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It's Just a Crush by septumsempra
Chapter 8 : We're all in this together!
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Many thanks to J.K Rowling, without whom my life would be boring without a certain scarhead.

PS: Have you noticed how my chapter titles are usually quotes/phrases from A Very Potter Musical/Sequel?

Thanks to bellatrixx @TDA for the image :)

"Hermione, we need to talk,"

Hermione froze on the spot, debating whether or not she should keep walking or turn to face her friends. She quickly listed the pros and cons in her head, before realizing: Why should I give them a minute of my time? They've been ignoring me for weeks; they probably need my help with something. That's the only reason they are talking to me. With that thought, Hermione continued walking towards the stairs that would lead to Ginny's room. She felt someone behind her and figured it was Ginny, coming to follow her up to her room. So you can imagine her surprise when she was grabbed by her left wrist and turned on the spot.

"Would you just stop and listen to us already? Why are you making everything so bloody difficult?" Ron practically yelled as he dragged her over to the couches and made her sit.

It didn't even register when she sat down and she stared up at him in shock. Did Ronald just grab my wrist? Oh, that jerk better not have bruised my arm! Her mind rambled as she glanced towards Ginny; she bore a look of shock and a little relief as she just stared at Hermione, who was now with her two best friends. Knowing that she was safe with them, and that this was something that Ron and Harry had to discuss with Hermione alone, she left the common room, which was now completely empty except for the three members of the golden trio, and headed to her room.

Hermione felt a bit betrayed as she saw Ginny leave her with Ron and Harry, they wouldn't ever hurt her of course, but she was not in the mood to talk to the two of them, especially since the only reason they were was because they probably needed something. She looked away from the two of them who were sitting opposite her and crossed her legs and arms and took on an angry stance.

"Wow Ron, good going," said a quiet Harry as he took Hermione's left wrist gently and muttered a quick Episky. When Ron had grabbed Hermione by her wrist, he'd left a faint but visible bruise in the shape of his fingers.

Hermione hadn't even noticed the finger shaped bruise on her wrist until Harry muttered the healing spell and gently placed her hand back in her lap. She just huffed and stared at a rather interesting loose thread on the Gryffindor couch that she was sitting on.

"Oh, Merlin, I'm sorry, Hermione! I didn't mean to grab you so hard, I just wanted you to stop and come over here so that we could all talk, you know, as friends," apologized Ron. He said it with such a remorseful expression that Hermione almost forgave him, but not quite.

"Oh, so now we're friends, are we? When you make a mistake and want to apologize so that you don't seem like such a jerk. That's when I'm your friend right?" Hermione angrily replied, not pausing once to consider Ronald's feelings.

"Hermione, you've always been my friend. Not just because I want to apologize," replied a shocked Ron, a bit startled by Hermione's little outburst.

Hermione laughed bitterly, looking anywhere but at the two teenage boys sitting across from her.

"I'm sure, so what is it that you need help with? Got an essay that you can't finish? Need me to go do some research for you? Is that it? Is that why you've decided to speak to me after all these weeks? Because you've finally realized what incompetent buffoons the two of you are without me?" Hermione hissed.

Ron opened his mouth to reply to her, but Harry cut him off.

"Hermione, you know that we value your friendship, we don't just hang with you because of your intelligence-"

"You don't hang with me at all," Hermione cut him off.

"You're right, I know that the three of us, we haven't been the best of friends lately-"

Hermione just scoffed as she cut him off once again. "Best of friends, don't make me laugh, we haven't even been friends, let alone the best of friends."

Harry was silent before he responded, "Hermione, you know, this would go a lot easier if you stopped interrupting me every second."

Hermione just huffed and leaned back in her seat, a sign that she was giving him the floor to speak. Harry looked at the ground nervously before opening his mouth,

"Ron and I, we feel really bad about what went down between us; the two of us are really, really sorry for how we've been ignoring and avoiding you for the past few weeks. We do not want our friendship to be over, because you mean so much to us. Honestly, we weren't even thinking at all and we're sorry for the way we treated you, we didn't realize just how badly we were hurting our friendship." Harry put his hand to his hair, unconsciously ruffling it around, a sure sign that he was nervous. "There is no excuse for our actions and how we went about things, all we ask is for your forgiveness." He looked Hermione right in the eye as he paused before continuing. "We will never hurt you again if you can find it in your heart to forgive us. We understand that it will take some time for you to trust us again. What we did was inexcusable and all we care about is you 'Mione. You're always there for us, helping us out of tight spots. Ron and I miss your friendship, the fun we would have and the laughter we shared, being there for one another. You've been there for me through thick and thin with the whole Voldemort ordeal, and I treated you in such a crappy way after everything that you have done for me." He squirmed a little, his hand kept going to his hair, he was feeling so unsure of what he was saying, he didn't even know if Hermione was properly listening to him. He grabbed her hand so that he was sure that she was being attentive while he spoke. "Your friendship means more than anything to me. I've never really had a family until I met you and Ron, and I don't want to lose that, I can't lose what we have," He just had to play the family card. Hermione wouldn't have believed it if she hadn't seen it with her own eyes, but Harry almost seemed to be on the verge of crying. "We're so sorry for ignoring you after you admitted your feelings for Malfoy. We want nothing more than to forgive and forget these past few weeks and go back to being friends. While we don't agree with your choice of Malfoy…"

Ron snorted and muttered: "That's the understatement of the year." Hermione glared at him sharply before returning her attention to Harry.

"As I was saying," Harry said, clearing his throat. "While we don't agree with Malfoy, we will stand by you, no matter what you choose to do. We're so sorry for everything that has happened between us 'Mione, we need you back in our lives, without you, the golden trio is really just a silver duo. Please forgive us," Harry apologized, he looked deep into her chocolate brown eyes so that she could determine for herself how sincere he was being.

Hermione just listened silently to the-boy-who-defeated-the-dark-lord. While he spoke she looked over at Ron quite a few times, who was looking at Harry and nodding along to everything that he said. She was silent when Harry finished. Not sure what she should say. She briefly wondered what it would have been like if Ron had apologized, and not Harry; probably just a simple: we're sorry. Harry had sounded like he'd written out a very long speech and practiced it for days before finally mustering up the courage to say it to her. Hermione gently took her hand back from the grasp of Harry and tapped her fingers on her thigh, lost in thought.

"Hermione?" Harry said, "Please say something, anything," he begged.

Hermione looked up at the two of them before speaking,

"How can I trust you? How can you promise that you'll never hurt me again? When you don't know what the future holds," she questioned quietly.

"You're right, we don't know what the future holds, and you're also right that we can't promise that we won't ever hurt you again, but we can promise you that we won't ever intentionally hurt you again," he replied.

Hermione was lost in thought once again, that happened quite often to her seeing as how she was always thinking of one thing or another. She looked up at the two, bit her lip, but then she realized that she needed to get this off her chest.

"Have you noticed," She began slowly, unsure of how to phrase what she was about to say, "that we are always getting into fights? You two against me? Or you two against each other, with me stuck in the middle? Or one of you and I with me being left on my own?"

"What do you mean?" asked a puzzled Ron.

Hermione stared at him before deciding that it was finally time, it was time for her to express how she felt. "First year, I tried to help you and it resulted in me almost dying because of a troll, even though it started our friendship. I almost died," she put emphasis on the dying part. "Second year, you never really fully thanked me for figuring out that the monster was a basilisk; I'm not jealous or upset about that, I just wish that my two 'best friends' were a bit more thankful towards me. I do all this research for you, and all it ends in me being called the Bookworm or the Know-it-all." Hermione squirmed a bit under the intense look that Harry and Ron were giving her, they were shocked by her confessions, and she wasn't even done yet. "Third year, you both argued with me. Harry, because I told Professor McGonagall about your firebolt and she took it away for a bit, I'm sorry for being worried about your health, but I was right, it was sent by Sirius Black," Harry started to interrupt, probably to say that Sirius was innocent, but Hermione held up a hand and cut him off. "Let me finish. Ron, you kept accusing Crookshanks of eating your beloved Scabbers when he never did anything and you just lost him, you kept picking fights with me over that! You also never apologized to me for that. I worked all by myself on trying to make sure nothing would happen to Buckbeak while the two of you were off doing Merlin knows what." That particular memory bothered Hermione because Buckbeak had still been deemed guilty; she had failed in trying to help him in the beginning. She took a deep breath before continuing, "Fourth year, neither of you truly cared for S.P.E.W even though it meant so much to me. Ronald, you were mad at Harry during this time, I did nothing wrong, I believed Harry without hesitation. I also helped you with your tasks for the tournament, and then as soon as the two of you forgave each other, I was cast off to the side again." She turned her gaze to Ron and pinned him to the couch with her glare - it was that intense. "You, Ronald, acted in such a childish manner pertaining to my relationship to Viktor. You got mad at me for being asked to the Yule ball by him and accepting. You also didn't bother to correct your mum when she treated me coldly because she believed I had something going on with Harry," Hermione stood up and started to pace, clearly agitated. "And I'm not going to bother talking about fifth and sixth year because I'm really just not in the mood to continue. But, do you notice? How unfairly I've been treated by my two so called best friends?" Hermione turned to look at the two of them; she put her hands on her hips, finished with what she had to say - for now.

"U-Uh I w-well-," Ron stammered.

"Hermione, we never knew you felt that way," said Harry gently, looking troubled at the pain that he was causing his best friend.

"Well, now you do, maybe if you paid more attention you would have realized it on your own," she curtly replied.

"Look, we're sorry for everything, you are such an amazing intelligent person and we really took that for granted. We miss our friendship and we really want you back, Hermione, please, we promise that we will make more of an effort, we'll stop excluding you so much," Harry apologized, he looked like he really meant it too.

"And I promise to stop getting involved in your love life, I just don't want to see you get hurt," mumbled Ron, as though he didn't really mean it, something that Hermione picked up on.

"Really, Ron? So if I was to start dating Draco, you would have no problem whatsoever with that? At all?" she said skeptically.

"Well, I wouldn't like it obviously, but if it makes you happy, I'll butt out, but if he hurts you in any way, then I take back my statement of not getting involved and I'll beat him to a bloody pulp," he replied very seriously. The corner of her mouth tugged a little.

"So will you please forgive us, Hermione?" Harry asked once again.

"OH WAIT!" cried Ron, "I almost forgot!" He waved his wand in a circular motion in the air and muttered Orchideous. A bouquet of lilies erupted from the end of his wand. He handed them to Hermione and said,

"I've been practicing that for a while now, you know, pretty proud of myself," he said with a cheeky grin.

After that wonderful display Hermione really had no choice but to forgive the two of them.

"Alright, I forgive you, but only because Ron put so much time and effort into actually learning a spell, besides I missed you guys too," she conceded.

Ron and Harry, overcome with joy jumped up and engulfed Hermione in a big hug. The Silver Duo was once again the Golden Trio. Now, if only all things were this simple, thought Hermione.

Oh how adorable, they are friends again! Poor Hermione, carrying all that angst around with her all these years. At last she has let it out! I wrote this scene because I know that if I'd been treated like a third wheel, I'd have a lot of pent up agression inside of me. :)

So please review! Let me know what you thought about this scene, if it was cliche or anything! And I know that this chapter was pretty uninteresting, but the next few chapters will be better! :)
 is a spell that conjures a bouquet of flowers from the end of the caster's wand. The movement for this spell is to move wand in a circle in the air

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