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Cold as you. by EnchantedToMeetYou
Chapter 2 : Incidents with pricks and forks.
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 Freddie, Louis, Ayden & James ;)

 Beautiful Chapter Image By MyMyMiss @ TDA <3




Chapter 2





“Eve if you don’t turn that bloody thing off, I swear I will hex you.” Dom grumbled from somewhere under her pillow.




“Yes well if you’d actually get up I wouldn’t have to set an alarm would I? No.” Evie muttered whilst silencing the alarm.


This is our usual morning routine in the Girls dormitories, The alarm goes off, Dom curses and moans, and I blissfully ignore it all.


I quickly sat up, my curly blonde hair sticking up in every direction, and scrambled from the bed, “Bugger. Were late.” I said exasperated. I pulled out my underwear, shirt , jumper, skirt, tights and tie from my trunk and pulled them on, I raced to the bathroom and washed my face and brushed my teeth, I then attempted to do something with my hair. (Yeah, that went well.) I tied it into a messy bun on the top of my head, letting my fringe cover my eyes, grabbed my bag, and raced to the door before promptly stopping and turning round to face the two gaping girls. “What.” I cried. “Well, Elle darling, we still have an hour before classes.” Dom pointed out smugly. Bollocks.


I sat on my bed and waited for Dom and Eve to get ready then we headed down to the great hall. As we entered I spotted Rose. Rose Weasley was another cousin of Dom’s, (I know, shocker.) She is a nerd to put it bluntly, Don’t get me wrong, I love the girl, but being around her and her smartness gives me headache. Today she had her long curly fiery red locks pulled back into a neat ponytail, and her blue eyes covered with her thick lensed glasses…. They did her no favours.


We all muttered our hellos and good mornings. Yeah we’re a polite bunch.


I pulled the plate of bacon towards me and ate like a pig.


No seriously I did.


I got disgusted looks from my three companions.


Bacon is like…. God.


It’s Awesome.


Anyway as I was saying, I love bacon YUM.


I finished my plate and dove to get seconds.

I could out eat the Weasleys.


My plate was rudely taken away from me.


“What the FUCK


“Good Morning, I thought I’d told you to lay off the bacon?”. James said snidely.


“Oh piss off will you?”


“Or what Elladora?.” He goaded.


“Oh fuck.”


“He didn’t


“Oh my.”


Okay I admit, I lost it, no one calls me that. I probably shouldn’t have let I get to me, Then again I shouldn’t of jumped over the table and repeatedly hit him with my fork….. Minor details.


Bloody hell Chase!”


“You Potter are a FUCKWIT.”


“Yeah, Well you’re a Attention Seeking Whore.”


James Potter! Don’t talk about my best friend like that.”


Bloody hell Dom! You’re my cousin”.


“You’re a TWAT!”


Ouch! Rose get this lunatic off me!”


Oh, Don’t bring me into this!”


“I swear it Chase, If you don’t get off me I will hex you!”


Oh yeah? Bring it Pott-“


Everyone froze and looked round, We must of looked like a right bunch of nutters.

I was straddling James whist poking him with my fork,

James was screaming at everyone, whilst trying to get me off him,

Dom was screaming at James for calling me a whore.

Evie was sat there in shock with her mouth open.

Rose continued eating her breakfast like it was an everyday occurrence.

In her defence… It was.

Professor Mcgonaglle was stood there livid.



WHAT? It was his faul-“

“I don’t want to hear it.” She said in a dead calm voice.

“The five of you, Detention, Tonight at 7pm.”

Then she just strode off.

Talk about pmsing.

The moody cow.

“Thanks a lot price, I only came to find you to say we have practice tonight at 9. James seethed, Then stormed out, leaving a bunch of his admirers glaring at me.


I sat back down and continued to finish my bacon like nothing had happened.

Looking round I saw Evie was giving me a look of disbelief.


She rolled her eyes.

The smarmy git.

“Oy! I am not smarmy.”

I said that out loud? Ooops.

I just giver her a pointed look.

C’mon Girly’s!, Time for History of magic.” Dom said cheerfully.

I don’t get that girl.

CHASE! You coming?”


Fuck my life.

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