripples died down and the air took its original, undisturbed form, I smiled to myself.

Looks like I’ve found Harry.

But then a thought quickly wiped the grin off my face.

How the bloody hell am I supposed to get to him?

The dome of course had many magical barriers around it. One of them of course being one that blocked out humans and all living creatures. So of course the twig could go through, but I couldn’t. I gave a defeated sigh and sat down on a nearby rock to rest. I guess I would just wait for Harry to come to me.

A few hours later, after dozing off for a quick nap, I was awakened by the sound of approaching footsteps from behind. I quietly scrambled to my feet and hid myself behind the nearest tree; peeking out from the side. I saw a tall and gangly man wearing black robes and his wand out. His face was masked by a hood so I couldn’t tell who he was. I squinted to try to see what he was doing as he silently made his way closer to Harry’s protective dome.

I was able to make out a pale, hooked nose poking out from the shadow his hood created. As he reached the magical barrier, he bent down and rolled a small rock into the barrier; where it slowly broke through the barrier and created the ripples along the dome. As the flashes of the inside of the dome appeared between the ripples, I saw Harry sitting outside of his tent with a small fire before him; his face pensieve.

The light wind lifted his hair up and down; revealing his faint lightning scar every once in a while. His green eyes stared out, not seeing. The pale moon illuminated the golden locket around Harry’s neck. As the ripples died down and the view of Harry and the tent had vanished, the man stood.

I tried my hardest to quiet my breathing and to slow my racing heart. The man took a few steps back, and then cast a nonverbal spell. I watched as a silvery jet of light began to spew forth from the man’s wand and fill the air with light. I quickly stepped farther behind the tree to keep hidden as the jets of lights consumed the forest. The silvery light then began to swirl and take shape. Once it had stilled, I saw that the light had become a silvery doe.

My ginger eyebrows cinched together in confusion at the patronus. After a moment of silence, I saw ripples beginning to form along the magical barrier once more, and I turned to see Harry walking slowly from it.

His steps were unsure, and I watched as he stopped every once in a while in debate. I of course wanted to run out to him, but that would mean alerting the man to my presence. And I of course couldn’t warn my best friend for the same reason.

So I was forced to stand where I was and watch as Harry followed the doe deeper into the forest. Distancing myself from the man and Harry, I silently followed the two and the doe. The man’s doe led us to a small pool frozen over in ice. At this, the doe slowly faded away and I watched as the man quickly ran off in the other direction.

Curious of the man’s intentions, I made my way over to the outer edge of the pool; just five feet behind Harry. The latter was walking feverently along the edge of the pool, just as confused as I was.

Just as was about to make my presence known when Harry let out a cry of surprise. He dropped to his knees at the edge of the pool and quickly wiped the snow off of the ice.

“I can’t believe it. I found it! The Sword of Godric Gryffindor!” I heard him breathe. Harry quickly jumped up and started to strip off his shirt and pants; the locket’s ticking and whirring becoming louder. With his wand in hand and pointed at the ice, Harry shouted, “Diffindo!”

Immediately a chunk of ice blew off from the thick layer and without thinking, Harry jumped into the icy pool. Realizing his stupidity, I scrambled over to the edge and looked into the icy pool. My face morphed into horror as I watched my best friend being strangled by the locket! I quickly stripped off my clothes as well and jumped into the pool besides Harry. I swam down to the sword and quickly grasped it, and I wrapped my other hand around Harry’s waist; pulling him with me.

Kicking hard, I managed to have our heads just break the surface of the water. With a tremendous heave I pushed Harry on top of the layer of ice. Throwing the sword up besides my friend, I placed my hands on the ice and struggled to get my own self upon the ice. The freezing temperature of the water was starting to affect me by now; slowly clouding my vision and slowly my movements. I felt my fingers beginning to slip from the ice and my body began to lower back down into the icy depths of the pool. My muscles were numb and heavy, and my eyes began to droop.

I felt all of my worries and cares begin to slip my mind and I entered a blissful state. But just moments before my fingers slid the final few inches of the ice; a memory entered my mind and consumed my thoughts.


It was the memory of Harry, Hermione, and I during our sixth year. It was late at night and the three of us were hanging around the fire of the Gryffindor Common Room. It had taken ages to convince Hermione to spend time with us instead of studying, but she had finally relented. The three of us were laughing and just having a good time. Thoughts of school, Voldemort, and Horcruxes banished from our minds for the moment.

Hermione was just finishing up the story of her parents reaction when she had found out she was a witch. We all howled with laughter as she attempted to recreate their faces but ended up just looking silly. None of us had a care or worry in our heads. We were just happy to be together.


I subconsciously smiled softly at the memory of happier times. It was my favorite memory of my friends. I let the thoughts of my friends and the joy of seeing them again fill me and warm me. My strength flowed back into my very soul as I focused on two of my very favorite people. With warmth in my heart, I slowly inched my fingers back up the ice and slid my body onto the ice next to Harry. Breathing loudly, I pulled my feet out and swung my body sideways.

I lay there for a moment, catching my breath, and then relaxed. But all too soon the ice began to freeze and numb my bare chest. I groaned softly, then sat myself up and looked at Harry. He was definitely breathing, but he was unconscious. I stood up and carefully dragged Harry over to the snow; where I laid him down softly. Then gathering his clothes, I managed to lay them out in a makeshift bed and rolled Harry onto it.

Satisfied with my work, I carefully stepped over to where the sword lay and retrieved it. I donned on my warm clothes and sat on a nearby stump; waiting for Harry to wake. I didn’t have to wait long.

Within seconds Harry began to splutter and his breath became ragged. His hands scrambling for his glasses and as he put them on he searched around him quickly saying,

“Hello? Who’s there?”

I stood and approached him saying, “Are you bloody mental?”

Harry whipped around and I saw a faint smile grace his features as he looked up at me. “It was you? You came back?”

 I put out a hand and helped Harry to his feet whilst replying, “Well yeah. I came back. I thought it’d be obvious that I was the one who had saved you.”

Harry quickly pulled on his clothes, “So you were the one who had sent the patronus then?”

I shook my head, “No mate, it wasn’t me. I’ll tell you about that later. But for now,” I stooped down and picked up the sword before holding it out for Harry.

“Go on mate, let’s finish this.”

But Harry shook his head and pushed the sword back to me, “No mate, I think you should do it.”

I looked down at the sword deep in thought. After a moment of fighting with my emotions,  I solemnly nodded to Harry.

“Alright then, set it down on that stump right there.”

Harry did just that before looking up at me in question. I got into a fighting stance, the sword raised above my head, before nodding, “Just do it mate.”

Without hesitation Harry whispered in Parseltongue, “open.”

With a loud crash the locket flew open and spewed out a massive, swirling mass of grey smoke. Various screams pierced the night sky and the smoke began to convulse furiously. I eyes widened in horror and I stumbled backwards on my hands and knees. Suddenly a booming voice came from out of the storm,

“Ronald Weasley. The outcast, the one who just trails behind. I have seen you fears, know your desires, and feed on your pain. Your mother didn’t want another son; but a daughter. Harry is the chosen one, Hermione the smartest witch of her age. But what are you? You are nothing. Not even your sister looks up to you.”

As tears began to prick my eyes at the harsh words, a part of the grey smoke parted with the swirling mass and floated down to the ground. The smoke began to spin slowly; forming a shape. To my horror, it was the shape of Ginny!

Ginny looked down at me with a cruel grin on her face. She looked down at me and began to laugh. Her fiery, red hair was blowing behind her as if she was in front of a fan, and her eyes blazed a bright blue. Ginny stepped forwards to me before mocking me,

“You are such a pathetic older brother, you know that? Not like Charlie or Bill. You think you can ‘protect me’?”

Ginny paused to flick a strand of hair behind her shoulder whilst laughing,

“Please! You have no power over me! You will never be in charge of my actions. I can do whatever I please.”

At this point another piece of the smoke tore itself from the mass and formed the shape of a smirking Harry. The smoke Harry walked over to Ginny and wrapped his arm around her waist. Ginny smirked before continuing,

“You’re nothing over me, Ron. I don’t need your permission to date Harry either! It’s pathetic the way you hound over me! But I know it’s just because you still can’t find the special girl, whilst everyone else around you has!”

Suddenly the smoke that had formed the shape of Harry turned back into a small, swirling mass while Ginny continued.

“Who knows? Maybe if things don’t work out with Harry I’ll just have to find someone else. Someone like…. ahhhhhh… maybe McLaggen?”

At this point the smoke that was Harry turned into a laughing Cormac McLaggen. He immediately pulled Ginny to him and the two began to kiss passionately.

I felt my mouth drop in horror at the sight, but my eyes were transfixed. I heard someone shouting at me in the distance, but it was drowned out by the sounds of the swirling, grey mass.

Finally Ginny and Cormac broke apart and began to jeer down at me. At this point many pieces of smoke broke off from the swirling mass and floated around me so that they were circling me. The smoke blobs then formed into many of those who were close to me. As I spun around in fear, taking in the evil shapes, I recognized one that looked like Hermione, two like Fred and George, my Mum, Neville, my Dad, and all of my siblings. They began to fly around me in a circle furiously; catcalling and jeering. The noise was unbearable as they all cackled together at me.

I squeezed my eyes shut as tears began to seek out at all of their harsh words. All of the little pains and worries that troubled me from time to time were intensified and crashed down upon me. I threw my head back and screamed as the pain threatened to collapse me. Suddenly I heard a voice from somewhere besides me shout,

“You can do it, Ron! They’re not right about you! Just believe in yourself! You’ve got this mate! JUST STAB IT!”

I felt a surge of strength and hope coarse through my veins as the words washed over me. With my new found strength, I struggled to my feet and glared at the smoke forms with hatred. I let out a roar and charged right through the circle of smoke forms. They burst into wisps and dissipated; their screams surrounding me.

I finally reached the Horcrux, where the furiously swirling smoke was spewing forth. With a last yell I plunged the sword right into the heart of the golden locket.

With a gush of wind and a loud whooshing sound the smoke flew out of the Horcrux and scattered into the air. I distinctly heard the sound of Tom Riddle screaming as the glass inside of the locket shattered. And then everything went silent once more.

The weight of the situation finally crashed down on me and I fell to my knees; my head resting atop my arms on the stump. My breathing was ragged, and the tears were falling fast.

I heard Harry’s soft footsteps behind me and felt him put a soft hand on my shoulder; giving it a light squeeze. I heard him give a slight cough before saying,

“You know she actually does care about you. And she loves you more than anything. And you know I would never let my feelings for her come between our friendship. I mean, you’re my best mate.”

I smiled in my arms slightly; comforted by his words. After a moment I stood and looked down at the broken Horcrux in silence. I picked it up by its chain and let it hang in front of my face. I shook my head in disbelief,

“I can’t believe it’s finally destroyed.”

Harry made a grunt of agreement. I squeezed my eyes shut before turning to Harry,

“Look, I’m sorry I left you. I was just-“

But Harry cut me off with a raised hand, “its fine. I’m glad you came back though.”

I smiled and walked forward for a firm hand shake. As I walked over to grab my wand on the ground I proposed, “Why don’t we let Hermione know of the good news?”



During the day throughout classes, I kept seeing Malfoy everywhere! As we passed in the halls, we’d always share small smiles seen only by each other. If we ever walked past each other, it’d always be a slight brushing of arms. During meals in the Great Hall, he’d always throw me a wink since he couldn’t really smile towards me for fear of blowing his cover. And that’s just the way it was. But I was happy with that; I finally had someone to look for in the halls.

It was the end of the day and everyone was gathered in the Great Hall for dinner. I looked up to the translucent ceiling of the room and smiled as I admired all of the many stars; twinkling in the night. My mum used to tell me that each one of the star’s in the sky was someone’s dream. I would always make a wish at night as a child and stare up at the stars in wonder; knowing that one of those was my star.

Of course I didn’t believe in that anymore, it just wasn’t scientific, but I always had a part of me that still believed.

As dinner progressed, I had a little bit of small talk with Ginny; not really paying attention to what she was saying. I was startled though when a cream colored envelope landed right in front of me; waking me from my thoughts.

As I picked up the letter and read my name on the front in untidy scrawl, I knew immediately who it was from. Harry and Ron! I quickly ripped open the letter and read the note.


“Dear Hermione,

The Ginger Boy and I just wanted to let you know that things are going great on our search for the seven rouge Pygmy Puffs our Ravenclaw friend told us about. The Ginger Boy actually just destroyed a golden one actually with a green ‘S’ on it. So, we’re doing fine over here.

So how about you? How’s our favorite book worm holding up without having someone else’s homework to do? Just kidding! Oh, and Ginger Boy’s little sister tells us you have a secret admirer, hm? That’s so cute! Our little book worm is growing up! We’re just messing with you!

But please write back to tell us how you are and if you’ve found any information about whereabouts of the other rouge Pygmy Puffs!

We miss you!

-Roonil Wazlib”


I laughed as I read the signature; the name Ron had used on one of his Defense Against the Dark Arts essays. At times though, I had become confused at what was being said. The letter was written in code; just in case it was intercepted. I quickly scrawled back a reply saying that I was doing fine and I had not found anything about the Horcruxes.

I folded up the note and stuffed it in my pocket; deciding to deliver it later.

As the dinner continued, my eyes roamed over to where Draco was sitting. He was listening to something Crabbe was telling him and making disgusted faces down at the latter. After a moment he felt my eyes on him and looked up with a small smile. He then nodded his head slightly in the direction of the grounds outside; asking if I wanted to join him out there. I smiled and gave a slight nod so no one would notice.

Draco rose from his seat and strode out the doors without a second delay. I waited a few minutes before politely excused myself and followed the Blondie outside.

As my feet padded quietly over the soft grass, I looked over to see him seated at the base of a tree near the edge of the Black Lake; lost in thought as he looked over the lake. He looked up at me and smiled once I had reached him and patted the spot next to him. I smiled and sat on the soft grass next to him; breathing in the fresh scent of the outdoors.

We sat in silence for a minute or two; not knowing exactly what to say, just staring out at the beauty of the lake. Finally Draco cleared his throat and looked over at me,

“Alrighty so, while I was out battling giant boa constrictors what exactly did you do over here?” He said with a smirk; already knowing my reaction.

My eyes widened in horror at what he said and I quickly sat up strait before yelling, “WHAT! You battled a boa constrictor!?! Why didn’t you say so earlier? Oh my gosh are you ok?”

I knew I was babbling but I was in complete shock at what Voldemort had put him through! Draco only laughed a waved me off.

“Yeah yeah I’m fine.” He smiled then asked me, “So did you get that flower I sent you?”

I nodded, “Yep, and I loved it! Wait, how did you even send that? I’ve never heard of a spell like that before…” my voice trailed off before a horrible thought occurred to me. I exclaimed, “Wait!?! It wasn’t Dark Magic was it?”

Despite the seriousness of my face Draco burst out laughing before replying with a roll of his eyes, “Oh yes Granger, flowers are totally Dark Magic!” I laughed as well at my foolishness.

Draco reached out and tugged one of my curls playfully, “You’re so dumb sometimes for the brightest witch of our age, you know that?” I smacked him on the arm smirking.

Draco looked up at the leaves of the tree above us before jumping to his feet and discarding his robe on the ground. He then grabbed the nearest branch and proceeded to climb up higher and higher in the tree. Once he had reached a pretty good height, he looked down at me with a smirk, “You coming, Granger?”

I smiled and rose to my feet; discarding my robe as well. But then my confidence was shattered as I looked up and saw exactly how high Draco had climbed. My face fell and he noticed. “You coming Granger or am I going to Wingardium Leviosa you up here?” he called down.

I huffed and finally reached out and grabbed the branch above me. Trying not to think about what I was doing, I cautiously made my way up to where Draco sat. He smirked at how long it took me to get up there and I defended, “You know not everyone is the great seeker Draco Malfoy! It’s hard to climb trees!”

He rolled his eyes, “Oh ok, whatever you say.” I pouted at him and he finally gave me a quick wink.

I looked around and marveled at the fact that I was in the middle of a tree! The strong branches traveled out from underneath me to great lengths, and the many, colorful leaves blocked my view outside. I turned to Malfoy, “So not that I don’t enjoy the beauty up here, why exactly did you bring me up here?”

He gave me a bright smile before saying, “Oh no reason, I just wanted to see if the infamous Hermione Granger could climb a tree.”

My eyes widened before I hit him, “You git! Is that it?!?” He laughed and swatted away my attempts of smacking him.

“Come on! Stop it Hermione! I’m just kidding! You’ll see the real reason in just a moment.”

I furrowed my eyebrows at him, but he just smiled at pointed up at the sky. Confused, I turned my attention to the starry night and waited. After a few moments, I saw a comet streak across the sky! Then another! And two more!

Soon enough the sky was filled with stars blazing trails across the night sky illuminating the night. My mouth opened in wonder as I took in the marvelous sight.

I felt Malfoy take my hand slowly and whisper to me, “Make a wish Granger.”

Even thought the gesture was just a friend thing, it still startled me a little bit. But as soon as he had taken my hand, he let it go. I turned my attention back to the show before me and thought inside my head,

I wish for eternal happiness that I can share with my friends and family. And of course a lifetime supply of books.



It was the day after the Dark Lord had given me the potion and I was striding down the hallways briskly. I had immediately stored the potion in a secure place once I had returned to Hogwarts the day before; thinking it might come in handy someday. I of course would never give it to Draco Malfoy, as the Dark Lord had wished.

Instead I had another idea for Malfoy and that Granger girl as well. Of course I had to somehow get them together in my office soon to tell them. Which led me to the idea of getting them a fake detention.

I traveled down the murky stairs to the dungeons and entered the gloomy halls of dungeons. After a minute I reached the potions classroom. With a small knock I entered the classroom to see a bewildered Slughorn looking at me in fear. I scanned the faces of the students and was pleased to see that Granger and Malfoy were amongst them.

I addressed Slughorn, “As headmaster I’m evaluating different classrooms. You may continue your lesson.” I stood off to the side as the plump professor continued. I searched the classroom, looking for a way to get Granger and Malfoy in trouble.

Near the end of the lesson, when the students were just putting the finishing touches on their potions, I extracted my wand and cast a nonverbal spell at Granger’s ingredients besides her cauldron. Immediately they all clattered to the ground; spilling contents everywhere. I strode to the front of the classroom and addressed the panic stricken girl, “Twenty points from Gryffindor, Miss Granger. And I suggest you stay after class to clean up your mess.”

Granger’s mouth dropped open, but she quickly shut it and started to clean with confusion etched all over her features.

Stepping back into the shadows so as not to be seen, I pulled my wand out again and pointed it at Draco’s cauldron. After a few moments the contents inside of the cauldron started spew black smoke and bubbled furiously. Then the entire cauldron exploded; spraying Malfoy with black goop. All of the students around him immediately ran away from him.

I pocketed my wand and strode to the classroom once more. “Mr. Malfoy, ten points from Slytherin and you will stay after as well to clean up your mess.” I saw from the corner of my eye Granger open her mouth to say something about the indignation of my point reductions, but an Irish looking fellow quickly shushed her.

Smart boy.

Malfoy sighed and wiped off some of the grime from his face in disgust.

Once the class had ended, everyone had left save for Granger, Malfoy and I. Waving my wand, I shut the door and locked it, casting a silencing charm over the room as well. Once I had finished, I strode over to Hermione and Draco.

Getting rid of their messes with a wave of my wand, they looked up at me in confusion. I cleared my throat, “Malfoy, the Dark Lord was not fooled by your lies. He knows you have regained your memories.”

Draco’s eyes widened in horror, but I continued, “However, we can prevent him knowing that you’re actually on the good side and stop instances like the one the other day with two simple words.”

I stopped and looked both of the students dead in the eye before saying the words, “Occulemency lessons.”


A/N: TADA! So, to summarize, Harry and Ron have destroyed another Horcrux and Draco and Hermione are starting Occulemency lessons! Of course, that will bring on a few problems of its own…. Hee Hee Hee…

Anyways, if it’s not obvious, I changed up the destroying of the Horcrux scene than how it was in the book. I did that because I wanted to show that Ron isn’t head over heels in love with Hermione. Did you like how I did that scene? Hate it? Please let me know! I can only get better if you critique me!

Also, was it ok that the chapter’s main focus wasn’t with Draco Hermione or should I just stick with basing my chapters on them?

Also, I apologize if you thought this was a boring chapter :( If it was, please let me know so I can try not to make it that way for others! Also please let me know if you like where the story is headed!

Finally, I just wanted to thank each and every one of my readers and reviewers! Thanks for your continual support! I know as a writer you are lucky to get maybe 100 views but you guys have gotten it to an entire 3,500!!!! I’m still so shocked! I really hope you guys enjoy this story as much as I do! Thanks again!

Also, I recently made a Meet the Authors page up on the forums so if you have any questions for me, feel free to stop by anytime and ask!
Until next time!


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