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Saving James by ACx
Chapter 8 : Accidental Kiss
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CI by AtomicPanda@TDA

My first week back at Hogwarts was pretty busy. What, with Head Duties and NEWT classes it seemed like all I did was work. By Friday night I wanted nothing more than to collapse onto my bed with a good book and stay there until Sunday. But that wasn’t going to be how things worked out.

Ever since I had told James about my parents death, he had seemed to be unusually kind- in the most annoying way. Which was why instead of snuggling down in my bed, I was in my room with April and Paige getting ready for a night with the boys.

I sighed, staring at myself in the mirror, imagining my skinny jeans and high heels were actually a pair of JPL’s and UGG boots. I looked at April pleadingly, “Why do I have to go?”. April gave me her worst ‘shut up and get on with it look’ before saying “Look, I’ve already told you 20 times- James asked you to go to there little party and to bring friends, not oh just invite your friends then don’t turn up!”

I sighed knowing she was right, and walked straight out of the dorm and headed towards the Room of Requirement, not caring that my friends were not following me.

I walked in front of the wall three times and a large wooden door appeared in front of me. Just as I was turning the handle Paige and April caught me up, both slightly breathless from running from our dorm.

The door swung open to reveal a smallish room covered in Gryffindor hangings. There were no seats only hundreds of cushions everywhere and one table covered in different forms of alcohol and party snacks.

When we walked in the door I saw James’ face light up and managed a small smile at him before turning and walking straight towards the table.

“Hi!” I heard a cheery voice say behind me. I turned and saw James’ grinning face staring at me. It was strange but that smile seemed to light me up like the sun… no. stop. You hate James Potter remember!

“Hi,” I replied less eagerly, turning my back to James and grabbing a bottle of redcurrant rum.

James narrowed his eyes as I sipped at my drink. “What?!” I said staring at him.

“Well this is a party, and your hardly going to get pissed on redcurrant rum are you!”

I glared at him before storming off. Behind me I heard April saying to James I’d had a “stressful week”.

I wasn’t stressed! I just couldn’t be bothered getting pissed and spilling all of my secrets in truth or dare or admitting I had never loved somebody in a game of I have never…

Half an hour later, six bottles of redcurrant rum and a bottle of fire whiskey, I had definitely lightened up. At that very moment I was dancing around the room with Fred while screaming out the lyrics to random muggle songs I had heard of the summer.

“Lets play “I have never ever…”!” screamed out April.

Now even in my drunken state I could tell this was a bad idea. I thought about all of the things that I didn’t really want to tell everyone. And I know what your thinking- you don’t tell anyone anything- but the others would ask.

But it seemed like I was the only one thinking this was not good. Everyone else had sat in a circle with a glass of fire whiskey in front of them- and they were all waiting for me!

Resentfully I sat down and waited for the game to begin. It looked like James was starting as he said “mmm? I have never ever ridden a motorbike!”

Everyone stared at him a minute. After nearly an hour of full force drinking the best James could come up with was that he had never ridden a bike. Then the moment passed and everyone aside form Fred were reaching for their cups.

I looked at Fred questioningly and he just shrugged and said “My granddad Arthur is a bit of a weirdo, last summer I helped him build a muggle motorbike. In the end I had to test it… “ he grimaced slightly then looked at Paige as she said her piece “I have never ever been out of Europe”.

James and me where the only ones who took a drink. But I was starting to wonder were all the “lets get down to the secrets” questions were. After we had gone round the circle and the most adventurous statement said had been I have never eaten frogs legs, I was starting to worry. And I was right to.

“I have never ever had a one night stand,” James said. Ryan, Fred and April all picked up their glasses. That was the start of the ‘real’ questions.

“I have never ever slept with anyone,” I saw Paige blush and felt my own cheeks flare as I picked up my glass and took a sip. James glanced at me and I saw a strange look in his eyes, before he quickly looked away.

“I have never ever been in love,” April said sadly glancing around the circle.

James picked up his glass looking straight at me, and for a second I wanted to pick up mines too. But then the moment passed and Paige and Ryan had lifted their glasses to there mouths and mines remained firmly on the floor.

We went round Ryan, Fred and Liam and then it was my turn. Before I could stop myself I said, “I have never ever felt fireworks when I kissed someone.”

This time everyone picked up there glasses and I felt tears burn in my eyes. Then I felt myself fading out and a picture built up in front of my eyes. I was having a vision. There were two people, a boy and I girl. I instantly recognised my hair but before I could see the boy his arms were wrapping around my waist and his lips were on mine. And then I was coming back…

“Is she okay?” I voice asked from far away. I looked around and saw that I had fallen over and was lying on my side. Everyone was staring at me, apart from Liam who was leaning over me to see if I was okay.

Then the tears were falling down my cheeks and I was running out of the room, my face red with embarrassment.

I couldn’t believe that had just happened in front of the people that I would have wanted to see it least. I threw myself into an empty classroom and whipped out my wand, taking away my upset by conjuring butterflies.

“They’re beautiful,” a voice said lightly from behind me.

I jumped and turned around prepared to hex the person who had spoken to hell. Then I realized it was just James and lowered my wand.

“What do you want?” I said turning away and sitting on a desk, feeling the tears threatening to break free again.

“To see if your okay,” he answered, sliding onto the desk next to me.

“Well, no I’m not okay, first I admit I’ve never been in love, then I say I’ve never had fireworks while kissing and then I appear to faint- as you can see I’m clearly great!” I finished sarcastically.

“No-one cares, Jenny,” James said leaning forward slightly. His own personal scent seemed to fill me up and cloud my senses. He smelt like a mix of cologne but also sweet and musky- like his own personal smell. I didn’t hear what else he was saying- all I could concentrate on was the way his hair fell into his gorgeous eyes.

I felt myself leaning forward to and before I knew what was happening our arms were around each other and our lips meeting.

Fireworks went off in my head, as we kissed. It seemed like our bodies were melting together. James’ hands were up from my waist and up to my hair. My hands were on his face…

And then I realised what was happening. I pulled away and jumped off the desk without so much as looking at James.

“Jenny, I’m…” he started but I was already at the door.

“I have to go,” I said and started running. I didn’t stop until I was in my room leaning against the door.

What had just happened? Had I just kissed James Potter?!

A/N- So, what do you think? I know it feels like I’m rushing into things a bit but I have a lot planned! So did you like the kiss? Do you think Jenny is falling for James? I’d love to know what you think, so please review!


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